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Whistler’s Gap.  Five more days until I get my crown in.  If you saw last night’s FOX News you might have caught that I’m toothless where #37 is supposed to reside.  Didn’t keep me from having my say, whistling and edited as it was.  And I always have my say.  We are off to a great start with the donations coming in.  We have the full support of Tom Whitaker and the Omaha Running Club.  Tom calls this the “best idea in years.”  I also want to thank Peak Performance for their support, the Omaha Police Department, and every one of you that cares about safety, security, and the right to enjoy our leisure spaces free from worry.

Dupe me a favor.  All the cards are now on the table, I called everyone’s hands yesterday.  And while Tim and Kelly will undoubtedly give a different spin it was a Hostile Takeover after all.  Based on the grounds that I couldn’t get along with maybe even a dozen people.  People that insisted, and will always insist, that I was “divisive” and “bad for the running community”.  Jesus Christo, how they like to drive that one.  And Tim & Kelly bought it because they don’t have the same vision or leadership style as I do.  Rather preferring and insisting that Team Nebraska should share some circle of love with all the varied groups.  Especially groups that have their own personal agendas with me.  That know I could care less about their opinions and that my declaring them irrelevant was just too harsh a charge for them to swallow.  I guess we’ll see how things works out with the new paradigm.  For the sake of those athletes that I care so deeply about, that is one thing that won’t change, and they know it.

And if these few or dozen or more are all that I pissed off over the last 12 years maybe that’s the biggest surprise of all.  In the end it mattered not a whit to Nancy Sutton Moss, and hers is the only opinion that really matters to me.

After awhile the same grievances by the same group lose their credibility and are reduced to the farcical.

Here is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the last couple of decades.  Document Everything.

But like Br’er Rabbit in his briar patch, I’m as free as can be.  And have maintained my and your most important right.  A right that was constantly challenged through this entire process.  

Free Speech.  

That is far more important to me than getting along with every swizzle stick in the drink.

And sometimes, it’s true, the truth can’t be handled.  But I’ve made my reputation and will always hang my hat on calling them as I see them.  No talking out of both sides of my mouth or presenting multiple faces.  I’m happy with mine, toothless right now as it may be.   I don’t need to get along with everyone, don’t want to get along with everyone, won’t ever get along with everyone.

And I don’t need anyone hoping I find a better place, find their definition of peace, that is their way of saying how sad my situation is and that is nothing but a bunch of bull.  That is from this horse’s mouth.

snidely langdon




allikatiedad 005

Funny, I don’t feel sad and without peace.  I’m as happy as a clam at high tide in fact.  I’ve got the love of the people that matter most to me.  My dearest sweetest daughters Katie and Alli.  Linda too.  And my free speech.  Check out my 1983 Galveston Marathon t-shirt that Alli digs.  I’ve been in this sport longer than most of you have been alive.  Respect your elders!




As always, corrections first.  Dylan Wilson pointed out that I misidentified the young lady in the LRC kit yesterday.  Sorry, it was not Hayley Sutter but rather Nora Youngs.

We had a great turnout for our first NRGE Wednesday Night Track Work.  I snapped a bunch of pics only to find my memory card still in the computer.  Must be some way to retrieve them, thanks for being patient.

Please visit, like, and share our Lake Zorinsky Security Camera facebook page,  We already have donations coming in and are working with several generous community groups and individuals.  We Will Do This!

I want to recognize my old buddy Bob Harris for his contribution to the effort.  As many of you know Bob has been the brains behind the digital brochures I use to promote my races.  Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run and October’s Vala’s Monster Dash,

He is the President of FrontRunIt (and oh by the way an Ironman)  does some really great stuff for not only my races but some of the major golf courses, and other customers across the U.S.  And while I’ve used his “digbros” for several years now I was very happy when he added online race registration to the package.  I had previously used, primarily due to their extensive promotional clout.  But I always encourage people to “shop local” whenever possible and now proudly support FrontRunIt.   When you enter my races or participate in the Will vs Bill Camera Challenge, you can rest assured that Bob has your security and convenience at the top of his list.  I’ll add now how wonderful it is to hit up his cell any time I have a question and get immediate service.  I never got that with active.

Look for coverage of our Lake Zorinsky Security Challenge tonight on our local FOX News affiliate!

“Same Seaters”.  I guess that is what Linda and I are called when we go into restaurants.  We always sit next to each other instead of across from each other.  Food service professionals have a name for that and I was tickled to find it out.  No coincidence that we also have the biggest smiles.





First off I want to thank everyone for helping to promote our Zorinsky Security Camera fundraiser, the Will vs. Bill challenge.  The response has been tremendous, I wish I could have pulled this off 10 years ago.  You’ll be seeing more and more coverage soon.  Again a huge thanks to Michelle Bandur!

