Decided to take things in for the old decennial physical.  I’m up 10 pounds from good fighting weight, WNLs across the lab board, A++ on the pulmonary.  If you are driving (or are) a beater its a good idea to have an expert look under the hood before you head out on your lark.

The doc was unperturbed when informed my lifetime total mileage is 80K, plus or minus.  That’s 8K more than on our 1973 Delta 88 Royale in the garage.  The similarities don’t end there.  We’re both in relative “cherry” condition  for our ages.  I’ll admit my walking mileage far outpaces those running.  Linda too,  grateful to be fit and able to scurry around with some ease.

40 years ago I was filled with a boundless sense of  wonder and anticipation.  Looking at a map of the U.S., knowing I could go anywhere.  All leading to today.  The same map, the same sense of  excitement, this time with the love of my life and one sweet dog.

The offers are coming in on the house and we’ve been packing furiously.  Downsizing to the camper and getting ready to hit the road.  Hoping for another 80K, this time finding America at a gentleman’s  pace.