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We drove almost 1700 miles over the last  five days.  Our first excursion to find America revealed beautiful slices of Wyoming and South Dakota.  Foot Loose and Fancy Free.  First time  into Cheyenne, Laramie, Vedauwoo, Saratoga, Casper, Buffalo, Gillette, and Sundance.  Still confronting my fear of heights, the mountain passes finding the steering wheel soaked from my saturated palms.  (I actually hyper-ventilated traversing the bridge spanning massive Lake Pactola.)

Medicine Bow National Forest, Big Horn National  Forest, Black Hills National Forest.  Snowy Range, Big Horn Range, all their passes!   Spearfish Canyon, Custer State Park, Devil’s Tower!

Finding America and our next landing spot.  I favor a 40 mile stretch from Spearfish Canyon to Hill City, South Dakota.  Cowboys and Hippies living together in a happy little vibe, I’m a little of both, or more of one than the other.  SoDak is ranked 2nd in the nation for retirement and now we know why.  Waking to temps in the low 40s was a treat.  The recreation opportunities unparalleled.  Hiking, running, biking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, fly fishing.  America displayed in fine form.

The Virginian hotel in Medicine Bow,  WY.  Historic.  We stopped in for a bathroom break and found less than a dozen teeth presented from the haggard and wired residents, meth is a terrible drug and not all of America is beautiful.

Devil’s Tower.  A close encounter with one of America’s most distinguishable landmarks.

Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon.  Babbling  brooks abound and I really dig the sound.  I can imagine being lulled to sleep every night.

Leaving Custer State Park we had another close encounter, thousands of buffalo as they moved to greener pastures.  America, where the buffalo roam.



We’ve accepted an offer on the Bar None!   Buddha willing and the creeks don’t rise we’ll be on our Grand Adventure before summer’s end.

A lot of parallels to this parcel in the Twin Rivers Homestead and the Nebraska Running Community.

When I came to Nebraska in 2001 there was nothing in place for post collegiate (or other serious) athletes, no USATF LDR program at all in fact.  A modern day Johnny Appleseed, I sewed my nuts across the breadth and depth of the state.  First and best fruiting as Team Nebraska Brooks,  finally maturing into Lincoln Running Company Racing.  I now sit back and enjoy those early labors.

My work in Nebraska then, excepting America’s Marathon, now all but done.  America’s Marathon!  My final contribution to the Good Life.  May it live long and prosper!

Similarly, when we came to our little slice this was a very distressed property, another blank palate with a ton of potential.  Not  content to do what was already being  done we crafted the absolute best market garden operation in the state.  Completely chemical free, 100% natural.  Had big enough huevos to say there was none better.  And like Team Nebraska Brooks, we were the best, Bar None.

History will decide whether Run Guru Says, Team Nebraska Brooks, Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., and  Bar None Produce deserve a place in Nebraska lore.  The only certainty, The End Is Near.



I was honored and privileged to represent the United States at several international events.  World Championships and Ekidens, USA Team Leader.  Carrying the American flag, leading our athletes into the stadium in Chiba, Japan will always be a special memory.  A lot of gravity and responsibility when you are on that stage.

The USA Women’s Soccer team has left a bad taste in my mouth.  Crass and disrespectful, flaunting and taunting.

Dr. Frank Meza shocked the world at this year’s L.A. Marathon.  At 70 years old his time of 2:53:10 prompted investigations that revealed him as a cheat.  Calling all his previous performances into question.  The pressure apparently leading to tragedy, his body found in a shallow creek yesterday morning.

Bridget Kosgei sprinted to a 30:21 victory at yesterday’s Peachtree Road Race 10K.  Picked up the $50,000 record bonus for a nice payday.  Top American female was Emily Sisson in 32:03.

Rhonex Kipruto blazed to a new course record of 27:01 to pick up his own $50K bonus.  First American was Colin Bennie in 29:11.

The always annual Seward Optimist Club Freedom Run 2 Mile was won by Kyle Johnson (34)  in 9:51.  My boy and favorite Loper Max Lindgren (20) 2nd in 10:14.

John Krecek (51) of Omaha finished 10th overall (1:43:40) and 1st in the 50-59 age group at the 2019 Waddle Like A Duck Half Marathon in Walker, MN.

Have a great weekend!