Tom Whitaker and the Omaha Running Club have joined the effort, we Will make a difference!

FOX News has picked up the story, stay tuned!

And now, I’m Officially re-energized.

I want to take a moment and clarify.  I no longer have any duties with Team Nebraska and have retired my membership.  Thank you for respecting this decision.  I leave the club knowing I created a national powerhouse, that will be my legacy.  Time to move on to my next challenge in life.  Still proud of all the mates and will be cheering for their continued success.  Proud papa.

Linda has been whipping me into shape.  I never dreamed that at 55 I would be learning yoga and gymnastics.  I can now pop out of a tuck and roll without using my hands.  I’m a natural according to Linda, need only to polish my grace a bit.

Tuesday Night Track Work was a little chilly last night but that didn’t stop our fresh recruits from putting in their paces.


Angie and Alison share similar goals for the Lincoln Half and their marathon debut in Chicago this fall.  They nailed their Zen Mile!


Coach John Tully has been my right hand man for the last couple of years and will be instrumental in getting our athletes to their 2013 goals!  Cold hands warm heart.


Coach Linda’s Kids Fit Program.  Here Caleb races KFP assistant coach (and my dear sweet) Katie downhill.


Kyle Clouston made the trek over from Lincoln.  I’m excited about this young man.  He has lofty goals and a great work ethic to get there.  How about a high finish at the USA Road 50 Mile Champs as well as a sub 4:50 mile.  We will get him there!

And finally, a few pics of the women’s race at last weekend’s State Farm 10 Mile:


Alysha Davis.


Megan Thomas.


Hayley Sutter.


Haleigh Riggle and Natalie Como.


Meghan Schneider.

Of course Hannah Kinberg of the Lincoln Running Co. Racing Team took the title.  Shannon Mauser Suing also finished very well, right behind Thomas.  Michelle Paxton too, right behind Como.  And my besty Stacy Shaw always up there with the younger ladies.  She was taken by newly resurgent master Theresa Gosnell this day however.



I don’t ask for much.  Don’t need much.  Don’t want much.  For me.

I’m asking for something for you now though.  I am petitioning the varied members of our Omaha Running Community to come together for the good of us all.  If you’ve already seen this morning’s Omaha World Herald you know about the “Will vs Bill Camera Challenge.”  Thank you Michelle Bandur for the excellent coverage and article on our initiative.  Story is the top link above.

Dr. Bill Weeks and I are having a prediction contest/donation drive with all proceeds going towards security cameras at Lake Zorinsky, Omaha’s favorite recreation area and my beloved dojo.

Bill and I will be racing each other at the Lincoln Half Marathon.  You can buy tickets for $5 each to guess the winner and the winning margin of victory.  Smart money is on Dr. Weeks by a long way ; )     As a bonus, the winning guesstimate will receive a $100 gift certificate to Peak Performance.  Raffle tickets, donations, and more information available at the second link above.

I am donating a portion of the proceeds from the 7th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs,  toward the effort and that amount will be matched by Gretna Family Health.  We care that much.

Just for one moment at least, let’s put our differences aside for the good of the community.  The Good of the Community.  I hear that all the time, now is our chance to put it into practice.  Let’s keep those who use Lake Zorinsky protected and safe.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do a loop without seeing the all too familiar blue hue of broken glass in the lots?

You may also choose to become a Platinum Level Sponsor ($5000), Gold Level Sponsor ($2000), or Silver Level Sponsor ($1000).  Sponsors will be recognized on a permanent plaque at the Lake.

Tonight kicks off the 6th year of another of my community based initiatives.  Now operating under the auspices of NRGE, Tuesday Night Track Work will be held starting at 6:00 pm at Millard West.  And Wednesday Night Track Work follows tomorrow evening.  Runners and walkers of all abilities are invited to come out and get some Fun and Fitness for the entire Family.  Coach Linda’s Kids Fit Program also launches tonight.  There is a $5 drop in fee for adults but the kiddos are free thanks to sponsorship from Gretna Family Health.will tye dye

Nebraska Run Guru Events.  Doing our part to make for a better running community.  Peace out!



I was reminded of this a couple of days ago and ain’t it the truth brother!

Life is too short to (fill in the blank).

Life is too short to not (fill in the blank).

We all fill in our own blanks.  Or at least we should.  If someone is trying to fill your blanks in for you, it means either they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about or worse.  The former much less sinister than the latter.

