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Best wishes to our Good Mates this weekend.  Luka Thor, Eric Rasmussen, Matt Pohren, Cory Logsdon, and Lee Anderson will vie  for the Overall title at the Kansas City Hospital Hill Team Challenge.  Jen Viehrig, Amanda Lee, Megan Zavorka and Meghan Schneider will battle for the women’s crown.  Matt Schneider will have his first race back since being struck by a truck a few weeks back, his arms are out of the casts and his legs are ready roll the 10K, Linda & I will both use that race as our last tune up leading into Grandma’s.  York Thomas will kick the 5K, as mentioned before, he is So Serious.

Andrew Jacob, Shain Kephart, and Agustin Delgado will tackle the Dam to Dam 20K, also on Saturday.  Tough that both of these great midwest events are scheduled on the same day.  And did I mention there will be a combined 10s of thousands of prize dollars available between the two races?  Missouri and Iowa, doing it right by the elites and we sure appreciate the support.  Only the Lincoln Marathon in Nebraska has grasped this type of forward thinking for developing athletes.  I dropped a penny in the well, closed my eyes and wished hard, we’ll see if it comes true and other races start supporting our aspiring elite athletes.

Next Wednesday evening at Burke Stadium, 6:00 pm.  David Adam’s fundraiser for the Trials is turning into a big deal.  We will have a Bunch of door prizes to raffle off including a brand new Garmin 210.

You can also check out our progress on the new Javelin Runway!


I knew this year was going to be a Real challenge.  I always like to take Big Bites, have a lot on my plate at any given time, have several balls in the air at every moment, one eye on the juggling act, one eye to future endeavours/schemes/”What do we do every night, Pinky?  Try and take over the World!”  And the mind’s eye keeping me grounded in the love of my self and my children, first, last, and always.

The chaotic schedule is maintained somewhat by my keeping of lists, usually composed during my night time waking hours.

I try and accomplish most of the list each day, but invariably things get shuffled down.  For instance yesterday I received an email that the water jump barrier for the Steeplechase at Burke had been heavily damaged.  And that there are no additional steeple barriers on site, we need 4, if you have a handle on where we might borrow some, holler at your boy.    Something unexpected jumps right up to the top of my list and ends up consuming several hours, pushing other important tasks to another day.  Work order submitted for repair of the damaged barrier, sigh of relief.

The Javelin Runway has been another source of nighttime angst for me.  When we had our site inspection last year it was noted that the runway needed resurfaced and the width should be 4′ instead of the 3’6″ it measured.  This necessitates a concrete pour of 3″ on both sides of the 65 foot runway.  Kelly Crawford spent the better part of yesterday on this project, the pour will be finished today.  He will then drive to Denison, Iowa and pick up the new surface material that will be laid next week.  And, Viola!  We’ll have a first class Javelin runway and I’ll sleep just a little better at night.

Getting our vans rented, travel coordinated, rooms assigned, etc. for this weekend’s Hospital Hill Team Challenge also loomed large yesterday.  We’ll have 5 men and 4 women in the Half Marathon, 3 people in the 10K, and York Thomas will make his Team Nebraska debut in the 5K.  Thanks again to Julie Schaefer for the generous support to our team, we are In It To Win It.  And then some Arthur Bryant’s BBQ before heading back home, yum!  Also final arrangements for our mates headed to Des Moines for Dam to Dam.

Picked up our new uniform pieces from Art Wears Unlimited.  Finalized two different grant proposals.  Moved forward with the Big Blue Run, promoted our David Adams fundraiser on June 6th.  Worked on our Omaha Endurance Group track workouts for tonight.  And I already mentioned that I ran 20 miles yesterday.

And spent Quality Time in the evening with both of my dear daughters.  They are and will remain at the top of my list as long as they are within a hugs reach, no barriers big enough to keep me from that.



Just finished cranking out my second 20 miler in the last 3 days.    Today’s run included 10 X 1000 @ goal race effort, most all were at ~7:15-7:20 pace.  I won’t start that fast at Grandma’s but hope to finish at around that.  18 days until the big race.  I hope you played the long shot odds and bet on me when this all started 17 weeks ago, would have been the smart money.  This gives me 14 runs of 20 miles or longer and 1518 miles since January 2nd.  Linda is just under me at 1503.  Only 1 more 20 miler for the cycle, sniff, I’ll miss them.  Today’s run was on the MoPac.  Most of my miles have been on soft surfaces, no concrete or treadmills.

Lot’s of fun stuff going through my head this morning too.  I’ve said just about everything there is to say (and vice versa) to my training partner at this point.  Scarecrows, sheep’s clothing,  and crawfish seemed to occupy most of the miles.

Be sure to check our flickr page for some great photos of Boystown, thanks again Justin.

