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Some tidbits for your leisure reading:

27- We celebrated World Class Good Mate Peter van der Westhuizen’s 27th birthday last night at the Upstream.  Around 20 people showed up to not only hoist a celebratory pint with Pete but to wish him well as he departs for South Africa to begin a two month training stint at altitude.  He and wife  Michaela will live under spartan conditions; arise and run, lift weights and core training, eat, nap, wake and run again, sup, retire for evening, repeat for 60 days.   It was one of the most inspiring, motivating evenings I’ve spent this year.

7:48- The South African 3000 meter National Record Pete will be chasing at the Boston Indoor Games in early February.  He’ll fly back for the meet and immediately return to finish the cycle as he preps for the 2012 London Olympics.

1, 2, 3- The podium places that are his goal in London.

3.2- The weight in ounces of the new Saucony spike that Pete had a hand in designing.  It is one sweet shoe.

37- James McGown’s age, time marches on for us all.

2004, 2008- The two consecutive Men’s Olympic Trials Marathons he qualified for.  As I’m fond of saying, Team Nebraska was built on James’ back.

2:15- The times James turned in for his session of 10 X 800 on Sunday.

4- Saturday night I’ll post my 4th annual Christmas Eve gift to the running community.  I’ve lampooned, satirized, and skewered for the first three editions, this year I promise something a little different and just as entertaining.

5- Haleigh Riggle’s goal at the Lincoln Marathon is a top 5 finish.  She is coached by beau and fellow mate Lee Anderson.

6- The number of months Justin Mollak has been working on remodeling his kitchen/dining area.  The before and after pics are amazing.  He has a level of craftsmanship that exceeds my own dad’s, the absolute highest praise I could possible give anyone in his field.

5:46- The final mile of Amanda Lee’s 8 mile cut down run.  Amanda is a Lincoln native that resides and trains in Flagstaff, I’m doing my best to convince her that the training opportunities here may be just as great, minus the altitude, as they are in Arizona.  She’ll be in town for this Saturday’s Jingle Bell Run, catch her if you can!

43.6- The number of miles per week I’ve averaged this year.  I’ll end up with just a bit over 2300 in 2012 .

54- My age and that makes me darned pleased with the consistency and mileage for the year.

30- The number of minutes I expect Carrie to take off her half marathon pr at the Disney half in a couple of weeks.  She’s busted her hump since mid-August and I could not be prouder.

60- The number of pounds her husband has lost during the same period, inspired by his wife’s training.  Arthur I can’t wait to meet you and shake your hand.




Is a new front tooth, a new front tooth, a new front tooth.  I broke #25 last April biting down on a chop stick, hairline fracture that they thought would repair, but alas has progressed to a full fracture below the gum line.  Going to have to put up with it a little longer as the dental insurance cap will renew on 1/1/12.  Tired of having to be careful of biting off more than I can chew.  Food has been on my mind a lot now that I’m somewhat restricted.

My dear sweet Allison had to prepare 12 different pastries for her culinary arts final.  A sampling of each brought home to my gastronomic delight, I’m glad the weather remains beautiful that I may get out and run them off.  I’ve been Gently adding miles since resuming last Saturday.  7.5 yesterday, 9 today, I hope you too have been able to take advantage of this fabulous weather.

I’ve been spending some time with her textbook, ON BAKING, a book of baking and pastry fundamentals.  A lot of what is included in the curriculum applies to Life in general.  Of particular interest to me has been The Science of Flavor.  Although flavor and taste are often confused, they are not synonymous.  Flavor is an identifiable or distinctive quality.  Tastes are the sensations interpreted by the brain.  Palate is the range of an individual’s Recognition and Appreciation of flavors.  Not everyone has the same Tastes and certainly that helps make the world go round.

