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A lot.  I’ve got so much to say.  But as we all know, not everything I say sits well with everyone that decides to read this column.  And now I’m feeling the squeeze and bristling.   I’ve commented on Real running, Real races,  Real heroes, Real clowns and circus freaks, Real cliques and Real cliches,  always giving my unadulterated, uncensored, and unapologetic views.  But the time is nigh upon us that I will no longer grace Team Nebraska’s web page with my style and wit.  Those of you that have followed and enjoyed my writing will still be able to attend my words.

I’ve secured another website for my daily musings.  Please do bookmark once I announce it is hot.

I will be highlighting my series of races, programs, training groups, information on my Wednesday Night Track Work and Kids Fit Program, details on my personal coaching, and offering the insights into our sport that you have come to love and/or hate.

It will be a liberation of sorts for me.  While I have called things as I’ve seen them it is true that I’ve tread lightly for the last year or so.  Long time readers know just what I’m talking about.  I’ll be able to go back to my unfettered discourse and really start calling things as I see them.

And for those of you wondering what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on, well that is a tale for   And it will make for some fantastic, lambastic reading.   The Truth revealed.

I haven’t left the building just yet, I’ll be posting here until things are set up.  I’ll give you plenty of heads up.

Will Lindgren, founder Team Nebraska and









I expected a lot from Shannon Suing at Houston yesterday and she didn’t disappoint.  She’s been hitting up the Killer Coach marathon training program and it has once again worked its magic.

2:58:54!  Nearly perfect splits, sixteenth overall and 1st female in the 35-39 age group.  A monster personal best and she’s just scratched the surface of her potential.  Darned proud of you Shannon!  What a great way to start the year!   Glad there is an exclamation point on my keyboard this morning.

Closer to home a few of us headed to Panama for the Udder Buster Half Marathon & 6 Mile.  Jim Craig has a well deserved reputation as host of some fun, low key, amenity laden runs around Nebraska.  But there was Real Racing going on, and it was Fun.

Stacy Shaw was first  female and 4th overall, Brian Bergt was 5th overall and Linda Kunasek was 2nd female and 6th overall.  I was 6th in the 6 Mile and had as much fun as anyone could have.  Someone behind trying to chase me down, someone ahead faltering and ripe for picking.   Succeeded on both accounts and thus smiling afterwards.









I’m fifty five, fit, and fast.  I’m flexible, I can slide, and I can fly!  Been taking good care of this body for a long time so that I can enjoy life to its fullest.  Prost!

Amazing what a good 6 mile run can do for you on an otherwise dreary, foggy, sopping Friday.  Got together with the Geezers, it was good to catch up with the old coots.

Marathon PR.  I wrote earlier this week about my marathon debut at Houston in 1983.  It was Houston 1995 that I ran my pr of 2:46:56.  I would be about the slowest guy on Team Nebraska with that time.  I Dig that.

Linda, Stacy Shaw, & I are headed to Panama for this weekend’s Udder Buster runs.  The ladies in the half marathon, me in the 6 mile.  Getting our hooves on for this one, looking forward to running a Jim Craig trail run.

Spoke with Ivan Marsh yesterday and he is leaning towards defending his Trek up the Tower title on February 23.  He has won the stair climb every year it has been contested, this year being the 7th or 8th I believe.


Feliz Viernes from your Geezers!


And just one unchanging answer.  IN IT TO WIN IT!

I field a lot of questions about Team Nebraska.  What we are, who we are, why we are, where we are, how we are.  IN IT TO WIN IT!

It doesn’t matter what you hear on the streets, there’s a lot of talk that originates from nowhere and leads to nowhere.  You need only remember this:  IN IT TO WIN IT!

I will continue to drill this into our Team Nebraska mates.  Its the first and last thing I tell them about the club during  interviews.  Those agreeing with that mindset make it on to the club.  IN IT TO WIN IT!

This will never change as long as I’m the Executive Director and Head Coach for the club.

A nice excerpt from a book I just completed.  While it references basketball the message is just as clear for runners.

