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While this old dinosaur may never completely escape, this website and the rest of our social media efforts are gradually emerging from the muck.  Thank you Jordan Tucker for all of your hard work.  Jordo has been doing some Mac Magic and moving forward these musings will also appear on our new Team Nebraska facebook page.  And I still couldn’t tell you the difference between a group and a page.

What a Bunch of Babies!  Shannon Stenger, Paul Wilson, Dustin Llewellyn, Shawn Kellis (twins), Laura Neel and forgive me if I’ve missed any recent deliveries.  Here is the Very Best parenting tip I can give you:  Read John Rosemond in the OWH every Tuesday morning.  He is old school and his column harkens back to a better time.  He insists it is more important to teach respect for authority than to encourage the expression, rather than control, of feelings.  That emotions without emotional restraint is damaging, that those full of self-esteem have little respect for others.

Being a product of the late 50’s and 60’s, discipline was unquestioned in my house.  And I tend to run Team Nebraska the same way.  We’ve got a great bunch of people on this club and I am fortunate that they understand the importance and effect of tough love and good parenting.  We’ve lost some talented runners because they didn’t, but we’ve lost some talented runners that did too, so that as much as anything sums up the real world.

I’ve made an effort to ameliorate some of my edges over the last few years, you can teach an old dino new tricks, even one with a foot firmly stuck in the attitudes and disciplines of La Brea.

I always tell new mates there are only 2 rules to being on Team Nebraska: 1) You must ALWAYS compete in uniform.  2) You must respect both the club and the leadership.




Two days into Killer Coach’s marathon training program and my legs are dead, Dead, DEAD.  Still have tough days tomorrow and Wednesday before things settle down for the week, bring it on baby!

15 miles yesterday, 10 X Serpent Ridge today, long tomorrow and 5 miles worth of quarters on Wednesday, anyone care to join me?

Meghan Zavorka continues to blossom under Killer.  Ran a couple of indoor races at MSU Saturday night including a 5:07 mile (5th place) followed by her 5K in 18:19 (2nd overall).    Giddyup young lady!

Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate our Studs (Adams, Thor, Schneider, Pohren, Kern) showing up Saturday morning.  To say that some of the other mates were more than a little star struck would be an understatement.  Excellence trickling down, the results will be seen soon enough (or Lincoln whichever comes first).

Matt Pohren works the replay video at all Creighton home games.  You may have seen him at the scorer’s table, he’s the nattily dressed fly guy in the Stacy Adams.

Overheard during yesterday’s broadcast of the meet on ESPN2, Bernard Lagat doing a 10 mile training run in 51:00.  Let me throw a singlet on that cat!

Thanks to Ben Shultz for getting our TeamNebraska Running facebook page set up!  Please friend us so you can keep up with us and have a resource for comments of your own.

And thanks to Jordan Tucker for the new Video Page right here.  He has also tinkered with our photos page to great effect.

Training logs up next!



Great turn out for our Saturday morning run.  Left to Right, Front row: Emily Kraus, Joy Shulz, me, Agustin Delgado, Jimmie Doherty, Linda Barnhart
Standing: Matt Pohren, Kelly Crawford, Carole Swanson, CeCe Carson, Haleigh Riggle, Jaque Parker, Bill Weeks, Shawn Kellis, Matt Heesch, John Kern, Shain Kephart, David Bohlken, Justin Mollak, Matt Schneider, David Adams.   Luka Thor slept in but caught us on the way out, we didn’t have to slow down for him.  Most of us will rock the newly USATF Certified  Chiller Challenge next weekend.



Breakfast afterwards is always a big draw.

This morning featured new red potatoes with green beens and chorizo, biscuits and gravy, spiral cut ham, scrambled eggs, sausage links, fresh fruit, juices, banana bread, and Kenya AA+ coffee.

Luka Thor and Matt Pohren enjoying their plates.  Matt eats enough for three.

Matt Heesch, Justin Mollak, David Bohlken and Shain Kephart post run.  Mi gato Luna was quite interested in the goings on.

We had a record turnout of 21 runners.  We were especially pleased to have 7 women out this morning.  All went home well trained and well fed.



From both sides now.  Yesterday was a celebration of excellence at the highest levels.  Today is a celebration of excellence at all levels.

