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Please join us in welcoming Dynamic Physical Therapy LLC as Nebraska Run Guru Elite’s newest sponsor!  Andrew Consbruck has a keen understanding of athletes and runners in particular.   Give them a call at 402-210-5739 for first class attention to your pt needs.

We are also happy to announce the addition of Cameron Cummings to Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  Cameron was the winner of the 2011 Lincoln Marathon in 2:26:47.  He will return to Lincoln’s start line with a new kit and attitude!  In It To Win It!  

Slowly but surely, one building block at a time, as inevitable this time as it was the first, we are coming to get you.  Its my nature.

A big thanks to my old buddy Jordan Tucker for the hand with web wizardry.  Doing some analytics on RGS traffic for the first time in over a year.   The top 20 cities for readership:   Omaha and then Lincoln lead all cities, no surprise there.  Minneapolis is 3rd, Chicago is 8th, Houston 16th, Denver 17th, San Francisco 18th, Seattle 19th and Philadelphia 20th.   I’m doing a little elite athlete recruiting for the Lincoln Marathon on May 4th next spring.  For all of you studs and studettes out there that might be interested in racing shoot me an email at

A moment’s departure to recognize some football Excellence.   My alma mater, Northern Illinois University capped their season at 12-1 winning the West Division and quarterback Jordan Lynch finished 3rd in the Heisman Trophy balloting.  Jordan holds NCAA records for most yards rushed for in a game and most yards gained in a season.   Named 2013 First Team All American.   The Huskies will play Utah St. in the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 26th.   I love NIU’s message: The Hard Way.  I’d like to see NIU Head Coach Rod Carey at the Husker Helm some day.





The 2014 Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K Trail Run (Saturday, April 5) has been named part of TRAIL RUNNER Magazine’s 2014 Trophy Series.  We’ve worked hard over the last 8 years to showcase Platte River State Park’s natural scenic beauty.  Our designation as part of the series will draw even more participants from the Midwest region.  We are capping entries at 600.  Entry fee raises by $5 to $40 on January 1st so be sure and get your registration in today!  Sponsored by Cabela’s and Upstream Brewing Co.  Registration available at keyword: Ni-Bthaska-Ke
TS-logo-2014 (1)


The 4th annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk is gearing up for Christmas Eve.  Our annual fundraiser for the Open Door Mission gives us all the chance to give back to the less fortunate in our community.  Noon start at the Zorinsky Boat Ramps.  Go as you please, non competitive, celebration of the reason for the season.  Hot Chocolate and Sunrize Donuts to all participants.  $5 and a new or gently used donation of jackets, hats, gloves, blankets, etc.


We have moved the start time of January 1st’s  Hair of the Dog Run.  From the original noon start to 10:00 a.m. in order to accommodate the twelve o’clock kick off of the Nebraska v. Georgia Gator Bowl.  Also a non competitive go as you please geared towards assisting those most in need.  Beneficiary is the Food Bank of the Heartland.  Entry is $5 and a donation of non perishable food items.  Hot Chocolate and Sunrize Donuts for all participants.

And we are proud to announce that Victoria’s Secret is sponsoring the 2nd annual Two Rivers Twosome Couples 10K Run/Walk.    Set for Saturday, February 15th at flat and fast Two Rivers State Recreation Area.  Easy 10:00 am start time.   2.5K (1.5 miles) walk too.  Co-sponor is Baker’s Candies of Greenwood, NE.  Registration available at, keyword: Two Rivers Twosome



Two Rivers State Recreation Area is the former home of the Oto Tribe.  It will be host to some of Nebraska’s finest runners on February 15.  


Omaha’s first and only Adults Run.  All entrants receive a box of chocolates, a rose, and a bottle of wine.  Love will be in the air!

JUNE 3, 1987

Going through some old journal notes and found the following, dated above.  I was 29 years old when I wrote this twenty six and a half years ago, things haven’t changed much.  Penned just days after being fired from my 11th job in 9 years.  Possessing a high school diploma and a bad attitude concerning authority others would assume to impose.  Nope, not much has changed at all.  I would embark on my collegiate career a few months later….