“One.  The Head.  Strategy.  Most boys come to a basketball coach from alley games and have no conception of the, of the elegance of the game played on a court with two baskets….    Second- let me finish, Harry, and then you can talk- second the body.  Work the boys into condition.  Make their legs hard.”  He clenches his fist on the slick table.  “Hard.  Run, run, run.  Run every minute their feet are on the floor.  You can’t run enough, Thirdly”- he puts the index finger and thumb of one hand to the corners of his mouth and flicks away the moisture- “the heart.  And here the good coach, which I, young lady, certainly tried to be and some say was, has his most solemn opportunity.  Give the boys the will to achieve.  I’ve always liked that better than the will to win, for there can be achievement even in defeat.  Make them feel the- yes, I think the word is good- the sacredness of achievement, in the form of giving our best.”  He dares a pause now, and wins through it, glancing at each of them in turn to freeze their tongues.  “A boy who has had his heart enlarged by an inspiring coach,” he concludes, “can never become, in the deepest sense, a failure in the greater game of life.”       from “Rabbit Run” by John Updike, 1960




Mark your calendars, Saturday April 6th will find the 7th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K & 4 Mile Trail Runs.  Also our as-yet-to-be-named kids runs of 400 meters and 800 meters.    Billed as the “Toughest Trail Run in the Midwest” and for good reason.  The most challenging morning of your spring to be sure.  I’m amazed at the numbers we get for this race, are all trail runners borderline masochists?

And while it is indeed a daunting challenge the badge of accomplishment is a huge draw.  The run was conjured up in 2006 by trail running legend Ivan Marsh and has grown from ~70 the first year to 500+ the last couple of years.  Upstream Brewing Company, Subway, and Cabela’s return for the event, what a great trio of sponsors.

So the first weekend in April has become a favorite tradition for me and mine.  A rented cabin amid the peace and quiet of Platte River State Park, briefly separated from the hustle and bustle of traffic, television, and daily responsibilities.  A real treasure just 30 minutes from home.  The cabins do fill up rather quickly so be sure and call the park to reserve yours today!
Platte River State Park
14421 346th Street, Louisville, Nebraska 68037
Phone: (402) 234-2217

We’ll have online registration up within the next week.   We are also reprising our digital brochure, if you haven’t seen the great work by Bob Harris and FrontRunIt you are in for a treat.

The elevation changes for the 12K show why finishing this race bestows bragging rights among participants.

Come on out and get your Climb On!

Last year’s “Tough Little Mudders” got a full dose of trail running.  Its good for them and its fun too!





Thirty years ago this Sunday (1983)  I made my 26.2 debut at the Houston Marathon.  I went out like I always raced… fast.  And ended up like I sometimes did…walking at mile 20.  I managed to run 3:11:11 but often wish I knew then what I know now.

My longest training run was 15 miles, I ran that distance on 3 occasions and was sure I was ready to roll.  Most of my runs were in Nike Waffle Trainers and a pair of swimming britches.  No watch, no garmin (!), no map my run, no headphones, no social network with daily assurances of my awesomeness.

Refused to warm up thinking it a waste of energy, would sit on starting lines until just before the gun.  Refused to pace sensibly preferring to run as far as I could as fast as I could and then try and hold on for as long as I could.  Finally stopping with hands on knees, looking behind at the closing runners, measuring them, and then off full tilt again, hoping to hold them off enough times to break the tape.  Not at all smart but I did win my share of races in those early years with this unorthodox approach.

I had been running semi regularly throughout 1980 and ’81 after kicking a 2 pack a day habit on December 31, 1979.  Started racing in February 1982, entering 10Ks and 5 Milers.   Inexplicably won age group hardware (still have the paperweight)  in my very first race, the 1982 Pasadena Rodeo Run 10K.  Running and Racing were Real in Houston back in those days and thus the notion was born that I might have some inherent knack for putting one foot in front of the other with rapidity.  But on pure guts more than any real talent or science.

