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The Good Mates were baptized under fire yesterday.  Specifically the upper 70s for temps and high 80s for humidity at the start of the BIX 7.   This was the BIX debut for everyone but me and I couldn’t have been prouder of how they performed.  Some Superlatives:

Linda Barnhart finishing 2nd Overall Master (50:46) to none other than Joan Samuelson.  How about sharing the podium with an Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist?  I’m not sure how many total female masters (in the thousands) were entered but Linda was 1st out of 430 in the 45-49 age group.  Joanie’s finish at the top of the masters, while not unexpected, is all the more remarkable given her 54 years of age.  She was running her 28th BIX, her friend and mine Bill Rodgers was also in attendance and running, he’s made every BIX since the race was founded in 1975.

In the Open Division, after the top 10 overall (included 8 Kenyans) had been recognized, Kaci Lickteig (43:12) was 2nd overall in the 25-29 age group and while the results format is difficult to read I believe she was in the top 10 American women.   Jen Viehrig (47:35) was 3rd in the 30-34 age group after the top 10 had been awarded.  Let’s give credit where credit is due, Great Running by all of our TNB women!

Matt Pohren was also a top 10 American (36:46) in a field loaded with Kenyans and managed 25th overall.  Lee Anderson wins the Biggest Balls award for the day by running his guts out and collapsing at the finish line.  He was rushed to medical and given 3 IV bags before being discharged.  Baptism under fire indeed!  All of our mates conducted themselves as true professionals, a tight cohesive group that understands the importance of TEAM.  I just couldn’t have been prouder.

10% Rule.  That is what I had in mind on my race yesterday.  If I could finish in the top 10% of my age group and total finishers, while giving it my best effort, I would consider the race a success.  I was 47th out of 466 in my age group, check.  I finished 1068th out of 18057 starters, so top 6%, double check.

I was amazed at how many 80-84 year olds ran the race.  At least 5 men (the awards went that deep) and 4 women in that category.  The 70s were packed deep on both sides.  People just love to do BIX.  And the Quad Cities love BIX too.  I would invite the Govenor, Mayor, Chief of Police, and Omaha Sports Commission to go to Davenport with me next summer to see how a community can Totally Embrace a city wide event.  The entire 7 miles were packed with citizenry, bands, sprinklers, costumes, and just about every kind of  encouragement and support you could imagine from a progressive, fitness minded populace.  We could to that here too.

I got to meet Frank Fritz of American Pickers fame.  Was hoping to speak a bit about my running collection but he was besieged by a throng of admirers.  He was also out on the course race morning cheering on the runners, so he’s got to be a decent guy.

After driving over 650 miles and running a race in the span of 36 hours I treated myself to dinner at Dante’s Pizzeria last night.  Braised Rabbit on a plate of Wild Mushroom Polenta and a nice glass of 2008 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo was the perfect cap to the day.  This little gem of a restaurant is tucked away in the Shops of Legacy, wood fired pizza ovens are the mainstay but the menu has been right up my gastronomic alley.  My favorite dish is the Oxtail Gnocchi, treat yourself if you are in the mood for legitimate rustic Italian fare.  They also source everything they possibly can from local vendors/growers, does it get any better?

Mike Wolfe (on left) and Frank Fritz are the American Pickers and have my dream job of going through other people’s junk in search of treasure.




Linda & I had a special guest join us for this morning’s run.  Nebraska Legend & Favorite Son Ivan Marsh popped in and cruised an easy 5 spot.  Rare to catch him at these low elevations during the summer and always great to catch up with one of the Real Good Guys.    All three of us were wearing the Brooks Racer ST racing flat, I’m sure we were the orange and blue blur you saw on 180th.

We had 24 of the toughest runners in Omaha at Millard West last night.  98 degrees at the start didn’t bow these dedicated athletes from the prescribed workout.  I gave everyone an option to bag the final 400 meters, no one did and I was darned proud of their determination.  And my are they getting Fast!

Cataloging my inventory of running collectibles, trying to decide if I need to get some of these pieces back into circulation.  I might need to call American Pickers.

