This morning’s race recap from our NRGE Ultra field correspondent Pete Kostelnick.

“The 2nd annual GOATz 50K at Cunningham Lake in Omaha took place this last Saturday with perfect cool weather and a number of both fast and familiar characters lined up at the start, including our own Kyle Clouston representing his neon NRGE jersey, Team Nebraska marathon speedster Justin Mollak, ladies ultra-standout Kaci Lickteig, last year’s 2 nd place finisher Kane Baker from Wisconsin, and a trio of Nebraska’s best men’s masters runners.   The course was three 10.5 mile loops around Cunningham Lake of mostly single track trail roller-coaster. Coming down into the finish of loop one was Justin Mollak, as expected, in 1 hr 13 minutes.   Six and eight minutes later came Kaci and Kyle, followed shortly by an army of others including Kane and the masters trio of Todd Nott, Mike Christensen, and Miguel Ordorica.   Right on schedule at 2 hrs 26 minutes came Justin finishing off lap two, Kaci blowing thru without aid at 2 hrs 37 min, followed by Kane, Kyle, and several others making the turn for the final loop in the low 2:40s and setting up an excellent race for 3 rd thru 10th .   Justin squandered most but not all of his lead to a well-orchestrated negative split run by Kaci, finishing two minutes in the top dog at 3:52:29 based on my photographic memory.   Kane and Kyle were the two others who threw it down the last lap, with Kane holding on to 3 rd overall and Kyle picking off a couple others to receive his 3 rd overall male award in a time of 4:06 and change—10 minutes faster than last year’s winning time.   It was a great race showcasing a solid portion of Nebraska’s best ultrarunners, and was exactly the run Kyle needed for his 100 miler coming up in February at Rocky Raccoon in Texas.   Sitting back watching Kyle do his thing today has me pumped for 2014 and having a couple marathon and further races on the horizon to race with him in the spring.   Now that we’ve learned that I can’t hang with Elmo for a Beer Mile.”

Good job too by David Bohlken on taking the overall in the 10.5 mile.  More complete results as they come available.

Congratulations to Race Director Scott Giddings and his organizing committee on a job well done.  Being an aficionado and critic I deem these very sweet awards.

kylegoatGiant Killer!  Peace.  Love.  Run.  NRGE.

Thoroughly enjoyed Saturday, long as it was.  After winding up out at Vala’s I came home and began cooking for the 30 or so people that were celebrating the perfect fall day with country cooking and a hell of a bonfire.  An eclectic mix.  Line of the night came after I described the communal origins of Our Little Slice, Tom Whitaker suggesting I should have named the Bar None, Will Henge instead.  I like that.

And how I spent my Sunday afternoon.
Digging potatoes on a perfect afternoon.  Good hard working women and men enjoying the bounty of our Good Mother.
Beautiful Kennebecs, sweet and tender, just like my Linda!
Half this bounty now safe and snug in the fruit cellar.