Maybe when you get into your 60s your brain, like a pail under spout, is nearly topped off with knowledge.  Full of a life’s accumulation of perspectives.  Man has, simply and as part of life’s grand design,  experiences commensurate with years.  There is no better teacher than experience.

Where is this tilt headed?  I’m trying to figure out  why I’m having such a time trying to figure  things out.

Here’s some things floating at the top of my bucket.  NIKE sucks.  So does Colin Kaepernick.  Betsy Ross does not suck.

Neighbor Rose is  a brilliant research scientist at Creighton.  Recent discussions have revealed that an overabundance of soy products, with its naturally occurring estrogen,  in the American diet has affected in utero gamete development, corrupting XX, XY into a generation of over feminized males.

Our sport, athletics and running in particular, is trying to keep up with the times.  As an event director I  found the following worthy of  consideration and discussion with  my peers.  From this year’s Western States 100 entry policies:

My brain!  It’s too full!




Saturday August 10, 2019.  Nebraska’s very first metric mile will be held in conjunction with the Valley Days Fun Run.  We wanted to do something different, something that has not yet been done in Nebraska.  Something lightning fast.   A Road 1500 Meters.   USATF Certification and Sanctioning coming  right up.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could post up for a metric mile, now you’ve got the chance.  The course is comprised of the Valley Days closed road parade route, the race will start 30 minutes before the parade.

Brought to you by the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon and Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., and the Valley Days Foundation.

We are also offering a 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile for kids under 12.  The best part is they will all run for free!   Give them a medal and a t-shirt for coming out and running and I’m all in!  Make sure they are pre-registered by August 1st to qualify.




Size.  Economy of Scale.  Today I celebrate diminutive excellence!

Kaci Lickteig had, in your scribe’s opinion, one  of the best races of her life at this  past weekend’s Western States 100.  Clare Gallagher (1st, 17:23:25,) and Brittany Peterson (2nd, 17:24:29) were the only females to finish in front of the “Pixie Ninja.”  Kaci (3rd, 17:55:55)becomes only the 2nd woman ever to break 18 hours twice on the storied course.    Everybody’s pre race favorite Jim Walmsley led all finishers in a course record 14:09:28.  Local masters stud Todd Nott (55 years old) cracked the top 100 and the 24 hour mark finishing 97th in 23:17:25, pretty amazing stuff there fella!

Madison Scott trekked to Milwaukee for the AAU Regional Championships.  She ran tough in the 8 & Under category bringing home a Silver on Saturday in the  800 (3:01).  It was Sunday’s 1500 that showed me the Size of her Heart though.  “The Waifenator” was in a tight lead pack (Rubbing’s Racing!) through the 400 before taking a solid nudge and tumbling to the track.  Momentarily stunned she took inventory and watched the pack pull away.  Bowled over and bloodied, but not bowed!  Madison got up, chased down the pack, and ended up with her second Silver of the weekend in a hard earned 6:13.   On to North Carolina for the AAU National Championships in a few weeks!

Kaci’s return from major surgery has been nothing less than inspiring to her legions of followers, and to me.  Cementing her legacy  as one  of the  greatest ultra females not only from Nebraska but anywhere!

Tough Enough!  I could not be prouder of Madison, her experience on the oval in Milwaukee a necessary curriculum for any seriously competitive track athlete.  Already the Nebraska 8 & under record holder for 400 (1:21), 800 (3:00) and 1500 (6:00).  She is The Future of Distance Running in Nebraska.   Heart, the one variable you can’t coach, both Kaci and Madison have that special something that surfaces just once in a generation.




One less chore when we woke this morning at the Bar None.  The last of our laying hens were placed in a very good home right down the street.  Teaching their 3 kids responsibility instead of entitlement.  That is one of the most obvious changes to the Twin Rivers Homestead over the last six years.  Families moving here to give their children a taste of the Real Good Life.  Kids riding their bikes down the middle of the street, annual pie social, hamburger feeds, neighbors being neighbors type of thing.  You just can’t get this in the city.

This is the first time in almost 6 years with no trip to the barn to unloose the fowl.  No more two daily trips to the nesting boxes fetching, always be fetching.  And another trek at dusk to close them up til dawn.  4 times a day.  A lot of time spent thanking them for what they did on the property.

