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This Sunday’s 25th Annual Lake Wehrspann 10K is USATF Certified,

I met with Gary Meyer yesterday, he was just finishing up the certification work for the Boxer 500, that will be held Sunday August 12th.  He is also certifying the 30th annual YMCA Masters Classic 15K on October 28th.  And the Market to Market 50K.  And re-designing the Omaha Half Marathon and Marathon courses for certification.  Busy guy Gary and I couldn’t be happier.

Of course the Omaha Corporate Cup 10K on September 16th is too: As is the Big Blue Run 5K on September 29th,  And the Race For The Cure the following week,

It took a while but race directors in Omaha are finally getting it.  USATF Course Certification adds value to any road event, period.  And that is only going to benefit our state in the long run.  The USATF Athlete Development Program has considerable opportunities (and a couple of strong local advocates) for up and coming runners from our state.  Certain time standards must be met for consideration but that is only half the equation.  The performances Must have been met on a USATF Certified course.  And that is why I’m a little closer to fine than I was just a few years ago.  I appreciate all of the Race Directors out there that understand how important this is to our elite, developing, serious, competitive, Real runners.  And even those that aren’t looking to run a USA National Championships event, you too can count results on certified events as bona fide.  That matters to more and more paying customers all the time.  Nice. Matt Schneider is a Real Nebraska Runner.  He’s begun training for his fall marathon (Des Moines) and will be working his butt off under Killer Coach’s tutelage.  Matt is chronicling his journey at: Photo courtesy of Meghan Schneider.


Started back on Killer Coach training yesterday, long slow run and nailed 10+ miles, but the plantar fasciitis ruled me this morning.  So it was off to the pool, 10 minute aqua running warm up, swim 500 yards, then aqua running again, 3 X 4:20 at 5K race effort and a short warm down.  I might could have gone out and tried this at the dojo but I’ll opt for Safety and patience until this pain fades sufficiently.

Felt a little goofy rocking the speedos and goggles for the first time in over a year.   I’ve been down this wet road before though and nothing is more similar to running on land than running in water.

A  heck of a workout and that is all that matters this day.  I’ll take this PF business one day at a time but won’t sacrifice effort or fitness at all.  Or as my Old Buddy Dave used to say, “Aqua Jogging Rocks”.

Congrats to our mates Eric Rasmussen, Ivan Marsh, and Cory Logsdon for winning their respective races this weekend.  Eric a 5K in Harvard, NE and Cory a 10K here in Omaha.  Neither certified but good efforts anyway.  Jeff Nielsen took 2nd out in Harvard so it was a good showing for the Good Mates in Red & White.  Ivan won a 13.1 mile night trail run, the Heifer Hustle, out at Platte River State Park.  Todd Nott was among the very top finishers as well, haven’t seen any official results.

I see where the 14th annual Ted E. Bear Hollow has dropped the 10K portion of its race, preferring to focus solely on the 5K and the walk.  The event raises funds for such a very worthy cause but sad as the 10K was usually quite competitive.  I’m all for incorporating walks and making an event more accessible to the masses but am against eliminating the competitive aspect of our sport, you really can have both.  Shame.




Find 15:00 today for the above link to learn about one of the most famous and tragic 1500 meter runners in Olympic history.  Thanks to my old buddy Ray Lapinski for digging up this gem.

