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I’ll start off with a well deserved tip of the sombrero to David.  While last night didn’t turn out like any of us had hoped for him, we are still proud of his effort and dedication to make it to the finals.  In case you missed it he ended up not having a good race and that diminishes not at all the inspiration and excitement he has generated across Nebraska’s running community.  We are darned proud of you David, you represented not only Team Nebraska, UNL, and York HS, but every runner that lives the good life.  We all got to live an Olympic Dream vicariously through you and that is something special indeed.  A brief interview with David on Flotrack:

Both the Mens and Womens 5000 Meter races were thrilling.  Galen Rupp edging Bernard Lagat and Kim Conley achieving the Olympic A standard en route to a stunning 3rd place finish in the Women’s race were highlights of the evening if not the meet.  Very exciting for Linda personally, she took Kim to Japan back in 2010 as she was just beginning her development arc.

35 & under, 36 to dead.  I can’t let this one slide.  A recent 5K (non-certified) out at Zorinsky, benefiting a worthy cause, $25-$30 entry fee.  Nothing unusual about that.  What was unusual was the age group awards structure.  While I demonstrate time after time my willingness to support local charities, this has taken the pillage of our sport to a new and unpalatable level.  How difficult is it to spend a dollar on a medal and a quarter on a ribbon for some 10 year age groups?  There were over 300 entries, and again I’m certain the charitable cause was worthy.  But why not just set up a donation stand and have people drop money in it as they are out for their Saturday morning run, why pretend to call this a race?  A RACE?!?  Give me a break.  I’m sure I’ll tick somebody off with this position, but what else is new eh?

Had a delightful 10 mile run this morning, the weather was bearable if not perfect.  Quite humid, enough to sweat out a few demons, just the way I like it.  The cloud cover providing succour from the past few days intense heat.  My first double digit run since June 16, thanks to Coach John Tully for company on the middle 6.


One of my best pictures ever from a historic perspective.  2004, I was hanging with Gerry Lindgren in Portland, OR and he wanted to meet Galen Rupp who had finally broken his 40+ year old 5000 meter High School record.  I had the privilege of capturing the moment of their very first meeting.  Galen is all grown up now and leads a strong American team to London in the 5000.  His winning time last night (13:22.7) broke Steve Prefontaine’s Olympic Trials record.  He was also the winner of the  Trials 10,000 the first such double in 60 years.



8:30 pm CST.  David will take his best shot at making the USA Steeplechase team.  He’ll have a whole lot of love from Nebraska and beyond.  Months and months of hard work coming down to a single race, this is why the US Olympic selection policy is the greatest.  Everyone in the final has that chance to make the team, where else do you get that kind of drama?

I’ll get to see some excellence in the water this morning thanks to my buddy Keith Station over at the Omaha Sports Commission.  He called and asked if I’d like tickets to today’s session, what a swell guy.  Those folks over at the OSC have been up to their eyes in excellence with the College World Series, Swim Trials, and USA Club T&F National Championships all occurring within the span of two weeks.  Whew!

The Good Mates are gearing up for next weekend and no one is rounding into better shape than Matt Schneider.  He tore up last night’s 1K time trial running 2:33 in the 104 degrees and 20 mph South wind.  Andrew Jacob was next in 2:34 followed by Matt Pohren in 2:35 and Luka Thor is 2:36.  Megan Zavorka also did a solo 1K trial and Meghan Schneider helped Christina King hone some speed in a 1X400, 1X300, 2X200, 2X100 session.  Teamwork.

These lads are in shape.  They didn’t get that way by luck or sitting around on message boards all day.

Matt Schneider, perhaps in the best shape of his life.

Pure speed, teamwork, and Giddyup!


Just finished an easy 4 miler, this heat wave reminds me of the 20+ years I spent toiling in Texas.

And scorched earth.  And how controlled burns, and even sometimes uncontrolled like they are experiencing out in Colorado (take care Jordo!) most often result in nature’s wonder reinvigorating what is left with a renewed/rejuvinated landscape.  Yielding more beauty and variety than was previously present.