Going to keep it very short today, need to rinse this layer of sodium chloride off.  Hope you had a great weekend and ate some good frijoles, I sure did.  Put some weight back on to keep me strong, back up to 65 kilos.





I was toasted and Linda was roasted on yesterday’s 20 miler.  Seventy eight degrees at the start, 90 when we finished.  Was smart enough to head to the Wabash Trace and take advantage of the shade, 10 miles down to Mineola, 10 back.  I lost 5 pounds and dipped to my lowest weight of this training cycle, 61.688 kilograms.  Refurbished the calories at our 1st Annual Omaha Endurance Group Summer Splash at the Yutan Clan Compound of Bill Weeks.  Thanks Bill for hosting and treating!

The Boystown 5 Mile and 1 Mile, and Kids Run went off under decidedly cooler temps this morning.  There were even the occasional sprinkles to help cool the runners.  Thanks to RD Brooke Whitrock for helping us promote our fundraiser for David Adams on June 6th at Burke Stadium.  A nice announcement by KAT 103 and recognition of David’s accomplishments helped kick off the 1 Mile.  David hopped in with the kiddos lined up front, cameras were flashing everywhere and I’m sure those little ones will have a memory of a lifetime.  He covered the tour in 4:28 a time that will likely stand until he decides to run it again.  It was heartwarming to hear the cheers from the casual spectators and other fans that were appreciative of his smooth and speedy stride coming down the final stretch.

I had the best seat in the house for the 5 Mile doing lead bike duties.  Our mate Cory Logsdon won in 26:45 using the race as a rust buster for this upcoming weekend’s Hospital Hill Team Challenge.  Dustin Llewellyn (29:17), Jimmie Doherty (29:59), Shawn Kellis (33:02), Agustin Delgado (33:18),  Bill Weeks (39:10), and Ron Olsen (41:21) also represented with pride and distinction.

On the women’s side, Jen Viehrig (33:29), Joy Shulz (34:11), Nicole Nelson (35:09) and Roxi Erickson-Olsen (36:03) were our women’s entrants.

Tim Langdon (39:31), Emily Langdon (39:32), Olivia Langdon (39:32) all crossed the line celebrating Fun Family Fitness.  Olivia set a new 5 & under female age group record, pretty speedy even if she was in the BOB.

Always great to see so many of our athletes proud to wear the Red & White!  Team Unity, Team Pride!

We also had many, many of our OEG mates competing with most scoring big prs and some getting hardware and bragging rights (You Go Cindy Tully!).

We’ll have photos up on our flickr account later today, enjoy and download for free as usual.  Thanks to Justin Mollak for coming out and shooting the race.  Thanks also to Matt Pohren, Kelly Crawford,  and Linda for volunteering this morning, if we’re not in it to win it, we’re in it to help you enjoy it!

Cory with his first overall hardware.


I posted the following on facebook last night: “I’m looking for a mud color trail back to back non certified warrior ultra extreme anything but Real Competitive Road Race for late June. Seems to be the craze, suggestions?”

Of course it was tongue in cheek but the underlying message resonates nearer true than humour admits.  I met with the RD of Boystown yesterday, interesting to hear that the numbers are down this year.  Down just slightly from last year’s record 3000+, but still a trend worth noting.  The RD of the NE5 scheduled for June 3 is also seeing a reduction in entries.  Some of it can be attributed to the falling price of gas, more people doing more things out of town this year than last.

A bigger influence though is the proliferation of new events this year, more than I’ve ever seen on the Nebraska scene.  It seems as though there is a novelty run popping up just about every week, well marketed events that are geared towards the novice to slightly seasoned runners in the community.  Promoted as “Events”, “Participation”, “Runs” and “Bucket List” affairs, nary a mention of Racing from the entire lot.

But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the running community as a whole.  Each one of these people are getting exposed to the joys of fitness and running.  And they will in turn decide to participate in other events, so in the long run we’ll all have more runners in our events.  At least that is my theory.  A couple of anecdotal observations:  My buddy Matt is a bartender at the Upstream.  He decided to train up for his first ever run, the Warrior Dash, and oh by the way he enjoyed the training so much he hopped in the Lincoln Half and ran a respectable 1:58 in his first ever organized run.  And my client Tammy initially contacted me wanting also to get trained up for the Warrior Dash, she is running the 5 Mile this coming Monday.

But me, I’ll still take a good old fashioned mano-a-mano, fire the gun, first across the line, bragging rights and bravado, loser leaves town foot race.   No handweights, no Zumba, no cross fit, no treadmills, no belly crawling, no excuses.  Me versus you, Real Racing.  Am I a disappearing breed?

This morning’s Geezer Run.  Nicole Nelson, Linda, Denny, Jody, Kathy Palmer (debut), Angie, Kim & Coach John.  I threw down hard on all of them, showed no mercy at all, don’t let the facade of smiles belie their lamentations of inglorious defeat.  V is for victory!



