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Days are getting shorter, runs are getting longer.

The Omaha Marathon is this coming weekend.  And then Twin Cities, Chicago, Des Moines, and a few others.  And a couple of local 50Ks.  We’ve got a few athletes training up for the Market to Market 50K.  Linda ran 28 miles yesterday and is cranking out another 15 today as I sit here with coffee and keyboard, Giddyup girl!  Ashley Shurman will be running the 50K too, she’ll use the Omaha Marathon as a tune up.  And it should be a real battle between our lads Jeremy Morris, Ivan Marsh, Todd Nott, and Tim Langdon on the men’s side of the 50K.  Ivan won this past weekend’s Bohemian Alps 50K and Todd was 2nd.

An update on yesterday’s report that we will have co-chairs for the USATF Nebraska Association LDR committee.  Derek Fey has decided not to serve.  We still seek and look forward to Derek’s input (as well as  Lincoln Running Co. Racing, Apollo Racing, and our other Nebraska Association LDR Clubs) as we move forward over the next two years.   Matt Pohren will do a great job leading us all.

I’m a running geek.  Just added to my collection of memorabalia is the pair of Brooks half tights worn by David Adams when he broke the 4:00 mile earlier this year.  Thanks David for sending those (and the rest of the sweet swag).  There is a penny in the back zippered pocket of the tights, I’m wondering if it was a lucky one there by design?

The Red Dirt Running Company‘s grand opening is just days away.  Hoping to open the doors this Thursday but absolutely no later than Saturday.  Ben & Ande are working around the clock getting things set up, you are going to dig the look and vibe and selection and service oriented staff.

Going to be a Very Tough week for me.  My dear sweet Allison starts classes at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute this Friday morning.  I’ll be putting her on a plane to Coos Bay and won’t see her again until Christmas.  My heart is soaring and breaking at the same time.  Just two weeks past her 18th birthday and already striking her own path in life.  I couldn’t be prouder.

The long and short of the Omaha Corporate Cup’s competitive field.  Team Nebraska’s Andrew Jacob (6’7″) towers over 13 year old Seth Hirsch.  It was amazing to see them approaching the final turn together.  Andrew pr’d (33:44) and Seth set a Nebraska state record for 13 year olds (33:50).




I have done what I could, let those who can do better.

And so it goes.  The USATF Nebraska Association elections were yesterday, as fate would have it, the new LDR Chair vote was a deadlock.  In the new spirit of cooperation, c0-chairs were elected instead of  long debate and  re-votes.  Team Nebraska’s Matt Pohren and Ndorfnz Racing’s Derek Fey will lead Nebraska’s Long Distance Running committee for the next two years.  I told them it would take four feet to fill the shoes I’m leaving behind, obviously departing with my ego in tact.   John Wissler was elected as the new Nebraska Association President.  Logan Watley of the Lincoln Running Company Racing Team was elected treasurer.  It is a new day for Nebraska USATF.  Let those who can, do better.

Personal highlight of the meeting was Matt announcing the Will Lindgren LDR Scholarship that will be awarded annually to deserving graduating high school seniors (one boy and one girl) that have declared to compete collegiately in track or cross country.  Nice to have my service to the organization honored this way, I’ll admit to getting just a little choked up and at a loss for words.

Omaha Corporate Cup recap:  UNK star Tanner Fruit stole the day with his 30:56 winning time.  Kaci Lickteig (36:33) won a close battle with Amanda Lee (36:37) for the women’s title.

In the Team Competition (Team Nebraska, Lincoln Running Co. Racing, and Ndorfnz Racing all competed under the “Community Division”), top 3 scores, it shook out like this as best as I can tell:
Open Men
1.  Team Nebraska
(2. Eric Rasmussen, 31:09, 4. Luka Thor, 31:53, 5. Matt Pohren, 31:54)
2. Lincoln Running Co. Racing
(3. Tom Nichols, 31:43, 6. Neil Wolford, 32:21, 7. Eric Noel, 33:16)
3. Ndorfnz Racing
(10. Seth Hirsch, 33:50**, 15. Scott Haug, 34:51, 20. Jason Zakaras, 35:40)
**age 13, state record

Open Women
1. Team Nebraska
(4. Natalie Como, 37:29 (pr), 5. Megan Zavorka, 37:59, 6. Shannon Mauser-Suing, 38:06 *4:00 pr!)
2. Ndorfnz Racing
(1. Kaci Lickteig, 36:33 (pr), 10. Maureen Larsen, 39:23, 13. Courtney Mann, 39:55)

