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Thanks to all our participants, volunteers, and sponsors Victoria’s Secret and Bakers Candies!

1. Ivan Marsh, Ashland                                      34:44 Long Distance Romance** Winning Team
2. Pete Kostelnick, Lincoln                                  35:46 * Winner Lonely Hearts
3. Sam Holmes, Omaha                                     38:10 Cupid Shuffle
4. Carolyn Colliers, Lincoln                                 44:14 Long Distance Romance**
5. Tammy Consbruck, Gretna                             45:28 *
6. Megan Gautier, Omaha                                   45:29
7. Bill Weeks, Yutan                                             45:40
8. Eric Schroeder, Omaha                                  45:44 A Farmer And His Wife
9. Charles James, Omaha                                   47:42 Racing Hearts
10. Elizabeth James                                            51:43 Racing Hearts
11. Kristen Kohls                                                 52:41 G & K Do Omaha
14. Ty Buss                                                          55:07
15. Erika Crawford                                              56:49 Quantum Entanglement
16. Jon Olivia                                                      56:49 Quantum Entanglement
17. Chris Holcombe                                           58:00 Balls
18. Laurel Peterson                                           59:21
19. Laura Ortega                                              59:22
20. John Hooley                                                59:38 Whisker Biscuits
21. Rose Costello                                              59:39 Whisker Biscuits
22. Kara Brockmeier                                         1:00:03 Team Brockmeier
23. Adam Brockmeier                                       1:00:04 Team Brockmeier
24. Kelsey Henkel                                             1:02:10 Future Mr. & Mrs.
25. T.J. Peterson                                               1:02:10 Future Mr. & Mrs.
26. Danny Sanchez                                           1:02:19 Team Sanchez
27. Kendra Samuelson                                      1:02:20 Team Sanchez
28. Gabriella Vogel                                           1:02:29 G & K Do Omaha
29. Melody Karnes                                            1:02:54
30. Paula Mau                                                   1:03:20 Team Mau
31. Michelle Vorpal                                            1:03:20 Team Mau
32. Marissa Garcia                                            1:04:13 Chopper Doctors
33. Brandon Robinson                                       1:04:14 Chopper Doctors
34. Tyler Schoen                                              1:04:16 DP (Domestic Partners)
35. Becky Schroeder                                        1:05:03 A Farmer And His Wife
36. Kelly Sell                                                     1:05:38 Team Sell
37. Kelsey Miller                                              1:07:57 Balls
38. Rachel Van Boening                                    1:08:32 Cupid Shuffle
39. Megan Gaffney                                           1:10:29 DP (Domestic Partners)
40. Steve Stender                                            1:11:01 S & M
41. Melissa Gwartney                                       1:11:01 S & M
42. Lori Sell                                                        1:11:19   Team Sell
43. Brittany Lindhorst                                       1:12:02
44. Katie Bean                                                   1:12:31
45. Kim McSheehy                                            1:12:55
46. Chelsey Durston                                         1:13:15
47. Lindsay Weinschenk                                    1:14:10 Team Weinschenk
48. Chad Weinschenk                                       1:14:10 Team Weinschenk
49. Mandi Noel                                                 1:14:35 Team Noel
50. Anthony Noel                                              1:15:54 Team Noel
51. Ray Hahn                                                    1:15:55 Honey Bunz Bee Running
52. Laura Snyder                                              1:16:09 Honey Bunz Bee Running
53. Rebecca Wardlaw                                       1:16:10
54. Whitney Vessar                                          1:38:28



Very rare that I get into politics or religion here.  But I’m moved and thus must speak.

In the late 1980s I lived in Beaumont, Texas and attended Lamar University.   Used to race this cat named Terry Foreman, I’ve mentioned him somewhere in RGS before.  Very talented runner with a prodigious ability for workouts.  Would show up for track workouts, after a full day of laboring on the loading docks, a couple of 20 ounce beers and a joint already coursing through his system.  And he’d knock out 20 X 1/4 in :65-:68, 1:00 recovery.  One of the lowest body fat % I’ve ever seen too, a Real Natural.

I battled Terry for at least three years and only beat him once, at the RRCA Texas 10 Mile State Championships, the extreme upper limit of his competitive range.   He would never race me again.  Makes for a nice twist to the story.  The Golden Triangle consists of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange Texas.  Heavily industrialized with some of the highest cancer rates in the country.  And some of the biggest rednecks in the United States.  Vidor, Texas was a small, very racist community within the Golden Triangle.

During one particular 10K, much of the course wound through Vidor, home of the most rabid faction of the KKK.  Terry and I battling hard, running through the streets.  Narrow minded idiots sitting on their porches and curbs, hollering “Don’t let that f****** n***** beat you white boy!”  We ended up crossing the finish line together in a show of mutual respect.