Taste is enhanced by the combination of SWEET, SOUR, SALTY, & BITTER.  This is where Life poignantly applies.  It takes a full palate of these tastes to comprise any noteworthy Dish or Community.  I am known to be occasionally Sweet, sometimes Sour, and even Salty in the appropriate environs.  I’ve lost my Bitterness though.  Fortunately, or sadly, depending on the extreme, there is still plenty in the world to make up for my lacking.  Too much of any of these four tastes can ruin said dish or community.  Balance is the key.  The Middle Path.  Here’s hoping your dish and your community are exquisitely balanced to a perfectly sumptuous turn.

Is a shiny new marathon pr on your Christmas list?  I am accepting a limited number of new clients for the Boston and Lincoln Marathons. My proven training program has helped athletes of all abilities reach their goals and potential, from Olympic Trials qualifiers to first time marathoners. Training begins January 1st!  If interested please contact me at for details. Good luck, Great racing, and Giddyup!





Lake Zorinsky that is.  The next three weekends will find my beloved dojo filled with good works by good people.  Team Nebraska has long been committed to doing more than just racing.  The leadership of the club shares my passion for giving something back through this sport that after all is nothing more than putting one foot in front of the other, quickly.  Our Community Outreach Programs (COP?) have become a backbone of the club’s mission statement.  Giving to others, there is no greater gift to yourself.  With that in mind here are what we have on tap coming up:

The 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Run will be held at the Lake Zorinsky Boat Ramps starting at 1:00 pm on Saturday, Christmas Eve.  This is our fundraiser for the Open Door Mission, helping those in our community that have been dealt (or drawn) a bad hand in life.  We will host a go-as-you-please with distances of 1 mile, 4.95 (east loop), and 7.495 (full loop).  We will have our clock up and running if you want to get a measure of fitness, and the orange marks you will see are part of my certified course.  But really it is about participation.  Entry is either $10 or a donation of new or gently used hats/gloves/blankets/jackets/etc.  Feeling warm inside about keeping others warm, nice.  Hot Chocolate, thank you Jody Green for the donation, and Sunrize Donuts will be served.

The 2nd Annual Hair of the Dog Run will also be held at the Zorinsky Boat Ramps, Sunday, January 1st,  same 1:00 start time.  This event is our fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Heartland.  If you saw last night’s news you know they were hit with a $100K theft earlier this week, so very sad for a group that does so much good in our community.  The run will be the same format as the Jingle Bell Run, thanks again to Jody & Sunrize for the treats. Entry fee is $10 or a non-perishable food item donation.  Their shelves are more bare than usual this year, hope you can come out and help feed our less fortunate neighbors.

Continuing a tradition we started in 2008, we are proud and pleased to announce that we will host a fundraiser for our USATF Nebraska Association Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifers on Sunday, January 8th, again starting at 1:00 pm.  Same start location at the Zorinsky Boat Ramps.  Bridget Easley and Kaci Lickteig will be travelling to Houston next month but will be going on their own dime.  Airfares have skyrocketed and hotel rooms are at a premium.  This is a great chance to help these two talented young ladies reach the finish line in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center on January 14th.  Same format as the above two events except this time you’ll get the opportunity to run some with Nebraska’s finest female marathoners.  Maybe even get a picture or an autograph if you’d like.   Team Nebraska will be the official host and as a 501 (c) 3, donations you make are tax deductible.  Proceeds will be split evenly between Bridget and Kaci.

We will also use this opportunity to promote Nebraska USATF and the Excellence it stands for.  With 2012 being an Olympic Trials year we already have 3  other Nebraska Association athletes qualified in their specialties of Track & Field.  David Adams-Steeplechase, Chris Tegtmeier-Race Walking, and Aubrey Baxter-Hammer Throw, all competing for Team Nebraska, have the necessary marks and will be in Eugene this summer to take on America’s best.

Tis the season!


Has 2011 really come and gone?  It has been an amazing year of performances for the Good Mates and as always it is my privilege and pleasure to announce our Open and Masters Athlete’s of the Year.