We lost an American Running Icon yesterday;  From David Monti and Race Results Weekly ( bolding is mine and indicates what made him a hero of my era):
News outlets in the American Southwest are reporting that eight-time USA cross country champion Pat Porter was killed when a plane he was piloting went off a runway in Sedona, Ariz., and burst into flames yesterday (Thursday).  Porter, a two-time Olympian at 10,000m who finished in the top-10 at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships four times, was 53.
Details about the crash remain sketchy, but local police said that there were three people on board the plane and none survived.  An Albuquerque television station said that there were two children on the plane with Porter (Porter lived in Albuquerque).  Local news outlets have not been able to confirm the identities of the children, but Porter’s daughter was not on the plane, according to the Albuquerque Journal newspaper.
Porter was born in Wadena, Minn., and went to Evergreen High School in Evergreen, Colo.  He ran for Adams State College in Alamosa, Colo., under coach Joe Vigil.  Porter’s best times on the track were 7:51.00 for 3000m, 13:33.91 for 5000m and 27:46.80 for 10,000m according to the respected statistics site,  But Porter did his best running over hill and dale, winning eight consecutive national cross country titles from 1982 to 1989.
Porter was married to former high jumper Trish Porter (born Trish King) who finished second at the 1988 USA Olympic Trials and jumped in the Seoul Olympics.  She had a personal best of 196cm.  The couple have two children, son Connor (15) and daughter Shannon (11).”

Happy to report that I ran 6.25 miles this morning completely pain free, if feeling like a fatty mcfatty (tipped in pre run this morning at a voluptuous 155).  Followed Killer Coach’s instructions, 3 weeks + 1 day off and Viola! Looking ahead to the fall now.

Sad to report that rascal the Prince of Monaco never delivered on my request for transportation and tickets to the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.  Guess I’ll have to watch it with the commoners after all.

Be sure and check for my picks in the races, I’ll be posting them up before the gun goes off.


We had another great turnout at last night’s track work.  Lured by the promise of cooler temps, the hale and hearty attacked full sets of quarter mile repeats.  Some found speed they didn’t know they had, some stared Honesty right in the face, and all marveled at the effort put forth by each and every one.

Where else but Millard West at 6:00 can you find Luka and Andrew cranking out :64s right along side those cranking out 2:30s for the same oval?  While the talent is vastly different, in this we are all the same: WORK.

Even though the expected cool front didn’t come until the final minutes of practice, there wasn’t a single balk at the evening’s rigors.  Our streamlined format has resulted in an ever deepening camaraderie of effort shared.  And some big surprises.  This was the fastest, as a group, workout of the year.  Road Racers, Trail Runners, Ultra Aces, Triathletes, all lining up with each other and pulling one another to speedy results.

My three stopwatches becoming batons conducting an orchestra of sweat, the crescendo of groans and cheers becoming a masterpiece in and of itself, each person playing a vital and equal part in this symphony of fitness, a harmony of effort and joy filling our hearts.

No wonder I leave the track each Wednesday night feeling proud and full of love.  The following gathering for burgers and beer a mere afterglow to the real beauty of the evening.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to experience this, reminding me that in running, we really are all the same despite our differences.



PDF of Race Flyer Here

A must do race for everyone that knows Gary Julin. Hope to see all of Gary’s friends on Friday, October 12th!

GIDDY-UP FOR GARY 5K (A benefit for the Lewy Body Dementia Association)
(This event is a Performance presentation)
RACE DETAILS: Date: Friday, Oct. 12 Time: 7 p.m.
Where: Peak Performance, 78th and Cass
Fees: $30 until Oct. 6; $40 after; $45 on race day (T-shirt included)
Packet Pickup: Oct. 11, 2 to 6 p.m. Peak Performance 78th and Cass

Congratulations to our mate Cory Logsdon for being accepted into the elite field of the Twin Cities Marathon (good work Linda!).  Cory was in Great Shape for last spring’s Boston Marathon, encountered record heat and was still Nebraska’s top finisher.  He’ll look for a better weather day and a huge pr in Minneapolis this coming October.

Stopped to refill the H2O bottle on this morning’s 20 mile bike ride and met a woman with seven (7!) sons.  Immediately clear as a bell that I should offer her a “Family Rate” for our kids runs this upcoming fall.  If you’ve got three or more kids and want to enter them into our races we’ll offer a special discount of $10/each*.  Doing what we can to promote healthy lifestyles for Nebraska’s youth.  *Little Goblins Run @ Vala’s Pumpkin Patch will also add the standard park entry fee that is included in all race registrations.