When I left Beaumont I was hopeful to never again experience the prejudice and presumed subjagation that I had seen there.  You need to remember that I was already in grade school when LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.  Saw the battles for dignity and respect that only my generation can truly appreciate.

And now I see Fremont, Nebraska.  I see how they are quite happy to have the Mexican population fill the dirtiest, nastiest jobs that no one else wants or would take.  Hard working, proud and good people.  And a marvelous culture for those that would see.   In this land of opportunity, trying to make a life or at least a better one for themselves and their families.  Human beings.  Exactly like you and me.  But not allowed to rent property in Fremont.

I’ve already had heated discussions with people whose opinions don’t square with mine.  And anticipate pissing off a few more people today.  People that are uncaring and/or ignorant towards their fellow man.  Fifty years later and still those that shield themselves in their ethnocentricity.  Sad and embarrassing statement.






Of Love.  Of Fitness.   Of Competition.

As I peruse the local training logs it is gratifying to see there are people I’ve never met using the programs I introduced to Nebraska.   I’m not taking credit for the brilliance of Jim McLatchie, just happy to see that so many people now understand the benefits of his method of high level training.  Wasn’t always this way, a lot of detractors originally.  They’re called converts (and coaches, ha!) these days.   And while I wasn’t the architect I’ve certainly been the loudest proponent of my original coaching mentor.  It was never a secret, never presented as some magical training paradigm, simply couched in hard work set up in proper sequencing.  Just like Killer Coach, McMillan, Hansons, Jack Daniels, Maffetone, and every other successful program.

With no drugs.  Right doc?

I’ve got a couple of 72 flats started, this spring’s groceries.  Rhubarb Chard, Rainbow Chard, Bright Lights Chard, Charlotte Chard, Savoy Spinach, Corvair Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, Harmony Spinach, Muir Lettuce, Nevada Lettuce, Winterbor Kale, Mizuna Mustard Greens, and Primero Cabbage.  Round one then is cool weather greens.  In another week or so I’ll start my peppers and beets and leeks and carrots and parsnips and turnips and sundry other root vegetables.  And it won’t be long before the potato slips show up at Earl May.  The best farmers are those that are best prepared.  Hard work set up in proper sequencing.  Just like successful running programs eh?

Strictly organic.  Super foods.  No hormones or any other foreign substances introduced.  Right doc?



Mizuna and Kale fairly jumping up in the front, the chards awakening in back.  Thanks to my boy Jason Zakaras  for the sweet grow light that is kick starting these cruciferous comestibles.

Don’t forget to come by Peak Performance tonight to pick up your packet or register for the Two Rivers Twosome.  There will be an extremely rare road race appearance by Ivan Marsh Saturday morning.  A little tune up before he crushes the world at next weekend’s Trek up the Tower.  The team competition looks to be hot with Long Distance Romance, K Squared, and No Couples Therapy all squaring off for bragging rights as Nebraska’s fastest couple.




Congratulations to our NRGE mate Pete Kostelnick on being one of only 90 people selected to run the infamous Badwater Ultramarathon.  Billed as “The World’s Toughest Footrace” (Margaret would undoubtedly differ), starts at minus 282 feet elevation in the Badwater Basin, proceeds to Whitney Portal at 8360 feet above sea level.  Held in mid July, the temps can soar to over 120 degrees and then oh yes, snow on the climb up America’s highest peak.  The Holy Grail if you will of ultramarathoning.  And from Pete- “Fun facts (because I’m such a nerd): there have only been 6 individuals from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, or Missouri to run it on record since 1987, and only 19 individuals 26 years old or younger to compete.”  Go get some Pete!

At the 2001 Boystown 5 Mile I was returning to my truck after running the 1 Mile with my son Miles.  This dude was standing behind it looking at my license plate that read (and still reads) Run Guru.  Never had met the cat but he took umbrage and had the huevos to ask “What the hell makes you a run guru?”  Hopefully the last 13 years have answered the question.  But if not then I submit the following:


 Joel “Pepe” Moyer poses under the Guru Factory Outlet sign at a mall in New Orleans, circa 1993.  It was there and then that he dubbed me the Run Guru and I’ve run with it every since.  Has it really been over 20 years?

In 2000 Clint Verran was a member of the USA Team for the World Championships Half Marathon in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  I was the US Team Leader and got to know Clint very well, we remain friends to this day.  Interesting note that Kevin & Keith Hanson had Clint training in a wet suit to mimic the heat and humidity not present in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  This was my first introduction to the Hanson’s, a fortuitous and lifelong friendship.  


Quite the cast of characters made the trip with me.  Including Teddy Mitchell, Jerry Lawson, Jeff Campbell, Todd Reeser, and Clint on the men’s side.

20140212_085142Clint would go on to name his very successful physical therapy business after my moniker.  And beat me to the punch in getting the domain name, well played Clint!