Brainstorming.  I must come up with some sort of business idea.  My current situation leads me to realize my opportunity.  I will be best suited and happiest in a health related occupation.  Preferably one in which I can maintain my own level of fitness as part of the job description.  Ideally I will come up with a form of self-employment.  My experiences in the work force for the past ten years have been forcefully indicative of the fact that I am not cut of the necessary cloth for shift work, or the petro chemical industrial field in general.    Enthusiasm tempered with realism is the order of the day.  The negative aspects must also be dealt with.  The feelings of frustration and despair, while not overwhelming, are apparent at times.  It seems these feelings are also accompanied by a sense of urgency. 

This then is how I kick started my decision to live by my own rules as much as possible.  Knowing that I could and would never indenture myself as a life paradigm.  I still call my own shots but these days there is no frustration or despair.  Nor urgency.  Thank you my dear sweet Linda.

Another working title for next week’s Christmas Classic: “Fifty Ways to Beat Your Runner”.

Congratulations to the Good Mates that traveled to Bend this past weekend.   Team Nebraska finished 40th team overall (28th in 2011, 22nd in 2012).    XC Club Nats are always my favorite race of the year.  The best clubs from around the US take the best of their best to compete for bragging rights.  The part I like is that no matter what part of the country the teams come from, they are the creme de la creme of their local running scene.  Club Nats are the Biggest Pond and the Really Big Fish always find their way to the top of the food chain.  A great motivator to see how you rank nationally, and excellent opportunity to come home a little humbled.  Ashley Miller reports “wiping out hard at 3K, strained a muscle and called it quits.”  Smart girl.

Congratulations to my old (58 years) buddy Joe Melanson for his age group win at the Sugar Land Finish Line Sports 30K in a stellar 2:02:24 (6:35 pace).  His lovely wife Billie Kay (60) was 2nd in her age group in 2:42:38 (8:43 pace).

Team Iowa RunAblaze has announced their athletes of the year, this from my old buddy Cal Murdock:

MALE runner of the Year – Jason Flogel
Personal records and injuries don’t mix, usually. Jason had a PR first part of the year with a Dam to Dam 20k in 1:05:46, Grandview/Dubuque 4 mile in 19:33 (a strong effort!), Grandma’s Half-Marathon in 1:06:34 and Bix-7 in 35:40. Injury followed as Jason took off late summer and all of the fall racing season. The Loras College grad highlight of the season is easily the sub-5 minute pace Dubuque race. Jason was the 2012 winner of the award.
FEMALE Runner of the Year – Danna Herrick
What better bookends than 2 top notch marathons. Danna was edged out of 1st at the Lincoln Marathon by 6 seconds in the spring as she scored a PR 2:44:16. In the fall with gusty winds at the NYC Marathon she slowed just 3 seconds to run a 2:44:19. She set a 1 minute PR at Shamrock 8k/Chicago early in the season running a 28:01.    She ended the season winning Living History Farms.  Danna was the 2012 winner of this award.




First a little clean up.  Michael Wardian’s interview following his San Antonio/Las Vegas double marathon day.

Will:   Great work yesterday on an epic lark. Couple of quick questions for you, I’ll run the column when you’ve had a chance to answer.   Did you have any specific training to prepare for this amazing double?

MRW: I was training for a lot of ultra marathons and also my speed for marathons so I used that training for the double marathons.

Will: What was your inspiration to attempt this?

MRW: I was inspired to try this by the people doing the Rock and Roll San Antonio and Rock and Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathons really and I had a friend, Michael with Competitor that suggested it and I was like that sounds amazing, I would love to do it.

Will:  Winning San Antonio had to be a great confidence boost. Did the win bolster you or do you feel like your next windmill was a monster?

MRW: I think winning Rock & Roll San Antonio was a big boost of confidence going into Rock & Roll Las Vegas but I also knew that meant I was going to have some pain coming but that is what I was looking for and I definitely found it…smile.