I’ll be driving the Good Mates to Davenport tomorrow so will likely get a later update than usual, thanks for checking in at your leisure.


Arf!  Doesn’t seem to matter where you are or what time you’re running, its steamy.  Some Expert Advice on swelter training and racing in the July/August issue of Running Times, aptly titled “Summer Heat Issue”.

I did 3 X 1 Mile @ goal BIX pace this morning.  Three minute recovery between each effort, and those pace efforts were adjusted for the heat index.  Hit the first two spot on (7:21, 7:16), allowed my wings a boon on the 3rd in 7:03 to simulate a torrid finish on Saturday morning.   While I will be running with pride I’ll be leaving the Real Racing to our younger mates and Linda.  She zipped 8 X 1/4 this morning and is looking to be tough in the masters division.

Yesterday’s business got me to thinking about how diversified Team Nebraska Brooks is.  That is one of the things that I am most happy about, and indeed insistent upon.  We are advocates for serious athlete regardless of station or cultural background.

“Regardless of what training method is used it absolutely cannot guarantee success in racing.  Training merely makes successful racing possible.  A runner must also have the will to win, a subconscious desire for victory, courage, tenacity, and a competitive “killer instinct” to transform the racing potential resulting from good training into reality.”   from RUN RUN RUN, by Fred Wilt, 1964


Tonight’s Wednesday Night Track Work, 6:00 pm, Millard West:
1-1.5 mile warm up and warm down
2 X 200 @ 5K -:10, 200 jog recovery
2 X 400 @ 5K, 1/4 jog recovery
2 x 200 @ 5K -:10, 200 jog recovery
1 X 400 @ 5K

I had two Greyhounds as a child.   Pogo and Katie were beautiful animals that seemed made for speed.  My own joy for running pales compared to when these dogs were free and fast, it was their very nature.



I still don’t know what all the fuss is about but adverts abound for Angry Birds.  I’m pretty sure it is some form of mindless distraction geared towards those with too much time or too much technology on their hands.  I’ll take a nap instead.

The ads got me to thinking on this morning’s run how some people run that way, Angry that is.  Contorted, clenched, grinding, the pugilistic gutting out of every stride.  Letting the emotional and psychological demons of life sully the purist of forms for human self expression.   Battling instead of Being, Gladiator instead of Glider.  Some people still do manage to run well driven by this discontent, you can tell who they are by watching them race.

And of course the opposite is running relaxed, confident if you will.  We all carry our  idiosyncratic tensions when we run, very few of us were blessed with the ability to just float along.  Those that do move effortlessly seem to have been doubly blessed as speed is usually the mate of ease (reminds me of  my younger guru days).  But we can all learn to relax a bit in our daily runs, and in the end that will help you race better too.

Shoulders up, eyes ahead;  jaw, neck, and arms relaxed and moving to the rhythm of your natural stride.  Keeping your chest cavity up so eager lungs can fill with precious Oxygen, hips slightly under you for maximum efficiency from each stride.

West Mayoville under siege!  I took the trash out at 5:00 this morning to find that a couple (mine included) of houses here in West Bay Woods were hit by some gang related activity.  The neighbor’s garage and my driveway tagged with some foul, racist language, unfortunately the same words spray painted on my son’s ransacked car.   The same neighbor had her purse smashed & grabbed from her car while parked in the front row of Life Time Fitness, only one of such daring snatches there recently.  Maybe I need to move to Springfield.

Go West and South young man!



That is the name of the Monster you have to climb at the start of the BIX 7.  A steep and steady climb of 1/3 mile at 7-9% grade.  That’ll take the starch out of your shorts to be sure.  Unless you train up for it.  We’ve been putting in plenty of hills over the last couple of weeks including 3 X 1000 meter climb out at Chalco Hills this morning.  The first kilometer of the old Monster Dash course is not as steep as Brady St., but it is a tad bit longer and is a perfect place to do repeats.