20140212_085128Nice of Clint to send me this shirt this week.  We have a great tale together of me defending the honor of a young lady in Albany, NY.  The funny and well told “Say Holmes” story, ask me about it sometime.


The only thing I’d been missing.  Every respectable guru needs a beard.





Don’t forget that the Two Rivers Twosome 10K will be having packet pick up Thursday afternoon from 4-7 at Peak Performance, 168th & W. Center location.  You can still register too and you should because this Saturday’s weather forecast calls for a high in the 50s.  Good Clean Living indeed!

Our NRGE mate Mike Wasson will be in Boulder Saturday taking on America’s best at the USA Cross Country National Championships.  In the team competition I am proud that the Lincoln Running Company Racing Team is sending a full masters team.  Craig Christians, Ivan Ivanov, Brian Kelley, Darin Schlake, Jason Schmaderer and Thomas Woods IV.  These old cats would be my “Nebraska masters dream team” and should be very competitive in their division, can’t wait to report on their success come Monday.

Getting some good reading over on  One of the topics is “Who you gunnin for?”  My pat answer has always been: Everyone.  I’ve unabashedly placed targets on people’s backs since moving here in 2001.  Elevated the competitiveness of first Team Nebraska and now NRGE.  Some people were flattered, others, well let’s just say that I was the source of their discontent.  No apologies.  I recall one athlete relentlessly pursuing me around the SAC Museum during the Leprechaun Chase post party, shouting and accusing me of personally ruining their running career, imagine that.  It takes a Mentally Tough individual to handle the pressures of competition.  It matters not what talent level you have, if you’re mentally weak then you are easy pickings, if not sooner surely later.

Seeing some real mental toughness on display at the Winter Olympics.  One thing each of these athletes share is the ability to visualize success.  Visualization then is one of the strongest arrows in any athlete’s quiver.  Seeing success.  Breathing success.  Dreaming success.  Succeeding success.


I’m not just a summer Olympics fan.  This 1998 Nagano poster really captures the spirit of the Winter Games for me.


This one is pretty cool too.


And of course Salt Lake in 2002.  My old buddy (and here I use the term loosely) Mitt Romney was the leader.



Great way to kick off this week is by congratulating our mate Pete Kostelnick on his overall win at the Psycho Wyco 20 Mile on Saturday.  Pete’s recap:

“Psycho Wyconess for sure. I did the Psycho Wyco 50k last year in KC just south of 5 hours, so thought 3 hours should put in me a good place to compete for the 20 mile win. For me, the course in normal conditions would add 2 minutes per mile to a flat road course, but with nearly a foot of powder snow covering the 80% ascending/descending technical lakeside course, it was now more like four minutes per mile. I started off “fast”, keeping a lead pack of four 50k guys in my sights as the lead 20 mile guy. Matt Flaherty lead the way in the 50k to the end–his winning time of 4:48 was over 9 min per mile. He ran the JFK 50 miler recently in a 6:53 mile pace ahead of the great Mike Wardian. Perspective. I got caught by another 20 mile guy near the end of the first 10.35 miles, but was more shocked by the 1:44 reading on the clock. WOW. I regained the lead with fellow Nebraskan Jeremy Morris joining me for some miles on and off before I wished him luck on his 3rd place finish in the 50k as I began my 3 mile push to the finish in a winning time of 3:30:51. Times be damned, in the spirit of the Winter Olympics, bringing home the gold in this cross country [ski] race felt great.”


1618665_10101654939774390_1487016152_nRunning for fun, competition,  and money, it doesn’t get much better than that!

I have to take a moment and say what a JOKE the Opening Ceremonies were for the Sochi Winter Olympics.  How many “athletes” marched in the parade due to patronage?  Too many.  “His wife’s mother was originally from (insert country here), he petitioned for dual citizenship, embarked on a fundraising campaign for the president and was awarded a spot on the Olympic Team.”  With no talent or intention of competing.  Buying their way into supposedly the purest of sporting expressions.  Sham and a shame.

So much more to get to this week but will proudly announce that the Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K Trail Run has been named as the USATF Nebraska Association Championships.  Thanks to Michael Rathje for the nod.  This will be the 8th consecutive year that we’ve hosted the champs for this distance/discipline.  In order to show support for our association athletes I’ve set up a special registration category of only $25 for those with current memberships, a $20 savings.

Putting my money where my mouth is.  I’ve also offered our association athletes a deeply discounted rate to this weekend’s Two Rivers Twosome 10K.  A mere $10 instead of the regular $25.  Not a championship race (this year) but an opportunity for some fast racing to be sure.

There were 2 race management paradigms discussed at our LDR meeting last month.  One was a strictly for profit model.  The other, seemingly foreign and less popular model, was the one I presented, caring as much or more about the competition than how much folding money the race generates.  Another thing that makes me a dinosaur.

