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My gal Caroline Smith does Mike Reid and Alan Shamlin’s heartbreaking ode better than even Bonnie Raitt.

Unrequited love, seems to be appropriate for this Valentine’s Day.  The stuff of which novels and movies and histories are made, battles are fought over.  The most exquisite pain.

For the Love of Family.  Being a stern and loving father.  Bearing both mantle and brunt of hard decision making.  Making sure the dear ones understand the hierarchical protocols instilled by a Baby Boomer upbringing.  Accepting resistance, knowing it is but a minor toll on the highway of good parenting.  Father first, we can be best buddies when you’re grown.

For the Love of Friends.  Everyone needs someone, they can lean on, and if you want to baby, you can lean on me.  We all need friends.  And if you are torn in two, having to choose, then I release you because I Love you.

For the Love of Running.  No one has loved running/racing more than I.  Not in Omaha, not anywhere.  It is this Love that has been hardest for me to reconcile.  Love for the sport is easy and always rewarding, loving a running community is ever so much harder.

Today is Deena Kastor’s birthday.  She will be making her Masters debut at the Pasadena Rock N Roll Half Marathon this weekend.  I served with Deena for several years on the WLDR Executive Committee and know first hand what a delightful person and incredible athlete she is.  Pretty amazing that she just finished 3rd in the US Cross Country Championships a couple of weeks ago.

On Tuesday I mentioned the 1996 USA 12K National Championships.  This morning I received an email that the distance will once again be contested, this time as the .US National Road Racing Championships.  The event will be created and administered by USATF, the first such enterprise by the national governing body.  Rumors that I have been approached to direct are patently false.

Sad to hear that Oscar Pistorius, South Africa Olympian, has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, apparently mistaking her for a burglar and shooting her several times.  Tragic.






What happens in West Omaha does not stay in West Omaha.

Linda has been busting her rump since December with USA Track & Field’s Athlete Development Program.  The program has been a great success since its development and implementation back in the mid-90s.  I’m rather proud that the opening paragraph on the application is the same as I penned now 15 years ago.  Some things shouldn’t change.

What has changed is the races that participate and the guidance received from the LDR Champs Chairs.  When I was the WLDR Champs Chair I had all 11 of our National Championships participating in the program, had their signatures on the line by the time of the annual meeting.  Bully pulpit.    This year that number has dwindled to 6 and more’s the shame.

Point being here that there is still a lot of great work going on by a lot of dedicated volunteers.  Work on behalf of the Entire Sport, work that has far reaching effects for athletes around the U.S.  Work that is recognized and appreciated from NYC to San Diego to Seattle to Houston to Indianapolis and beyond.

Thank you Linda for all you do advocating for and supporting our developing American athletes.  You don’t hear that nearly enough.

Take a look at the times listed below for consideration into the program.  These are the numbers that Team Nebraska especially as a USATF Elite Development Club, and the Lincoln Running Co. Racing Team and Ndorfnz Racing, as USATF Competitive clubs should be chasing.  It should be interesting to see who gets close to which marks this year.

And don’t forget, especially if you are in a leadership position, get your 2013 USATF membership!!!!!!!

The goal of the Athlete Development Program (ADP) is to assist in the development of the next generation of GREAT American distance runners. The ADP has been a vital part of USATF since 1990. It is a program, which enables Men’s and Women’s LDR Committees to work collaboratively to provide emerging elite athletes the ability to experience competition at the national level. The ADP provides the athlete with $150 travel stipend, shared room for two nights, ground transportation, meals and waived entry to selected USA championship races.

Eligibility –
In order for the athletes to be eligible, they must:
(1) Have a 2013 USATF membership.
(2) Be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18-29 post scholastic.
(3) Have met one of the following times on a certified course (Please note that the age and time standards have been tightened from previous years):
(4) Athletes need to be in top physical shape to compete. If illness or injury occurs the ADP coordinator needs to be notified.

Women                                                                                      Men
1Mile 4:48.50 or Better                                                             4:11 or Better
5 km 16:50                                                                               14:32
10 km 35:15                                                                             30:00
15 km 54:27                                                                             47:03
10 Mile 58:45                                                                          50:45
Half Marathon 1:18:30                                                            1:07:45
Marathon 2:51:00                                                                   2:24:00


GATORSThe Prairie Gators rocked the Old Market Upstream yesterday afternoon.  I really dig their new banner.   Original members of the Linoma Mashers and the Fishheads help Master Gator Steve Kunasek pull off a unique Cajun sound that has been an Omaha favorite for the last couple of decades.  Proud that they come out and play with me at Ni-Bthaska-Ke and the Swamp Stomp (Oktoberfest 8K beginning this year).