I’ve often been criticized for having a similar policy when it comes to my running ideals and associated programs.   If not quite Sherman’s March to the Sea, a “If you’re not with me you’re agin me” attitude as the saying goes.   I’ve leveled a few trees over the last decade.

But hark!  I look around me now and see sprouts everywhere!

Certainly the Omaha Endurance Group is foremost on the Omaha scene.  I’m noticing a few other programs too though.  A hale and hearty group of trail runners has sprung up.  Many of the local health clubs now have running groups.  The emerging Lincoln Running Company team.  A nice calendar of events at NEndruance, hosted by Adama Anderson.  An ever growing social group built around several former mates.  The continued sprawl of the Omaha Running Club.  All positive signs that running is alive and well in Nebraska.

Sometimes you just have to turn up the heat to get things moving.

Tonight’s meeting at Millard West will definitely be a hot one.  Bring your water bottles.  If you’d like a cryptic hint: 104 100s!





David’s credentials.  Photo by David Adams.

David leading heat one winner Evan Jager over the watter barrier.  Photo by Mike Scott.


Aubrey Baxter showing perfect form in the Hammer.  Photo by Victah Sailer.

Alice Schmidt is all smiles after punching her ticket to London.  The Elkhorn native making the team will be a favorite memory of the Trials for me.

The fastest half miler in Nebraska history shown here en route to winning the 2008 Omaha Mile in 4:37.

And finally,  Good Luck to my dear sweet Allison.  She competes today in Kansas City at the Culinary Arts National Championships, Baking Division.  She’s practiced hard and I know she’ll do her very best.


David made it through on time!

Place Athlete Name Affiliation Time Qual Heat(Pl)
1 Daniel Huling Reebok 8:29.00 Q 2 (1)
2 Benjamin Bruce adidas/McMillan Elite 8:29.11 Q 2 (2)
3 Kyle Alcorn Nike 8:29.27 Q 2 (3)
4 Augustus Maiyo Unattached 8:29.29 Q 2 (4)
5 Brian Olinger Reebok 8:30.08 Q 2 (5)
6 Evan Jager Nike / Oregon TC Elite 8:30.60 Q 1 (1)
7 Donald Cabral Princeton 8:30.64 Q 1 (2)
8 Craig Forys Unattached 8:30.85 Q 1 (3)
9 Cory Leslie Ohio State 8:31.08 Q 1 (4)
10 Joshua McAdams New Balance 8:31.15 Q 1 (5)
11 Donald Cowart Ragged Mountain Racing 8:31.51 q 2 (6)
12 David Adams Team Nebraska 8:32.17 q 1 (6)
13 Max King Central Oregon Running Klub 8:33.43 q 2 (7)
14 William Nelson New Balance 8:35.22 q 1 (7)

He’ll run Thursday night at the final!

Jared Shuurmans was 19th in the Discus with a toss of 56.94 meters:

19 Jared Schuurmans Brooks/Team Nebraska 56.94m 186-9 FOUL FOUL 56.94m
(19) 186-9


Math not being my strong suit I inadvertently put 3:25 instead of the correct 7:25 pm start time for David’s Steeple.   Thanks to Emily Langdon for the conversion inversion lesson.


This afternoon at 3:25 CST will be the qualifying round in the Men’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase.  Our David Adams will be on the biggest stage of his life, amazing that he is only 23 years old. It won’t be broadcast live but I’ll post the results as soon as the race is finished, may even be able to get some in race progress reports from Kelly Crawford who will be down on the track.

Jared Shuurmans is also representing Team Nebraska today, he’ll be throwing the Discus in the first flight of prelims scheduled for 1:30 CST.   I’ll get his result up as well.

Nod here to former Team Nebraska mate and Nebraska state High Jump record holder Randal Carter.  Randal won the USA Club National Championships for us back in 2010 in San Francisco.  He competed Saturday finishing 17th in a leap of 6′ 10 3/4″.  Randal now competes for the Omaha Racers.  Good to see another Nebraska Club committed to excellence!

