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I’ve been around.  And around.  And around.  I’ve seen fads come, fads go.  From DMSO to the pose method and everything in between.  It never ceases to amaze me at how gullible people are when it comes to slick advertising.  “Run your fastest 5K on only 20 miles a week!”  Or worse yet, the “lemming” effect.  Dangerous paradigm that, if it works for so and so it must be good for me too!

Oh, but its the latest and greatest and all the cool kids are doing/wearing/taking/using this!

If anything, 35 years in the sport makes me over qualified to make judgement calls on the state of running.  And my observations might upset the applecart, or the bandwagon, but I call em as I see em.

It was hard enough for me to shill Newtons.  I never bought the notion that a shoe can actually change your natural foot strike.  You are either a mid foot striker or you aren’t, shoes don’t make a damn bit of difference.  What I do believe is that they might be a good shoe if you are gifted with excellent running form.  Which I have and they still didn’t do a thing for me.  Alas.

If you want to learn to run differently than what the Good Mother gave you, start out by taking your shoes off.  Pretty simple.

And now I’m seeing “Hoka one one” as the latest rage in trail running.  You’ve got to be kidding me. “Oh, but you should have been at xxx trail race, all the fast kids were wearing them.”   Right.  And Meb won the USA Olympic Marathon Trials wearing Skechers.  Its the runner, not the shoes.  Pretty simple.

Thanks to my buddy Kyle Clouston for pointing out the link I posted yesterday was for the 2012 Run For The Bridges.  I’m not able to find the 2013 official results yet but Kyle reports winning his race by 5 minutes.  Nice job Kyle.


Hoka.  Joka.  Maybe if the platform was only 6″ higher, I could find a Real use for them.

pinball wizard


I’m a highway guy.  Its either my way or the highway.  And I’m on the highway.

My way is racing.  Real Racing.  Racing often, racing yourself into shape.  Having the juevos to get out there and give it your best and accepting the result.  Knowing that this will only temper you to greater prowess when your most important starting gun fires, wherever that may be.

Proving fitness levels.  Earning your stripes.

One of the largest 5Ks in Omaha was yesterday.  The 19th annual Blarney Stone.   I was happy to see two people “In It To Win It.”

With State Farm 10 Mile and 5K coming up this weekend, I’m hoping to see some deeper action.  From somebody, anybody, blue, red, or black, Just Do It!

For your inspection I present the winners from the 10 Mile from the last 13 years.  Interesting numbers on both sides of the ledger.

2000- Kurt Keiser @ 50:22, Mary Amen @ 1:02:13
2001- Ivan Ivanov @ 53:05, Renee Kruse @ 1:00:01
2002- Ivanov @ 54:27, Kruse @ 1:00:18
2003- Ryan Salem @ 54:34, Kruse @ 1:02:03
2004- Mike Morgan @ 53:26, Amen @ 1:07:13
2005- Morgan @ 51:29, Gina Morgan @ 1:01:48
2006- Salem @ 54:18, Christy Nielsen @ 1:02:53
2007- Dustin Llewellyn @ 51:42, Morgan @ 59:14
2008- John Nichols @ 54:00, Morgan @ 1:01:10
2009- Morgan @ 50:58, Morgan @ 1:01:53
2010- Tom Nichols @ 53:29, Kaci Lickteig @ 1:03:20
2011- Aaron Carrizales @ 51:54, Lickteig @ 1:02:02
2012- Matt Pohren @ 52:32, Lickteig @ 1:02:25

So who’s in shape and willing to get out on the start line this Saturday?  Where will they fit into the competitive fabric of the State Farm champion’s roll?  Will success here springboard to greater success at the Lincoln Half and Full?

And will we see some fast times in the 5K?  With the USA Club 8K Road Race Championships two weeks after it would seem that this should be the most competitive 5K of the Nebraska Spring.

Or maybe not, what the heck do I know?

Results from this weekend:

Wilderness Park Run for the Bridges Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K:

19th annual Blarney Stone 5K:



photo by Will Lindgren

Blarney Stone 5K Race Director Mike Ewoldt with yesterday’s champs.  Fearless Forty Seven year old Stacy Shaw and Indefatigable Cory Logsdon.  Both have raced with frequency and success this early spring in anticipation of lofty goals at Boston (Shaw) and Lincoln (Logsdon).  Both will represent my old club at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K on April 7th.  They get it and I’m glad.