The Chinese New Year kicked off yesterday,  Year of the Snake. Things are awfully quiet so far,   I’m keeping my eyes and ears peeled though. They have a reputation as being quite sneaky after all.

Today is one of my favorite holidays, Fat Tuesday.  I’ve regaled the masses with tales of Mardi Gras Runs on the Gulf Coast back in the 80s & 90s.   As fun as the post race parties were it was the tough competition that made them part of my personal running lore.

In 1996 I was asked to design the USATF Women’s National 12K Championships course that was held as part of the Galveston Mardi Gras festivities.  One of my first experiences working with a National Class field, I was star struck.  But not anymore.

Two of my favorite bands will be playing at two of my favorite restaurant/bars tonight.  The Prairie Gators will be at the Upstream Old Market location from 3:00-6:00 pm.  Mark Weber will be at the Upstream Legacy location from 7:00-10:00 pm.

I turned down Sports Illustrated’s offer to become their first ever male cover for their Swimsuit Edition.  Good to see that they are using healthy models these days, steering away from the image that emaciation is sexy.

I am entertaining a position at the Vatican though.  Negotiating a 1K mondo track around St. Peter’s Square.  I’ve promised to never say anything bad about or poke fun at anyone (including plaqueman) realizing hypocrisy wouldn’t fit the job description.  And you get to wear that cool hat as a bonus.







Let’s do the Limbo!

I’m running only 3 days/week right now.  Averaging 15-25 miles.  Experiencing something completely new to my running.  I’ve put on hold the fire to get out and hit it 6-7 days/week, amassing miles towards some future shot at glory.  It’s just not there for me right now.

I’m in Limbo!

My stint as Nurse Good Body still has a few weeks to go, I’m sticking by Linda’s side until she’s at least able to use her walking boot.  But as for now I’m utilizing my training as Man Servant over the last 20 years.  At least Linda appreciates it.

What I am able to do is work on maintaining my flexibility.  Scratching the Yoga learning curve, nice to have an experienced yogi in the crib.   Gently recruiting long dormant fibers, advancing into core searing positions, easing back down into relaxation. Wish I would have started this 20 years ago.

Cold Hands Warm Heart.  The fire pit was the most popular spot after Saturday’s 2RT 10K.  Plenty of friends, adult beverages, and our awards ceremony.  Division winners were:
Best Costume:  3 way tie between AP Chemistry, Running Wild, and 2 for 6.2.
Best Team Name:  Team U Below D.  (Kurt & Jean Ubbelohde).
Fastest Couple Hard Times: Friends Without Benefits (Unless He Wants).   Luka Thor (33:06) and Stacy Shaw (40:38).  At least until next year they wear the crown of Nebraska’s Fastest Couple!
Fastest Mini Pede:  Swansong.  Carole Swanson and Bill Weeks.

Excuse my pride for recognizing that 9 of the top 9 finishers were Team Nebraska runners.

Pink Hands Green Race.   I marked out the 10K route with Sidewalk Chalk.  I was nearly covered with chalk dust and a few finger scrapes but just hours after our event you would never know we had been there.  We have also moved to online registrations only, doing our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Be sure to check the race results page up top for the Psycho Wyco and Couples Therapy Run skinny.  I’m trying to start a comprehensive list of race results for competitive, fundraising, and fun runs, please do submit your results link to me and I’ll post them up.  Cupid’s Shuffle

Gory.  We held a “Walking Dead” viewing party last night .  It wasn’t the zombie blood and carnage that earns my most disgusting award though.  It was afterwards and the brief and powerful images of Honey Boo Boo that had me cringing.



Homemade pizzas, yum!  My dear sweet Katie and her new “man friend”, starting power forward for a local Catholic HS.  Good kids all.  Pie of the night was my Arugula, Goat Cheese, and Sundried Tomatoes.






Wow!  A great turnout of studs and studettes for this morning’s 1st annual 2RT10K.  Everyone had a great time, and there were some fast times.  And Love was in the air.

