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Several TNB athletes will be running in Norfolk this weekend.  Andrew Jacob will run the 5K while Meghan & Matt Schneider will join Lee Anderson running the Laugh and a Half Marathon.

I’ve been entering our Good Mates into the USA Club T&F National Championships.  The meet is on July 8-9 at Ichan Stadium in NYC.  You can keep up with the status of entries by checking at

Edward Cheserek is from New Jersey.  Yesterday he ran the USA High School 5000 Meter National Championships in 14:25.74.  That set not only an all time high school sophomore record but also broke the meet record.  Another sophomore, Wesley Frazier from Raleigh, NC set an all time class best in winning the  girls Championship in a very quick 16:24.83.

JACK BLACK has introduced a Performance Remedy Sports Therapy Skin Care series of  products.  Conquer.  Replenish.  Repeat.
Now I’m the last guy to worry about anything cosmetic but I’ve been using these products and have found them to be manly and effective enough to keep on my shelf:
Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm
Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak
Turbo Wash Energizing Hair & Body Cleanser–This one is my favorite
Jack’s Dry Goods Friction Free Powder
Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue
Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45

Trying to keep my head from spinning off as work  continues in all 3 rings.  2011 is turning out to be a banner year thus far!




We gave everyone a chance to grab Old Scratch by the horns last night.  When I announced that each person would be their own pacer a few eyebrows were raised.  I went on to explain that from our Start line (180th Trail head), the West loop portion of the course is marked every 1/4 mile.  This continues for the first 1.5 miles of the full course and is an Excellent method of monitoring/correcting your pace.  If you can only pay attention, that is really all there is to it.  Once you emerge Northbound along 168th and continue clockwise, the East loop of the course is marked every 1/2 mile.  There is a certified 5K point (from the original start line) labeled just before you turn right to head up the big dam.

As you continue over the big dam and then down the hill, resist the temptation to follow the sidewalk.  Rather, turn hard left (just follow the Bright Orange arrows) and through the parking access, there you’ll see the 4 mile mark.  Back up the hill by the playground, keep right and down over the bridge, and continue all the way to the Ball Fields for the 10K finish line.

If you continue for the full Zorinsky loop, passing your original start line, the final certified point is the 12K mark.  And if that isn’t enough, you can run a full 5K on the  West loop, again with marks every 1/4 mile to help guide your pace.  We’ve also got a 100 meter and 200 meter stretch marked off on the Southwest side.

Last night’s results:
Kelly Crawford: 38:43
Ben Schultz: 40:28
Brian Kelly: 41:22
Andrea Rich: 43:02
Joy Shultz: 43:10
Carole Swanson: 44:36
Kristin Ramm: 47:28
Bruce Barnhart: 49:10
Jacyi Zakaras: 51:16
Jason Zakaras: 51:27
Jody Green: 57:36
John Tully: 1:01:26

Gerry Lindgren asked but one favor from me for hosting our mates in Portland, 2004.  Galen Rupp (13:37.91) had just broken Gerry’s High School 5K record (13:44.00) that had stood for over 40 years.  He asked me if I could introduce him and sure I went and fetched Galen so I could snap this historic shot of their first meeting.  This is the only picture existing to capture the moment.


Running is life.  Or at least it mirrors the trials, tests and tribulations of living.  Exhilaration and pain, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Indeed the full gamut of life’s emotions encapsulated in our daily pursuit of fitness and enlightenment.  I’m not alone in my reverential appreciation of this most simple of mankind’s instincts, but few have taken it to the spiritual level I have achieved.  The first and most important step towards my running illumination was RESPECT for the sport.

I’ve detailed previously why I started running, how it saved and changed my life.  It is the one thing that Perfectly Fit my idiosyncratic view of the world.  No one has, nor can ever, tell me When to Run, Why to Run, How to Run, Where to Run, or with Whom to Run.  The absolute expression of Personal Freedom.  Running means Nothing Less to me.  And a whole lot more.  I’ve been through the fires defending this position, the heat annealing my resolve and certainty.

You get out of running what you put into it.  Plain and simple.  And not just via rigorous training, those are only the most obvious pleasures.  If you Truly Respect our sport the rewards are tenfold.  Self determination, personal freedom, volition, forging your own path to truth and consciousness.  Those are the rewards of having your Head as well as your Heart in your running.