This is likely the toughest year ever to select our overall winners.  That speaks to the depth and quality of runners on the club.  There were many superlatives but ultimately it came down to one singular performance that stood above all others.  USA National Championship events are weighted above all others, Association Championships next, designated national caliber events third, all other performances must have occured on a USATF Certified course.  Before naming the winners here are some honorable mentions:

Kayte Tranel and Kaci Lickteig both traveled to Houston in January for the USA Half Marathon National Championships.  Kayte ran 1:20:05 for 27th and Kaci ran 1:21:45 for 31st.  They both followed those performances with fine showings at Lincoln with Kaci taking 2nd in the full in 2:53:44 and Kayte 3rd in the half in 1:21:58.  Kaci would travel to Davenport, IA over the summer and run a fine 43:12 to finish in the top 20 overall.  *Kaci would leave the team in September and go on to run a 2:44:17 at California International Marathon.  Megan Zavorka also gets a tip of the sombrero for her participation at the USA Club T&F Champs where she pr’d in the Steeple in 10:45 and racing the USA Women’s 10 Mile National Champs in Twin Cities in 1:01:42.

Eric Rasmussen also raced the USA Men’s Half Marathon Champs in Houston, finishing 39th in 1:08:30.  He would follow that with a 2nd overall at the Lincoln Half in 1:08:50.

Matt Pohren was 3rd at the Lincoln Half in 1:09:40 and would finish 3rd at the USA Club Track & Field National Championships Steeplechase in a pr 9:19.55.  He also had a fine race at BIX running 36:46 for 25th overall against an international field and finished 7th at the Omaha Corporate Cup 10K in 32:02.  Matt Schneider continued his excellence at the USA Club Champs by taking 2nd overall in the Steeple in a post collegiate pr of 9:12.88 and took 8th at the Corporate Cup in 32:35.  Both Matts represented at the USA Club Cross Champs.

The Masters Women’s race was perhaps the tightest with fine performances by Stacy Shaw (1st 45-49 Lincoln Half in 1:31:12, 25:43 at the USA Club Cross Country Champs a couple of weeks ago, and 2nd overall at the Omaha Marathon in a Very Fast 3:03:18), Nataie Jetensky (6th overall Lincoln Marathon 3:15:34, 24:28 at Club Cross Champs, and 3rd overall Omaha Marathon in 3:07:56).

Drum Roll Please!

Open Male AOY:
DAVID ADAMS- While David ran just 2 races for us this year his performances were truly inspiring, superlative, and just a hint of his talent and future in the sport.  He made his debut at the Omaha Corporate Cup taking 3rd overall in 30:46.  But it was his race earlier this month in Seattle at the Club Cross Champs that garnered him the nod.  His 10th Overall in 30:02 is the highest ever Team Nebraska placing in a USA National Championships.

Open Female AOY:
BRIDGET EASLEY- Bridget kicked off her year with a 2nd overall at the Lincoln Half in 1:21:29.  She followed that in June with a breakthrough marathon at Grandma’s clocking a new pr of 2:55:58.  After taking the Omaha Corporate Cup 10K title in 36:54 she decided to pursue the Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier of 2:46:00.  At California International she did just that running 2:44:55 to become the fastest ever Team Nebraska female marathoner.

Masters Male AOY:
KELLY CRAWFORD- Kelly’s year was up and down but his heart was on the line when it counted the most.  He ran the USA Masters Half Marathon National Championships in Melbourne , FL in February, finishing 10th in the 45-49 in 1:37:33.  As has been reported, he also toed the start line at the USA Club Cross Champs and fought gamely for 8K of the 10K before collapsing with a 2nd degree tear to the gastroc, and as it turns out a double stress fracture of the fibula.

Masters Female AOY:
LINDA BARNHART- Linda has now matched the seemingly untouchable record of Ann Ringlein by becoming a 4 time Team Nebraska Masters AOY.   She kicked off 2011 in Albuquerque, NM at the USA Masters Indoor T&F National Championships taking 4th in the 400 in 1:10.39 ( just moments after deplaning) and then medaling in both the 800 (Bronze, 2:41.410) and the Mile (Silver, 6:06.46).  In May she took 3rd o/a master at the Lincoln Half in 1:33:39.  Over the summer she had the experience of a lifetime finishing 2nd overall master to Joan Benoit Samuelson at BIX in a sterling 50:46.  Linda wound up her competitive year at the USA Club Cross Champs running 25:42.