One of the great features of Run Guru Says (vs. my old format) is that I can speak much more freely about things that matter, Real Life as it is.  Without worrying about who might be sending complaints to who, these days the buck stops here.  You don’t like what I say, don’t read me.  You want to file a complaint?   Complaint Department,  2908 South 187th Plaza, #317, Omaha, 68130.

Today I tie in running and divorce.  Specifically, the divorce rate among baby boomers, those aged 48-65.  And more fine, the 50+ age group.  Important to me is that this age group has Earned and Deserve the Right to Live their lives as They/We choose.  Without judgement from zealots or idiots.  Respect your elders!  It is most possible that they know more than you.

According to the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, the rate of divorce for those 50+ doubled between 1990 and 2010.  And that 1 in 4 of all divorces now come from this age group.

And if they are runners, I’m suggesting you see a direct and drastic increase in mileage.  This is based on objective experience from over the last 30 years as well as my own over the last couple of years.  Didn’t I run nearly 3000 miles last year?

And what contributes to this high rate of divorce?

The kids are gone or at the age of self sufficiency.   Those of us that dedicated 20+ years of raising the children, coming to the realization that they were the only glue keeping together strained and failed marriages.  You turn around, the kids are raised, you don’t like who or what your spouse has become and you won’t accept a life sentence of misery.  Not that hard to understand.

There is limited time left, even if you consider 40 years limited.  And we’re not about to remain in  unloving, unfulfilling, and sometimes miserable relationships.

People change and so do marriages.  We all start out as idealistic and enthusiastic with our I-Do. Couples starting out with the “Fairy Tale” we’re in this together, forever vows.  And some times it works that way.  But just not very often any more.

Retirement.  You mean you’re going to be here with me All the time now?  No thanks.

In-laws.  The older you get the more you realize how true the old adage is, “take a look at the parents, you’ll be living with them soon enough.”  That some scary business right there.

Silver linings without a playbook:

I still believe in the sanctity of marriage (odd as it is that you license a spouse like you do a pet).  I still hope that my children end up among the lucky few that find a life long, loving partner.  I hope equally that they have the strength and courage to know and define their own happiness.

I definitely believe in Love.  The wonderful, capricious, uplifting, challenging, soaring feeling of company shared. Of caring for.  And being cared for.  Of laughter.  Of standing shoulder to shoulder, facing down those that would claim either moral or legal authority to dictate or describe how life should be lived.

And finally, moving on.  Anyone that has gone through the Very Real Pain of divorce suffers.  But you’ve got to accept responsibility before you can move on.  Trying to blame others is weak and futile.   Marriages are over long before emancipation day, don’t try and put it on someone else.  If you do, you didn’t learn a thing and will be unable to move on in a positive direction with the rest of your life.









A frequent remark of mine, “You can take the boy out of the disco (or Texas), but you can’t take the disco (or Texas) out of the boy.

I honed my dance moves on the floors of the best discos in Houston, Numbers, The Fox Trap, Uncle Sam’s Disco.  Something about an over-energized, attention deficit, lithe and flexible young man that plugged right in.  Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive!

Texas has been calling me.  The music, the food, the friends.  My old buddy Pepe has offered his second home if only I’ll come.  My old running club, the Brazosport Road Runners Association, is looking for a new race director for the Surfside Beach Marathon, another tempting offer.

And then I think of the miserable running conditions.  Extreme heat and higher humidity, only two seasons really, hot and hotter.  Mosquitoes, roaches, fire ants, hurricanes, urban sprawl, traffic nightmares, high crime rate.  Makes you wonder why so many people consider Texas “God’s Country.”  Only those that have lived there will ever truly ‘get it.’

Its the people.  Stand facing North, now turn one hundred and eighty degrees.  It’s just like that.

Its the music.  Saddle Creek Records are down in Austin right now at South by Southwest (SXSW), the most important music festival in the country.

Its the food.

Breakfast this morning.  A plate of Chili Verde, eggs over easy, and tortillas de maize con queso fresco.

A little over three weeks until the Shamrock Shuffle 8K Elite Team Challenge in Chicago.  I’ll be watching with interest, both as a member of USATF’s Elite Development Club Council (the event is hosting the USA Club 8K Road Championships) and as the former head of Team Nebraska.  Last year I sent 5 mates, 4 of whom had demonstrated fantastic fitness,they finished 4th Overall team (David Adams, Luka Thor, Matt Pohren, Matt Schneider, John Kerns).  This year the team is sending two 10K runners (Peter Falcon, Luka Thor), 2 marathoners (Nate Stack, Cory Logsdon), and York Thomas.  Keeping a keen eye on recent results, I’ve seen racing by only Falcon and Stack so don’t really know how to handicap their chances.  I do however wish them good luck, great racing, and Giddyup!

