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I was shocked to see 20+ people at last night’s Track Workout.  Given the high heat, humidity, and winds I expected a fraction of that.  These cats are Extremely Dedicated in my opinion and I’m proud of each and every one!  The workout was “Indian File” running.  Broken into 3 groups of similar abilities, 1/4 mile laps are run with a leader maintaining the pole (no passing!).  At the completion of each 400, the leader drops all the way to the rear and the next person leads the group for the next circuit.  This carries on for 8 full laps.  And man is it a toughie!

The three groups soon splintered into runners of similar abilities, comprised of 2-3 athletes at the most.  It is those relatively close in current fitness level that make this workout as hard or as easy as they choose to make it.  And everyone chose Work over Fun.  Did I mention how proud I am of them?  Bottom line is: Water finds its own level!  Even with all things planned, discussed, and attempted (best laid plans of mice and men eh?), the Natural Order always has the final say.

Natural Order.  That is the way the Nebraska running community is shaking out.  There are more and more and even more training groups popping up which is a Tremendous Thing for our state and sport.  We are all finding our own best fit of like minds and like talent to train with, to the benefit of everyone.  Of course I would be disingenuous if I didn’t cock-a-doodle-doo my pride in TNB being at the Very Top of that Order.

A brief description of the annual Ralston 4th of July run, courtesy of our mate Mike Reilly:
“Having grown up in the Ralston area and attending Ralston schools, the Ralston 4th of July Run has a special place in my heart.  This was also my very first
road race way back in 1986 or 1987, and to be honest, the race hasn’t changed much since then.  This is a fun, old school event that is part road race and
part Ralston reunion for all ages.

The loop course is great for spectators, as they can see the runners at the start, the mid-way point, and at
the finish.  For the runners the rolling hills jump up and get you right off the bat and then you get to deal with a long climb up to Q Street.  There is a
little bit of a reprieve after that and then one or two smaller hills to deal with before a nice downhill to complete the first lap and hit those hills once

This race has become a tradition for many families and it also gives you a chance to stake claim to some parade route real estate, although
you’d be surprised at how many blankets and chairs are already set up.”



Drats!  But maybe not.  I woke up a free man this morning, most of the sadness absorbed into my pillow.  The virus I had on my computer was almost completely fatal,  only a couple of now cherished photos and a two or three dated documents remain.  Seven years of my work, “Poof!”   I lay awake in bed last night uttering lamentations on my misfortune.  Real life is like running.  Easy to be cruising along and then out of nowhere a speedbump jars you back to the Reality of circumstances unexpected and sometimes devastating.

It is how you move forward that defines your character.

When I rose this morning I was resolute that this was Destiny’s Grand Design.  Karma’s way of unshackling me from the nearly 10,000 emails stored in various folders and files.  Many of which have haunted me for months on end as they kept slipping down the queue.  Unfinished projects dissolved, myself absolved.  Free.  Free to focus on and move forward with only the most relevant and heartfelt of tasks.  I think I’m going to like this newfound liberty.

Brian Wandzilak is hosting a USATF Sanctioned 1 Mile tomorrow night.  There will be some Very Good competition, details at Everyone welcome to come out and participate or spectate.


3 Large lemons, halved and sqeezed into 12 oz. tumbler
3 ice cubes
2 tablespoons herb infused simple syrup
Splash of Triple Sec
Splash of Club Soda
Top off with Knob Creek 9 year old bourbon whiskey
Stir and Celebrate your Personal Freedoms!



Going to miss my weekly runs with Andrea Rich.  Our TNB Meteorologist is moving to Nashville Friday morning.  She’s plenty excited about blowing this burg and getting down to the heart of Country Music.  I’ve gotten to know her pretty well over the last 9 months and will miss her wit and juevos.  She calls them Exactly as she sees them and if you don’t agree too bad for you.  A trait I admire in a Real Person, no phoney baloney, what you see is what you get.  If you are a friend of Andrea’s we are having a going away party tomorrow evening at the Upstream Legacy, music provided by our old buddy Mark Weber, starts at 7:00.