It was a morning full of personal bests.
9.  Andrew Jacob – 33:44 (pr)
11. York Thomas- 34:11
14. Gerald Kubiak, 34:39
30. Lee Anderson- 37:16
64. Agustin Delgado- 39:39 (pr)
xx. John Tully- 59:24 (broken foot at 5 miles)

9. Carolyn Meyer- 38:58 (2:00 pr!)
12. Emily Kraus- 39:39
15. Halleigh Riggle- 40:34 (pr)
17. Carole Swanson- 40:40 (masters pr)
19. Joy Shulz- 41:40 (pr)
22. Kristin Ramm- 42:09 (pr)
25. Suzanne Higgins- 43:06 (pr)
27. Linda Barnhart- 43:09
37. Amy Bagee- 44:36 (pr)

Worth noting here that Matt Pohren did the undoable double over the weekend.  Matt ran the Woody Greeno 8K XC meet, arguably the most competitive cross meet of the year, on Saturday.  He finished in a best ever 8th overall in a fast 25:05.  Pretty nice turnaround to the next morning’s 31:54 10K.

Our Corporate Cup photos are up on the little pink flickr button below.  As always, yours to have and hold gratis.

Team Nebraska, Lincoln Running Co. Racing, and Ndorfnz Racing making up the front row of Omaha’s largest road race.  Real Racing on a crisp cool morning made for fast times all around.

Carolyn Meyer surprised me with a big 2:00 personal best.

Shannon Mauser Suing had an even bigger personal best of 4:00!  Both she and Carolyn are under the tutelage of  Killer Coach Glen Van Der Westhuizen.  Coincidence?

Luka and Matt make the final turn for home.  It was a great showing by all the mates yesterday!

Eric Rasmussen would be our top finisher taking 2nd overall to UNK stud Tanner Fruit.  Tanner has an indoor and outdoor season of eligibility remaining.  Oh boy, I can’t wait!




Lots of excitement building for this Sunday’s Omaha Corporate Cup.  I’m signed up but have opted to not run after this morning’s Geezer 5K revealed some lingering pain in the right heel.

We’ll be set up in our usual spot  so be sure and swing by to pick up race flyers for the Big Blue Run, Swamp Stomp 8K Trail Run, and Vala’s Trail of Terrors 5K.

If you’re a mate you can pick up your race packet at the tent and we are having our annual group picture at 8:40 this year so please plan your warm up accordingly.  Race starts at 9:00 sharp!

Saturday will feature the venerable Bohemian Alps 50K.  And the inaugural Wabash Trace Nature Trail Marathon.  And for those of you going to the Apple Festival in Nebraska City, the AppleJack 5 Mile Fun Run.  And the race you might not have heard of but  already has 3000+ entrants, the Mud Run out at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.  Another event that has no local ties administratively, they go around scouting for ideal venues (and Vala’s is perfect) put on their novelty run/walk and then skedaddle with their pockets bursting.  $65 entry fee plus another $10 to park.   Can you tell I’m not a fan of these mega events?

At any rate, a little something for everyone this weekend.

The Bohemian Alps 50K is Very Hilly to say the least.  I can’t imagine conquering 31 miles let alone on these monster rollers.

And today’s title?  I see the hedgeapples are falling out near Serpent Ridge.  Another sign that summer’s last gasp has expired.







This is what I used to say to my kids every morning.  A kiss on the forehead, a gentle shake to wake them, and these words that held hope and promise for the upcoming day.  A brand new day.  The chance to start off with the intent of doing your very best.  Life is great that way, you get out of it what you put into it.  Whether it be your running, your job, your relationships, it all comes down to what you are willing to invest that will determine how your day(s) will ultimately be counted.  Optimism is always the best starting point, mix in some real effort, a liberal dose of good intentions, and better things should be yours and mine and ours.

Brand new course.  The Omaha Marathon released the course map for its redesigned 26.2 mile tour. There has been interesting feedback, it seems there were people that were actually fond of the immense hills that have largely been eliminated.  It will be interesting to see how things shake out in a couple of weeks.

Brand new champion?  Peter van der Westhuizen reports catching a major cold while in Duluth last weekend and is at best a maybe for this Sunday’s Corporate Cup 10K.  I’m guessing last year’s 2nd place finisher Benson Chesang will likely be in town to chase the $$.  And who knows whom else.  But I do know that Eric Rasmussen and Luka Thor and Matt Pohren aren’t giving anything away this weekend.  This is Team Nebraska territory and you’ve got to go through us to get to the finish tape first.

