10,000 MILES

This has been a wacky year to be sure.  So many metaphors dancing between my ears.  I’ll kick off this year’s reflections with two of the most recent an unbelievable achievements.

Our old Run Guru Mate (now with HOKA and Squirrel Nut Butter) Pete Kostelnick, what can you say about this fella?  His run from Alaska  to Key West wasn’t enough.  Why not go for that big enchilada?  So he did just that last night, running two miles to bring his 2018 total to 10,000 miles.   You may pick your jaws up off the floor.  

And how about 70 year old Gene Dykes of Pennsylvania?  He broke the world record for his age by running 2:54:23 at the Jacksonville Marathon.  Pancake flat and record eligible.  He knows how to pick them!  That is 6:39 pace folks.  

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