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En route from the North Country. I will have a complete recap of the weekend in tomorrow’s column. Thanks to the many friends that hosted a much needed respite from the craziness and drudgery.


A man.  A plan.  I ran.  DNF.  Disappointment yesterday.  Felt like I disappointed Killer Coach, my friends tracking me, my non friends tracking me, Linda, and myself.

It started out as a near perfect morning with a ride to the start line on the elite bus, the coach with the bathroom in the back and plenty of leg room.  Relaxing banter with old friends Kelly Keeler and Jim Ramacier.  Arrived at the start line and was ushered to the special holding area that my vip pass allowed, so far so good.

Sixty degrees at the start with a 5-10 mph tail wind.  Beautiful.  Settled in to a comfortable 7:45 pace, a couple of quicker miles with the brief rollers on the early part of the course.  23:52 at 5K, a wink over 47 at 10K, 1:17 and small change at 10 miles, 1:42 and a nod at the half way point.  On schedule.

The temperatures had slowly climbed to 63-64 degrees and it still felt good.  Taking powerade and water at each opportunity, taking the offered ice and putting some in my hat, some in my britches, squeezing a sponge over my head, keeping cool.

Just after the half I was surprised as everyone when the wind began to shift to a cross off of Lake Superior, the clouds rolled in, and the temperature dropped fast.  And for so very many runners this would turn out to be just the thing to achieve a fast race and their personal goals.  But not me, and as I later found out, for Linda either.

Just after 15 miles I began to shiver, and then to cramp.  By 25K I was in worse shape than the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Kept telling myself that I could get over it, stopped and stretched the tightening muscles, rubbed them hard to generate some heat.  Back into pace, now over 8s but still encouraged that the 3:25 pace group hadn’t yet gobbled me up, oopsie, spoke to soon.

The next three miles were a reminder of my worst days with the marathon.  Legs as stiff as the beam work gracing the cottages lining Scenic Dr.  And by the way, this was the most beautiful marathon course I’ve ever seen.  The vistas of Lake Superior, the quaint villages along the route, the trees and bluffs and breathtaking views seemingly enough to keep one distracted for the miles and miles.

By 18 miles I was reduced to a painful shuffle and the realization that my day was done.  I came up to an aid station where they immediately wrapped me up, began pricking my finger, taking vitals, asking me if I knew where I was and what I was doing.  Up ahead at mile 23 Linda was getting an even more thorough going over, her core temperature being aggressively monitored, protocol.

And so our Grandma’s Marathon dream was finished.  Cruel mistress indeed.  There is no doubt that both of us are in the very best shape of our lives but that is why the gun goes off, why there is a line out in the distance that must be crossed.  That is the test then, and yesterday our mortal bodies were not up the positive spirit and fitness we brought to Two Harbours.

I’m over my disappointment this morning.  Will stick to the planned time off, recharge and refocus my intentions and aspirations.

A man, merely, after all.



Getting to see a lot of old friends here in Duluth.  I made a lot of them when the accompanying Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon served as our USA National Championships for that distance.  Refamiliarizing myself around every corner, reminding me of why this is one of my favorite cities anywhere.   Quaint little harbour town transforming into one of the most supportive communities you could hope to host a race in.  Lots of good coffee, good food, good beer, and plenty of friends.

Just finished catching up with Keith Hanson.  Mike Morgan is here and is really fit if nursing a bit of a nagging hamstring.    We talked about how important these championship opportunities are for developing athletes, how I’m hopeful Luka takes a similar track to greatness as Mike.  Also talked about the lessons learned with Brian Sell as it relates to the handling of Desi Davila,  her build up to the Olympic Games Marathon.  Keith & Kevin, two of the most respected and down to earth coaches/administrators in the entire U.S.  Doing things their own way, men after my own heart….

Big thanks to Race Director Scott Keenan for hooking Team Nebraska up with the sweet digs.  He and his staff do things right by the athletes and I feel priveleged to be hosted.

Shake out run went well this morning, the Lakefront Trail running along Lake Superior is beautiful.  Weather gods are cooperating, nothing but positive vibes all around.