And I refused to accept science or guidance in training, feeling I knew more about my body than anyone else possibly could.  It was a heady time of self discovery and that exhilaration, coupled with my innate hubris, led to a long road of hard knocks education.

Which brings me to today.  I’ve made most of those mistakes.  Became a student of our sport, psychologically and physiologically.  Decided that running would become The Arena in life that I would make my mark, both in my own pursuits and assisting others to reach their potential and dreams.  And have thus devoted myself for the last 30 years.  A brief resume of moderate success for my own running, a much broader record of accomplishment in helping others to achieve their aspirations.

This is what I love to do.

I am currently accepting clients for the Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon, training cycle will commence this coming Sunday.  Three packages available; online, online plus, and personal.  If you would like to take your own training to the next level, run a personal best, or just expand your knowledge base of running, contact me at

1983 was a good year to learn about marathoning.  Houston in January (3:11:11), Galveston in March (2:56:56) and Freedom Marathon in Monticello, IL in October (2:49:47).   The last time I  ran 3 marathons in one year, another great lesson about sensible marathon training and Racing.  Giddyup to our mate Shannon Mauser-Suing this coming Sunday, she will be wrecking her marathon pr on the streets of Houston this Sunday morning.  And maybe creating a tale for 2043.



Something to chew on for the next 16 weeks, our roster of mates entered into the Lincoln Marathon/Half Marathon.  If we get everyone to the line healthy it should be a speedy treat.  No fewer than 6 ladies capable of running sub 1:20:00 in the half.  And depth across all races, to wit:

Andrea Bowen
Alysha Davis
Anne Shadle
Bridget Easley
Carolyn Meyer
Jen Viehrig
Megan Thomas
Meghan Schneider
Natalie Como
Rachel Carrizales
Lily Kaftan
Laura Neel
Christina King
Carole Swanson
Stacy Shaw
Joy Shulz
CeCe Carson

Emily Kraus
Emily Langdon
Natalie Jetensky
Shannon Mauser Suing
Roxi Erickson

Aaron Carrizales
Bob Miyake
Kraig Vanderbeek
Gary Wasserman
Justin Mollak
Matt Pohren
Matt Seiler
Ryan Salem
York Thomas
Tony Sorrentino
Eric Rasmussen
John Tully
Cheto Cerda

Ben Shultz
Cory Logsdon
Dylan Wilson
Jeff Nielsen
Jimmie Doherty
Mike Reilly
Nate Stack
Ricky Trevino
Ron Olsen
Shannon Stenger
Steve Stender
Tim Langdon
Todd Nott






Columns.  Blogs.  Musings, postulations, positions, provocations.

The wonderful opportunity to move someone to thought or action or enlightenment.  This then has been the goal of my enduring eloquence.  To educate, motivate, insinuate,  exacerbate, rarely placate.   I do like to report on the state of affairs with my own intuitive if  liberal bent.   Coming up with well thought and well written observation and analysis is my much embraced daily charge.  Its what keeps my juices juicy.

And with that in mind a Huge Thanks to Todd Hinze.  Very kind words that are appreciated more than you can know.  And to the rest of you readers that have reached out and let me know that you have been touched by my words.  The fact that you are out there, that you get the message,  have been ticked off, been made to smile, or  experienced  any other emotional response, lets me know this is a truly worthy endeavour.   I’m glad to be judged  by my affection and dedication to the spoken and written word.  A great way to really get to know someone is by listening to or reading them, beats the murmurs and whispers of unknown agendas every time.

Thanks for being here.

And this from a yellowed 1979 Omaha World Herald article covering Girls High School Sports:  “Sophomore Linda Kunasek should be the team’s ‘sprint star’ and sophomore Shelly Benson is the strongest distance runner, Scheer reports.  Senior Diane Derby is a good high jumper, Felicia Collins sprints well, and senior Sheryl Goodbarn is the team’s best for hurdling.  Scheer feels Burke will be able to put together a fairly good medley relay team…”   Denny Scheer coached Linda throughout her tenure at Burke, she qualified for and medaled at the state meet in the short sprints and relays.  The fact that she still competes at a national level, is involved administratively locally, regionally, and nationally, volunteers her time and effort, and is much loved and respected in our sport.  You need to know this about her, a fine competitor and individual, for life.

