I knew something was in the pipe.  Submitted a pre race interview last week to Pete Kostelnick and he deferred, sequestering himself in his complex shell of solitude and silence.  This explains how the mild mannered, unassuming, ultra distance enigma flies so easily under the radar here in Nebraska.  Put him in a room full of studs, mortals, and everything in between and 99.99% of you would not be right on your first guess which man is one of the Best Ultra Runners in the World.

Pete first came to us on the heels of his epic run across Iowa, matching the pedalers of RAGBRAI from the Missouri to the Mississippi.  Then came a Life’s Crowning Achievement, the Badwater 135 title this year.  Pete isn’t like you or me though.  He is just getting started.

Which put him in the Desert Solstice 24 Hour run this weekend.  On a 400 meter track he did the unthinkable.  Six hundred fifty four laps.  Pete covered 163.54 miles.  The mark puts him at No. 2 in The World for the 24 hour run this year, and the 40th best mark ever recorded in the history of the event, anywhere.    And launches him to the top of selections for the USA 24 Hour Team.  Giddyup!