Contributor of the year:
Tom Whitaker and the Omaha Run Club.  Tom came out and volunteered his time and expertise throughout the year timing and resulting all of our Team Nebraska races.  His selflessness and support for the vision of the club-and the entire Nebraska running community- earns him High Praise and Heart Felt appreciation.  Thank you Tom!

Congratulations to all of the fine athletes on Team Nebraska for their accomplishments this past year.  While there were many great races and efforts and prs, the fact that you wear the Red & White  is an inspiration to us one and all!

And makes me one proud poppa.





This will be the best 7 minutes (20 if you click on part II) you could hope to spend learning about the roots of Long Distance Running.   800/1500 meter World Record Holder Peter Snell talks about the advantages of 100 mile weeks (when and how to do them according to the master Arthur Lydiard).   Thanks to my old buddy Ray Lapinski for finding this treasure and passing it along.—athlete-1964

And for a very nice take on USATF course certification v. GPS, here’s a paragraph that ought to prompt you to check out the link following:
” I paid my race fee it should be the correct distance, why should race directors get away with this. I am so sure my GPS is accurate!  After getting an email message from the Race Director that the course is indeed sanctioned by the USATF and certified you are still not convinced. You blast the race director and threaten to sue for the race fee, you even call the race timer up and instruct him to correct your time to the “real” time you ran for the 13.1 mile distance.”  The whole story here: Thanks to Dylan Wilson for the link.



“Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin”

The times, and me too.  Thanks to some very good people.  Namely Josh Sawyer (The Faster Pastor), David Adams, Matt Schneider, and Matt Pohren.  While I don’t ascribe to a typical faith, their’s has changed me.

“Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’ ”

I’ve learned not to speak too soon, while my brain may be hot, not to lose that chance to say what is right.

“Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’ ”

I’ve learned that my old ways are a thing of the past, that to be an  effective leader I can no longer rage and curse the machine.  Thanks to those in Seattle that recognized and commented on this.

“The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’ ”

I’ve learned that life rolls regardless, that kindness makes for a much more pleasant journey on either side of the dashes.

Thank you to Bob Dylan for the lyrics today.  And thank you to the fine men and women on Team Nebraska that have helped me help myself.



The mission of the Club Council is to enhance and expand opportunities for USATF open level, club-based team competition in track & field, cross country, long distance running, and race walking.  The Club Council seeks to do this by promoting the club system of elite athlete development fostered by the creation of Association-based Elite Development Clubs in every major metropolitan area of the United States.  The Council is an advocate and information resource for creating new clubs and improving existing ones and acts to create, select, and oversee events to serve as USATF National Club Championships in every discipline of our sport.  The USATF Club Council strives to take a leadership role in popularizing post-collegiate, open level of our sport by promoting club-oriented events that present entertaining, fast-paced competition that will attract spectators, media coverage and sponsors.
Executive Committe:
Devon Joan Martin, Chair
Dave Oja, Vice-Chair
Bill Roe, Secretary
Will Lindgren, At Large Rep

Mark your calendars for July 6-7, 2012 when Team Nebraska brings the USATF Club Track & Field National Championships to Burke Stadium.  We will host the very best clubs from around the country and hope you will be in the stands (or trained up to compete in) to support this exciting event.

And this:
Men’s ADP Coordinator:  Brian Jones
Women’s ADP Coordinator: Linda Barnhart
The goal of the ADP is to assist in the development of the next generation of GREAT American distance runners.  The ADP has been a vital part of USATF since 1993.  It is a program which enables Men’s and Women’s LDR Committees to work collaboratively to provide emerging athletes the ability to experience competition at the national level.  The ADP provides the athlete with $150-$200 travel stipend, shared room for two nights, ground transportation, meals and waived entry into selected USA championship races.
In order to be eligbile, they must:
1) Have a 2012 USATF membership
2) Be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18-29 post scholastic
3) Have met one of the following times on a certified course (please note that the age and time standards have been tightened from previous years)
4) Eligible for only two races per year
5) Athletes need to be in top physical shape to compete.  If illness or injury occurs the ADP coordinators need to be notified