Last night was a typical Nebraska evening, the south winds blowing harder than some of my former running buddies blustering about the Good Old Days.  When the Good Mother gives us lemons on Wednesday nights, we make lemonade.  I was very pleased to see the 45 adults that braved the 90+ temperatures and looming thunderstorms to get their track work in.  I scrapped the planned workout for our OEG mates and had them run “Tailwind 200’s”, giving them that sensation of being relatively incredibly fast.  Eight to sixteen repeats, you should have seen them flying as they were pushed if not lifted to top speeds.  A joy to behold.

The range of abilities is what makes this such a special group.  From beginners to fitness runners, from walkers to racers, from mid pack to Elite.  All supporting the other, giving encouragement and receiving same by the effort and determination obvious on each face.  Going to give a special nod to our Team Nebraska athletes that also attend on Wednesdays.  Luka Thor and Matt Pohren speeding out 8 X 300 meters in 42-44 seconds, Shain Kephart cranking out a bucket full of intense quarters, Amanda Lee grinding out continuous Mile repeats in the 6 ohs.

The Good Mates showing beauty and grace and god given talent, but working no harder than those that are thrilled to hit 60+ seconds for their 200 meter effort.  That is the real joy of Wednesday nights.  Everyone working so hard, giving it their Very Best.  No one  threatened or intimidated by those that happen to be more naturally gifted.  Happy rather that we can all share the same tableau of  potential dreamt and performances aspired.  Appreciating the talent and drive each brings to our favorite evening of the week.  And then all sitting down together afterward for pizza and a coke (or a beer) to celebrate the shared sweat and camaraderie.  We all pull our britches on one leg at a time after all.

Who are the luckiest people in Omaha?  Easy; Coach John, Coach Linda, Coach Kelly, and your run guru.  At least every Wednesday night.

photo courtesy of John Tully

Luka Thor and Matt Pohren, two Elite Athletes that appreciate the support and encouragement of our Omaha Endurance Group and the entire Omaha running community.



Congratulations to the following Omaha Endurance Group athletes on their success at the 5150 Kansas City Triathlon last weekend:

Sara Garcia, Javi Garcia, Michelle Reitz,    Brandon Fenster, Anne Anderson, Lou Anderson, Polly Faltin,     Michelle Bandur, Amee Rief,  Molly Pearson, Cade Pearson, Bill Weeks, Danielle Galvin, Steve Stender, Lisa Martone, Katie Cordes.  Enita Larson took 1st in her age group, wow!   Lots of prs and hardware and even more fun and fitness for all involved.  Lisa Martone summed it up best: “Thanks to wednesday track workouts I had a personal best run today”.

Hot as the dickens out there this morning.  What should have been an easy set of quarters turned out to be a half-fast set.  The first 5 well under the target of :90, then quickly crept up as the temps blew above 80.   The wind was blowing 30+ too, seemed to sap the life out of the legs in a hurry.  Listened to the body and will be recharged for an early morning effort manana.

The Boystown 5 Mile and 1 Mile races are going to be fast this year.  David Adams will be running the mile as will Amanda Lee.  I’m going out on a limb and predicting new event records for them both.  Peter Falcon will run the 5 Mile and he’ll be tough to catch.   We’ve pulled Luka and Matty P. and will save their legs for Hospital Hill just six days later.  The women’s 5 Mile is always a big surprise.

The Kids Fit Program has been canceled for tonight due to the forecast of sever weather rolling in around 5 pm.  I’ll keep an eye on the radar and will post on our OEG facebook page if there is a similar change to our plans for the adults.

Our OEG Mates celebrate their accomplishment.  Triathletes never cease to amaze me, I’ve never even tried one.  A tip of the sombrero to all of you!



Continuing on yesterday’s theme of support for developing excellence in distance running.  I spoke with my old buddy Scott Keenan this morning.  He is the Race Director of Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, which serves as the USA National Championships for that distance.  Scott agreed to bring Luka Thor up next month under the Athlete Development Program.  Waived, seeded entry, three nights hotel room and a $200 travel stipend.

Most of our other champs races provide support for ADP, Grandma’s is the only one that offers 3 hotel nights and one of the few that offer the full $200 towards travel- some only offer $150.  But where Scott really sets himself apart is his insistence that each athlete receive their own individual hotel room.  His analogy to me this morning used a tennis professional being brought in for a match and asked to share a room with another netter.  He sees these athletes as True Professionals, treats them as such, and is hoping to raise the bar for other races around the country.

That is why I have been such good friends with him for the last 16 years.  His history of unrivaled support of our athletes, both nationally and our Team Nebraska mates.  (If you go to you’ll find a Team Nebraska athlete graces the cover of the race website, nice.)