If you treat it casually and with disrespect you are missing out on more than just the opportunity to cultivate one of life’s coveted expressions.  Trifle with running and you end up missing the true essence.  Injury, burnout, anger, vindictiveness, and more is the real shame.

Let the unsullied purity of running cleanse you.  Put aside any pride and negativity, bow yourself to a humbling position, and head out the door for your Golden Opportunity.

Spain, India, Russia, South Africa, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand and the Phillipines.  I don’t know who you folks are that are reading these words but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your checking in.

For those of you that would prefer a Millard West track workout tonight instead of the Corporate Cup 10K Qualifier:
1.5-2.0 mile warm up and warm down
2 X 400 @ 5K race pace w/2:00 active recovery
2 X 200 @ 5K – :10 pace w/200 jog recovery
2 X 400 @ 5K race pace w/ 2:00 active recovery
2 X 200 @ 5K – :10 pace w/2oo jog recovery







Burke High School coaching legend Bill Scarborough explains the Steeplechase barrier and water pit to former USATF President Bill Roe.  Scar is the Facilities Chair for our LOC (local organizing committee).  He has an intimate knowledge of every single facet of Burke Stadium.  Matt Pohren explains the outside water pit approach to Amy Hornocker and Keith Station of the Omaha Sports Commission.

Linda Barnhart looks on as Bill Roe discusses the Javelin runway with Devon Martin (President of the Central Park Track Club and Club Council Chair), Andy Martin (USATF Member Services Director), and Keith.

The site visit went better than I could have hoped for with Bill & Andy declaring that Burke Stadium is one of the top high school stadiums in the entire U.S.  I’m very encouragedl that we will eventually place Omaha into a 3 year rotation for hosting USA Club T&F National Championships.  What seemed a pipe dream a year ago is now reality.  The official announcement will take place in New York City  the first week in July.

Chase all the clouds from the sky, count all the bees in the hive.  We have a wide, wide slate of programs serving the Entire Nebraska Running Community!

The first of our 2011 Corporate Cup Qualifier 10K runs will be tomorrow evening beginning at 6:00 pm.  We are proud to partner with the American Lung Association in promoting Omaha’s premiere 10K!  Here’s the dope:
Lake Zorinsky 12K, USATF Certification #NE07003KU.  The 5K and 10K points of this course are measured and certified as well.  We will use the 10K course for qualifying purposes.

The start line is located on the far West side of the West Loop of Zorinsky, at the 180th Trail Head.
There are two easy ways to  get there:
1) Park at Wal Mart on 180th & West Center, from there it is a short 1/4 mile jog down (south) 180th and onto the trail.  If you select this option you will also have a 1.5 mile warm down from the actual finish.
2) Park at any of the primary lots off of 168th Street.  From those  lots it is a little over 1 mile warm up to the start.
The Finish is located at the Baseball Fields (the Southwest parking lot off of 168th St.)  If you park there, you’ll have your car available at the conclusion of the run.
So:  You can either get a short warm up and longer warm down (Wal Mart parking option) or a longer warm up and short warm down (Ball Fields parking option).

We will have pacers to help you achieve the following standards that have been instituted by the Corporate Cup:
Elite Race- Men must run <40:00, women must run <47:00
Select Seeded- Men must run <50:00, women must run <55:00
Seeded- Men must run <60:00, women must run <65:00

See you all tomorrow evening and Giddyup!




Some updates and goings on:

Chris Tegtmeier (of Fairbury, NE and Concordia University) has joined the Good Mates!  Chris is one of the best Race Walkers in the entire country with a U.S. Olympic Trials 20K qualifier already under his belt.  He will compete in Eugene at next month’s USA Outdoor National Championships.

Chris will join Aubrey Baxter and Jared Shuurmans representing TNB (both throwing the hammer) on the biggest domestic stage.

Michaela van der Westhuizen will head across the pond on Wednesday to join husband Peter in Europe.  She will be running several races over the next couple of months, rocking the Red & White in stadia historic.

Megan Zavorka ripped out a nice set of 800s last week, running three in 2:30.  Don’t try that at home, she is a professional.

Kaci Lickteig used the Sandhills Marathon for some over distance training yesterday, turning in a total of 35.7 miles and winning the thing in 3:05:11.  And ran 10.5 today.  I’m speechless.