A lot of racing action this weekend.  The Columbus Downtown Run Around had the best competition, I’m still searching for official times/results, if anyone has them thanks for a link.  Our mates Eric Rasmussen and Kaci Lickteig took the overall wins, Kaci in 29:52.  James McGown, Tom Nichols, Cory Logsdon, Matt Seiler, and Justin Mollak all were in the first group, I hope to have something soon. Bridget Easley was 2nd overall female.  I’ll keep looking and will update as available.  A great article in the Columbus Telegram “Team Nebraska Dominate 5-Mile Run”,

The Omaha Triathlon was a spectacle yesterday morning.  Well organized by Allan Kohl, I heard nothing but favorable reviews from those competing and cheering.  Gerald Kubiak was 4th overall in the Men’s Olympic Distance (2:17:58), Melissa Kosch was 9th (2:48:16), and Nicole Nelson was 15th (3:01:29), nice debut by Nicole.    There were many other friends from Wednesday evenings and beyond that tackled the tri including Enita Larsen, Amee Reef, Danielle Glavin, Andrew Katsounis, Paul Braunschweiler, Jayci Zakaras, Bob Harris, Sara & Javier Garcia, and more new friends made.  Complete results at

Nice running with Mary Mozier of Boulder, CO  on Saturday morning.  She was in Omaha for her 30th class reunion from Westside.  She is coached by Darren DeReuck, husband of world class athlete Colleen DeReuck.  I go way back with Colleen and Darren.  Turns out Linda Barnhart goes back even further with Mary as they both attended Mary Our Queen back in their elementary school days.  We’ll see the DeReucks in Davenport this coming weekend.




Friday’s are always good for a little house cleaning so here goes.

The Downtown Run Around is this Saturday in Columbus.  A real interesting race as it has hosted some of the best Nebraska athletes and turned in some of the most impressive times.  Just don’t go looking for them.  If you aren’t at the race you’ll not find results posted anywhere and that’s a shame.  We’ll have several Good Mates toeing the line manana, good luck and Giddyup!
******Thanks to Bryan Sypal for the following*********
“Will, oh wise Guru, just wanted to say today’s post is great, as they always are!

The Downtown Runaround does post their results…..on
Here are last years results:
Here are 2009’s results:

Suzanne Weeder Einspahr was a multiple time winner of the Run Around and most likely holds 90% of the top times ever run by a female.  I miss Suzanne, she was our TNB Female Athlete of the Year in 2004, 2005, & 2006.  She represented with the highest distinction running several Women’s USA National Championships including Freihofer’s 5K, Tufts 10K, Houston Half Marathon,  and scoring top 10 finishes at both the 5K & 10K.  She was selected to at least one USA International Team (either Korea or China, maybe both), as part of Ekiden Relays.  Her and husband Kregg are raising their family now and that is the way of the world.

James McGown is also raising his family but has continued to compete and will destroy most of the Nebraska master’s marks in just a couple more years.    He was our TNB Male athlete of the year in 2003 and 2006.
James represented TNB at both the 2004 and the 2008 USA Olympic Trials Marathon.

And our Three Amigos all have buns in the oven right now!  I use to feel very paternal to our Good Mates, I’m feeling more and more grandfatherly all the time.

The Omaha Triathlon is scheduled for Sunday morning.  Our own Nicole Nelson will tackle the field as will a large group from our Wednesday night Track Workouts.  Best of luck to all of these amazing athletes!

Fresh coat of paint out at the Dojo this morning.  It is so gratifying to know how many of you use these marks for your workouts.  Leave your garmin at home!



Congratulations to Brock Angelos for being the quickest and wittiest of those responding to yesterday’s quiz.  His correct answer, if not entirely what I was looking for:
“None of you ever won the Corn Carnival Road Race in Canton, S.D.  Since the race is now defunct, it is now completely out of your collective grasp.  That was an easy contest.”

Of course the answer I was looking for is today’s title.  Tom parlayed his experience into the highest echelon of Health Care Administration, Gary morphed into a financial whiz, and I’m still grading prime cuts.