The level of hospitality Scott and his staff have shown over the years made me promise him to one day come run Grandma’s.  That is why I selected this Great American Road Race as my 2012 marathon effort.  Fulfilling a promise to an old friend and getting to again enjoy Duluth is going to be my treat and I can’t wait.

Today was my dear sweet Alli’s last day of high school.  I could not be prouder of how she conducted herself these last 4 years.  Graduating with honors, distinction, and a very real sense of purpose for her future, she also takes with her nearly 40 college credit hours earned.  The fact that she rose above the myriad influences and remained her own person is a testament to what a strong individual she is, and in that regard, the fruit didn’t fall far at all from the tree.  I can’t wait to see what is in store as she forges the next chapter of her life, her future’s so bright she has to wear shades!


This was yesterday’s 20.5 mile run out at the dojo.  I got an early start and the hallowed ground was desolate and serene.  I saw just a couple of friendly faces while conducting a full loop and 4 west loops, a near perfect morning with moderate temps, low humidity, and running on my mind.  My training partner has a Very Tender calf issue, she is rehabbing by aqua jogging, biking, yoga, etc.  Wishing her the speediest of recoveries, her nearly 1500 miles of running this year guaranteeing she’ll not lose fitness this close to Grandma’s.

And so it was me and my Best Friend for most of three and a half hours yesterday.  The friend that challenges me more than anyone else, both in physical endeavors and in metaphysical postulations.  The One and only one that I Need answer to.  The One that will have the greatest impact not only during Grandma’s marathon, but on my daily conduct as long as I am fortunate enough to breathe.  The One that I Love the Most.  Not a narcissitic affair, but a life long appreciation of  dependability, accountability, reliability, council and comfort, borne of the satisfaction with who I am, and who I am yet to become.  So yes, a lot of introspection, the true essence of the loneliness of the long distance runner.  Never lonesome while being alone, enjoying the company of one’s self.

Congratulations to a couple of our lads- Ivan Marsh and Matt Seiler went 1-2 at this past weekend’s Mud Sweat & Beers trail run out at Quarry Oaks.  And to a couple of our lasses- Joy Shulz was 2nd overall at the Papillion 10K, and Stacy Shaw was 2nd overall at the Papillion Half Marathon, in a nice 1:29:59, at 46 years old, is there a more consistent, tougher masters female in Nebraska?

I’d like to welcome York Thomas to Team Nebraska.  York is another Fast young man that will make an immediate impact for the club.  York’s fiance is Megan Zavorka.  That will be another Very Speedy couple on the club. And he is So Serious.

Our teams are set for the Hospital Hill Team Challenge on June 2nd.  Our men: Luka Thor, Matt Pohren, Eric Rasmussen, Cory Logsdon, and Lee Anderson.  Our women: Amanda Lee, Megan Zavorka, Meghan Schneider, Jen Viehrig, and Jaque Parker.  Our men are In It To Win It and this is the strongest women’s team we’ve ever sent as well.  Thanks to Julie Shaefer and her staff for all they do to make sure this race is Competitive.

Thanks too to Cal Murdock for providing support to Andrew Jacob, Shain Kephart, David Bohlken, and Jimmie Dougherty, they will be racing at Dam to Dam on the same morning.

Team Nebraska enjoys support for our athletes at almost any race in the country.  Part of our success as a program comes from the many race directors, elite athlete coordinators, sponsors, running clubs, and enthusiasts that recognize and support developing excellence in racing.  There are even one or two right here in Omaha but we still have a loooong way to go in my own backyard.

I dig this picture of Haleigh Riggle finishing the Lincoln Marathon.  Full flight after 26.2 miles, she is part of our future long distance success.  The Lincoln Marathon has provided more opportunities for Team Nebraska than any other race in the country.




DAVID ADAMS, 8:27.77!

The Oxy High Performance meet last night in California produced some Very Fast Steeple times.  Our David Adams clocked a new personal best for 5th overall against the best US field of the year.  He continues to improve his times and his stock going into the USA Olympic Trials.

Link to the race posted up on flotrack:

 1 Donn Cabral                  Princeton              8:19.14
  2 Dan Huling                   Reebok                 8:20.81
  3 Kyle Alcorn                  Nike                   8:20.86
  4 Evan Jager                   Nike O T C             8:20.90
  5 David Adams                  Unattached             8:27.77
  6 Donald Cowart                Ragged Mt Racing       8:30.14
  7 Lyle Weese                   Unattached             8:30.83
  8 Chris Winter                 Speed River TC         8:31.25
  9 Rob Mullett                  UK Athletics           8:31.62
 10 Billy Nelson                 New Balance            8:34.10
 11 Brian Olinger                Reebok                 8:35.48
 12 Matt Hughes                  Unattached             8:44.42
 13 Steve Slattery               Unattached             8:51.70