Team Nebraska mate Paul Wilson won the 2010 Race Walk Championship at Club Nats.  He was the sole entrant, making his debut, scored 10 points for us, and had some very sore hips for the next few days.  This year we have entered Chris Tegtmeier.  Chris competed at Concordia University where he won the 2008 NAIA National Championships and competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials 20K Race Walk.  He has been battling health issues for the last couple of years but will still be The Man to beat on Sautrday morning, July 7th.  Giddyup!

We had Megan Zavorka and Haleigh Riggle give the USA Club Champs 10K qualifier one more go yesterday morning at the dojo.   Megan already has achieved the necessary 39:50 standard and was pacing Haleigh.  While Haleigh missed the time, she did set her 2nd 10K pr in 5 days trying.  Megan ran 37:31 at last fall’s Omaha Corporate Cup and  brings a fast 10:45 Steeplechase qualifier into Club Nats.  She’s also entered into the 5K with an 18:04 qualifier, catch her if you can!

The entry lists for Club Nationals are up at: Good to see that the Lincoln Running Company has been entering some athletes.

Cory Logsdon won the Road to Omaha 5K yesterday in 15:54.  Cory loves to race, does a lot of the local events, and is always In It To Win It.  He’ll be running the Steeplechase and 5K at Club Nats.

Team Nebraska, Lincoln Running Co., and Omaha Racers.  Real Racing and Real Competition has never been healthier in Nebraska and people are finally taking notice.  Viva la difference!

Great to have my dear sweet Katie back from Texas.  She spent the last week on a work camp trip through Rejoice Lutheran Church.  Learning the value of service to others, they did some big repairs to an elderly couple’s house and she comes back to me more grown up.  Her devotion group leader was Derek Fey, nice that  he could get to know a different side of the Lindgren story.   I appreciate all he did for her and the entire group and project.




Congratulations to our Aubrey Baxter for finishing 8th at last night’s USA Olympic Trials Hammer Throw with a throw of 68.77 meters.  You’ll get to see her do her thing here in Omaha in a couple of weeks.  At last year’s USA Club Track & Field National Championships Aubrey was named the Outstanding Female Athlete of the Meet for placing in the Hammer, Javelin, Discus, & Shot.  She’ll repeat that incredible quartet again July 6-7.

You’ll also get to see some other of our Team Nebraska hosses and their tosses.   Ross Buncheck will throw the Hammer, he brings a fine 66.20 qualifier from the Drake Relays earlier this year.  Jared Shurrmans will be throwing the Discus, he competes Monday in the qualifying rounds at the Trials in Eugene.

And if elevation is your thing, Nate Polacek will be competing in his specialty the Pole Vault, he cleared 5.44 meters (over 17′ 6″) at the Nebraska Tune Up this past February.  Ben Zuch is our High Jumper, he jumped 2.15 meters (7.05 feet) at the Concordia Indoor Invitational, also in February.

Matthew Schneider has been named Team Captain for this year’s Club Track & Field National Championships.  Matt has represented Team Nebraska with distinction since joining the club including being a 2 time Club Nats National Champion in the Steeplechase.

Thanks to Tim Langdon and his great work getting our Douglas County Visitor Improvement Fund grant approved.  Burke Stadium will have a brand new, USATF compliant Javelin Runway thanks to his skill with pen and paper.   Thanks too to Nancy Sempek for the generous support of the meet, she is the Nebraska Association President and has been a proponent of this effort from the very beginning.

And because I haven’t posted this photo yet and want to bid some dear friends au revoir:

Sarah DeSmet (that’s her I’m squeezing) and Linda Hendrickson (not pictured, drats) have been part of our Team Nebraska Community Outreach Program, the Omaha Endurance Group, for the past few years.  Both are moving today and we will miss them dearly.  We had the picture above framed with signatures for them as a memento from their friends in Omaha.  Thanks to Laurie Halpenny for coordinating.  What a great group of people.