Luka Thor is back to training after January’s major knee surgery.  He will get his wheels back in time to make a run at the Corporate Cup 10K record in September.

Cory Logsdon (Dana College) and Lee Anderson (Wayne State) are our two newest mates.  Cory will debut in Gretna next weekend and Lee will compete in the Fremont Half Marathon.

Linda Barnhart, Will Lindgren crowned Nebraska USATF 5 Mile Road Champions.  This morning’s NE5 hosted both the RRCA and USATF 5 Mile State Championships.  Linda was overall female and claimed both titles, I finished decent and felt as good as I have in a long time.  We both picked up the smooth $50 and enjoyed a great breakfast afterwards.

Bill Roe (former USATF President), Andy Martin (USATF Member Services Chair) , and Devon Martin (Elite Development Club Council Chair)  are in town tonight and tomorrow inspecting Burke Stadium for the 2012 USA Club National Championships.  One step closer to my retirement, man am I jazzed!

We had FUN running the Big Blue Run yesterday, look at me smile!



What a great morning and a great turnout!  Thanks again to everyone that entered, donated, volunteered, sponsored, and promoted the event.  Special thanks to my enlightened brothers from Nepal that came out and blessed the race.   Photos available on the Flickr button below.


In 1984 I put on the CISA SILVER BULLET 5K FUN RUN for the Channel Industry Sports Association, a loosely formed group of sports minded folks that worked in the oil refineries.   A tale already told but worth mentioning again that my title sponsor was Alan Shepard, the first American in space and a genuine American Hero.  That was 27 years ago, I’ve been putting on races longer than a lot of you have been roaming our Mother’s Good Earth.

I’ve wrangled with train schedules, road construction, free ranging livestock, angry motorists, finicky civic leaders, high winds, collapsing scaffolding, crop dusters, funeral processions, hurricanes, heat, humidity, fire ants, and more.  But this is the first time I’ve ever had to make a wholesale change to an event.  It was easy as pie.  One glimpse of the raging Mighty Mo yesterday led to an  instant decision.  The Race would become a Fun Run but the show must go on!    We might be down, but are decidedly not out.

If our efforts weren’t on behalf of the Midwest Prostate Cancer Coalition, I might have pulled the plug completely.  But then again, there is nothing I like more than an insurmountable challenge.  Our TNB Road Race Management Committee is a Can Do bunch.  There was no suggestion that we not gather in spite of the incredible power that we must sidle against.

We are still encouraging you to come down and support the event and cause.  We’ll gather in fellowship and sport to create a Memorable morning.  While our course may be washed out, our hearts will be in the Right Place, and that after all is what supporting this worthy charity is about.  We thank the following Sponors for their support:

Midwest Prostate Cancer Coalition
Adult & Pediatric Urology
Team Nebraska Brooks

And the following community partners:
Barnhart Press
Ideal Water
DeBoer & Associates
Delice European Bakery & Cafe
Prairie Life Fitness Midtown Crossing
Hal & Mary Daub
McGuire Dental Group
Bagel Bin

And biggest thanks of all to YOU, the Nebraska Running Community for understanding and supporting!

Be sure to get down to Elmwood Park on Sunday morning for the Omaha Run Club’s NE5 mile!

Register at Peak Performance (78th & Cass Streets) on Saturday from Noon to 5:00PM, or, on Race day from 7:00AM to 7:45AM at Elmwood Park near the Pavillion.
Elmwood Park  Pavillion
802 S. 60th Street
Omaha, NE
1K Kid’s Run:  8:00AM
5 Mile Race (USATF Certified):   8:10AM
Please note: The 5 mile is the Annual State Championship Race.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this race.
Packet Pickup:
Peak Performance
78th & Cass Street
Omaha, NE
Saturday:  June 11, 2011
Time:  Noon-5:00PM



It is with great awe at the power of the Mighty Missouri that we inform you the Big Blue Run 5K has been altered, but not canceled.  The City of Omaha has placed sandbags and barricades that will prevent use of our USATF Certified 5K course.  Prize money and awards will not be given.   We will still gather in social support of our designated charity, the Midwest Prostate Cancer Coalition.  We will run varying distances and paces, a go as you please fun run.  Fruit, coffee, and race T-shirts can be picked up beginning at 7:00 am.  The fun run will begin at 8:00 am and we still plan on traversing the Pedestrian Bridge which remains open to the public.  We encourage people to come down and register or make a donation to this important cause.  Thank you for understanding.

