Maybe arbitrary but I hope you’ll agree that these were news and noteworthy from the past 12 months.  In no particular order of importance.

1.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. announces that the Lincoln Marathon has become a presenting sponsor.  Joins Stodden Physical Therapy and Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC in the mission to establish excellence in Nebraska distance running.

2.  NRGE’s  Amber Sargent and Cameron Cummings are the top Nebraska club finishers at the Boston Marathon.  Both will run Lincoln 2016.

3. NRGE’s Pete Kostelnick and Jessica Pape are the top Nebraska club finishers at the Lincoln Marathon.

4. Kaci Lickteig takes 2nd overall at the prestigious Western States 100 Mile  Endurance Run.

5.  Pete wins Badwater 135, The Toughest Race on the Planet.  Follows that with an eye popping 163.5 miles in 24 hours on the track.

6. The Heartland Marathon.  Omaha Running Club’s response to those rascals from New York buying the Omaha Marathon out from under their feet.  Kudos to Tom Whitaker, Daren Konda and the entire ORC board and staff.

7.  Willie’s Golden Tickets.  NRGE Inc. adding the most talented crop of assembled young (22-23) middle distance runners in the history of Nebraska LDR (Messieurs Welp, Wintheiser, Prescott, Sanabria, and Joerger).  Their sterling credentials and debut at Living History Farms enough said.

8. Nebraska Association LDR.  Making strides with Logan Watley and Colin Morrissey demonstrating real understanding of what the program was founded on, what it should be, what it can be.

9. Pink Gorilla.  The professionalization of road race management in Nebraska.  Ben Cohoon and Zach Harsin, can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.

10.  The U.S. Olympic Committee adds a couple of minutes to the Olympic Trials Marathon Standard.  Rewards every hard working, In It To Win It, The Mind  is the Athlete, dreamer that gave it their best shot and just missed.