We found a good home for Jedediah a couple weeks ago.  One of the hardest things ever but the old knucklehead is a one dog, one man hound.  He’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.

This downsizing is for real.  Rumor has it that my athletics memorabilia collection is extensive, really cool, and some of it up for sale.  If you’d like a rare or one of a kind addition to your own collection, give me a holler.  Every Track & Field News (from 1962-1996), every Runner, every Runners World, every Track Stat.  Some great cover art.   Race programs, framed posters, signatures, original AP photos, Boston, Olympics, too much to tote around anymore.  Multiple large Rubbermaid tubs packed and stacked and just maybe ready to go.


Well Howdy!  How about Joe Moore and his Kansas City Smoke mates!  Joe (35) took 3rd overall in the Garry Bjorklund half in an Olympic Trials Qualifying 1:03:22.  The rest of the Smoke qualifiers came in the full marathon.  Evan Landes (26) 12th in 2:17:08, James Wilson (27) 14th in 2:17:27, and Nate Guthals (28) 20th in 2:18:38.   A very talented and young corps of marathoners! Jessi Allen finished 22nd overall in the women’s full with a fine 2:41:34 for her 2020 USA Olympic Trials Marathon mark.

Nell Rojas (31), 2:28:06 led all women including up to Ashley Paulson (37) 45th, 2:44:50 for a whopping 45 Olympic Trials Qualifying performances.

LRC Nebraska sent Cory Logsdon (31) 81st, 2:30:31, Nolan Border (26) 83rd, 2:30:47, and Peter Falcon (29), 2:30:52.  In the Garry Bjorklund Half LRCNebraska was well represented with Johnny Rutford (28) 22nd, 1:06:56, Eric Noel (31) 34th, 1:08:43, and Nolan Zimmer (25) 39th, 1:09:22.  Our KC Smoke buddy Aaron Davidson (34) 43rd, 1:09:46 also running well.

Seth Hirsch and Taylor Somers reprised their champions roles at the Road to Omaha 5K, complete results below.

Grandma’s Men

Grandma’s Women

Bjorklund Men

Bjorklund Women

Road to Omaha 5K


Decided to take things in for the old decennial physical.  I’m up 10 pounds from good fighting weight, WNLs across the lab board, A++ on the pulmonary.  If you are driving (or are) a beater its a good idea to have an expert look under the hood before you head out on your lark.

The doc was unperturbed when informed my lifetime total mileage is 80K, plus or minus.  That’s 8K more than on our 1973 Delta 88 Royale in the garage.  The similarities don’t end there.  We’re both in relative “cherry” condition  for our ages.  I’ll admit my walking mileage far outpaces those running.  Linda too,  grateful to be fit and able to scurry around with some ease.

40 years ago I was filled with a boundless sense of  wonder and anticipation.  Looking at a map of the U.S., knowing I could go anywhere.  All leading to today.  The same map, the same sense of  excitement, this time with the love of my life and one sweet dog.

The offers are coming in on the house and we’ve been packing furiously.  Downsizing to the camper and getting ready to hit the road.  Hoping for another 80K, this time finding America at a gentleman’s  pace.


El Viejo mas rapido de todos!  Well almost!  Congratulations to Nebraska running legend Jose Badillo.  He returns from the  Senior Game National  Championships in Albuquerque with a low boy full of silver  medals.  Outstanding accomplishment that I know he accepts with his usual grace.  Prompting hundreds of congratulations.  And one offer to meet on the track for a single hour, from me.

Something I’d never heard before showed up, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I’d like to offer that there is no greater joy than victory.  Conquering fear, self doubt, besting your competition.  Look there is no shame in second place if you’ve given it your all.  But if you have that little fella with the pitchfork sitting on your shoulder, sticking you with what ifs……

Linda and I have had recent sessions with a sensational new running talent.  I call her my little female Sam Runde.    Make a list of the  top girls from the last 10 years, go ahead and pick your favorites.  Its about to change.  Our girl Madison will be  running the 400, 800, and 1500 at this weekend’s Nebraska State Championships, representing the West Omaha Track Club.  Expect a new slate of state records in those distances for 7 year olds.  I’ve put her through rigorous pacing and she has been outstanding, the perfect student.    She’s been chasing runners two to three years older and is not willing to settle for anything less than victory.  Always a joy to work  with talent.