Will:  Will you do anything different for recovery?

MRW: I think next time if I try to run 2 marathons on the same day, I would still do the 110% compression gear, as my legs felt great but I would definitely try to get some some liquid calories and less straight water as that lead to stomach issues later.

Will: When will you next race?

MRW: My next race was the JFK 50 Miler on November 23, 2013 and I finished 3rd overall in 5:55, which qualified me to be considered for the USA 100K World Team.  The next day I won the Kinhaven 5K and then I finished 16th at The North Face Endurance Challenge-San Francisco-December 7, 2013

Will: Any chance I can talk you into running the Lincoln Marathon next May?

MRW: I would definitely be interested in running the Lincoln marathon, I love racing and going to new places and meeting new people.

Editors note:  We’re working on getting Michael to the starting line next May, thanks to Nancy and Gary for their support of elite athletes everywhere.

I’ve got a couple of rough drafts for this year’s Christmas Classic.  The most widely read column of the year and always a treat to craft.  I think this will be my 8th annual.  The first few editions are locked down in a v.1 archive, probably best left there.    One of this year’s working titles is “The Desolation of Haug“, about a pack of “noobies” following the hijynx of a self professed running coach, damn funny stuff.




Good luck to those traveling to Bend, OR for this week’s USA Club XC Champs.  Always one of my favorite events, provides a big dose of Reality.  David Adams’ remarkable 10th Overall (30:02) in 2011 remains the best finish ever by a Nebraskan.  When I saw him out kick two guys in the final meters for the coveted spot I cried my eyes out.  Yeah, I’m a little different.

My two Original Mentors reside in Bend.   I’ll miss Jim & Carol McLatchie more than anyone else.  My old buddy Bob Latham, Men’s LDR Championships Chair, also lives in Bend.  Still hard to believe I’m not going to be there.

I received a call from Seattle yesterday from Riley Masters.  Had never heard of the fella but he’d heard I could help him with his entry into Club Cross.  Representing Brooks Beast Track Club he was having trouble with the process.  After some digging around I found his last current address to be in Maine, making him ineligible to compete for a club based outside his home state.   I go through this every year……..


I’m working on my Wish List for Nebraska athletes, I’ll roast your yule log with it next week.


Christmas isn’t always festive and joyous no matter how much commercialized excess and waste is generated.  The greatest gift this family has is that they are together.  Be thankful for what is in front of you every day.  Don’t judge the value of a gift based on dollars spent.  Be filled with charity towards the less fortunate.  Every Day.



I can’t close out 2013 without giving out a couple of nods to some individuals that have done amazing things with their running this year.

Kaci Lickteig.  I haven’t been able to keep up with all of  Kaci’s accomplishments this year but she is making a name for herself as one of the top Ultra/Trail runners around.   She will also run over 5000 miles for 2013.  Averaging almost 100 miles/week for an entire year, wow.  Here’s wishing her continued success, development, durability, and a podium spot at one of next year’s USA National Champs in her new found discipline.

Tim McGargill.  Another ultra wonder runner.  Completed four 100 mile races this year, Western States, Vermont, Leadville, and Wasatch.  First Nebraskan to achieve this feat.

Becky Wade.  OK so she’s a Houstonian but Becky made her marathon debut at California International this past weekend.  And won.  In 2:30:41.  She’d be in the top 5 for men in Nebraska this year.


Several of my favorite Nebraskans at the USATF annual meetings.  Coach Scar, Ann Gaffigan, Mark and Bonnie Cizek, Anne Shadle.


And some of my favorite characters from anywhere.  The Road Running Technical Council.  You want to complain about short or long courses, they’re your bunch.  Try telling them how wonderfully accurate your garmin is.








These old cats are plenty fast.  Not a lot of head to head competition to gauge from so the award winners will be based on my own learned and subjective criteria.