During our Wednesday evening session at the Upstream the debate was of Olympic proportion.  Both myself and Linda are of the mindset that the Olympic Trials B Standard should be done away with, and in fact the A Standard should be lowered from its current 2:39:00 to 2:38:00.   I’ve tried to describe my reasoning for that in previous columns so won’t rehash it today.  Suffice it to say that both Linda & I have more insight and experience with women’s long distance running on a national level than anyone else you might bring the topic up with.

One of the regulars, Janet, has completed a single marathon.  Which is a great accomplishment.  She indicated that it was her goal to inspire just one other person to train up for and attempt this life changing experience.  We replied that we share that same hope and goal.

It is sometimes hard to convey just how much depth of passion I possess (and Linda too) for Our Sport.  How can we on the one hand speak of excellence Demanded at the very highest levels yet also expound on the joys and benefits that running at ANY & ALL levels brings?   I have long contended that I get as much or more joy from our work with the Omaha Endurance Group, watching these hard working runners achieve their personal goals and personal bests, as I do from watching Mike Morgan or Peter van der Westhuizen fulfill their own potentials.  Hearing from Carrie Dayton at the end of the Disney Half Marathon earlier this month may be one of the highlights of the whole year for me, her 30 minute pr of 2 hours a testament to the human spirit.  That I had some small hand in that achievement is something we will always share and celebrate.

And that is the key.  If any person is willing to work hard toward their true potential, I am THEIR fan.  Running has done so much for not only me, but many, many others as well.  I recognize that.  I encourage and nurture it.  I pontificate and meditate and study upon it.  And I celebrate it.

Today’s column is for every single one of you that get out there and bust your butts every time you can in pursuit of your own personal excellence.  It matters not what your times are, it only matters that your heart and spirit is just like the rest of us, demanding and giving the very best from ourselves, expecting nothing less.

Jody Green has been immortalized in a Canadian elementary school science book.  Chapter 11, figure 8, describing the various nervous system responses to physical exertion.  This picture is from mile 34 of her epic Leadville 50 Miler this past year.  Peace, Love, Run!


Better good than lucky.  But there seems to be a bit of science behind thirteen.  It is a common thread in Killer Coach’s workouts.  We did that number of repeats while training up for Club Cross and those mates currently under Glen’s tutelage are hitting it again.

PRIMER:  Intervals are not the actual speed part of the workout, rather the recovery portion.  If you go to the track and only do “intervals”, you’re just recovering the whole time.  Semantics I know but important to speak intelligently if you are in the game.

The science behind 13 then is not so much the effort or distance of the speed but the scant recovery interval.  If I told you Megan Zavorka (Z-Money) did 13 X 1/4, you might be impressed.  If I told you she did them in :77 you should be impressed.  If I told you she had a :60 interval, you have to be impressed.  By the way 13 X 1/4 = just over a 5K, I see where this is going for someone trying to reach national class status as a steeplechaser.

Kelly Crawford has been driving to Lincoln to assist David Adams and Andrew Jacob, both whom are training under Killer.  Kelly is timing and encouraging their workouts and we appreciate his driving to Lincoln to support the mates.  While promising not to divulge the training program in toto (my Latin for the day), I can offer glimpses of what the mates are enduring in their quest for personal excellence; more like what sets them apart from us merely mortals.

As an Alum (and holder of 2 indoor school records) David has access to the best indoor track in Nebraska.  He is fortunate to be able to continue his high level training without wind, ice, or other detrimental elements. Andrew is dedicated enough to join David and act as something of a rabbit (that is one tall rabbit to pull out of a hat).  Both athletes ran 13 X 300 meters with a :60 interval.  David hit :44s, Andrew :47s.  To put those times in perspective head out to your local track and run a single 300 meters full out.  Your jaw will drop.

And you can’t imagine the work Luka Thor is doing prepping for the Lincoln Half Marathon.  He’s in it to win it and I’m just hoping some Kenyans show up to help pace him to the sub 1:06 he’s capable of.  Or if you’re willing to assist with pacing duties shoot me an email, we’re looking for someone to take him through the first 10K in < 31:15.