Wednesday Night Track at Millard West tonight, 6:00 pm.  Be ready to get some speed on as the temps should be a lot cooler than the last couple of weeks.  Tanner’s afterwards for $5 burgers and discounted pints!




Twenty two miles on the bike this morning, rode out to Parque Estado Dos Rios, the park has a whole different perspective when you’re on wheels.  Same with the dojo yesterday, viewing from the water side, paddling peacefully and seeing things I’ve never seen before.  Metaphor for what I’m seeing happening running wise here in the Omaha Metro.  I hardly recognize the local running scene compared to just a couple of years ago.   Its no longer just me railing against the status quo, there has been development and I sense the awakening of an entire community.  That should benefit everyone, from first to last, road to trails, track to triathlon.

We’ve got registration up for the Swamp Stomp 8K Trail Run and Cajun Festival (Oct. 20),, note that we have added a Gumbo 2 Mile for those that would like to come out and enjoy the park but are a little timid about the 8K distance.  Little Gator Gallops of 40yd Diaper Dash, 400 meter and 800 meters for the kiddos.  The 8K will be a perfect tune up for the GOATZ 5 Mile, 10.5, 21 and 50K Trail Runs scheduled for October 28th.

Also up is the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Trail of Terrors 5K and Monster Dash Mile (Oct. 27),, the Mile has been added this year and opens the event up to the entire family.  Little Goblins Run of 40 yard Diaper Dash, 400 meter and 800 meters again offered for the youngsters.

You’ll see that our events have changed perspective somewhat as we emphasize participation for the entire running community, while of course still keeping Real Competition up front.  We are making every effort to show the entire family some Fun Fall Fitness.  We are also hoping to capitalize on the recent popularity of Trail Running, while we haven’t previously described our runs as such, they certainly are run on trails and will be marketed that way moving forward.

Looking forward to seeing you on the roads, track and trails and hoping you’ll give us a look with a fresh perspective as well.




Sounds like a score from the Olympics basketball court.  A buck fifty three, that is what I tipped the scale this morning, the most I’ve ever weighed in my life.  One-oh-five, the temperature yesterday and today’s forecast too.

If I were out running, especially in this heat, I’d be 10-15 pounds lighter, almost 3 weeks of semi sedentary has really packed them on my tiny frame.  Two years ago I had a hard time keeping up to 135 over the summer.

The good news is once I get back to it, things will normalize metabolically.  Bad news is I’ve been diagnosed with a deep bone bruise in my right foot and am off for another 2-4 weeks.  From the best shape in my life to maybe the worst in just a matter of 6 weeks.  I have been getting back out on the Felt, my sweet road bike, and did kayak around Zorinsky this morning, but nothing beats running, running, running.  Guess its my turn to practice the patience that I preach…

Not everyone is sitting around getting fat though, some of the mates were actually quite busy:

The Downtown Run Around 5 Mile showed once again that the Lincoln Running Company Racing team is Real.  While Good Mate Eric Rasmussen ran to the overall win (26:24), LRC took the next 3 spots with Eric Noel (26:54), Tom Nichols (27:09) and Logan Watley (27:21) all showing well.  Mates Matt Seiler (6th, 28:09) and Andrew Jacob (7th, 28:25) also placed for Team Nebraska.  On the Women’s side, our Meghan Schneider ran a peronal best 32:40 for 3rd behind Kaci Lickteig‘s winning 29:34 and runner up Shelby Tucker‘s 31:21.

It was a busy weekend all around the Omaha Metro as less competitive events were held in Bellevue, Yutan, Gretna, and Tranquility Park.  At least five races/runs in one weekend, pretty good for Nebraska.  The Cornhusker State Games was also conducting its age group track events.  Special thanks to the Omaha World Herald for publishing results from all of these events, top 10 men and women, I think this is a first and another bright spot of hope for expanded coverage for our sport.