The Women’s Team: Stacy Shaw (at 47 she will be the oldest competitor in the challenge), Anne Shadle, Megan Thomas, Natalie Como.  A perusal of recent results reveals only Stacy Shaw has raced, so hard to pick this one too.  But as with the men, Giddyup!

One thing I do know is that with $20,000 in prize money available this will be the most competitive USATF Elite Team Challenge of the year.  I’m still pulling for the mates.





“My New Life Is Waiting, In Old Mexico!”  From Robert Earl Keen, Texas Alt-Country, the best music on the planet.  And the best source for that?  KPFT out of Houston., check out Saturday morning’s especially.  Pe Te’s Cajun Bandstand from 6-9 a.m., Lone Star Jukebox from 9-noon, Spare Change from 12-3.

I’ve been tuning it in every weekend, subliminally immersing those around me into a culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

And its working.  Breakfast this morning was fresh tamales, homemade salsa, two eggs sunny side up, and a deep cup of fresh ground Brazilian coffee.



We’ve been eating farm fresh eggs lately.  None are perfect, just like people, but all offer their own special addition to the quality of this omelet called life.  We’re also studying chickens, selecting the right mix for our upcoming enterprise.  Expect the scoop on the coop poop later this spring.

Sunny side up then.  That’s the prescription for happiness.  Looking at the best side of things.  And don’t doubt for a moment that we all deserve to be happy.

Being comfortable in your own skin is a great start.  Accepting responsibilities for our own actions,  mistakes, weaknesses, and other personal foibles.  Nobody is perfect after all.  And that’s ok, really it is.  You don’t always have to have someone else to blame.

And I’m borrowing a quote from another site this morning, it wasn’t credited but I’m boosting it because I like it:  “Making a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you.”  Thanks for sharing Paul.

This coming Sunday is the annual Green Party down at Miller’s Landing.  Peak Performance’s  Blarney Stone 5K does things the way I like them.  No additional charges for beer, no additional charges for pizza. I mean c’mon, shouldn’t all races be that way?





I’m always the first up to the plate and admit a mistake.  I heard from Leprechaun Chase 10K Race Director Ben Cohoon yesterday and he provided me with the USATF Course Certification number for last Sunday’s event:  NE132002KU

Kudos to Ben for doing this, now you runners have a Real PR!



Yesterday was quite the last blast (hopefully) of winter.  A couple more days of it and then temps in the 60s.  I’m optimistic that I’ll also shed this darned cold that has been hanging around all the way down in the alveoli.

And what a difference a day makes.  I ran 13 on Saturday, it really was 53,  in anticipation of yesterday’s cold and blowing and snow.  Ben Cohoon dodged a major race management headache, must be all that good clean living.  His Leprechaun Chase once again proved to be the 2nd best novelty run of the year, behind only his Market to Market Relay.

I popped in at the SAC Museum to pass out flyers for the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run.  Got to see some Real Racing in the process.  You know when Tom Nichols is in a race you are going to have your hands full.  He headed Eric Rasmussen for the first part of the race.  They blew by me at about the quarter mile mark, it was a coin toss as to whether or not some lassie was going to get run over.  I was probably more scared by what I saw coming than those that were actually running though.

I share the sentiments of one of the top finishers, why in the hell are headphones allowed in a race with this format?  You’ve got some serious guys, damned determined to Race each other, trying to weave through an oblivious mass of tune humming, i pod wearing, fifteen wide running lasses.

The second largest 10K  in Nebraska, behind only the Omaha Corporate Cup, I’m hoping that some day, some way, Ben decides to get the course USATF certified.  The competition is there, give them some love by providing an exactly measured distance.

Rasmussen would go on to win in 32:09 to Tom’s 33:03.  So the lads got their One Free Beer.

But the race of the day in my opinion was 47 year old Stacy Shaw taking it out hard.  She led for the first portion of the race, she’s no fan of the tuck and hide.  And while Frankie Peterson took the women’s crown in 38:37 (69.85 % WAVA age graded performance) it was my dear, sweet Stacy that age graded better than any other runner in the race.  Her 40:51 was good enough for 4th overall female and age graded to a whopping 71.84%.  And certainly 2nd place female Theresa Gosnell deserves kudos as well.  Her 39:20 at age 41 (71.36%) age graded just slightly below Stacy’s.