1 Mile- 4:48.50 or better
5K- 16:50
10K- 35:15
15K- 54:27
10 Mile- 58:45
1/2 marathon- 1:18:30
Marathon- 2:51:00


1 Mile- 4:11 or better
5K- 14:32
10K- 30:00
15K- 47:03
10 Mile- 50:45
1/2 marathon- 1:07:45
Marathon- 2:24:00

Go to for the 2012 Championship events and application

Send WLDR information to:
Linda Barnhart  at
18505 Van Camp Dr.
Omaha, NE 68130

SEnd MLDR information to:
Brian Jones at
P.O. Box 8692
Canton, Ohio 44711

And this:  I chaired the WLDR ADP Program from 1996-2002 and expanded it from 1 event to 9.  Also helped launch the MLDR counterpart which came into existence in 2001.  While the WLDR Championships Chair (2002-2009) I was able to bring all 11 of our National Championships races on board, something for which I was very grateful to the many Race Directors around the country.  I also served as Vice-Chair for the Club Council for  2 years before accepting the At-Large Rep position.

Almost sounds like 2012 will be an election year doesn’t it?


More from Seattle.

Teamwork.  I’ve stressed that until Blue in the face.  And it starts at the very top.  For most all the mates in Seattle the Top was Killer Coach Glen van der Westhuizen.  Glen instilled a bond that allowed us to achieve far greater goals than would have been possible individually.  A bond forged of sweat and lactic acid and demands we thought impossible.  The track workouts that Kelly, Justin, Linda & I cranked out.  The weekly communications utilizing his performance tables that kept every one of us in awe of each others progress.  Gaining motivation and inspiration through efforts put forth from the fastest (David) to the lastest (me).  It was the most difficult 6 weeks of training I’ve ever undertaken and yet each of us poured our hearts and soles into every workout knowing that if we did, then all would.  And the results of the Entire Team showed us our faith was rewarded.  Biggest thank you of all to Killer Coach, we could not have done it without your expert guidance.

Killer Coach.  He asked for much and we delivered in our own measure on our way to the finest single day of post collegiate TEAM athletic performance in the 10 years of Team Nebraska, perhaps in the history of the state.

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!  Another singular command from Glen.  Steak the night before and bacon and eggs the morning of.  While steak didn’t appear on our plates Friday night, there was an abundance of protein as we eschewed the typical pasta/gluten loading.

Oysters, clams, mussels, dungeness crab, hamburgers and a pint were the order of the evening on Friday night.

Kelly, Megan, David and Matt enjoying a sampler platter of the Pacific Northwest’s very best oysters.  It was a first for all but Kelly and the mollusks were disappearing at an alarming rate.  I’m giving Matty P. today’s Huge Kudos for his selfless work and sacrifice pursuing the necessary questions regarding Kelly’s medical treatment.  He gave up his entire Saturday tying together loose ends so that the rest of the team could catch our breath.  Matty, we love you!

Another Great Coach.  Tom Cotner has been the head coach of Club Northwest for over 20 years, guiding his charges to more accolades than I can possibly list, both TEAM and individual honors.  I’ve praised Tom in this column previously but I’ll take the opportunity to once again raise the heralds.

Tom took us out to his Greenlake Way training grounds.  Here he stands on a 1/4 mile stretch that serves as a primary.  A 1% grade down going North, back up going South, it has tested and refined the mettle of more national class runners than perhaps any park in the U.S., over the last 20 years at any rate.

Tom and his wife Helen were gracious enough to give Linda & I an in depth tour of his lovely city.  He knows every nook, cranny, and runner in Seattle.

Tom, Helen, & Linda at the “rookery”, a nesting area for herons adjacent to the Ballard Locks.  The Cotners are no one drum parade, birding and Native American art being among their passions.