At last night’s 4th Annual Relay Carnival my critical eye proved spot on once more.  Twelve dedicated athletes showed up for the Fun and I put them in 3 groups of 4.  My task was to keep this fun, interesting, and competitive.  The first event was the 4 X 100 meters.  Carole, Andrew, Brett, and John took 1st in 1:06.10.  The next two teams across finished in a tie just .04 seconds behind in 1:06.14.

Event 2 was the 4 X 200.  Brian, Frosty, Bruce, and Enita took that race in 2:20.08.  2nd was 2:20.10.  3rd in 2:21.00.

The final race was the 4 X 400.  Bob, Uriah, Amee, and Justin pulled this one out thanks to Justin making up 120 meters on Bruce, that was fun to watch.  1st in 5:33.93, 2nd in 5:35.03, 3rd in 5:46.02.

What made this such a Fun and Great Workout was the team spirit displayed by each group.  Every person digging down deeper than would have otherwise been possible, the 100+ heat index be damned!  All three races were Very Hotly contested and close at the finish.  Each team won 1 race.

I’ve still got a pretty good eye for judging, whether it be on the hoof, in the case, or on the track.

Brett, Carole, John and Andrew took the 4 X 100 in 1:06.10

Frosty, Enita, Brian, and Bruce brought home Gold in the 4 X 200 in 2:20.08

Justin, Uriah, Amee, and Bob earned their glory taking the 4 X 400 in 5:33.93.  I think Justin split under 50 seconds to eat up a seemingly impossible lead.

A master at my craft.  Linda brought squirt guns to keep everyone cool last night.  Photos courtesy of Jody Green.


This Midwest Classic is once again designated a USATF National Championships.  Set for July 30, the 7 Mile course is known for its hills, heat, humidity, and First Class competition.  Thanks to my old buddy John Tope, this year’s Elite Athlete Coordinator, for hooking up TNB with elite status.   Kaci Lickteig, Jen Viehrig, Matt Pohren, and Lee Anderson have all received waived, seeded entries, housing, meals, and the opportunity to compete against America’s Very Best.  As a favor to an old friend (I’ve worked with John for 15+ years), Linda Barnhart and yours truly will also get a chance to race.  Linda’s stint at altitude will help her take on the masters ranks and I’ll do my very best.

If you have Any Real Interest in getting familiar with USATF (how to form a club, put on a race, program marketing, etc.)  here are a couple of wonderful options to help get you started:  The 2011 USATF Associations Workshop will be August 19-21 in San Mateo, CA.  This is always the best chance to learn about USATF, the member Associations, what is working in other parts of the country and why, what you can do to improve your own Association, and the benefits of joining and participating in the Positive Growth of our sport.  The Annual Race Directors’ Meeting and Trade Exhibit is another excellent opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of our sport.  It will be held November 10-12 in Hollywood, FL.  If you would like more information on either of these meetings feel free to shoot me an email (

Got out a little earlier today, okay about 4 hours early.  Six a.m. start time and the relatively cooler temps made it worth getting my lazy butt out of bed.  Thanks to Gary Wasserman for the prompt, the more we learn about each other the more things we find to share.  Was also introduced to Tom Macy this morning, he was working hard on his 10 Miler.  Tom is one of those amazing guys that is running a marathon in every State, Sioux Falls will be his 19th, Giddyup!  Quiz:  What life experience do Gary Wasserman, Tom Macy, and I have in common?  First correct answer gets a shout out in manana’s column.

A lot of good talk about toughness this morning.  I’ve known some Very Tough women in my life, several are current members of TNB.  I’ve always been impressed with hard nosed, hard hitting ladies.
I had the pleasure of “entertaining” the Ohio Roller Girls while they were in town last week.  I came away a little bruised but also with a new chapter for my book.