Several contenders here making this difficult to designate.  I’ll first list some of the more noteworthy nominees:
Ivan Ivanov.  The fastest master in the state but races so infrequently.  2nd Overall at the Governor’s Cup 15K (51:02) and 4th at the Buffalo Run 5 Mile (27:41).
Brian Bergt.  2nd in the 50-54 age group at Lincoln Marathon in 3:01:54.
Dave Johnson.  At 57 years old still one of the fastest masters as evidenced by his 1:24:49 at the Lincoln Half Marathon.
Brian Kelly.  54 years old and still racing with the younger studs.  1st overall at Havelock 10K in 38:16, Thunder Run 5K in 17:46.  2nd overall at Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K Trail Run.
Miguel Ordorica.  3rd overall master and 1st local at Lincoln Marathon in 2:56:41.
Bob Garcia.  57 years old and still coaxing very fast times out of an always broken body.  Novartis 2 Mile in 12:23 and Havelock 3K in 10:46.
Bob Brindamour.  1st overall master, State Farm 10 Mile, 59:48.

And our winner is:

Tom Woods, Lincoln Running Co. Racing Team.  Tom showed great range as well as speed.  1st O/A Governor’s Cup 5K in 16:26.  1st O/A Novartis 2 Mile in 10:34.  1st O/A Masters Lincoln Half Marathon in 1:16:38.  7th O/A Buffalo Run 5 Mile in 27:58.  3rd O/A Master Living History Farms.

Somewhat thinned ranks this year with neither Ann Ringlein nor Linda Kunasek racing hardly if at all and Roxi Erickson nowhere to be found.   But still some good results.  Nominees:
Stacy Mangers.  47 years old.  First O/A at inaugural Omaha 5K besting all entrants (20:07).  Daughter Scottie was 2nd O/A.  Stacy spent most of the year on the injured reserve, she’ll be back!
Natalie Jetensky.  43 years old.  Always full of running, Natalie ran a fine 3:11:18 at the Lincoln Full.  3rd O/A Master Living History Farms.
Theresa Gosnell.  41 years old.  Theresa made her long awaited return to distance running with a fine and fast 1:26:51 at the Lincoln Half.  2nd O/A female Omaha Marathon in 3:04:08.

And the winner is:

Maureen Larsen, 41 years old, LRC Racing.  Maureen took the masters title in just about every race she ran this year.  Including a 9th 40-44 age group in 3:02:51 at the USA Masters Marathon National Championships (Twin Cities).  1st Master Lincoln Mile in 5:43.  1st Master Buffalo Run 5 Mile in 32:36.  1st Master Thunder Run 5K in 19:06.







For the last 10 years I’ve announced my year end award winners.   If you are interested please check the above header, 2001-2012.  With a change in the Competitive Nebraska winds,  I’ll do my best to recognize the Best of the Best, with an emphasis on Quality over Quantity and further, Speed over All Else.  Several categories go unfilled this year due to lack of significant performances.

Eric Noel, Lincoln Running Club Racing Team- Eric sealed the deal with this past weekend’s fine 2:24:45 at the California International Marathon.  He was also the top Nebraska finisher at the Lincoln Marathon last May in 2:30:10.  Note:  Neil Wolford (2:38:39) and Tom Nichols (2:59:24) also competed at CIM this past weekend.

Ashley Miller, Team Nebraska- Ashley raced well across a variety of distances and some against national class talent this year.  She finished 8th overall at the Bill Seymour Half Marathon in 1:22:52, set club records at 15K (Tulsa Run, 56:14) and 1 mile with a fast 4:50 at the Falmouth Mile.

Jason Zakaras, LRC Racing- Jason emerged into a Real Runner this year recording personal bests at every distance from the mile to the marathon.   He also took the measure of many of the top runners on both LRC and Team Nebraska.

RACE OF THE YEAR- Camille Herron defeating Danna Herrick at the Lincoln Marathon by a mere 6 seconds.  Wow! 

CONTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR- Run Guru Says.  Stimulating the running community to a more competitive culture.  What?  You expected somebody else?