Outside The Lines.  That’s where you reside when no one else fills in your blanks.  Living your own life as you see fit, damn the torpedos.  That’s experiencing life to its fullest.  If you don’t understand this that’s your bag, not my drag.  I won’t box you in with my expectations so we should be cool.

No better place.  Period.

Swift Kick.   Coach Linda put a women’s size 8 squarely into my behind yesterday morning.  Enough of this malaise!  Away with the doldrums!  Get your butt in gear, dear!  So instead of lazing about I hopped on the treadmill and did my first Real workout in quite a long time.  One mile warm up, 2 miles at goal half marathon pace, 3 X 1:00 @ current 5K pace w/1:00 recovery, warm down.  I’ve got a long row to hoe before May 5.

Elite Development.  If you are a highly talented female athlete and are interested in competing at the USA 1 Mile Road Championships (3 slots available) or the USA 25K Championships in Grand Rapids (1 slot remaining) please contact the Women’s Long Distance Running Athlete Development Program Coordinator (see standards below).  You can reach out to Linda at for more information.

ADP Eligibility – 

In order for the athletes to be eligible, they must:
(1) Have a 2013 USATF membership.
(2) Be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 18-29 post scholastic.
(3) Have met one of the following times on a USATF certified course
(4) Athletes need to be in top physical shape to compete. If illness or injury occurs the ADP coordinator needs to be notified.

Women’s ADP Standards
1Mile- 4:48.50
5 km 16:50
10 km 35:15
15 km 54:27
10 Mile 58:45
Half Marathon 1:18:30
Marathon 2:51:00


Cock of the Walk Ashram.  Inside and Outside my own lines.


My dear sweet Allison home from Coos Bay for spring break.  She finished the semester at the top of her class at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.  She, like me, sets her own rules for happiness and it shows.  Only 18 and the world is her oyster.   I couldn’t be prouder or happier.

Someone spent their precious time tinkering with this website over the weekend.  Should I be flattered?





The start line for the 10 Mile race.  Not just a sea of red anymore.


#3811 is 13 year old phenom Seth Hirsh.  He would run an incredible 55:46 to finish 7th overall.  That’s 5:36 pace folks.


The start of the 5K was more of the blue and yellow to challenge Peter Falcon of Team Nebraska.  #4826 Tom Nichols was the overall winner (16:06), Peter would be 2nd in 16:53.  Lincoln Running Co. Racing took 3 of the top 4 spots.

125Eric Rasmussen was the overall winner in the 10 Mile in 52:23.

130Neil Wolford would be next in 53:49.

138Wolford’s mates Michael Rathje (54:52) and Eric Noel (54:53) would battle for 3rd and 4th to repeat a 3 of 4 top finishes.

145Jason Zakaras (5th, 55:22) has been demonstrating crazy fast fitness and a sense of humour all spring long.  Here he fronts my old buddy Kyle Smith (6th, 55:33) of Broken Bow.  Kyle has returned to Nebraska after a two year stint training and attempting to make the USA Olympic Pentathlon Team.

153Seth Hirsh was an amazing 7th overall.  Here he is leading Team Nebraska studs Brandon Wissing (8th, 56:07) and Nate Stack (9th, 56:12).  Christopher Gruenhage of Brookings, SD would round out the top 10 in 56:51.







Results here:

Some pics from this morning.  And an interesting morning it was.  Great work by RD Shelly Adcox and always the best to catch up with my old buddy Nancy Sutton-Moss.


My old buddies Brandon Wissing and Nate Stack battling it out.  Brandon is a natural, I’m coaching Nate and he scored a 6:00 pr over 10 miles.


My old buddy Cheto Cerda.  I worked with his dad back in Texas in the 1980s.


Alysha Davis is tough as nails, 2nd place overall female behind Hannah Kinberg of the Lincoln Running Co. Racing Team.


John Nichols of Highland Ranch, CO is a former winner at State Farm.


Charles Smith of Omaha was right behind John.

More photos tomorrow, Linda and I braved the cold temps to capture some pics for you.


Yesterday I described a drop in my running libido.  And yes, that is the right word.  My deep emotional attachment and the resulting euphoria from running puts it right up there with carnality.  Oh my!

So what to do with myself now that I am taking a break from Real competition.  I’m too ADD to sit around twiddling my thumbs.  And still feel that I have a lot to offer the running community.  In toto.

What can I possibly do to super charge the ions necessary to jolt the old dura mater, the primary sensory organ of the body.  Something simple that goes back to my basic life philosophy of “Love All Serve All” is just the ticket.  Now, now, don’t get your panties in a bunch and start crying hypocrisy.  You don’t have to like everyone in order to Love everyone.  Its a dogma, intellectual rather than religious, but the same in that both must be lived as well as thought.  How it is received is something all together dependent on the culture and society in which it exists.  What the heck am I talking about?  It will be proclaimed this coming Monday!