Official Results:
*CHT = Couples Hard Times (combined times running separately)
**Mini-Pede= 2 runners tethered

1. Luka Thor                  33:06                        Friends Without Benefits (Unless He Wants) 1st CHT
2. Nate Stack                 34:30
3. Tim Langdon             35:19                        Too Sexy For Our Shorts
4. Walter Key                35:33
5. Stacy Shaw               40:38                         Friends Without Benefits (Unless He Wants)
6. Alex Cassar              41:53
7. Joy Shulz                  42:27                         Too Fit To Be Tied
8. Emily Langdon         43:57                         Too Sexy For Our Shorts
9. Shawna Young         44:26                         Too Fit To Be Tied
10. Mark Rolfsmeyer    45:06                         Runnin Wild
11. Lisa Tesarek           47:27
12. Stacy Horsham       48:19
13. Swansong               50:12                      1st Mini-Pede,  Bill Weeks & Carole Swanson
14. Michelle Reitz         51:55
15. Jenny Logsdon       52:55
16. 2 For 6.2                53:18                       Charles James, Elizabeth James, Mini Pede
17. Laurie Rolfsmeyer  56:56                       Runnin Wild
18. U Below D               57:08                      Kurt & Jean Ubbelohde, Mini Pede
19. Elizabeth Barton     1:00:13                   Love Owls
20. Raul Barton            1:01:38                   Love Owls
21. Mark Dews              1:01:47                  Gamgnam Style
22. Alana Thune           1:05:26
23. S&M                        1:05:36                Steve Stender & Melissa Gwartney
24. Toe Curlers             1:09:49                Matt & Amber Selin, Mini Pede
25. Hailey Johnson        1:09:52               How Do I Get You Alone?
26. Together Forever    1:09:54               Lou & Anne Anderson, Mini Pede
27. Carolyn Anderson   1:12:56               Gamgnam Style
28. Michelle Bandur       1:21:30
29. AP Chemistry           1:21:45              John Sampson, Kelly Sare, Mini Pede




The Good Mates turned out for an early season fitness check on the USATF Certified 10K.
Left to Right: Nate Stack, Stacy Shaw, Tim Langdon, Emily Langdon, Luka Thor, Steve Stender, Walter Key, Joy Shulz, Alex Cassar, and Shawna Young.  Not pictured; Bill Weeks and Carole Swanson.  Mates volunteering included John Tully (& wife Cindy), Linda Kunasek, David Bohlken, Jimmie Doherty, Mike Reilly, and Cory Logsdon.  Thanks too to Brandy Mote for coming out and lending a helping hand.

Thanks to our sponsors, Gretna Family Health, Victoria’s Secret, and Baker’s Candies.



All finishers were greeted with a rose by our friendly Brandy Mote and Cindy Tully.



Injury update- Matt Pohren has a medial meniscus issue and is looking at surgery, drats.

Psycho Wyco 50K, 20 Mile & 10 Mile are this weekend.  Ivan Marsh won’t be running or racing it due to knee problems.  Double drats.

The Two Rivers Twosome 10K Couples Run is all set for manana.  The District Manager for Victoria’s Secret dropped off goodie bags last night.  Thanks Shelly, you’re a dear.  USATF Certified course of course.  Weather looks to be perfect for our race.  The rest of the weekend, not so good.  Bless the rain though, just what the Good Mother needs.

Whether you are racing short or long, roads or trails, here or there, wet or dry, hoping you all have a great next couple of days.  I’ll have a race recap and some photos either tomorrow evening or Sunday morning.





Thanks to a good buddy that sent me this link:  The column titled “When You Get Kicked in the Rear, You Know Your Out Front” spoke to me with great voice.

I got a big kick in the rear on Monday afternoon.  Despite being conscientious, loyal, and hard working I find myself without a job.

A handful of people that I have a storied past with (coached, worked with, former counsel, race management competitors, etc.) indicated that they would never visit the store as long as I was employed there.  Simple as that I guess.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for more details next time you see me.  You’ll get the full skinny and my opinions and recommendations.

I’m very happy for my buddy Clester Johnson, he’s being inducted into the Bellevue West Athletic HOF.  Clester was business partners with our own Dr. Weeks in the now closed 94/95 restaurant.   And he’s a fan of a certain running club I founded.

Linda had a follow up with Dr. Grier this morning, got her stitches out and into a boot.  Still non weight bearing for 2-3 more weeks but all signs point to a full and speedy recovery.

And from our buddies over at Peak Performance:

Hello Everyone,

You are invited to stop by and help us celebrate the GRAND OPENING of our new store located in the Armbrust Village Shopping Center the weekend of February 15, 16, and 17, 2013. The store is located 1 block south of the 168th and Center street intersection on the east side of the road. The weekends festivities and events are as follows:

Group Run – Saturday February 16 at 8:00 a.m. leaving the store heading for Lake Zorinsky. We will have both a 4 mile and a 6 mile group. Afterwards, we will provide food and drink back at the store.

Happy Hour – Both Friday and Saturday nights from 5 to 7 pm. So stop by and say”HI” and check out the new store.

