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It has been a great ride entertaining and educating you here at the original Run Guru Says.  All future musings will appear at my new site, I hope you’ll take time to get your Guru on each day.   For the final time here, Giddyup!


Digging the fact that the Lincoln Marathon is allowing you to select the name that appears on your race bib.  Mine?  Run Guru of course.

Should be interesting to see what other personalized bibs appear.  I’ve got a few suggestions for some of the locals.  In order to maintain separation of church and state,  those and other entertaining musings will be highlighted at http:/  Be sure to take advantage of the “Reply or Leave a Comment” button, your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our Good Mate Gary Wasserman for sharing one of his favorite quotes.  Look for more stories and tales and words from our mates in future RGS columns, should help ease the transition.
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Roosevelt




Just for kicks, you can add your own column title today; fun whistle!!!

Some of our mates will be far afield this coming weekend:

Kyle Clouston will be traveling back to my neck of the woods this weekend for the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler.  This race in Huntsville, Texas has the reputation as one of the most competitive (last year’s winner averaged 7:40 pace, yikes!) and well managed 100 milers in the country.  Kyle has been training diligently, has addressed his race plan, and is ready to go.  I gave him the final bit of preparation on Saturday by showing him how to run 10:00 pace.  Doing my little part…

Peter Falcon will head to St. Louis for the USA Club Cross Country National Championships.  Good to get Peter’s wheels back on terra firma.

Stacy Shaw is returning to the National Championship Masters 1/2 Marathon at Melbourne Music Marathon Weekend in Melbourne, FL.


Peter will take on America’s best cross country racers!



Kyle will have a full day ahead of him.

Stacy has tackled the USA Half Marathon Masters National Champs before, a nice departure from the Nebraska winter.




On Friday I covered the first and second degrees of Real Racing.  Course Certification and Self Reliance.  Knowing the exact distance and having the confidence in your own training (regardless of paradigm).  In most parts of the country Course Certification is not an issue and we are catching up here in Nebraska.  Self Reliance is more difficult to come by, gained only by consistently cultivating volition and effort.  Important to note that Self Reliance deals primarily with training discipline.

The Third Degree of Real is the hardest of all to possess.  Or the easiest.  Depends totally on the individual.  The Mind is the Athlete then completes the troika of Real Racing.  For historical reference, AndyPalmer (2:16 marathoner, Phd. Sports Pshychology) espoused this mantra, I adopted it after his untimely passing now a decade ago.

That has been my call  to Team Nebraska and to the running community in general.

Being a stark realist I began cataloging runners by how the words were received:  Mentally Strong or Mentally Weak.  It was as plain as the nose on my face and didn’t win me any popularity contests.

Mentally Strong = Honesty, Courage, Determination.  Accepting your result with the knowledge that you have given your Absolute Best.  Concerned only with the victory of self mastery existing between the gun and tape.

Mentally Weak = Fearful, Doubtful, Alibi at the ready.  Afraid to Race.  Having a bag full of tired excuses to explain away a less than desirable performance.  Blaming someone else being the worst infraction.

I’ve seen both sides.  And my position will always be:  NO!  We’re NOT All Winners!  I don’t measure or count pure talent in this equation.  I’ve seen the first across the line turn out to be the mentally weakest in the field, and that has been one of my biggest disappointments.  It matters not where you finish in the results, you are only a winner when you can take the heat of competition, both from without and within.

We had a great turnout of mates on Saturday.  Twenty three of us gathered for some monster hills south and west of Gretna, thanks to Kelly Crawford for hosting.

The most talented runners in Nebraska gathered in Gretna last weekend to get our group training on.  Rasmussen, Thor, Pohren, Stack, Logsdon, Bohlken, Mollak, Clouston, Cerda, Thomas X 2, Como, Shultz, Shaw, Schneider, Cassar, Higgins, Shain and Barb and Bill and Linda and Will and Kelly, whew!  The Mind is the Athlete!

Online registration for the 8th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K & 4 Mile Trail Runs is up and running at

Be sure and check  I’ve got some words up without window dressing.




From the  Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, the top 5 men ran under 2 hours and 5 minutes.

1. Desisa Benti, Lelisa (ETH)                        2:04:05
2. Shifarew Tolcha, Berhanu (ETH)          2:04:48
3. Tola Woldegeberel, Tadese (ETH)       2:04:49
4. Negesse Shumi, Endeshaw (ETH)        2:04:52
5.  Kiprop Koech, Bernard (KEN)            2:04:53

All reports indicate that the course was IAAF Certified so it counts.  Can you imagine training for and running an uncertified marathon?   So once again in my book, Certification is the First Degree of Real.  And without that first degree to legitimize your training and racing, regardless of distance, well….   Excepting of course trail marathons because by definition they don’t utilize acceptable (for record keeping purposes) course measurement protocol.