Brand new course II, word on the street is that the Corporate Cup will go to a new course next year.  I can’t imagine a flatter, faster venue, let’s hope it stays out of them thar hills.

Brand new weather!  We had a solid turnout of 35 adults last night, braving the dropping temperatures and driving rain to get their effort on around our favorite oval.  Thirty degrees cooler than a week ago, same amount of hard work and camaraderie.  Ande Jorgenson attended and passed out Red Dirt Running Company water bottles and t-shirts to the appreciative group.  He was quite impressed with those that refused to let the chill dampen their motivation and dedication.  It’s representative of Omaha in my opinion.  No matter where you run, who you run for or with, or why you run, Omahans are becoming more fitness minded and effort oriented all the time.

A Brand New Day.

Kathy Palmer and Luka Thor.  Twins?  On the inside absolutely!  Both come to the track  Wednesday night in pursuit of individual goals.  Kathy has conquered the Half Ironman this year, Luka continues his ascent to the highest tier of road racers in the U.S.  Each gives it their all around that 400 meter loop at Millard West.  Just like everyone that shows up.  And that is the one thing we all have in common.





I want to extend a great big Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue to Omaha’s newest running specialty store.

From their website, “Running is not just a sport or recreational activity. It is a lifestyle. We are here to help you enjoy it.”

And: “We strive to help the Omaha community achieve a healthy lifestyle. We do this by providing high quality shoes, apparel, nutrition, experience, and knowledge to keep you logging the miles.

In addition to keeping you well shod, stylish, fueled and informed, Red Dirt Running Company will also be bringing Race Management, Clinics, and Timing Services to the Omaha Metro.

And now the cat is out of the proverbial bag.  I begin my re-entry into the bona fide, tax paying, traditionally employed ranks with Red Dirt Running Company.  I like the leadership, the vision, and the opportunity.  I also like the idea of being able to work in the Real World of running.  My facebook profiles states “If it has to do with running, I’ve either done it, am doing it, or will do it.”  I’ve never worked in a specialty running store so this is a great challenge and a great privilege.  I’m looking forward to working with everyone in this new adventure!

Red Dirt Running Company is located at 17660 Wright St., Suite 17.  That is in Legacy West, in the same strip as Scooters, LePeep, Chipotle, etc.   Clearly visible from West Center Road, right next to Pearle Vision, look for the Grand Opening sign in the next few days.

As a lead in to the opening Red Dirt Running Company is having a special promotion on facebook.  Please go to www.facebook/reddirtrunning and “like” them, if 500 likes are achieved before this Saturday at 2:00 pm, there will be random drawings for Newton Running Shoes, Red Dirt Running Company water bottles and t-shirts!

Red Dirt Running Company will also be on hand tonight at our Wednesday Night Track Workout.  Please be sure to make it out and meet store manager Ande, there might even be a thing or two up his sleeve for this evening!

Whether on the roads, track, tris, or trails, Red Dirt Running Company will help you with all your running goals and needs.

Linda too will be on staff and is looking forward to this new era in the Omaha Metro running community.

Red Dirt Running Company.  Based out of Manhattan, Kansas with a store in Salina, KS and now in Omaha.  Omaha welcomes you!



Right along that is.  My miles are starting to gradually go back up but boy I still feel like a chunky little monkey.  A little jiggle here, a little shaking there, roly poly right along.  Am I really going to have to do planks?

Sorry to have missed my boy Dylan Wilson when reporting yesterday’s Buffalo Run results, 30:56 for 21st overall.  And Matt Pohren reports continuing an impressive string.  Matt won the Northwest Open XC race at his alma mater Northwest Missouri State on Saturday in 25:34 over the 8K course.   He’s a stud so that is no surprise, but what is remarkable is that this is the 8th straight year he has won the race which always hosts 4 or more collegiate teams.  Way to keep it rolling Matty P!