Had a great surprise on the drive up yesterday.  Received a phone call from none other than Killer Coach himself.  A couplef final words of wisdom:
1) The race doesn’t start until 32K
2) When you feel like going, don’t!

Thanks for checking in, you know there will plenty to read about tomorrow afternoon, if anything Really Exciting happens between now and then I’ll post an update.  As for now, I’m just happy to be here.




A name that resounds of greatness.  Wishing our mate a great race at this weekend’s USA Half Marathon National Championships in Duluth.  He busted out a set of 300s in 40 seconds at last night’s Wednesday night track work.  His mythological namesake would have been impressed.  The 47 adults and 20 kids present sure were.

Good luck too to Stacy Horsham from our Wednesday night group, she also is running Grandma’s full and has trained diligently.  And everyone else that is making the trek North, I know there are a few of you.  The weather looks to be near perfect if you like sixty degrees.  All of our Good Clean Living has paid off.

I’ll try and update as a field correspondent, thanks for checking in tomorrow and certainly for the race recap on Saturday.


I’ll leave you with a few pics from Tuesday’s 1500 meters in Lincoln, thanks Brian Wandzilak for organizing this Club Nats qualifier event:

David ran well under 4:00.

Matt Schneider battled tough to edge Matt Pohren.

Andrew Jacob in full flight.



Well the Killer Coach Marathon Training Program is in the books.  Only Friday’s 5 mile shakeout before Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday.  You can sign up to track Linda & me by going to follow the instructions and you can watch us fly.

What started on Monday, January 2nd finished up with this morning’s 6 X 400 at Millard West.  Our fastest of the training cycle.

Somewhere in the middle I ran 1,639.5 miles.

Fifteen runs of 20 miles or longer.

Bobbies and Penpions and Scorpions amounting to hundreds of hill repeats, both up and down.

Mexicans and Kenyans for several hundred miles of fartlek.

191 quarter mile repeats.  Let that sink in a moment.

Dash For Diamonds 5K, State Farm 10 Mile, Gambler Half Marathon, USA 25K National Championships, Hospital Hill 10K.  I’m 5-0 versus my formidable and talented training partner. Take out Hospital Hill and my total margin of victories is less than 1 minute.  She’s kicked my butt on most every training run and is damn fit.  So am I.  Hubris!

3 days off.  One day with a tight adductor, one day prior to the 25K, one day off tomorrow to drive to Duluth.

Thank you Killer Coach Glen van der Westhuizen for the most amazing journey in my 30+ years of running.  It has been a privilege to be coached by you, I gave it my all in return. It has been a thrill to share the highs with my readers, exposing them to one of the best coaches in the world.  Linda & I will do our Very Best on Saturday morning, as we have for the last 19 weeks.






Take a minute here, a minute there, wait one here, put another there.  Matt Pohren and I just spent 90 minutes on a conference call with Bill Roe, Andy Martin, and Devon Martin finalizing the 2012 USATF Club National Championships schedule for July 6-7.  Whew!

This has been an amazing, if agonizing, experience for me.  I’ve never put on a track meet before but am serving as the director for the biggest event of the year for our USATF Elite Development Clubs.  If I had any hair I’d be losing it.  I’ve learned a heck of a lot on the fly, counted on a handful of good and knowledgeable people, said a few prayers, and will howl at the moon when this thing is finally completed.

It has been a dream of mine for the last 10 years to bring the attention of the United States to Nebraska by hosting a National Championships.  I thought it would be a LDR Road Championships first, then hoped to resurrect the Marathon Road Relay, but finally found the right event and then venue.  I tried to land Club Nats in Lincoln originally, but found the gem of Burke Stadium right in my own backyard.  Since submitting the successful bid at the Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach in December of 2010 I’ve lost hundreds of hours of sleep worrying over details known and unknown.  It is odd that with the event now just weeks away I’m beginning to sleep like a baby.

Another phone call with the national office tomorrow and I’ll be ready to head out of town for my Adventure in Duluth.  The marathon training I’ve done has been the anchor in an otherwise stormy sea of anticipation and worry about the upcoming Big Show.  Hope you are all planning on coming out one or both days to enjoy!