Will Lindgren
Race Director, BIG BLUE RUN
For information on our other upcoming races be sure to check


We had 31 hale and hearty athletes show up for track work last night.  Several will be competing at the Half Iron man in KC this weekend, Giddyup!

A new twist this year has been my joining the group for the workouts.  I’ve never asked anyone to do something I haven’t done or been willing to do myself.  Leading by example, modeling the pursuit of individual excellence.  Most everyone has been a little shocked and awed by what I bring to my workouts.  The same driving, encouraging, grumbling and loving force that has led them for 3 years now out there demonstrating where the fire comes from.  No deeper reward in running than helping others achieve their dreams.  I’m blessed to be trusted with these charges, these runners that aspire to experience their own personal excellence.

Especially rewarding given the early Funny Pages hurdles I had to clear concerning my ability to coach and teach (and race direct, ad nauseum).  I’ve got 109 pages of that vitriol archived.  It helps keep me motivated to do my Very Best for the Nebraska Running community.  I forgive very grudgingly, I never forget.  It will likely end up as an entire chapter in my autobiography.

BIG BLUE RUN 5K for Prostate Cancer Awareness this weekend?  Hope it is on your schedule.  The entries continue to come in and we also have race day registration.  Prostate Cancer touches 1 in every 6 Men.  Is there a more Worthy cause?  We will build this event to the magnitude of the Race For The Cure or the Corporate Cup before I’m finished, promise.


John Walker, New Zealand great that helped define my generation.  Rod Dixon is pictured with Walker on the cover of “KIWIS CAN FLY”.  Long hair and short shorts ruled the day.



Cooler weather headed our way so a great chance to get out this weekend and test your mettle, or at least have some fun.  Of course the BIG BLUE RUN on Saturday morning will be the feature event but there are other opportunities.   This being a FULL SERVICE running site committed to the ENTIRE Running Community, we’ll list them here:

June 11, 2011 Run for the Young 5K Start  time 9:00 am at Peak Performance – Cass st. location.
You can register on line at

June 12, 2011 Nebraska Five Elmwood Park Omaha     8:00 am 1K kids Run and 8:10 5 Mile Run
You may register on line at

The NE5 serves as our USATF Nebraska Association 5 Mile Championships (as well as RRCA Champs).  Our USATF LDR Committee (you know who) has approved some prize money for this event as well.  $50 to the overall male and female, again not a ton of money but enough to get some of you out Sunday morning!!  As with all of our USATF Nebraska Association Championships you must have a current USATF membership in order to be eligible for the prize money. $29.95 for the year.

Big kudos to Carmen Troncoso (one of my oldest and dearest).  She ran 18:12 at Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K this past weekend.   At 52 years old she’s still faster than most all of us!  Joanie Samuelson was 2nd in the AG in 18:22.

Also a shout out to Cassie Henkiel.  Cassie was the winner of the first Run For The Arts 10 Mile I put on in Texas (1995).  Carmen would win the next two years.  Back to Cassie- she is now a masters runner and tackled the USA Masters 10K National Championships in Ann Arbor last weekend.  At 41 years old, she finished 2nd overall in a quick 37:27.    A couple of my Very Favorite Texans in the whole world, much love and speedy wishes to both you gals!

Wednesday Night Track Workout, 6:00 pm at Millard West
1.5-2.0 mile warm up and warm down
3-2-1 workout like this:
3 X 200 @ 1 Mile race pace, 200 jog recovery
2 X 400 @ 5K race pace, 400 recovery jog
1 X 800 @ 5K race pace

Next Wednesday night will be our first Lake Zorinsky 10K Corporate Cup Qualifier!  Mark your calendars!


Toured the Nebraska Wesleyan campus yesterday.  This will likely end up as the host facility for our planned revival of the USA Marathon Road Relay Championships.  I’m really digging the bronzed Prairie Wolf.  Big Thanks to Ryan Salem, Brian Wandzilak, Linda Barnhart and Ken Dobbs for efforts towards excellence!