Mike Morton won the World Championships and broke the American Record for the 24 hour run in Katowice, Poland over the weekend.  He ran 172.45 miles to smash Scott Jurek’s previous mark of 165.7 miles.  Crazy to be able to roll that long and that far.   “Previously in the year, Mike won the Long Haul 100 with a course record of 13:18:58, the Umstead 100 with a course record of 13:11:40, the Keys 100 with a course record of 13:42:52 (all of these on trail with significant gain/drop) and the Badwater 135 (135 miles from death valley to mt whitney, almost all uphill, on roads, in extreme temperatures, high of 118 F at the hottest spot on the course this year) with a time of 22:52:55, 86 seconds off the course record.  5 races in one year, all 100 miles or longer, netted him 5 victories, 4 course records, an individual gold in a World Champs event, and an American record by a huge margin.”  (courtesy of

Mike Morton, a man and now a legend.



My brother Jim with his new grand baby.  Jim has tipped the scales at 300+ and uses a treadmill to jog/walk to battle his weight.  I’ve got a sister that has also tipped in over 200 in the past, she too uses walking to keep her weight in check.  I’ll keep running and running and rolling, rolling, rolling until these last few pounds melt away.




Lots of good racing from this past weekend:

Megan Zavorka won the Wayne St. Alumni 5K XC, a course pr on the hills and over the dales.  Andrew Jacob pr’d at 13.1 finishing 5th overall in 1:13:21 at the Sioux Falls Half Marathon.  Tony Sorrentino ran 1:13:49 at the Peak to Peak 10 Miler, for the 55-59 age group win.  At the Buffalo Run in Lincoln Matt Seiler took 3rd overall in the 5 Mile classic with 27:33.  Shannon Mauser-Suing was 4th female in 32:35.  At Friday night’s Omaha Midnight Run 5K, Cory Logsdon repeated as champ in 15:52 ($400!) , mate Anthony Oberle was next across the line in 16:25 and took home the $100 2nd place prize.  In the same race Joy Shulz was 2nd overall female in 20:20 for her Benjamin, some good cash for the mates.

Always a Mate Peter van der Westhuizen continues his fall campaign racing the Minnesota Mile and finishing 3rd in 4:03.90.

Always a Friend, Bryan Sypal was also at the Sioux Falls Marathon and turned in a big pr of 3:04:43 to nail down a BQ.  In the same race 51 year old Matt Ebiner of Covina, California ran an amazing 2:37:51 for 3rd overall, wow!

Going to be some hot racing this coming weekend too.  Omaha Corporate Cup 10K and I’m being awfully quiet this year.  Haven’t heard a peep from me about Tim Dooling’s 1988 course record of 30:22 being challenged.  I would suggest however that Peter is in great shape given his 4:03 from this weekend…   $500 for the win and another $500 for the course record, no David Adams to push him this year but that is a mighty big carrot, 4:54 pace just might be doable.  And let’s not forget about Misters Luka Thor and Matt Pohren.  In the women’s race Kaci Lickteig and our mates Megan Zavorka and Natalie Como will be challenged by Amanda Lee of Boulder, CO.   Last year’s champ Bridget Easley is with child and will not defend her title.

And as always, you never know who will show up on race morning.

There will be some great competition in the community division with Team Nebraska, Lincoln Running Co. Racing and Ndorfnz Racing all fielding teams.  Fall is here and the racing is good!



Not a whole lot of shaking going on this morning.  An easy 8.5 miles around the dojo, the last few with my old buddies the Geezers.  Much cooler temps lifting everyone’s stride and spirits.

Andrew Jacob will be hitting up the Sioux Falls Half Marathon in the morning.  We’ll probably have a mate or two at the Peak to Peak 10 Miler as well.  I’ll be out there stuffing Big Blue Run flyers and Swamp Stomp/Monster Dash postcards in windshields.

Looking forward to some easy running myself, will nudge it up to ~45 miles this week.  I have yearly mileage goals.  Always want to hit the 2000 mile mark.  But my “A” goal is to average my age in weekly mileage.  I turn 55 in a couple of months and I’m still averaging 56 for the year despite missing 8 weeks.

A new 10 Miler on the local calendar.  The Goat & Gobbler 10 mile and 3 mile is scheduled for  November 17th, stay tuned for more details.

Get out and take advantage of some Fall weather training this weekend.  Those marathons are right around the corner!


Almost that time of year again!  Sunday, September 16th will be our USATF Nebraska Association Annual Meeting.  It will be held at  Ralston High School beginning at 1:00 pm.  All current USATF members are strongly encouraged to attend as this is a voting year.  We’ll be electing new leadership as the President’s position, Treasurer, and LDR Chair will all be contested.