It has been great having a regular training partner over the last 8 years.  Linda has gotten me out the door many a day that I might have otherwise bagged a workout.  And motivated me to give it my best once started.  It breaks my heart that someone that cares so much about and does so much for our sport is sidelined now, maybe even for the next several months.  She won’t be twiddling idle thumbs however, keeping busy with her administrative duties on the national level.

Loneliness of the  Long Distance Runner.  It will be an easy switch for me to run alone.  Until meeting Linda I had always preferred to go solo.  While I founded Team Nebraska on a group training philosophy there is no disputing the effectiveness of getting out and getting it on with your own bad self.  It is the little voice in your head after all that must be challenged, reconciled, and triumphed over in order to be a champion.  All those solitary miles building strength and character.  Self reliance being the Second Degree of Real.  That is one of the fundamentals of running after all.

The Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL has hosted our USA 15K National Championships for many years.  A bunch of years ago they pioneered the “Equalizer Bonus” where the women are set off with a 6:00 head start, the men give chase, first across the line gets a nice bonus of several thousand dollars.  This year they have added a team challenge for spectacular spouses called the “Till Death Do Us Part” Challenge.  Combined times will be used to determine the fastest couple in America, and a little extra cabbage for the winners too.  Wish we had something like that here in Nebraska, oh wait we do, Two Rivers Twosome 10K Couples Run.

Who will become Nebraska’s fastest couple?   We’ll find out on Saturday, February 9th.   Its a USATF Certifed Course so its Real and it Counts!  We are also of course scoring individuals as well.  I’m encouraging all of our mates and everyone else that wants a flat, fast, legitimate 10K test of fitness to come out and giddyup!  If you know of any other USATF Certified 10Ks, 5 Miles, or 5Ks  please let me know and I’ll happily promote those here! just days away………






It is with great anticipation that I look forward to our Team Nebraska Winter/Spring campaign.  Inspiring to see the Good Mates have been working hard and getting fit for the Indoor season.

Matt Pohren has already turned in a nice 8:36 3000 and 14:47 5000.  He’ll tackle the 5000 again at the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational on February 1st.

One of the most important functions of the Team Nebraska scribe is to report on performances by our mates.  It has always been a joy for me to trumpet their accomplishments, highlighting the differences between us merely mortals and those that were blessed enough to heed my call of  “Citius, Altius, Fortius!”.

It is however a labour of love.  It is incredibly difficult to keep track of our 90+ members on any given weekend.  I’ve always requested that our mates inform me of their competitive schedules and results.  I most often report on those that do get back to me, less frequently on those whose results I must dig for, and rarely ever on those that race infrequently or do so in minor, local events that don’t publish results.  I report on what I can find when I can find it.

Point being that COMPETITION is the key news for this club.  And maybe that is where this column should best transition to.  Strictly a race calendar and results based forum.

I’m still trying to figure out how to best serve our mates and the running community in general with my words.  Making snail’s pace progress on but will be hot soon enough.

My dear sweet Linda is drifting off into la la land as her surgery is now less than 20 minutes away.  Thanks again for keeping her in your hearts,  your outpouring of love has been very much appreciated.  In the meantime I’m taking great care of her and will keep you posted.


“You ready Willie?”  Over the last 30 years my Uncle Carl always greeted me with his challenge over 10 miles.  A true “Oklahoma Ridge Runner”, as all the Lindgren boys were, he likely could have given me a run for my money.  Two years younger than my dad and even more of a fixture in the Lawton, Oklahoma community.  Veteran, and first Lindgren to go to college.  Retired from the Lawton police force, good father and honest man, land baron and keen businessman.  Went to his Reward last week, the second younger brother that my dad has sent off, and that’s sad.  Over 1000 people attended Uncle Carl’s funeral, making his final farewell uplifting for his three children and extended family.  Thanks especially to the Lawton Police Department and the Comanche County Sheriff’s Department for recognizing and celebrating this Great Man.

Linda met with Dr. Katie Grier this morning and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  Double malleolus break on the right foot, plates and screws to repair.  GIKK Orthopedic Specialists, the same group that fixed my broken foot 3 years ago.   A big confidence boost that Dr. Grier is training up for the Papillion Half Marathon.  I know she is in the best possible hands.

Linda had an Angel watching over her yesterday morning.  Alysha Busse was driving on 180th, glanced out towards the dojo and saw Linda crawling through the snow towards the road (she had been crawling for nearly half a mile, her fractured and dislocated ankle flopping and dangling, pain and cold keeping her on the periphery of shock).  Alysha made a u-turn, pulled over, went down the trail and helped get her into her truck.  Thank you dear, our friend for life.

Uncle Carl this past Thanksgiving.  I’m so glad I made the trip and got to dream of one final 10 mile race.




Be ever so careful running out in these winter conditions.  My favorite runner in the whole world broke her foot this morning out at the dojo after slipping on ice.  Broken medial and lateral malleolus bones in her right ankle.  Surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Thanks for keeping our dearest, sweetest Linda in your prayers and meditations.