Justin Mollak too is doing incredible things under the McLatchie Method.  To borrow a former column title, he is “Hardworking, ambitious, willing to lay it on the line” (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery boys).  Justin and fellow mate Tim Langdon made their marathon debuts in Lincoln last year both crossing the line in 2:45:09.  Tim will be a pacer this year, Justin has bigger things on his horizon.  He has continued to progress including his 1:14:36 on the difficult Omaha Half Marathon course last September.  A snapshot of his training lets you know how tough this hombre really is (note there are no intervals in this workout):
Workout was like this:
1 @ 5k
2 @ 10k +:30
2 @ 10k
3 @ 10k +:30

Miles : 5:17, 6:03, 6:04, 5:33, 5:33, 5:59, 6:01, 5:51

Yes, yes, these athletes are quiet and humble and gracious and you’ll not hear them blow their own horn.  I’m quite capable of doing that for the entire club.  They don’t get, or need, a daily congratulatory from me, no “amazings”, no “incredibles”, no “great jobs” nothing of the sort.  I expect this hard work and nothing less.  But they do deserve an occasional mention here in RGS for getting out there and working their butts off every single day.  And it is important that you know how dedicated and talented they are.  They still pull their britches on one leg at a time but something very special sets them apart from you and me.   Team Nebraska, USATF Elite Development Club and I’m darned proud of every single mate.  From David to Justin to Matt to Megan to Agustin to Luka to Shane to Stacy to Carole to Jacque to Linda to Shawn to me (horrors!) and every other Good Mate that dons the Red & White and gives it their very best.  Today is your day to be recognized for your efforts.





I’m obviously on a Latin kick the last couple of days.   Today’s title means the spring and source.  My source of words and wisdom has been uncharacteristically wanting yesterday and today.  Those that know me best understand why I might be more than a little distracted from the daily joy of this column.

I’ve led a pretty sheltered life, having not had to deal with many of the typical problems of living.  I’ve always held that as my purview and privilege from being dedicated to the service of others.  For the first time in over a quarter century I’m now having to consider daily obligations as well as planning for the future.  Unfamiliar territory is always a bit frightening.  But I always knew I would need to head to the wilderness in order to become the man I was meant to be.  Not the wilderness I had envisioned, no hewing of rough logs for shelter, no flint and twigs for fire, no trapping for food and clothing.  The challenges perhaps all the more daunting carried out in the urban jungle, dealing with the fiercest of all creatures.  I’ve taken the best shots from some formidable adversaries and know the battle rages on, it does wind down though, a better day ahead.

But many of the kindest creatures too, and that has been a blessing.

As with any spring, hope does raise, promise not to be denied.  It is my true nature to be happy regardless of where I stand or where I land.

Thanks for letting me be my usual self, wearing my heart on my sleeve, not afraid to live life in full view, setting the example of how I believe life should be lived.  To the fullest, even in the face of hardships, both expected and unexpected.

I’ll try and cheer things up for tomorrow.



I’m on a steady diet of soup and oatmeal and pudding and protein shakes for the next week.  I get to add an occasional adult beverage tonight so at least there’s that.

Legs are feeling very good right now but will have to be careful about getting enough calories and proper nutrition to keep the training at a high level.

Beso no Beso.  My two favorite parts of the day are also undergoing a bit of a change.  My two dear daughters always get a light buss on the cheek or forehead when heading out for school in the morning and then again when going to bed at night.  Now its their turn, I couldn’t even kiss a frog if it were a princess.

And yet another rumor put to rest:  I have not interviewed, nor will I entertain, the job opening as Marketing and Media Director for the Twin Cities Marathon.  Just because I may have been schmoozing with the powers that be does not make me a candidate.

As a public figure I’m often the target of  rumors, and the occasional vicious lie.  ab irato, ab absrudum, ad nauseum


Had a lot of good results from the Wayne State Wildcat Open meet this weekend, a recap from Matt Schneider:

Cheto Cerda:  1,000m Run – 2:45.62 (3rd Place)
Megan  Zavorka: 1 Mile Run – 5:18.38 (2nd Place,  Losing only to the amazing Lisa Ryan from Sioux City…you may have seen her in results at world masters track over the summer!)
Megan Zavorka:  1,000m Run – 3:13.07 (1st Place)
Christina King – Ran leg on Alumni 4x400m Relay Team Ran Leg on a 4 x 1 lap team in the Alumni Showdown
Lee Anderson – 3,000m Run – 9:36.65 (4th Place)
Matt Schneider: 1 Mile Run – 4:27.25 (1st Plase) 3,000m Run – 9:08.3 (1st Place)
4 x 1 Lap Relay (Alumni Showdown) – 1st Place (Cheto Cerda, Nate Preston*, Lee Anderson, Matt Schneider) Here’s a link to a video taken on the backstretch of the track during the 4×1 lap. Can’t see finish too well but it’s still pretty cool. Coach Brink has a vidoe from up above the track hopefully will get that on youtube somehow as well. It was the highlight of the day for all of us, it was a ton of fun! Back and forth and pulled it out in the last 40m.[youtube]