With that in mind we will start our Wednesday Night Track Work at 5:45 tomorrow night.  This week we play!
1-1.5 mile warm up
We will break into 2 groups (check the whiteboard for your assigned lane)
2 miles of “Indian Running”, if you’ve been to the track the last 4 years you’ll remember this as a Fun workout, if you are new you are in for a treat. 
1-1.5 mile warm down

Wow did Jose Badillo impress at the National Senior Games.  His Silver in the 1500 was followed up by a Gold in the 5K and a Bronze in th 10K.  We are darned proud that Jose chooses to wear the Red & White!

The annual Ralston 4th of July Run will once again roll through the hills preceding the parade.  Always some decent times for the tough course, I think I’ll go whoop up on the 50+ age group.

The 6th annual Swamp Stomp 8K XC Cajun Festival is scheduled for Oct. 22 out at Chalco Hills.  The very next Saturday (the 29th) is the 5th annual Monster Dash & Little Goblins Run presented by Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.  The Monster Dash will feature a new course that will extend the distance to a full 5K.  And we have some tricks and treats in store for everyone!

Gary Wasserman and I share a competitive spirit, his came with talent as a bonus.  Good guy that I hope keeps racing towards his true  potential, even if that does take the top spot in Our age group.


Aubrey Baxter represented on the biggest of stages this past weekend, and with distinction!  She tossed the Hammer 64.96 meters, good enough for 7th overall.  Can you say Giddyup to a Hammer Thrower?

Chris Tegtmeier took a number 6 seed into the 20K Walk but was felled by exhaustion with 1 kilometer to go.  He collapsed to the track and required an IV before medical released him.  Chris will be back and ready for next year’s Olympic Trials.

Our Elkhorn Girl Alice Schmidt made the Women’s 800 team,  was it the Run Guru Bump on Friday?

Jose Badillo competed in the Senior Games this past weekend.  Not a full report yet but he did earn a Silver Medal in the 1500!  Jose also competed in the 5K on Saturday and 10K on Sunday, results as available.   El Viejo Mas Rapido!

Kaci Lickteig continues her torrid summer schedule of  over mileage and racing turning in another 100+ mile week and finishing 3rd overall at yesterday’s Sienna Francis House 10K in 38:11.

The Road to Omaha 5K had a strong TNB showing with Matt Pohren (2nd, 15:52), Cory Logsdon (3rd, 16:40), and Ben Shultz (7th, 17:55) all running good races.  Kyle Custer was the overall winner beating Matt to the tape by a mere 5 seconds.  Nice racing!

Bad news in the HO front.  My trusty HP picked up a Root Kit virus and will be put down after retrieval of my documents and photos and inbox, the only three things they could save, sniff.

Good news is my technological genius of a son is building me an Uber Computer and I should be good to go by Friday.

Proud of my Dear Sweet Alli, she returned Saturday from her third Habitat For Humanity work trip.  Ohio, Wyoming and now Wisconson this year. Service to others, a chip off the old block and I could not be prouder.


To TD Ameritrade Park.  I went to the game last night and was very impressed with the new stadium.  A few rows up from home plate but from my vantage point it didn’t look like there was a bad seat in the house.  The concourse had a festival atmosphere and the NoDo corridor reminded me of how lucky we are to have civic leaders that bought into the vision.  Now if we can only get them on board for the TNB Nebraska Marathon!

Lot of buzz about Galen Rupp’s 1:52 final 800 meters last night to win the Men’s 10000.  He looks to be a lock for a medal in Korea.  Alice Schmidt advanced in the Women’s 800, Giddyup Girl!

Couple of races this weekend, the CWS 5K at Elmwood Park and the Sienna Francis 5 & 10K.  You can run but you can’t hide!

I have a feeling that the TNB rookie class of 2011 will make a Very Big impact in years to come.  I’ll roll out the roster in an upcoming column.  Still working with chisel and stone, my computer has been promised back by tomorrow at the latest.  With protection, security, and back up capabilities this time.

Have a great weekend of running and be sure to check back to see how Aubrey and Chris do at Nationals.


Spent the better part of yesterday afternoon cleaning up a downed tree.  Small handsaw and a lot of elbow grease, few things make me feel more alive than good hard labour.  I would have tacked the job with my axe if I could have found it.

There is a lot of TV coverage of the USA National Championships in Eugene beginning today.  I’m putting together my predictions on who makes the World Championships, hoping that at least one Nebraskan makes it through (Run Alice Run!).

David Adams will be running the Steeplechase, what a great opportunity for the recent UNL grad.  I see Tommy Schmitz is entered into the 1500.  Some of you might remember Tommy running the Omaha Mile in 2009 (as did Alice Schmidt).