I recounted last year how Matt Pohren worked hard for several years before he finally broke 15:00 for the 5000.  Muscle memory?  Matt kicked off his indoor season by winning this weekend’s Iowa State Track and Field Open in 14:57.  That is some nice early scooting there Matty P!

Megan (Zarorka) Thomas kicked off her indoor campaign taking the Wildcat Invitational 1 Mile in 5:21.

A nice turnout for Saturday morning’s run.  14 of the mates gathered to get our hills on at the Scenic Sarpy/Douglas route.  Thanks to Linda for hosting us.  Bob Miyake performed perhaps the most diffcult and unique feat of strength and balance I’ve ever witnessed, and that is saying something.  I’ll try and get a video uploaded of this amazing performance. still a work in progress, thanks for your patience for my opinions.  As for now, I’ll stick to just the facts and relevant reporting here at Team Nebraska.

Monday bonus read from my old buddy Gerry Lindgren:

” A while back I commented on the indoor 2-mile race 49 years ago. Then I commented on an indoor 2-mile race in Los Angeles that happened two-weeks later. Now it is time to comment on the third of the trilogy that took place 49 years ago tomorrow.
To set the background, I had been invited to race a high school 2-mile race against the state champions of Kansas (Jim Ryan) and California (Ralph Gamez). I was the Washington State XC winner but the time I had posted (8:59) was run on a ‘short’ course. Jim’s time (9:07) and Ralph’s time (9:08) were far better than my adjusted 9:30-something). But I didn’t KNOW the course was short. nor that my time was not a valid 2-mile time. Anyway, in that race I ran 9-minutes flat and won ‘Outstanding Athlete of the Meet’ honors. THEN, I was invited to run in the LATimes Indoor Track Meet two weeks later. There I raced collegiate and open athletes, including Gaston Rolants, the Steeplechase world record holder. In that race I finished second to Rolants and (with Gaston) was named outstanding athlete of the meet. I set a new high school world mark of 8:46 in that one. Now the scene is set for the third race. This was back in The Cow Palace in San Francisco.
Ron Clarke was the world record holder in the men’s 2-mile run indoors. He also held EVERY distance running world mark from 2-miles through 10-miles outdoors. An awesome runner. He was to be the big competition for me.
Coach Walters talked with me about pace again just as he had for the last two races. At the high school race he told me I should try and hit the first mile in 4:30 and I hit exactly 4:30. At the LA meet he said I should hit 4:25 and I hit exactly 4:25. I tried to tell him I was SCARED to death and hitting any time at all was completely out of my control but he thought I had ‘iron pace.’ This time he told me I would have to hit around 4:20 for the first mile. Surprisingly, I hit my first mile in exactly 4:20. bewildered!!!!
Ron Clarke was running directly behind me. Everyone else in the race had dropped off pace so it was just the two of us. He too was a front runner and attempted to pass me several times. But when I saw he was going up high on the curve to pass, I sprinted so he couldn’t get bye easily. Once he bumped me coming back down and the crowd screamed in protest. They liked me.
With about half a mile left to race, I was starting to feel the strain of the fast pace. Ron suddenly sprinted past me and into the lead. I sprinted after him, but he was two steps ahead of me and I could NOT make up an inch. All the way to the finish I sprinted, frustrated at my inability to eat away even a tiny inch. In the end I lost. He got away from me and ran 8:37 to my 8:40 flat. In the last race I was angry at myself because I could have run a better race, but this time I could have done nothing better. He just outran me.
And, of course 8:40 was/is the world high school record and it has lasted for 49-years now. Some of the best distance runners in America have chased that mark when they were in high school. I am happy that I could leave such a difficult mark. It has made other runners better.
Thus the trilogy is complete. In those 5-weeks I changed from a 9:30ish high school 2-miler to an 8:40 2-miler. My time was the second best time of the entire indoor season and I was the number one rated American distance runner. It has been the shock of my running life. In the end, Coach Walters was talking Olympic Games to the sports writers and I could only blush and try to hide. I was just a wimp!”




Muffled, stifled, choked, obstructed, suppressed, hindered, delayed, restrained, limited, moderated, constrained, confined.

Never Subdued.

Thanks for the many emails I’ve received encouraging me to keep posting here until  is up and running.  I’m trying to learn web page basics to present my best side, you know its there somewhere.

Had intended to take a complete break from RGS here at Team Nebraska.  But the outpouring of concern and petitions for continuance of my dailyisms turned the tide.  One email in particular that couldn’t imagine Team Nebraska without Run Guru Says, heartwarming stuff.

So I’ll post here until the transition, “biting my teeth” as Linda would say.

Congratulations to Millard West grad Joe Harter on his selection as the Nebraska Gatorade Cross Country runner of the year.

The Team Nebraska group runs will be held Saturday and Sunday mornings from 187th & West Center.  The Village on the Preserve apartment clubhouse at 8:00 a.m.

My old buddy Al may have said it best.