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If you haven’t been following Jody Green and Linda Barnhart’s most excellent adventure on facebook you’re missing a treat.  With the 50 Miler in Leadville, CO  just two days away now I’m sure it is all business at this point but the updates have been inspiring and hilarious.  Jody’s training has been spot on and her cerebral prep has been just as fastidious.  Fifty miles at 10,000′ elevation, on trails, she’s ready to rock it.  Good luck also to our old buddy Greg Liewer who will tackle the terrain.  Linda has spent the week as Jody’s personal body guard, fighting off a constant barrage of paparazzi hoping to catch just a glimpse of “The Calves That Launched A Thousand Ships”.   I’ll have Jody’s race recap and some photos for Monday.

Thanks to Ken Dobbs and the Lincoln CVB.  We met again this morning, this time with Nancy Hanson, the Facilities Director for Nebraska Wesleyan.  It was a pleasure meeting her and sharing updates on Mike Morgan, Levi Ashley, and Gary Wasserman.  Gary, Nancy has some wonderful stories from your day back in the day, I can’t wait to go for our next run together.

The USA Marathon Road Relay Championships is still a work in progress.  I popped into the Lincoln Running Company on my way back to Omaha, caught up with Lincoln’s First Female of running, Ann Ringlein.  If you want something done in Lincoln it goes squarely through Ann and Lincoln’s premiere running specialty store.  We also discussed the Lincoln Running Company’s competitive team.  Logan Watley- you give me a call if there is anything at all I can do to help you guys grow.  The USATF Nebraska LDR committee is on your side.   I’m glad the Good Mates finally have someone to race and chase!

What I did this summer.  Set my children free!  They have not been on the internet here at home for 3 weeks now and have survived after all.  Their rooms are clean, busy as can be with arts and crafts and reading, and daily  walking/running on the treadmill.   I’ll wean them back on gradually but am thrilled that they’ve learned how to entertain themselves without gadgetry.






When I first started coaching Linda I insisted she bring a water bottle to the runs.  Only after I made her start carrying mine for me did she decide to bring her own.  Lesson learned and we’ve spread this message Loud and Long, “Hydrate to Frequent Potty Breaks!”

I cranked out a comfortable 9 miles this morning, pace slow and carrying water, the heat and humidity not even a nusiance.   You’ve got to take special care to avoid any number of heat related health problems.  Summer time is no time for Silly Tricks when it comes to training and racing.

I hear a group is conducting a “Sweat Off” during this Saturday morning’s run, that is indeed quite dangerous as well as silly.  James Ray’s three counts of negligent homicide should have the promoter rethinking such foolishness, I sure would not want to be responsible for that.   Hopefully there will be no news to report come Sunday.  If you are gullible enough to entertain such nonsense please pay attention to yourself and others for the following signs of Heat Related Illnesses:

Heat Rash: Heat rash is a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating during hot, humid weather. It can occur at any age but is most common in young children. Heat rash looks like a red cluster ofpimples or small blisters.

Heat cramps: A person who has been exercising or participating in other types of strenuous activity in the heat may develop painfulmuscle spasms in the arms, legs, or abdomen referred to as heat cramps. The body temperature is usually normal, and the skin will feel moist and cool, but sweaty.

Heat syncope: Someone who experiences heat syncope (fainting) will experience the sudden onset of dizziness or fainting after exposure to high temperatures, particularly after exercising in the heat. As with heat cramps, the skin is pale and sweaty but remains cool. The pulse may be weakened, and the heart rate is usually rapid. Body temperature is normal.

Heat exhaustion: Heat exhaustion is a warning that the body is getting too hot. Those most prone to heat exhaustion include elderly people, people with high blood pressure, and people working or exercising in a hot environment. A person with heat exhaustion may be thirsty, giddy, weak, uncoordinated, nauseous, and sweatingprofusely. As with heat syncope and heat cramps, the body temperature is usually normal in heat exhaustion. The heart rate (pulse rate) is normal or elevated. The skin is usually cold and clammy.

Heat stroke: Heat stroke is a serious, life-threatening condition that occurs when the body loses its ability to control its temperature. Victims of heat stroke almost always die, so immediate medical attention is essential when problems first begin. In heat stroke, a person develops a fever that rapidly rises to dangerous levels within minutes. A person with heat stroke usually has a body temperature above 104 F (40 C), but the temperature may rise even higher. Other symptoms and signs of heat stroke may include confusion, combativeness, bizarre behavior, feeling faint, staggering, strong rapid pulse, dry flushed skin, and lack of sweating. Delirium or comacan also result from heat stroke.