To cause to become fluid, the rate of transfer of energy across a given surface.  Or, the promotion of fusion.

That word is bouncing around in my head for good reason today.  Life speeds change often, sometimes a casual saunter, other times a full tilt sprint.  I’m sprinting right now, the transfer rate of energy across my brain cells near warp speed.  A dozen and more lists limiting me to just a couple hours sleep last night.  Still up at 6 to meet a client.  Home and back on the computer trying to tie up details for July 6-7.

And as it often seems, something bigger than everything else popping right to the top, a stunner unexpected now taking up a lion’s share residency in the cerebrum and cerebellum.  Well timed and placed to be sure, kudos.

But also the promotion of fusion, yes.  The joining together and bonding in a structurally sound way.  Resolve holding the myriad details together, determination keeping the bigger picture intact.  Understanding that sometimes life isn’t just a picnic after all.

“That’s the wonderful thing about man; he never gets so discouraged or disgusted that he gives up doing it all over again, because he knows very well it is important and WORTH the doing.” Ray Bradbury Farenheit 451

OK, off the self indulgent soap box.

Great work to Matthew and Meghan Schneider this past weekend.  They were the overall winners at the Laugh-and-a-Half Marathon on Saturday.  Matt battled tough to run 1:11:07, Meghan was 6th overall in a new pr of 1:29:21.  Nebraska’s fastest long distance couple?

Cory Logsdon ran and won the Run 4 Trails 5K in Gretna in 15:50.  Nice work mate.

Here is the link to the Club National Championships schedule, please do plan on coming out and watching the Good Mates take on America’s best clubs!—Calendar/2012/USATF-National-Club-Track—Field-Championships/Schedule.aspx


Its good to be back in Omaha.  A mountain of work ahead of me before the USA Club T&F National Championships in just over two weeks, I’ll be glad when that puppy is put to bed.

Final thoughts on Duluth:  I was very proud of Luka Thor.  This young man had school until mid day Friday, flew to Minneapolis and then into Duluth, arriving ~5:00 pm.  Had a quick shake out run, supper, and then to bed to make the 4:15 am alarm, the buses to the start line departed at 5:00, the race gun went off at 6:15 am.  He still managed a 1:07:32 to finish 39th overall.  An amazingly deep field.  We discussed pre race strategy and the plan was to go out with the lead group, which he did.  He ran alongside always a mate Mike Morgan for the first two miles and passed the 5K point in a fast 14:43.  The strenuous day (and entire week for that matter) did take its toll though, and while a 1:07 is a dream time for most anyone, the goal of 1:04 slipped away.  Mike would go on to run 1:04:08 for 6th overall, darned proud of him!  That is just :04 off his lifetime pr set in Houston in 2005, his last race wearing the Red & White.

Congratulations as well to Stacy Horsham from our Wednesday night group.  Her pre race goal was to run a personal best sub 4 hour marathon, she handily beat that running 3:55:01.  She’s a serious runner and her husband Chad is a cool cat that I got to enjoy a few beers with and get to know better.

The North Shore of Minnesota seemed to strike a deep chord within me.  I found it to be a beautiful place that almost seemed like home.  The Scandinavian influence called out my own Swedish heritage, I easily slipped into the “OChristHeyDereOhYa” vernacular and thoroughly enjoyed breakfast of pickled herring, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, salami and bread.  The moderate temps and breathtaking natural vistas have me considering it for retirement.

Natalie Como, Haleigh Riggle, Megan Zavorka, Emily Kraus and Carolyn Meyer were the Fast Ladies you saw zipping around Zorinsky early this morning.  The five ladies battled some high humidity and 30+ mph winds in an attempt to get the Club Nats 10K qualifier of 39:50.  Linda on the lead bike clearing the way, me on the hind calling out splits, there were a lot of dropped jaws at how fleet the pack was moving.  Teamwork.  Team Nebraska.

The food was great in Minnesota.  White Fish, Walleye, Elk, root vegetables, and for dessert, attacking the pies!