It seems like everyone and/or their brother is writing a book these days.  With my extra leisure time I’ve pulled my own original manuscript out for some further character development.  Those that have been around for more than a couple years know how fond of parody I am.  I blew the dust off of Phineas Taylor and the Dandy Road Show Boys, realized what a Real gem it is destined to be.  Truth is stranger than fiction, especially with my own lampooning.

Yes, now that I am no longer in positions of USA Track & Field authority and leadership I’ll be able to spin hysterical without fear of reprisal from the Grievance Angel, who got me here in the first place.


She joins that madcap troupe along with The Claw.  Originally a famed wrestler, able to subdue any competitor or ledger with his patented hold.  But unlike me, he did twiddle his thumbs, specifically by texting anyone and everyone, day and night, seeking popularity (ultimately unfulfilled).  The dreaded claws become blunt objects and rendered harmless.

baron von raschke

Also making his debut is Bandwagon.  He rolls into Omaha after stumbling upon the Omaha Circus Balloonist’s abandoned traveling medicine show rig.  Pulled by a team of world champion draft horses he sadly falls under the spell of the Grievance Angel and The Claw, and immediately trades the horses for goats.


Drats!  That’s my word count for the day.



This time it started with a slight loss of motivation.  It grew into lethargy.  Transcended into apathy.  And now, full blown lazyassitis.  Last year at this time I was running 75-80 miles/week.  Last week I put up a dismal 14.  I’m at a whopping 17.5 for this week with no inclination to get out the door.

This has happened only once before in my storied career.  I turned 40 in 1997.

My peak performance years were between the ages of 32-39.  Still winning a lot of the local “fun runs” and the occasional Real race.  My marathon pr of 2:46 set at age 37.  The four oh changed everything.  The ever present and hungry young guns began notching their belts.  It wasn’t a pleasant transition for me and rather than settling for second, or third, or worse, I decided to hang em up.

They stayed hung for the next 5 years.  Then I moved to Omaha.  Listened to some of the locals crow about their similar prs and how they accorded each other legend status.

I had already been working with the top runners in the United States through the Athlete Development Program (1997-2002) and as the Women’s LDR National Champs Chair (2002-2009).

When I tried to point out that these cats were decent regional runners it went over like a ton of bricks.  Immediately ostracized is a better way of putting it.

Two things happened then.  One, I got my own desire back.  Two, I founded Team Nebraska.

The former ignited a drive and passion for my own running that had lay dormant for too long.  The  latter would serve to unequivocally and glaringly expose false idols.  Made a bunch of friends from that too don’t you know.  The record books now are studded with Real Race performances that will be the new standards for excellence in Nebraska athletics, for a very, very, very long time.

A tip of the sombrero here to the really old school cats.  Karlene and Roxi Erickson.  The Halls, Ronn Baker, Gary Julin, Ron Olsen, Greg Carlberg, Tim Dooling, Rob Finnegan, Kurt Keiser..  Excellence from an era long gone.  They got it, still get it, and appreciate what has happened over the last 12 years.

My critics are now comfortable with their glee clubs, and I recognize they are as important to the running community as the 1% at the top.  But I’m the guy that never lets you forget where you rank and that rankles a lot of cankles.

And that brings me up to today.  No desire to get out the door.  No desire, period.  I feel as though I’ve given everything I have to give to this sport.  Some will always appreciate the renaissance, others will always revile me.  C’est la Vie.

I will be back though.  A change of scenery perhaps will do it.  Maybe something as simple as getting my dear sweet Linda healed up and running again.  In fact that might be a big part of what I’m going through right now.  I guess we’ll wait and see.  In the meantime, please pass the bon bons.





Dazzling.  There is nothing anywhere that can approach the awe of Texas in the springtime.

Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963-1969), started a program to beautify the roadways of the Texas Hill Country.  Her legacy heralds the onset of hope and renewal, and calls me home.  God Bless Texas!


Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets offer a lovely contrast.

spring wildflowers put forth brilliant color displays in spring in the texas hill country if rains have cooperated

Picnics in the Spring, one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.


Some stretches of highway offer Bluebonnets as far as the eye can see.


Lady Bird’s palette comes in many hues.  Each offering their own contribution to the tapestry of beauty that is Primavera.

And meanwhile, it was 14 degrees with a wind chill of zero when I dropped my dear sweet Katie off at school this morning.  Ah, the good life, wut?


Motley Crew.  Posing and smiling at the State Farm 10 Mile a few years ago, an odd and rare union indeed.  Stories, man do I have stories.