While heat cramps, heat syncope, and heat exhaustion may all be present in mild degrees, you should always contact a doctor or seek emergency medical attention if the symptoms of these conditions are severe or worsen with time. Heat stroke is a true medical emergency. If a person has the symptoms of heat stroke, you should notify emergency services (911) immediately.

**information from



Got the speed work done this morning while the temps were way down.  Toured the oval at Millard West with my old buddy John Tully, we both had excellent results.  Two X 1 Mile at current 5K race pace, egos checked at the front gate.  Saturday’s race result wasn’t the desired outcome but it provides an Excellent Data Point for conducting this week’s speed effort.  We factored in the cooler temps and lower humidity and both ended up at minus :15 from Fun For Justin 5K race pace.  Checking our splits at each 200m, adjusting accordingly, focused more on hitting the target times than on running fast.  Good work done.

Not only did Aubrey Baxter win the Most Valuable Female Athlete at the USA Club National Championships, she also established a new Championships Record in the Shot Put with her winning mark of 15.60m (51′ 2.25″).

A nod to my old buddy Dr. David Martin.  He made a donation of almost 2000 pounds of running memorabilia to the Berlin Sports Museum.  The treasure trove will be housed and named the “David E. Martin Collection”.  Dr. Dave as he is known around the marathoning world has been a leading figure as a researcher, statistician, author, and expert on all things running.   It was my pleasure to work with him on both the 2004 and 2008 USA Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon.  I had a Very Interesting conversation with Dave about Omaha native Tim Dooling’s intentions to set the 50+ World Record in the marathon, he personally wished Tim “Good Luck”.

Did my mile repeats in the Brooks T7, lightweight and fast, my times were 6:35, 6:34.

I ran 5 Marathons, a dozen half marathons and numerous other road races in this single pair of Nike American Eagles.  Circa 1981 or 1982, I raced nearly 1000 miles on them.  At 4.3 ounces each you really felt like you had wings on your feet.  I’ve hung on to them for these 30 years just so I could feature them today!


I’m going to start off by giving some Big Kudos to Market to Market Race Director Ben Cohoon.  From his Captains Only news release today:

“As a participant and a captain I am asking you to help us put the best foot forward for runners and the event.  Without your cooperation on this the Market To Market Relay may not be allowed to continue.

This year we have started a Zero Tolerance policy if your team is caught by an Official or Volunteer doing any of the following your team will be disqualified from the event.  This policy is both for your safety and the longevity of the event.

1. No IPODS or Personal Music Devices
2. No Littering
3. No Public Urination
4. No Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages”

Good on you Ben!  I led the charge back in the early two double naughts to get headphones banned in road racing.  A couple of national leaders, Scott Keegan (RD Grandma’s Marathon), and Virginia Brophy-Achman (RD Twin Cities) got it and did actually dq those that appeared in race photos wearing headphones.  Stricken from the results.  A couple of years ago however we decided the USATF rule was “unenforceable” and began leaving it to the discretion of the individual Race Directors.

Numbers 2 through 4 are just good common courtesy and its a shame Rules had to be put in place to govern such things.

I spent years on the soapbox in favor of banning these items and I won’t rehash all the sound reasoning behind it, it will only bore you or tick you off.  But my feet are still firmly planted against them and will remain so.

Tomorrow is our 2nd Corporate Cup qualifier 10K out at Zorinsky.  The starting gun will fire promptly at 6:00 pm.  You can click the Dojo 12K tab on the front page for the USATF Certified course map.  Note that the run distance will be 10K, not the full 12K described.  Water and official times provided, $3 donations are appreciated.

If you prefer going to Millard West Track:
1-1.5 mile warm up
2 X 1 mile @ current 5K race pace,  5:00 active recovery between each
1-1.5 mile warm down



I wrote the book on them.  At Zorinsky at any rate.  I’ve run nearly 15,000 miles around my dojo over the last 10+ years.  Laid out and measured several courses, coached hundreds of athletes on it.  I really do know it like the back of my hand.