The couple met while at MIT, both migrated to Harvard and have been on the faculty at the University of Washington for the last 20 years.  Helen is a neuro-biologist and has the distinction of having identified two separate neural pathways from the eye to specific ganglia in the brain that control cognitive and motor skills, the only two such pathways known to man.  Tom is an immuno-biologist who has mostly retired from research but still occasionally lectures at UW.  Most likely the smartest couple you’d ever have as personal tour guides.  I’ve know Tom for over 15 years but this was a cherished opportunity to delve into this man I have so long respected.

Good beer, good seafood, good coffee and good company.  That was how we closed out our trip to Seattle, a top 10 trip for me altogether.

I expected to see John behind the counter here.

Tom also took us to bohemian community of Fremont where there is a Troll living under the bridge.   I told him I know a couple bigger in Omaha.

That’s a wrap on Seattle.  Hope you have enjoyed the stories and pics as much as I have sharing them.




Won’t be able to fit in all in today but here’s a good start.  Saturday morning turned out to be a very emotional day for me, and as it turns out, the rest of the Good Mates.  I had a difficult time containing my tears of joy after watching David Adams pick off 3 runners in the final 100 meters to secure his top 10 finish.  He had trained so hard for this opportunity, committed to being in it to win it.  Stayed with the lead pack of 5 for the first three 2K loops, drifted back to13th on the fourth (it didn’t take much, just a couple of ticks), and then dug so very deep on the final stretch that I was overcome by his display of heart and determination.
David in the lead pack.  Number 322, Jonathan Grey, would pull away decisively to a :10 win in 29:38.

This pic is in the final 50 meters, these cats were all giving absolutely everything they had.  To see David move up on this national class talent ranks as my personally most impressive and inspiring moment in the 10 year history of Team Nebraska.

The course conditions declined throughout the morning with footing just treacherous by the time the Open Men raced at 1:45.  The times were all the more amazing given the muddy mess.
Shain Kephart took a nasty spill on the first loop, popped right back up and gritted his way to a new pr.  Shain and I roomed while in Seattle and has now officially been nicknamed “Younger Guru” based on his knowledge and passion of our sport.  Cory Logsdon, below, was our 5th finisher despite having difficulty with his asthma, all of our breathing was affected by the unfamiliar cold humidity.

Our men went like this:
David Adams– 30:02
Matt Pohren– 32:05
Matt Schneider– 33:15
Andrew Jacob– 34:02
Cory Logsdon– 34:04
Justin Mollak– 34:11
Shain Kephart– 35:39

The Masters Women were the first Championships race of the morning, they followed the Community Race and the Jefferson Park Golf Course was already getting pretty chopped up.

Natalie Jetensky (24:28) was our first masters finisher over the 6K.  She showed a toughness that belies her sweet demeanor.

Linda Barnhart was next through, somehow making it look easy.  She was followed in quick succession by mates Stacy Shaw and Carole Swanson.  A great showing of Team Running!

Stacy (25:43), Linda (25:42), & Carole (25:50) celebrate the fruits of Teamwork.  On a side note it was with much happiness that I was reunited with a couple of my favorite Texans.  Chris Kimbrough (winner 2007 Lincoln Marathon where she qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon) took the overall win in 22:12.  Long time dearest Carmen Ayalya Troncoso was 5th overall in 22:32, amazing feat as she is a young 52 years of age.

The Men’s Masters were next up and things took a turn for the frightening for Kelly Crawford.
Kelly was cranking out 5:40 miles for the first 8K, hanging with some of the top 40+ runners in the U.S.  Should be noted that Kelly is 49 years old.  On the final loop he suffered a 3rd degree tear of his calf muscle, tried desperately to continue with a gut wrenching, awe inspiring limp before crumpling to the ground.  He was taped and splinted at the venue’s medical trailer and released to our charge.  Upon arrival at the hotel he went into pain, hypothermia and dehydration induced shock.  911 was called and he was taken to an area hospital where the tear was diagnosed.  Special thanks to Scott Shaw for holding Kelly’s foot up for over an hour, he was the Hero.  And even bigger thanks to our Sweet Emily Kraus.  She is a 4th year med student and accompanied Kelly to the hospital and provided expert care during this extremely difficult time, she was our Angel.  A big nod to Linda too as she has an uncanny ability of soothing the suffering, not the first time I’ve seen her in this capacity.