I’ll never forget my very first Nebraska Association meeting (2001), held annually each September.  I swaggered into the meeting and informed the gathered leadership that there was a new game in town and its name was LDR.  While Nebraska had been and is still known as a very strong Youth Association, and there is a good Officials program as well, there had never been anyone interested or passionate enough to advocate for those of us that prefer Long Distance Running.  After much “debate”  Coach Rubin Carter made the motion that the association accept and adopt my proposal, seconded by then President Frosty Anderson.   $2000 was approved to match the $2000 I had received from the National Office, and we were off and running as it were.

Now here we are 11 years later.  I’ve formed deep friendships with my colleagues, my work has been diligent and from the heart, and has hopefully gained the respect of my peers.  One of the hallmarks of my time has been an up front, face to face, communication style.  No whispers behind doors or backs.  Transparency through and through.

As I have stated previously in this column, I am stepping down as LDR Chair.  Contrary to a silly rumor circulating this morning, I am not seeking, nor will I accept, nomination for the position of USATF Nebraska Asscociation President.  At least two solid candidates, Sara Domeier and Bill Scarborough will be offered on that slate.  Lincoln Running Company Racing’s Logan Watley is seeking the Treasurer’s position.  Any of them will make a fine addition to the association’s leadership team.

Team Nebraska is offering up a candidate for the LDR Chair position however:

Matt Pohren has been an integral part of  Team Nebraska and USATF for the last 5 years.  He has competed in the last 5 Club National Championships (this year’s champ in the Steeplechase), was our team captain at last year’s Club Cross Country National Championships and served on the Games Committee for this year’s Club T&F Champs in Omaha.  Through his work with Andy Martin (Member Services Coordinator at the National Office in Indy), Bill Roe (former USATF President and founder of the Elite Development Club Council), and Devon Martin (Chair, Elite Development Club Council) he has a deep understanding of USATF and LDR.   This valuable experience should be considered when deciding the direction and future of your LDR program.    I’m well within my prerogative to give backing to someone that has demonstrated support and intellect of LDR, its programs, and its services.  Please weigh the knowledge, experience, and intent of each candidate when casting your ballot on the 16th.

Matt is graduate of Northwest Missouri State, teaches at Omaha Central, has been assistant coach at Creighton University, and aspires to an Athletic Director position in the future.   We hope you will give him fair and strong consideration for the position.


5150 & 5642

I’m learning a bunch of new lingo working with these triathletes.  Fifty-one-fifty is the combined Olympic Triathlon distance that was contested in Des Moines this past weekend, 51.50 meters.  1500 meter swim, 40K bike ride, 10K run, and oh by the way the National Championships for that distance.

Enita Larsen from our Wednesday Night Track Group won her division (she is a national class swimmer, very good biker, and has honed her running speed at Millard West), National Champion, nice ring to it Enita!

Bill Weeks had a great effort to finish 9th in his age group, bested his 5150 pr by 8 minutes (2:44:42), and qualified for next year’s National Championships.

And there were a whole bunch of others as well, I’d start naming them but as soon as I do I’ll forget someone.  Big kudos to all of ours that were competing or completing, you continue to inspire us with your hard work and dedication!

My old buddy and Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray ran 58 miles in his home town of North Andover, MA, to complete his 46th consecutive annual birthday run, leaving his house at 2:50 a.m. and running 16 loops of a 3.6 mile course and completing it 16 hours later.  46 years of running his age in miles.  That is pretty darned incredible.

Matt Tegenkamp made his 20K road race debut a success on Monday, winning the Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race- the USA National Championships for 20K- in a course record 58:30.  22 year old Luke Puskedra took the race out fast (23:10 @ 8K, 28:34 @ 10K) and managed 2nd overall in 58:48, also his debut at the distance.  Their futures are so bright on the roads!

And some other remarkable stuff:

Our USA Women won the Gold Medal at the World Mountain Running Championships in Ponte di Legno Italy on Sept. 2nd.  Pictured left to right-Morgan Arritola, Stevie Kremer, Brandy Erholtz, and Melody Fairchild.  Fairchild was a high school phenom back in the nineties and its great to see her back to doing what she was born to do.

This image from the Red Fox Elbrus Race, up Mt. Elbrus, Russia’s highest peak at 5642 meters.  Bucket list?

Now doesn’t the Swamp Stomp 8K Trail Run seem tame in comparison?  Come on out to Chalco Hills tonight at 5:30 pm for a course preview run.  This in place of our regularly scheduled track work, time to start getting ready for the fall season.  Linda will put the kiddos through their paces on the Little Gator Gallop courses as well.