I walked into Radio Shack yesterday and some cat was still wearing his Warrior Dash helmet.  I asked him how it went and he said he was a “Real Warrior” now.  When asked his time he replied he averaged just over 23:00/mile.  Further queries revealed it was his first race ever and that he didn’t plan on doing another, he’d accomplished a bucket list item and was now proud to be considered, again, a “Real Warrior”.  He asked me if I ran it and I told him no then excitedly told him I’ve trained up over 1600 miles for this coming weekend’s Grandma’s Marathon.  His reply, an echo of the last several months, “Dude, I haven’t driven that far this year!”  I wanted to congratulate him but rather sighed and walked away, lamenting today’s “we’re all winners culture”, more resolute than ever to accomplish something far more difficult and grand and beyond the scope of imagination of this newly crowned Warrior.

I drove away dreaming Big Dreams, bigger than National Championships, bigger than marathons, dreaming my life on the hot edge of singular pursuits and remarkable achievements, fearing neither success nor failure, eagerly anticipating the challenges of Real Living, wherever they may lay, knowing only then can I consider my life truly and well lived.  I’m driving that far.


Few things bring people together better than breaking bread.  It was with much surprise and delight that I found myself dining Saturday with the leader of one of the local USATF Competitive Running Clubs.  An easy conversation over roasted pork loin, salads, and Boulevard Wheat.  Nice to catch up on the state of affairs, discuss the shared concerns and issues facing those of us that care the most about Real Racing in Nebraska.  Welcome to Omaha Logan and Jenna Watley, you and the rest of your Lincoln Running Company mates are invited to run with us anytime as you pursue your aspirations of excellence.

The Lincoln Running Company handed Team Nebraska a rare defeat at Saturday’s Havelock 10K.  Our Matt Schneider took the overall win but LRC to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, to take the team title, congratulations.  The most competitive Havelock 10K in years and years, the result of both club’s commitment to Real Racing!  *** = Team Nebraska

1 Matthew Schneider         Lincoln NE           26 M         32:50   5:17***
2 Neil Wolford                     Hastings NE          24 M         33:01   5:19
3 Eric Noel                             Lincoln NE           24 M         33:24    5:23
4 Michael Rathje              Lincoln NE              22 M         33:34   5:25
5 Cory Logsdon              Omaha NE                24 M          33:45   5:26***
6 Tom Nichols                  Lincoln NE           29 M             33:48   5:27
7 Colin Morrissey           Omaha NE             22 M            34:11    5:30
8 Andrew Jacob             Lincoln NE           25 M              34:43   5:36***
9 Keith Matiskella      Leavenworth KS    40 M             34:50    5:37
10 Johnny Rutford      Lincoln NE            21 M              35:03   5:39
11 David Bohlken         Omaha NE             26 M               35:24   5:42***
12 Ryan Regnier           Lincoln NE             36 M               35:36  5:44
13 Cheto Cerda               Lincoln NE           26 M                35:43  5:45***
14 Tom Woods                Lincoln NE             40 M              35:43  5:45
15 Shain Kephart            Arlington NE        26 M             35:55  5:47***

Elsewhere, Jimmie Doherty took the overall win at the Antler Stampede 5K  in Elkhorn and Shannon Stenger made a successful return to road racing, his first in well over a year, by taking the title at the Springfield Days 5K.  Low key events with a small town flavor, but a good chance to get out and blow some rust off and represent the Good Mates.  Agustin Delgado tackled a tough hot and humid morning at the Marathon to Marathon in Iowa but soldiered on and finished in 4:20.  Darned proud of you for not giving up Agustin, you’ll get a good day eventually!

Peter vd Westhuizen ran the Adidas Grand Prix 1500 in NYC on Saturday, finishing 9th in 3:37 in what he describes as a boxing match.  Twenty entrants, just too many people in one race.

Please check out the sweet video from David Adams’ fundraiser last Wednesday night.

A real pleasure to meet regular readers in the community.  I had the opportunity to run with Tony Wolford during much of Sunday’s run on the Wabash Trace.  Interesting fellow and I thoroughly enjoyed the company.

And to the young buck that took my olive branch and converted it into a cudgel on Saturday morning’s run at the dojo, lighten up!   Life’s too short for such silliness, maybe we should break some bread.