Reading on LetsRun that Ric Sayre died shortly after completing his run yesterday.  Old Timers like myself recall Ric as being a courageous, hard working athlete that took a modicum of talent to a 2:12 marathon pr.  He was always in the mix in the 80s and his friends will miss him dearly. 

Hopefully this is the last post from my makeshift office.  I’ve never felt so hamstrung, nor so liberated.  No Real Work done but am enjoying getting some good yardwork in.


I ran 16 x 200 this morning.  I had some target times that were geared toward 5K racing.  I was too fast on all but a couple, not surprising given the seemingly pedestrian paces.  But that was the point of the workout.  To run just a bit quicker than race pace for brief spurts, totalling 2 miles at speed.  We’ve got a 200m stretch at the dojo that I prefer over the oval and temps in the 60s were well received.  It has been a blast rekindling the fast twitch fibers and I’m really looking forward to some speedy (relative of course) racing this summer/fall. 

I heard several people grumbling over the weekend about their failed wrist magic devices.  Something about the weather or the full moon or gamma rays.  Last week at the track we had a confounded runner describing heart rate, average per mile pace, barometric pressure, elevations, and a movie review from her fancy watch but couldn’t figure out a 1/4 mile split.    My advice was to toss the darned thing and get a cheap watch from any megabox store.

Had a good run with our newest mate Lee Anderson yesterday.  Good kid that continues the Wayne State tradition, thanks Coach Brinker.  Andrea Rich has finally met her match in enthusiasm for country music.  Lee may end up in Nashville as a musician and I’ve already written his guaranteed#1  heartbreaker. 

Hope to have the HO back up later today, thanks for checking in while our technical difficulties are resolved.


I’ve dealt with some real blow hards over the last 10 years but last night takes the cake.  Have some roof damage, a tree down, and havoc wreaked upon my garden.  Some of my neighbors got it a lot worse. 

Made for a nice morning to run though.  The cooler temps and great company made th 9 miles pass with ease and smiles. 

I’m still working with a limited capability, the darned internet machines always expose me for the technological dinosaur that I am.

But I shine in my kitchen!  Last night I came up with a new creation, the Purple Pizza.  I make pies once a week and am always looking for something new, here is the skinny:  Eggplant, purple spinach (from the Old Market Farmer’s Market), and Kalamata Olives.  Tasty!

Chris Tegtmeier will compete in the 20K Racewalk  USA Championship this coming Sunday morning, 7:00 am start time.  Good luck and Giddyup!

Wednesday night track workout, Millard West, 6:00 pm:
1.5-2.0 mile warm up & down
12 X 200, 3 sets of 4, 200 recovery between efforts, 1/4 easy jog between sets
Set 1 @ current 5K minus :10/mile (i.e. if current 5K is 8:00, then 7:50 pace or :58-59/200)
Set 3 @ current 5K minus :20 (ie 8:00 5K is 7:40 pace or :55/200)
Set 3 @ current 5K minus :30 (i.e. 8:00 5K is 7:30 pace or :53/200)


Working on fixing a major virus in the Home Office, 

Big nod to Bridget Easley on her 2:55 at Grandmas Marathon this past weekend! 

Thanks for checking in and I hope to be back up later today.


I’ve added a header to the front page titled “Dojo 12K”.  There are three maps for your inspection, the first being the actual USATF Certification map, the next two provided by someone more digitally savvy than I.  I’m posting the original below but you’ll always be able to click and view.

Matt Schneider was leading the Laugh and  Half Marathon this morning.  Just past the 1 mile mark he and three other speedsters were directed off course, running a half mile the wrong direction before being alerted.  When they turned around his 30 meter lead became a 30 meter deficit.  All credit to Sufian Kalil for taking advantage of the opportunity and not yielding the lead for the remainder of the race.  Kalil, Matt, and TNB deb Lee Anderson worked their way back up through (last to first) the pack and finished top 3 in that order.  In the women’s race Matt’s wife Meghan made a double debut, running her first race as a mate and also tackling 13.1 for the very first time.  Second overall female!  In a true family affair, Meghan’s brother and another Good Mate Andrew Jacob won the accompanying 5K.  I won’t be surprised to find out papa Jeff won the 50+ age group somewhere.