Going to be Extremely Hot at tonight’s track workout, Millard West @ 6:00 pm.  Bring plenty of water!  So as not to overextend anyone we will conduct our 4th annual Relay Carnival.
1 mile warm up and then we’ll break into teams of 4
1st Relay- 4 X 100 Meters
2nd Relay- 4 X 200 Meters
3rd Relay- 4 X 400 Meters
4th Relay- 4 X 800 Meters
1 mile warm down


One of the things I love about this column is the feedback I get from you readers.  It is great to know that my love of words is appreciated and well received.  Nothing in the course of human history has made such a positive contribution to the cultural development of homo sapiens.  All the way from cave drawings to today’s post.  I take my charge seriously enough, hoping to educate and inspire and occasionally tickle you.  A former banner at the top of Run Guru Says declared “Stimulating The Running Community to a Higher Culture.”  Prior to that it was “Informing the Running Community With Expert Commentary.”  You can tell a lot about a person by how they communicate, both verbally and with the written word.  It is hard for me to hear or read juvenile, hip hop bastardizations of my Precious Words, just another sign of how old and grumbly I must be.

Transition complete!  I’ve finally recaptured the Fun in running.  Have been working hard on that front and transcendence arrived this weekend.   A brief session of meditation in just the right environs proved to be my elixir to Run Happy.  Thanks to my buddies that brought in the ashram on wheels, I owe you one big smile.  I felt strangely at home amongst the circus like atmosphere.

I’ve cut the mileage back to 4 miles/day until this Heat Wave passes.  The sweat has been copious and noble but I’m playing it safe until my old buddy Jim Flowers gives me the Green Light to extend the efforts.  Interesting report on the news last night about Cumulative Heat Stress, over a period of time, how insidious it can be and able to affect you for many days.  I’m taking additional water on my runs and have had smitty carrying the extras for me.  He drops the bottles about as subtly as he does innuendos, good to finally have my sure handed training partner back.


Or, you can go with that.



I like to recognize toughness.  I have been critiquing the Nebraska running scene for 10+ years now, quick to point out the fast and strong.  Being Spot On in my assessment of Real Running Talent and Mental Toughness has inspired many towards their true potential.  It has also created a small but Very Vocal anti-Will cadre as a Bonus, Giddyup!

I’m going to hand out some bona fides this morning starting with our own Jody Green.  She describes herself as “not even a Real Runner”, but ah, I knew better!  Her completing yesterday’s Silver Rush 50 Miler earns her a Big Studette!   The fact that she made her debut at the distance in the thin air of Leadville, on the rugged trails, makes her accomplishment all the more glorious.  She came to the finish line in 12 hrs 7 minutes, Mentally Tough!

Some non-TNB Nebraskans also impressed at Leadville.  Lauren Klima (debut) came in bloodied but not broken in under 11 hours, one of the top female performances of the day.  Tim  M. (not sure of last name but I was getting reports on him) was also in under 11 hours (10 hours 54 minutes),  Greg Liewer was in at 11 hour 18 minutes in his debut at the distance.  Jason Zakaras was next on my radar in at 11 hours 48 minutes.  Scott Giddings battled bravely through 8 hours before having to drop, but he will be back in Leadville for the 100 Miler.  Studs one and all!  Our Linda Barnhart served as crew for not only Jody but also provided electrolytes, hugs, and motivation for all those mentioned above.

Cory Logsdon continued his  winning ways by taking the overall title at the CASA 5.8 K.  Nice to see another USATF Certified course on the local scene and all the better that a Good Mate gets the win!  Jeff Marshall was 1st in the 50+ age group.

Todd Nott was 2nd overall at the Resurrection Run 5 Mile in Gretna.  I’m decidedly not a stud but managed to come in 15th in that hilly race.

Kaci Lickteig ran the Lake Atwood 10 Miler and finished 3rd overall, 1st Female in 1:03:39.

Aaron Carrizales won the Morrill Horse Creek Rendezvous 5K on Saturday finishing in 15:50.  John Seiler was 2nd in 17:09.  On Sunday John was 2nd at the Don Childs 5 Mile in 31:02, teammate Brittany Hubbard was 1st Female in 34:12.

Ben Shultz returned to his hometown of Henning, MN to win the Henning Polzine 5K in a new course record of 17:05.  Ben is shown below on his way to a 3rd place finish at this year’s Run For Justin.

Congratulations to all the Studs and Studettes that competed this weekend, taking on all runners and racers, No Sweat!