Down in Hereford,  Texas, Ricky Trevino won the 28th annual Greg Black Memorial Run 10K in 35:04.  And up at Lake Okoboji David Bohlken won the 10K in 35:36.  Good showing all around mates!

And a late result from last weekend’s Fremont Duathlon:  Overall winning team was Andrew Jacob who ran his 2 mile legs in 10:20 and 10:32 partnering with Rich Pearson who rode the 12 mile bike course in a very fast 26.5 mph.  The winning Mixed Team was Meghan Schneider (12:38, 12:36) and Jeff Jacob (22.3 mph).  As most of you may know, Jeff is Andrew and Meghan’s father, a stud back in the day and still is.

Speaking of biking and studettes, I was finishing my 20 miler yesterday and bumped (figuratively) into Danielle Galvin and Kathy Palmer.  They were in the middle of a little thing they called the “Terrible Triple” or something equally as frightening.  Long ride, run, long ride, run, long ride, run.  Over 7 hours of training in one day, these women are amazing!

And speaking of tri studettes, a congratulations to some time Wednesday Night Track runner Lisa Martone for finishing yesterday’s Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid, NY.  Just wow!



One of the things that makes life beautiful is music.  I’ve returned recently to this passion and truly,  “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage breast”. Not the background noise of today’s hip-pop culture, but music that is meant to be really listened to, absorbed and moved by.  And if you are fortunate enough to have a Dual CS 604 turntable and some LPs, all the better.

My new buddy Ryan Dahlberg from Duluth has helped me tune in to some of the finer stuff from that city’s blossoming talent and if you take a moment you too can enjoy a brief respite from your own crazy world.  Here’s the link to his site: If you listen to only one song, click on Caroline Smith’s amazing acoustic version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, just over 4 minutes of pure ear bliss.

The explosion of YouTube music has also reignited my love for a lot of vintage stuff, recordings from my era that I never knew existed but have delighted in seeing/hearing again.  And some newer stuff, striking a chord with the dancer in me, thanks to my old buddy Tom Cotner for sending this along from the Kings of Convenience, “I’d Rather Dance With You” Interestingly, I identify with this video as a capsule of some of my experiences here in Omaha, I’d rather dance, than talk with you, its my nature.

Time signatures can also be another way to look at personal bests.  Back in the day it was common for people to be introduced as “I’d like you to meet Will, he’s a 2:40s marathoner”.  “Will, this is Tim, a 2:30 guy, and his lady friend Emily a 36 10K’er”.  That signature can change for a good part of your running career but you’ll eventually have one to have and hold forever, the way of the running world.

I think personal bests still count for people, just not as many as in days of yore.  I know they matter to everyone on Team Nebraska.

This came up at last night’s interview with Team Nebraska’s newest mate Jeremiah Feine.  This interview process is  relatively new when considering potential members, is mirrored off several of the other most successful clubs in the U.S., and has proven very beneficial.  Jeremiah had all the right answers and we welcome this 15:30/1:13 guy to the ranks of our young, developing distance corps.

Having some fun crafting our teams for Market to Market this year.  The last three years runaway victories for our open men and co-ed teams could be in jeapordy.  With the loss of David Adams, Matt & Meghan Schneider doing a fall marathon, Megan Zavorka and York Thomas also debuting at 26.2 the day after Mkt2Mkt, things should get a little more interesting.  I have a feeling Lincoln Running Company Racing will be gunning hard for us and Ndorfnz Racing is undoubtedly looking  for a chink in our armour as well.  This will be the year many of our B athletes get their moment in the sun, their chance to shine.  Their opportunity to add their time signatures to the traveling trophies that we like to call our own.  Hubris!