I described whispering final instructions to Ben & Lee prior to the start of Saturday’s 5K.  What I was telling them was how to run the exact tangents, how that could save anywhere from 6-10 seconds off their times.  Those are also Prime Times to do pickups, just a slight increase in speed to fully maximize the advantage of running the Shortest Possible Route.  SPR as it is known technically.  That was the first thing they taught me back in the summer of 1987 in San Marcos, Texas at the TAC/RRTC Course Measurement Class.

And I’ve been running the tangents every since.  While I may not have the leg speed of my youthful competitors I do have the wily veteran thing going for me.  If not better, then as good as any at looking ahead and lining up each nuance of the course, calculating how to take advantage of something so few people consider.  The slower you are the greater the benefit of tangents, I probably saved 10-15 seconds on Saturday.  Nice trick to have in your bag.

The Lincoln Mile was held yesterday.  Ryan Salem (6th, 4:45.82), Brian Wandzilak (7th, 4:48.86), Paul Wilson (13th, 4:57.29) and Bridget Easley (2nd, 5:29.96) all represented.  Our Good Buddy Annie Shadle was the overall women’s winner in 5:15.48.  Full resluts:

Our Good Mates are back home from NYC.  They landed at Eppley last night and were greeted by a crowd of several thousand fans cheering their success on the big stage.  At least they should have been.

Jody Green and Linda Barnhart are spending this week in Colorado getting acclimated to the rarefied air.  Jody will be running the Leadville 50 Miler this weekend.   She’s trained hard and done her research, I like her attitude and her chances at succeeding, you can do it Jody!

Thanks to Judy & Raina for dragging me up and down Serpent Ridge a few times this morning.  I got 10 miles with 5 X that monster in the middle, whew!  Great Training for BIX on July 30.

My old buddy Ryan Hall was the 2010 winner of the BIX 7. in Davenport, Iowa.  The race will once again serve as the USA Men’s & Women’s National Championships for the distance.  TNB will have several mates competing.


More like Target On Back.  When I saw the number of TNB singlets at yesterday’s Run For Justin I couldn’t help but think how each of them has a bulls eye right between their shoulder blades.  Our team logo is sharp and to the point.  The State of Nebraska.  What could be more fitting?

I was speaking to Ben Shultz and eventual race winner Lee Anderson on the starting line.  Giving them some final instructions on how best to approach the race.  I mentioned to Ben that wearing the Red & White marks you as a worthy scalp for any belt.  His reply was “bring it on”, you can’t ask for a better attitude from a competitive athlete.

I’ve been passing out my own bulls eyes since forming TNB in 2002.  Those that have been awarded them have not always been flattered, and one or two have been down right po’d  at me every since.  Giddyup!

The fact is, there Is A Lot Of Pressure at the very top of the road racing food chain.   Hopefully more than one person is gunning for you at every race.  Otherwise is it really racing?   It is how you handle that pressure that sets your legacy.  You can turn it into more positive performances than would be otherwise possible, or you can crumble.

I raced in an era where any given weekend could bring exhilarating highs, or sound butt whoopings.  We All showed up with targets on our backs, proudly carrying them with a challenging swagger.  Always seeking races with the very best  competition, always opting for well earned defeats rather than cake walk wins.  Wanting to show that we Earned those bulls eyes from the heat of Competition.  We Respected each other by acknowledging those butt whoopings with a promise to Bring our Best next week!  We all agreed we were only as good as our last race and could not wait to line it up again to give our Very Best.  Those that couldn’t stand the heat didn’t stay too long in the kitchen.

That competitive spirit is what I expect of  Team Nebraska.  In It to Win It or find out why not, and then right back at you again.

There are some great videos over at runnerspace from this weekend’s Club Champs in NYC.  My jaw dropped watching Virgil Mitchell make up 20 meters on this cat, eat him up and digest him on the way by,  on his 400 leg of the Distance Medley Relay, that is a Must See!

Meghan Schneider teamed with dad Jeff to win the mixed division of the John C. Fremont Days Duathlon this morning.  She will soon  begin training for her marathon debut as she becomes a true distance runner!



I simply could not be prouder of our small band of Good Mates that took on the Rest of the Best in New York City this weekend.  I’ll put my words into tiny balls of light and hope they warm your heart as mine has been.