Tomorrow the masters.






A glimpse on this weekend.  I’m especially hot on getting the USA Marathon Road Relay back into relevancy.  The event was last held in 2007.

USA Track & Field


Executive Committee:

Devon Joan Martin, Chair

Dave Oja, Vice-Chair

Bill Roe, Secretary

Will Lindgren, At-Large rep


The mission of the Club Council is to enhance and expand opportunities for USATF open level, club-based team competition in track & field, cross country, long distance running, and race walking. The Club Council seeks to do this by promoting the club system of elite athlete development fostered by the creation of Association-based Elite Development Clubs in every major metropolitan area of the United States. The Council is an advocate and information resource for creating new clubs and improving existing ones and acts to create, select, and oversee events to serve as USATF National Club Championships in every discipline of our sport. The USATF Club Council strives to take a leadership role in popularizing the post-collegiate, open level of our sport by promoting club-oriented events that present entertaining, fast-paced competition that will attract spectators, media coverage and sponsors.


USATF Annual Convention


December 6, 2013

  • USATF Staff
  • Chair’s Report
    • 2013 National Club Track & Field Championship
    • 2014 National Club Track & Field Championship
    • New EDCs
  • Cross Country Chair Mike Scott’s Report
  • Club Northwest’s Presentation for Site of 2014 National Club T&F Championships
  • Initiatives
    • Club Relays – Millrose Games
    • Club Marathon Relays
    • USATF Track Regional Meet – Last Chance Qualifiers for USAs
    • USA National 12k & USA Half Marathon Qualifying Standards
    • Annual Highlight Reports
    • Elite Racing Calendar
  • Club Council Meeting at Cross Country Club Championships (December 13)
  • Vice-President Position
  • Rule 4
  • Uniform Rule
  • New Business or Issues20131206_090610
  • The Marathon Road Relay Championships deserve to be back on our Club Champs calendar.  I took a Men’s Team and Women’s Team of Good Mates to Denver in 2006 and 2007.  In ’06 our ladies came away with a solid 4th overall and nice little payday.  Legs were 10K, 5K, 10K, 5K, 12K.  Suzanne ran the lead off leg on a terribly sprained ankle, at altitude, fast.  Ah, the Good Old Days, where have all the studettes gone?.
  • 4 TEAM NEBRASKA BROOKS                   2:46:17		$2,000
          Suzanne Weeder Einspahr	37:23
          Molly Engel	19:37
          Michelle Paxton	41:08
          Kelly Yacevich	19:39
          Gina Morgan		48:31


We’re settled into a regular running routine now.  The neighbors’ eyebrows no longer mime the St. Louis Arch upon our passing.  And their rhetoric has tread from the incredulous to the more specific if mundane, “How many miles today?”

We hosted an NRGE group run at the Bar None a couple of weekends ago.  As we were lightly crunching the limestone it occurred to me that over the last few winters it was right here that I would drive to for my runs.  El Parque Estado Dos Rios is a gem in the winter (as is Chalco Hills).  The Parks Dept. do a great job of keeping their roadways near perfect.  Both have multiple loops that are immediately groomed and suitable.  The drivers like cookies.

But it is the miles on the country roads that make up the bulk of my winter training.  Not the chunky, ankle wrenching gravel.  Rather the crushed remnants of commerce and daily life.  Providing footing, precursor to speed of any type, and confidence of stride, this is training after all.

I once went to visit my Uncle Bob.  Flew to Dallas.  Took a prop to Lawton.  Rented a car to Indiahoma.  Took a 4 wheeler to Post Oak Acres, ran out of service road.  Hopped on a horse for the 2 hours to Medicine Creek.  Got there and the water was too high so had to tie up the nag and proceed on foot.  Trudged another 6 hours over rock and ramble, torn by bramble, starving, near exhaustion.  Finally reached his shack, tucked deep among the foothills of the Wichita Mountains.  On the front door was this sign:


Everything is relative to our own experience.