Good luck to David Bohlken at tomorrow’s Lake Okoboji 10K.  Also good luck, great racing, and Giddyup to Meghan Schneider at the Columbus Downtown Runaround 5 Mile.







Last night’s Wednesday Night Track Work was just the breath of fresh air I needed to get out of my minor funk.  A nice size group braved the 95+ degree temps, were rewarded with a tough assignment, and completed the session better runners for it.  If I’ve tried to tend towards kid gloves during this heat, the athletes will have none of that.  Preferring rather to be tested if toasted.  What an inspiration to me and to everyone attending to see each other giving it their very best, whether it be fast set of 800s or the 400/200 mix for those needing even quicker turnover.  We welcomed 4 new members last night and that too is a joy.  As always, thanks to my able Assistant Coaches John Tully and Kelly Crawford for keeping things flowing smoothly, especially Coach John who really has his thumb on the pulse of the group.    Coach Linda had a good turnout for the Kids Fit Program, the little rascals learning how to mix Fun & Fitness in the summertime.    Burgers and beers at Tanner’s afterwards, just the tonic for my soul.

We welcomed Amy Bagee to the workout last night and to the ranks of the Good Mates.  She brings an 800 meter pedigree (2:09 pr) and will be moving up to some slightly longer stuff this fall, makes an excellent addition to our Team Nebraska ladies.

Back at the track this morning with my client Tammy B.  She has made incredible progress since we started working together in March, ran consecutive personal bests this morning during a couple of 400s followed by a full set of 200s.  She now knows the joy of 6:00 pace.

The Bellevue Barnburner 10K is set for Saturday, July 28th.  “The run starts and finishes at Washington Park near 20th Ave and Franklin St. The course features a few rolling hills which add character to the event, and the hills are good for utilizing various muscle groups. A great tee-shirt is available for individuals that have their registrations postmarked by mid July. The run is a fundraiser for the Bellevue Optimists, a group that works with children throughout the Bellevue area.”

Online registration is up for the 3rd Annual Big Blue Walk/Run.  Set for Saturday, September 29th, there is a new emphasis with this event, gearing more towards participation and the fundraising aspect rather than sheer competition.  There will be a 1 Mile Walk and the  5K will also include a walk.  The 5K route traverses the scenic Bob Kerrey Bridge and is USATF Certified, NE11010KU, so it will count for those choosing to race and looking for honest personal bests and will serve at the USATF Nebraska Association championships for that distance.  Details on the kids run will be forthcoming.  All proceeds from the Big Blue Walk/Run remain in the Omaha Metro and go towards prostate cancer awareness and education.  Please go to: and register today!

Registration will also soon be up for the 7th Annual Swamp Stomp 8K Trail Run & Cajun Festival (Saturday, October 20th) and the 6th Annual Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Monster Dash Trail of Terrors 5K (Saturday October 27th).

Thanks for marking your calendars and coming out to support both of these family, fitness, fun events.

Map for the Big Blue 5K:


Here’s the link to the track and field schedule for London.  Looks like Friday, August 3rd will kick things off.  In 1984 the Bayshore Sun in LaPorte, TX contracted me to write a series of Los Angeles Olympic Medal predictions and follow up articles.  I think I’ll do the same this year, should be fun to see how they go.

Tip of the sombrero to Keith Long of the Kansas City Smoke.   The 55 year old wunderkind set a new State Record last Saturday running 34:38 at the Wichita 10K.  I know he is glad that race was USATF Certified!

Pedestrianism.  The art of walking.  While I’m not running at all I am getting in a morning walk around the dojo’s west loop.  Enjoying the leisurely stroll but can’t wait to get my giddyup on again.

My dear sweet Alli is in New Orleans this week for a church function, busy girl her.  Just me and dear sweet Katie in this big old house, and she with a full babysitting/social calendar.  Empty nest creeping ever more near and I don’t care for its shadow at all.  Hug your kids today.  Maybe I’ll go after that Wal Mart greeter position after all….