A Bar None Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all round the farm
Not a critter was critter’n
No cause for alarm

Two Runners were nestled
In Love and in bed
While visions of pork chops
Occupied Jed

When out in the clear bright cold
Was that Roudy old Master
Calling loud and bold
From his 72 Bonnie, a 455
Cajoling the Bar None, Come Alive! Come Alive!

I’ve got money and entries and plenty of shoes!
Sponsorships, amenities, perks for you!
Just for Nebraska Run Guru Elite!
It’s True! Its True! Its Really Sweet!

Travel! Racing! Competition! Its yours!
Just for getting your butts out the doors!
In the cold and the winter and ice and the snow
Testing mind and will with cheeks aglow
Purity and Honesty your only creed
In my sled is all you’ll need!

As he finished he looked and said
“The Real stuff ain’t in my sled!
Your talent, your future, its all in your head!
Listen to your Guru, do as your told
Your dreams of excellence will never grow old”

As he backed out with that engine a revvin
Pointing his headlights squarely towards heaven
He called to the Bar None
As he zoomed out of sight
Merry Christmas Y’all!
Giddyup!  And Good Night!