Put that in your little green pipe!

Quizzes!  Name the runner pictured below.  Hints, he was my 1995 Run for the Arts 10 Mile Masters  Champ in 51:51.  And oh yeah, he also finished 2nd to Bill Rodgers in one of the closest Boston Marathon races in history.






Husker head coach Bo Pelini blasted his team’s efforts yesterday.  Called his defense “horrendous” and a “Mentally weak football team.”   “Guys gave in and didn’t feel like practicing.  I’m ashamed of what I just watched on that practice field.”

And, “It starts with coaching.  The coaching’s not near where it needs to be, and the execution’s nowhere near where it needs to be.”

Bo knows.


Made my annual visit to church on Wednesday night.  Faster Pastor Josh Sawyer hosts the Stir Lenten Series, a  “project that incorporates the arts and spirituality.  A service that prizes honesty and creativity over doctrine and dogma.  An opportunity to expand your mind and stir your soul.”

I learned more than I knew about Samaritans, how they were lepers and the scourge of their communities.  And how one of them through the grace of gratitude, elevated their historical estimations.

Which got me thinking a lot about gratitude.

I’m grateful for the extended family of this Nebraska running community.  Both Linda & I have very strong parental associations with Team Nebraska.  We took these athletes in, from the talented and graceful to the rough hewn and misunderstood.  We cared for and nurtured them and did what any parent would do for a child, that is to say, we were there for them, whenever and wherever most needed.

And we tried to instill a sense of respect in and pride for the Competitive side our sport; the historical context, the current state of, and the future of Nebraska athletics.

And as with Real Life, many of our kids took that message to heart.

It is clear in retrospect which of those kids really got it, and those which didn’t.    All were welcome in my house, whether it was the brick and mortar at 18312 or simply as a member of Team Nebraska.  All were extended the same considerations up to and including Linda and I giving them the shirts off our backs.

That love and commitment to the team has made the transition of the last couple of months particularly tough.  To be dismissed and disrespected by some that you cared for, advocated for, bent over backwards for.

But Happy Endings are always in my life plan.  Those that loved and/or respected us will forever remain in our hearts and memories.  I couldn’t be more grateful to You.







She’s Fifty, she’s Fit, and she’s Fractured.  The plan for the last several years was to bring Linda along slowly, pointing towards this very day.  I was sure she would be able to set some Nebraska state age group records, maybe higher glories.  Which is saying something about an athlete that already possesses:

1st (2010) & 3rd (2012) overall 45-49 in the USA 25K National Championships.
3rd overall 45-49 in the 2010 USA Half Marathon National Championships.
4th 45-49 2010 Indoor 400 meter National Champs.
3rd 45-49 2010 Indoor 800 meter National Championships.
2nd 45-49 2010 Indoor Mile National Championships.
4 time USA Club Cross Country National Championships competitor, top 20 each time.

And oh by the way, 2012 Market to Market 50K Masters Champion.  And 2012 Gambler Half Marathon Overall winner.  And a dozen and more local victories and records.  I’ve said it before and I know of what I speak, Linda is the most talented natural athlete that I’ve met in my life.  Her incredible range described above (quarter mile through 50K) sets her apart from every single other athlete, period.  Add in her gymnastics background, her yoga training, and well, you get the idea.

So while Linda continues to rehab the broken foot that has sidelined her freshman season as a fresh fifty, you know that she will be back.

She’s Fit, she’s Fifty, she’s Frisky and soon to be Fast and Free.

lincatcm09Linda has run only 3 marathons.  She made her debut at the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon in 3:30:10.  Amazingly she returned in 2009 and ran 3:30:32 (pictured above).  In 2010 she braved the red flag conditions at the Chicago Marathon turning in a 3:39:43 before getting two IV bags in the medical tent.  We still haven’t got this 26.2 nailed down.


Linda at last year’s USA Club Cross Country National Championships.  Shown here early and just ahead of best friend Stacy Shaw.  Between the two of these ladies they cover the top spot in Nebraska for every distance.



Seen here capturing the USATF Nebraska Association 1 Mile Championships at the Blair Elite Downtown Mile.  Linda always competes against open runners as very few masters women have been blessed with her natural gifts.

North Country 095


Our future’s so bright, we have to wear shades.  But not for this one!


Happy Birthday dear sweet Linda and many, many, many more!  The best is definitely yet to come!