Online registration for the Two Rivers Twosome 10K will be up later today, check back here later or tune in manana for details.






How we miss you Bob Ross!  You encouraged us to create our own world, set our own rules, convert our mistakes into happy little strokes of success, be content with what occurs on our palettes.  Celebrate our masterpieces!

I’ve always been a big fan of Bob’s message.  But also have the notion to step back and survey the individual works of my community.  Gathering interpretations of the multitudes, interested and entertained  in how visions and definitions are wrought to conform with what is acceptable and pleasing to each singular artist and how that fits in with the bigger picture.

How excellence in running and racing is defined is one such masterwork.  There are as many characterizations of success as there are shoes on feet.  The bare essence of running is the feel good end of it, we run simply because we feel better when we do it.  But how long before we start to measure our own work?  Before we start comparing our brush strokes of yesterday to the ones laid today?  Before we start looking at our filled canvas and wonder how it stands in relation to all the other works surrounding us.  There’s no getting around the subjectivity of our own performances.  We like to feel that our efforts possess some degree of unique excellence, that the obstacles we face give a certain credence and particularity to us alone.  That pretty much describes the human condition then, the egocentric illusion that what we’ve crafted rises above the norm.

That is why it is so important to incorporate a more global view.  To recognize all the excellence and beauty that is before us if we’ll only see it.  To admit that the little scene we’ve created for ourselves, while comfy and easily defended, does not represent mankind.

But it must also be acknowledged that our own little painting does indeed contribute to the quilt of life.  That each of our strides adds to the mosaic, the harmony, the richness of the world.

So whatever you run for, go out and do it.  And take a look around at all the happy little clouds.

Its your world, make it what you want.  But don’t forget to keep a keen eye on Reality.



Ever hear of the Trevira Twosome 10 Mile Couples Run?  It was a world famous event back in the late 1970s through the 1990s.  Contested in Central Park it drew many of the day’s elite runners, world record holders, etc.  Proving once again that I haven’t really invented anything new under the sun, I pitched this borrowed idea to our road race management committee back in 2009.  It took a while but here we are!

The Two Rivers Twosome 10K Couples Run will be held on Saturday February 9th at Two Rivers State Park, 27535 F Street, Waterloo, NE .  Omaha’s first Adults Only event (must be 21 years old to enter) will be held on a USA Track & Field Certified course that is very flat and very fast.  But it will be the fun that sets this event apart from your regular 10K or novelty run.  Couples will be scored across several divisions including Spouse/Significant Other, Family/Friend, Ready to Mingle (where we randomly assign you to another desperately seeking speed), and Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC is a progressive management company, everyone welcome!  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Team Nebraska.

Couples can enter in several categories:

1)  Combined lowest time (must register as a twosome, finishing times added together).

2) “Mini-pede” where each couple must be tethered and run/finish together.  Tethering will be up to each individual couple, no more than 2 feet of separation allowed.

3) “Centipede” where tethering is extended to 3 or more runners- use your imagination, be creative, be festive!

To help you keep warm we’ll have prizes from Victoria’s Secret, adult  beverages from one of our favorite local breweries, fire pits, and as much fun as the law allows!

More information including online registration up in the next couple of days.

Thanks to everyone that came out and braved the single digits for yesterday’s 3rd annual Hair of the Dog Run.  A very nice donation for the Food Bank of the Heartland.  Good people doing good things in our community, you are appreciated.  And as a bonus we got to make some new friends too!

This dedicated bunch brought in almost 200 pounds of non perishable food items for the Food Bank of the Heartland.  Cold hands, Warm Hearts.

Icy blue skies, snowy roads, and New Years Day.  Hard to beat!

Fellowship and smiles all around!  These young ladies were energetic, enthusiastic, and happy to be there!