Busy as the dickens this morning.  So, I’ll wish our Havelock Team of Matt Schneider, Shain Kephart, Cheto Cerda, David Bohlken, Andrew Jacob, and Cory Logsdon great racing.  And leave you with a quote, thanks to my buddy John Walker for posting on fb-

“‎”Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys…It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. Its the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each …and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there’s not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fiber in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel. And when you’ve finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that’s all that you can ask for.”-Paul Maurer……


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that came out for David Adams Olympic Trials fundraiser last night.  We had a turnout of well over 100 fans and friends.  Our goal of raising $3500 was easily met due to the kindness of so many people.

Thank you to WOWT and KPTM for coming out and giving some well deserved coverage to David.  I hope you caught their coverage on the 10:00 news, if not you can still catch it on line.

Thank you to Rachel Carrizales who drove all the way from Grand Island to support her teammate.  And to Eric Rasmussen who drove in from York.  And to Matt & Meghan Schneider who came in from West Point.  And to the dozen and more other Team Nebraska mates that were on hand to either participate in the workout or just be there for moral/financial support.  I love this team.

Thank you to Burke High School for the facility, and especially Coach Mike Mingo, you are now officially on my Christmas Card list.

Thank you to all the contributors that provided raffle prizes.  The biggie of the night was a Garmin thingy valued at nearly $300.

Thank you to Gary Wasserman for being such a classy guy.  He won the Garmin and proceeded to give it to Luka Thor.  More than a couple moist eyes over such a kind and generous gesture.

Thank you to the parents that brought your kids out, those 100 meters with David will be a memory they can have forever.

Thank you to David for bringing such a bright spotlight to Team Nebraska, who we are, what we are about.  Thank you to wife Bethany for being there for David and supporting his dream.

Thank you.  Two big words that can hardly express the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards the entire running community.  I know David feels the same.

I hope these kiddos get a chance to look back on this pic in another 20 years.  Silas Wilson (in the hat) threw in a big surge to nip David at the line.

Matt Pohren has been a regular training partner of David’s.  So have Luka Thor and Andrew Jacob.  All have benefited greatly from the team centered training.

David finishing his 6th and final 1/4 mile, all run in a very fast 56 seconds.


Yes I Can.

Success Breeds Success.

Coach is Right.

Fear no workout.

Giddyup Good Mate!

Go David Go!

Big Blue Run.

I was trying to keep things simple during this morning’s workout.  With my goal race fast approaching it is so important to not get caught up in the mental gymnastics that inevitably arise.  Three word affirmations, simply put to keep the mind clear.

Yes I can- The legs have been shredded since the weekend and today’s scheduled time trial loomed large.  What about the heat?  The cumulative fatigue of the last 5 days?  Can I do this?  Yes I can.

Success Breeds Success- I have so much confidence right now.  I’ve conquered 99% of the workouts that have been prescribed.  Little victories adding up to a positive mindset that enables the pursuit and achievement of subsequent efforts.  Success Breeds Success.

Coach is Right- The results of the spring and early summer speak volumes.  I’ve raced more and better these past few months than I have in many years.  I’ve placed full confidence in Killer Coach’s direction and the yield has been bountiful.  Coach is Right.

Fear no workout- Its a workout, a test of fitness, not a life and death circumstance.  Put your shoes on, head out the door, and try your very best.  The base fitness and cultured speed will carry the day.  Fear no workout.

Giddyup Good Mate!- The same cajole I use for the rest of the team applies to me as well.  I train hard and so do they.  I expect that extra effort from them and myself.  The little extra something that comes from being on Team Nebraska is worth just enough to reach relative excellence.  Giddyup Good Mate!

Go David Go!- Come and watch him fly this evening at Burke Stadium.  It will be the fastest set of quarters you’ve witnessed in your life and you’ll be able to say, “I was there that night…”  If you can’t make it out you can go to and make an online donation through paypal.   Go David Go!

Big Blue Run- Our 3rd annual prostate cancer awareness event will be September 29 at Miller’s Landing.  The Run/Walk will once again benefit the Midwest Prostate Cancer Coalition. Registration will be up soon on   Someone you know has been touched by this disease, please do mark you calendars and plan on coming out to support this worthy cause.  Big Blue Run.