Aubrey Baxter made the Big Apple her own.  She was named the Women’s MVP of the meet with a whopping  29 points scored.  This is a rarity as sprinters almost always end up with the award.  She pulled off this remarkable feat like this:
Shot Put, 1st, 15.60m, (10 points)
Hammer Throw, 2nd, 63.08m,  (8 points).  She missed winning this event by 3 cm (this long…………….), the final throw of the competition knocking her from the top spot.
Discus, 3rd, 45.40m, (6 points)
Javelin, 4th, 35.50m, (5 points)

Virgil Mitchell almost topped that.  He ran a remarkable string of races in just a few hours, starting with the 400m Hurdles, 4th, 51.96, (5 points).  He followed that up just an hour and 10 minutes later with a 1st in the 110 High Hurdles, 13.97, (10 points).  2 hours later he ran the 400 meter leg of our Distance Medley Relay which finished 3rd, 10:19.28 (6 points).  He missed out on being the Male MVP by the slimmest of margins, a mere 1/2 point.  As Matt Schneider told me this afternoon, “He’s Legit”.

And Matt Schneider left everything at Icahn Stadium.  Yesterday he ran his fastest Steeplechase in 26 months, 9:12.88, and finished 2nd overall.  He was the 2-time defending champ and the hat trick just barely got away.   He was awarded the 10 points because the winning athlete runs for the Navy and not a USATF Club.  The margin of victory was a scant 3 seconds.  This morning he returned running the 5000 and gutting out a 15:55 for 14th.  He would run the 1200 in this afternoon’s DMR quartet.  The Central Park Track Club broke the DMR record of 10:13 set by our mates last year with a very fast 10:01.13, congratulations to them!

Matt Pohren ran a lifetime pr 9:19.55 to finish 3rd in the Steeple.  Matt has also finished top 3 in this event for the last 3 consecutive years.  Today Matt came back and finished 5th in the 5000 in 15:21.  And then ran the Mile leg of the DMR.  Gutsy.

Megan Zavorka recorded an eleven second lifetime pr in the Women’s Steeplechase finishing 3rd in a nice 10:45.99.  She returned this morning for the Women’s 5000 and finished 7th in 18:04.09.

Andrew Jacob pulled a tough double yesterday running the 800 in 1:56.06, good for 12th, and the 1500 two hours later in 4:13.30, 15th.  Today he ran the 800 meter leg of our DMR.

Jared Shuurmans had a nice toss of the Discus to finish 4th in his specialty with 52.98m.

Eric Rasmussen had an off day in the Men’s 10000 finishing 7th in 33:07.22, still worth 2 points.  Matt Heesch had a tougher day and was a dnf.

Here’s the deal.   Absolutely talented as you can see by the performances above.    The men finished 5th against the top clubs in the US.  Not by the sheer numbers that so many of the other clubs have the luxury of.  By Heart.  By Hard Work.  By Team Work.  49 points.   All 7 of them taking on clubs 10x and more larger.

And the Women.  Finishing 7th.  37 points with 2 women competing.  Team Nebraska’s best.

This year there were 600 athletes from 73 different USATF clubs from 18 states.

The 2012 USA Club T&F National Championships will be here in Omaha at Burke Stadium July 6th & 7th, 2012.  Next year we OWN this event!

Special thanks to our Major Sponsor, The Lincoln Marathon, for making this possible for our talented Nebraska athletes.





A complete recap from the USATF Club Championships at the conclusion of today’s events!

Run For Justin 5K recap:
The Good Mates did not disappoint!
Lee Anderson (17:00) was 1st Overall, Ben Shultz (17:34) was 3rd.  Jeff Marshall (18:56) won the 50-54 age group and Your’s Truly (21:15) was 3rd in 50-54.

Kaci Lickteig was 1st Overall Female (18:30), Jen Viehrig (19:30) was 2nd overall Female, Natalie Jetensky (19:46) was 4th overall and 1st Masters Female, Linda Barnhart (20:38) was 5th overall, 1st 45-49.  Jody Green (22:22) was 2nd  35-39 female.

Smells like Team Spirit!  I called Jen V. on Thursday evening and asked her to come out and race.  Kaci had been having stomach problems this week and I wanted to make sure one of our own was first across the line.  She put her plans on hold and came out and Delivered.  Kaci was fine and ran away with the race but Jen battled tough to put away the 3rd place finisher by 7 seconds.   Thanks for making my day Jen!

Lee Anderson took the win in 17:00!

Kaci took the Women’s Overall.