Grand Prize Drawing – Saturday night at 6:00 pm we will naming our $250 Grand Prize Shopping Winner. There is still time to submit your picture for the contest. Please click on the following Peak Performance FACEBOOK link to see the contest details.!/RUN2PEAK?fref=ts

Gift with Purchase – Starting Friday February 15 and continuing through Sunday February 17 (While supplies last),  we are providing a Gift with Purchase on all transactions larger than $25.

Shoe Drawing ($120 Value) – When you stop by Grand Opening Weekend be sure to enter your name in our shoe drawing. The drawing will take place on Sunday, February 17 at 5:00 pm. (You don’t need to be present to win).  Winner will be contacted on Monday, February 18th.

I truly THANK YOU  for your continued support of our stores, races, and events.

Mike Ewoldt
Owner – Peak Performance

P.S.  Registration is open for our 19th Annual Blarney Stone 5K Run on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17/13). Click on to register.







Great news out of Indianapolis yesterday.  The Tulsa Run 15K has been awarded the USATF Masters 15K National Championships for the next 5 years.  Not that far of a drive for our most talented Nebraska masters, I’m hoping to see some at the start line this coming October 26th.  The Tulsa Run was one of the most competitive races in the U.S. back in the 80s and 90s, it will be great to see a resurgence for the event and the city.

Oklahoma has a very unique and vibrant running scene.  They certify and sanction over 250 races a year and have a firm belief that this makes for better events.  Okies, maybe they’re on to something?

Speaking of Okies, my cousin Carrie’s son lost a good friend and training partner.  And the X Games lost a super star.  Caleb Moore was young and courageous and lived life like few dare.  Prayers and meditations to his friends and family.

Thanks to those that reached out after yesterday’s column.  Had a minor setback and it was reflected by my casting a harsh blanket.  A hand towel would have sufficed.  And all is better with the new day.  Counting my blessings and looking forward to smiling the rest of the day.







It used to be a man was measured by his own words and deeds.  The days when Real Men handled
their business face to face.  Tackled the Tough Problems with man-to-man discourse.  Looked each other in the eye with resolve and usually respect.  Possessed strength of character.

That’s not the case these days.  If you’ve got a beef with someone you’re more likely to get anonymous bashing, behind the back whispers, flat out lies.   Chicken in the Midwest vernacular, we had another name back in Texas; All Jelly.  Like the jellyfish, no backbone, see.  Preferring to float along on the wave of popular opinion, looking for acceptance from a larger pod, unable to take a strong position, to buck the tide, to be a real leader.


No spine and has a mouth/anus.  Couldn’t have drawn it better myself.

Still taking my shots here in Omaha, can you tell?  My calendar is open if you’d like a word with me.  I measure up well.







Where to start?  With an apology.  My memory was a little hazy when describing my first encounter with the Omaha Running Club.  How did I mistake Dick Cheney for the Pope?  Tom Whitaker was quick and kind to point out my error.  It was also closer to 2002 or 2003 instead of 2001.  And things have turned out quite well after all.

Stacy Shaw proves once again that she is the toughest, fastest, and most fearless masters female in Nebraska.  That’s saying something when you consider Roxi and Natalie and Carole (and my dear sweet Linda after she heals up) are out there running and racing as well.

Stacy ran the USA Masters Half Marathon Champs in Melbourne, FL yesterday morning.  She turned in a sparkling 1:26:53.  That time was good enough for 2nd in the 45-49 age group, Stacy’s first top 3 finish at a National Championships.

I could go on and on about how sweet and humble she is too because that is important on the periphery.  But between the gun and the tape she’ll chew you up.

Notable performances from Melbourne:  Former Team Nebraska mate Tracy Lokken (47) ran 1:10:06 to win the 45-49 age group.  And 72 year old John Ouweleen winning his age group in 1:33:51.  Are you kidding me?

Kyle Clouston made a valiant effort at the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler on Saturday.  Completed 72 miles before blacking out and requiring medical assistance.  Kyle was Racing the full 100 miles, he wasn’t in it for a stroll or a bucket list check off.  Darned proud of you Kyle!

Peter Falcon raced in St. Louis at the USA Cross Country Championships.  He finished 79th in 42:07 over the 12K course.



Closer to home and much slower:  I ran the Chiller Challenge 8K yesterday and had one of the greatest races of my life.  Took it out reasonably, started picking it up at mile 2, Real Racing commenced at mile 3.  Battled Mike Hough for the next 1.98 miles, neither yielding a stride or an inch.  Full on sprint to the finish, reminded that This is what its all about for me!  Matters not where you finish, only that you give it your all and have nothing left at the line.



photo courtesy of David Hedman.
Stride for stride, Mike would be credited with a well earned :01 victory.  I’m 17 years his senior and reveled in the competition he brought me.  I tried to destroy him and vice versa, we became good friends once the tape was broached.