Photo courtesy of Meghan Schneider.  L-R- York Thomas, Lee Anderson, Cheto Cerda, Matt Schneider, Nate Preston


Luka Thor has moved to West Omaha and has been doing some training out at the dojo.  Knocking his loops out in the 40:00 range while amazing the merely mortal.  He’s going to be a great addition to our Omaha crew.

Well I look a little goofy this morning after having my tooth extracted.  10+ years of eating with chop sticks and one bad bite ends a pearly white, drats.  Had one good last meal this past weekend at one of  Omaha’s Classic Steakhouses, Cascios.  The steaks were sublime and the accompanying sides were just as delicious.  Fried ravioli and house made blue cheese dressing just sent the meal over the top.  Chris Saub playing his incredible one man show, and Bill Weeks & Kelly Crawford treating was just so much a jus on the plate!  Thanks buds!

Found out that Kelly Crawford was instrumental in the design of the famous Clock Tower on the UNO Campus, a story that indicates just how many talents he has.



Had a good crew of 10 show up for this morning’s run on the Wabash.  Bummed that the trail was closed at Dumfries cutting it to only 11 miles.  Nice of David Adams to come over from Lincoln for the run, he and los dos Matts (Pohren and Heesch) led the rest of us on a cold morning.  Welcomed Jackie Parker to the ranks.  She’s joining mates Justin Mollak, Cory Logsdon, and Emily Kraus in Boston this spring.  Thanks to Agustin Delgado and Dan Knobbe for hosting the incredible desayuno.   Dan formerly cooked at Dixie Quicks and his skills in la cocina were enjoyed by all.

David ran the 3000 at last night’s NWU meet in Lincoln, took third in 8:25.  We’ve got a bunch of mates racing at the Wayne State Alumni Meet today, I’ll get those results up as soon as I get them.

I’m going to hit the mid 50s for mileage this week, getting my groove back after a nice lay off and laying on of winter fat.

Want to race?


Early registration for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs ends January 31st!

Be sure and get your registration in for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K, 4 Mile, and Little Mudders Run.  Early registration is only $35 and goes up to $40 on February 1st.  Little Mudders remain at only $10.00.   The Toughest Trail Run in the Midwest includes chip timing, pint glasses, Subway Lunch, Upstream beer, door prizes, unique awards, and bragging rights for conquering the terrain at Platte River State Park.

For online registration go to and type: 2012 Ni-Bthaska-Ke

Please visit our Facebook page for course maps, photos, etc by searching Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run.

We are well over a hundred entries already and have capped it at 600.  Amazing when you consider we had just over 50 total entrants the first year.  Humble beginnings with a grand vision realized, thank you Ivan Marsh for being a True Nebraska Treasure.

In the better late than never department:  Kyle Custer made his Team Nebraska debut at last weekend’s Phoenix Half Marathon.  I spoke with him prior to leaving and his modest goal was “to break 1:20:00”, he turned in a 1:13:54, not bad mate.  Kyle will make his marathon debut in Lincoln with the goal of “just getting my Boston qualifier”.  Matt Pohren ran the 3000 at the Holiday Inn Invite turning in a nice 5th overall finish in 8:45.  Andrew Jacob contested the mile and pushed his lanky frame around the tight turns in 4:31.

David Adams will run the 3000 at this weekend’s NWU Invitational.  I’m dipping my plume getting ready to re-write our Team Nebraska record book.  Speaking of which, that is a little project I’ll be working on soon, you will be amazed at some of the club’s all time bests.

The below envelope came in with Hannah Voelker’s Trail Run registration.  Our Registration Chair Jody Green was so taken with the artwork that she googled the artist and Viola!  Hannah is an accomplished artist out of Lincoln and keeps a blog at the link below that features some of her work.  Jody has insisted on keeping the envelope dreaming of untold wealth at some far off point in the future.  Please check Hannah’s blog, she is really quite a talented artist.