T’was the Night Before Christmas
And all through the state
The runners were excited
They could hardly wait!

Their ZoomFly’s a racing
As they dreamed in their beds
Of returning Nebraska’s blues back to reds

Linda in her Ravennas and I in mine too
When it was decided here’s what to do
We’ve got these roads, wide open and clear
Let’s host America’s Marathon here!

A Closed Road Course! Right here in our state!
We’ll be the First and we’ll make it Great!
We’ll draw serious runners looking to test
Their Personal Limits, their Personal Bests

We checked around, yes we did ask ya
What marathoners want here in Nebraska
Then asked our friends from around the U.S.
What will it take for us to be best?

No Sidewalks!  No Trails!  Is what they all say
Wide open roads will rule the day
Give us a chance to run at full speed
A Marathon Race Track is what we need

So  Tristan designed a course so quick
We’ve even had entry from old St. Nick
Looking to run a Half Marathon PR
The message has spread both near and far

And the Run Guru
Santa’s Old Elf
Lithely hopped down
From his place up on the shelf
And right then and there
Did a little jig
And raised a high toast
To dreaming big!