Jen Viehrig calmly put away #391 in the last mile, Giddyup!

Natalie Jetensky was 1st Overall Masters Female.

Linda Barnhart also finished in the top 5 Overall!

I had a decent race for getting 20 hours of sleep this week.


It’s on like that up in NYC!  First up is TNB’s leading lady of the throws Aubrey Baxter, she will contest her specialty Hammer Throw at 1:30 cst.  She will then put the Shot at 3:00.  Virgil Mitchell will speed through the first round  of the 110 High Hurdles at 3:55.  Next up will be Andrew Jacob burning up the 800 meters at 4:45.  Matt Schneider will clear the Steeplechase at 5:25 and then Aubrey will be back to toss the Javelin at 5:30.  Andrew will have just a short rest until his 1500 meter race at 6:45 and Matt Heesch will wind up the day’s competition running the 10,000 at 8:20 tonight.  Making All of Nebraska Proud!  Whew!

We worked on the new Monster Dash course this morning, it will be a true 5K this year and more fun than ever.  Kyla & Uriah are just the best.  Jody Green came out and used some ones and zeros on her wrist magic to map out the course and capture the elevations, we’ll have that info included in the digital brochures.  Bruce Barnhart is our Course Chair and he provided his expert opinion on flow and direction.  Linda set up our Kid’s Zone and Little Goblins races.  I twiddled my thumbs and ate egg casserole, yum.  The more I stay out of this business the better off the races will be.  I feel like Elrond getting ready to set sail from the Grey Havens, my age of race directing is passing and it is time for new blood to bring life and fun to our events.  I’m looking at setting sail in the not too distant future.  I wonder if I can get Liv Tyler to come along?

Elite Programs.  Road Race Management.  Coaching.  Over 2500 hours per year of  volunteer efforts for the last 10 years.   I’m spread as thin Professionally as I can be and am looking forward to being able to concentrate on what I can still do best, coaching and our elite athletes.  But until I do depart I will continue to do my Very Best, even if it may be antiquated, that is my promise to the Nebraska Running Community that I have come to love.






Wow!  Almost 50 people at Millard West last night.  Half of them there for the expert coaching provided by Linda Barnhart and your’s truly.  The other half for the expert coaching of Leigh Officer in her capacity with the Omaha Racers.  Those youngsters are headed to Minnesota today for the USATF Regional Junior Championships.  The top finishers will then go to the Junior Olympics, we wish them all Great Speed, Great Throws, and Great Jumps.  And we hope to see you on TNB in about 15 years!

My old buddy Broulio & I were watching his son Victor go through the paces, the lad has a Very Bright future as a distance runner.  Even though we’ve known each other for many years he was quite surprised to see what we do on Wednesday nights.  That would be my invitation to everyone in the Omaha Metro.  Don’t believe anything you hear or read, good or bad,  rather come out and witness first hand the work we do.  You’ll be warmly welcomed into our ever expanding group and will make some great friends and training partners while improving your fitness as a bonus.

The mates are landing at LaGuardia just about now.  Y’all go for your shake out runs, get off your feet, and get ready to rumble!  Please do check in on how they perform this weekend by checking results at:

We got a lot of Good Work done at our RRM committee meeting last night.  For your fall/winter schedules we will host the 6th annual Swamp Stomp on Oct. 22, the 5th annual Monster Dash on Oct. 29, the 2nd annual Jingle Bell Run on Dec. 24th, and the 2nd annual Hair of the Dog Run on January 1st.   The first two will be the most fun you have at a race this year and the latter two will once again provide needed support to the  Open Door Mission  and the Food Bank of the Heartland.  An exciting addition to the Hair of the Dog Run will be a K-9 run, get some socks on those puppies and come on out!

Met with Bob Harris of FrontRunIt this morning to go over our digital brochures for the Stomp & Dash.  These will be similar to but far more extensive than what was produced for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run earlier this year.  Bob is the consummate professional with all things relating to Web Development, marketing, and print needs.  Much more than just a hobby and it shows in his unparalleled first class products.  All of your web needs presented in easy to understand and user friendly format.  You can contact Bob at: or visit his website at

Hope to see all of you at this Saturday’s  Run For Justin.  One of the most embraced events on the annual calendar, TNB will once again be out in full support of Dan and Marti Nealon.  A great cause and you know we will be in it to win it!