Steve Stender tore up the course in his usual barefoot fashion.  There were at least a couple other barefooters chasing him to no avail.

Didn’t have the day I had hoped and trained for but held my head high and never gave up.  You think this 65 year old ahead of me was giving an inch?  That is the best part about these national championships competitions, you get your butt handed to you by some of the most amazing athletes in the country.

The Open Women’s race was next.  Megan Zavorka and Emily Kraus experienced their first national caliber cross country race and come away motivated and determined to work to the next level.

I could not have been prouder of each and everyone of these athletes.  Every one left absolutely nothing out on the course.  Of the 7 men in the open field, 6 ran personal bests.  All of our masters women did and so did Steve Stender.  As did Megan and Emily.  This is what Team Nebraska is all about, please excuse me while I fetch another hankie.

Perhaps the best TNB day ever for me.  Our Good Mates headed to the start, full of determination and drive and expectation.  I’m so very proud to have them, I hope you are too.

All photos courtesy of Justin Mollak and Scott Shaw.


David ran 30:02 to finish 10th overall at this past Saturday’s USA National Club Cross Country Championships.  I’ve just returned from the Battle in Seattle and will have a more in depth race report manana.  I’m absolutely Giddy(up!) over David’s performance, the highest ever by a Good Mate in a National Champs of this caliber.  For your inspection, the top 20, it will give you an idea of how tough the race, and David was:

A lot of Great Stories to come including 1 hero, 1 angel, and 1 gut wrenching injury.

Place 	Name 	Bib# 	Age 	Sex 	Affiliation 	Time 	Pace
1 	Jonathan Grey 	322 	23 	M 	Team USA Minnesota 	29:38 	4:47
2 	Aaron Braun 	26 	24 	M 	McMillan Elite-A 	29:48 	4:48
3 	Phillip Reid 	37 	26 	M 	Asics Aggie Running Club-A 	29:48 	4:48
4 	Matthew Centrowitz 	386 		M 	Unattached-27 	29:50 	4:48
5 	Trevor Dunbar 	389 	20 	M 	Skinny Raven Running Club-A 	29:51 	4:49
6 	Brett Gotcher 	27 	27 	M 	McMillan Elite-A 	29:55 	4:49
7 	Max King 	108 	31 	M 	Central Oregon Running Klub-A 	29:59 	4:50
8 	Charlie Serrano 	264 	27 	M 	adidas Legacy Run Racing-A 	30:00 	4:50
9 	Justin Tyner 	143 	22 	M 	Falcon Distance Project-A 	30:02 	4:50
10 	David Adams 	307 	22 	M 	Team Nebraska Brooks-1 	30:02 	4:50
11 	Ian Burrell 	67 	25 	M 	Boulder Running Co./adidas-A 	30:03 	4:51
12 	Scott Smith 	30 	25 	M 	McMillan Elite-A 	30:03 	4:51
13 	Timothy Ritchie 	64 	24 	M 	Boston Athletic Association-A 	30:03 	4:51
14 	Matthew Forys 	213 	26 	M 	New York AC-A 	30:04 	4:51
15 	Ian Dobson 	221 	29 	M 	Oregon TC Elite 	30:04 	4:51
16 	Daniel Gonia 	32 	23 	M 	Asics Aggie Running Club-A 	30:12 	4:52
17 	Joseph Gray 	2 	27 	M 	Club Northwest-A 	30:12 	4:52
18 	Matthew Llano 	323 	23 	M 	Team USA Minnesota 	30:18 	4:53
19 	Michael Chavez 	68 	26 	M 	Boulder Running Co./adidas-A 	30:21 	4:53
20 	Derek Scott 	96 	26 	M 	Bowerman Athletic Club-A 	30:28 	4:55

David Adams!!!!!