I’m hoping the other race directors on our championship series will take note and make similar discounts available to our USATF association athletes.  You with me?




With all due respect to everyone’s tender sensibilities, Damn It!  I hope you will take the moments necessary to read Edwardo Torres comments below, submitted to my old buddy Toni Reavis’ blog.  Long time readers know I was on the 2008 USA Women’s Olympic Trials Marathon Site Selection Committee.  The Akron Marathon, Twin Cities, and Boston had all submitted outstanding bids.  Each city was visited, presentations made by the local organizing committee, pros and cons evaluated.  There was a singular guiding premise; What is best for the athletes!  That logic has been abandoned.  Damn it!


This letter from  B.A.A. Executive Director Guy Morse remains a favorite in my collection.  A footnote in Olympic Trials Marathon history.


 byToni Reavis

On January 29th USA Track & Field, the U.S. Olympic CommitteeLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LA MARATHON LLC announced that Los Angeles had been awarded the bid to host the joint 2016 Men’s and Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials.  Today, the blog received the following statement from USATF Men’s Long Distance Running Committee chairman Edwardo Torres.

Ed Torres, chair of USATF Men's LDR Committee

Ed Torres, chair of USATF Men’s LDR Committee

On behalf of the Men’s LDR committee we would like to congratulate Los Angeles on winning the bid for the 2016 Olympic trials. There was a lot of confusion leading up to this decision. The fact that both Houston and Los Angeles made strong bids made it a tough decision.

As a committee, both men’s and women’s LDR based their decision on what was best for the athlete. At the annual meeting in December 2013 both LDR committees came to the conclusion that Houston had the upper hand, and therefore we suggested to the USATF board that Houston should be awarded the trials. We came to our decision based on two advantages we believe that Houston had.

The first was the date of the race. We believed that holding the race in January would allow people who missed the team to train for the track trials. (Both 2012 4th place finishers made the team in the 10k.) The other major factor for us was the $100k extra in athlete prize money offered in the Houston bid.

In the years since 2012 the earning opportunities for athletes have dried up. It is now harder than ever for an athlete to make it at the elite level. We could not with good conscience allow another $100k in prize money to leave the sport.

Since the annual meeting, Los Angeles changed their race date to be held in February. The request for LA to match athlete prize money was initially declined. With the athlete’s best interest at heart, the committee is still hoping for L.A. to match Houston’s offer. At the end of the day the race is about the athletes, and it’s unfair for them to forfeit $100k in prize money without a say in the decision. The athletes need and deserve that money more than the non-profit we serve does.

Edwardo Torres,
USATF Men’s LDR chair


In a follow up conversation Torres spoke highly of both bids — “L.A. will do a great job.” — but he maintained that he was speaking out because “my committee speaks for the athletes, and we knew what the difference in prize money was, and that alone was enough for our choice to be Houston”.

“Why not make all parties happy?” he continued.  “For places 4 through 10 it would mean an extra $5000 in their pocket, which would make a big difference to help keep them in the sport to develop for the next Olympic cycle.”

And so it goes.



Not easy getting out the door when the feel like temp is minus 15-20.   Its the running you do during the most difficult of conditions that puts on the fine edge of mental discipline.   If you want easy stick to treadmills or checkers, cupcake.

One of the rewards for getting layered up and into the elements are the stark and beautiful wide open spaces.  Only hinted at during corn’s dominant months, the flat and endless expanses to the West and North and South reveal tempting mile after mile.  And to the East, the bluffs of the Elkhorn River, with the requisite climbs out of the valley always ready to challenge.

If I thought my former dojo was beautiful in its closed simplicity and proximity, then my current shines all the brighter for its unlimited expanse.

While I’m trading pushes with the winds my dear sweet Linda has found solace in the woods astride her cross country skis.  More peaceful and quiet, more physical work, the fresh laid tracks easier on the body, the venue just as dazzling on the eyes.  With very similar results come race day.

Ingrid Kristainsen of Norway knew all about cross country skiing as an adjunct to her running paces.  Winner of the London (4X), Boston (2X), Stockholm (3X) New York, Chicago, and Houston Marathons (2X).  The only female in history to simultaneously hold the World Records for the marathon (2:21:06), 5000 Meters (14:58) and 10000 Meters (30:59).  4th in the inaugural Women’s Olympic Marathon in 1984.  World cross country champion in 1988.  Whew!

84HoustonWinners Charlie Spedding of England (2:11:54) and Ingrid Kristainsen (2:27:51) autographed my 1984 Houston Marathon poster.  Kristiansen did much of her training on skis and you can’t argue with her results.  She was also 10 or 12 weeks pregnant when she won Houston in 1984, perhaps the fastest fetus ever?

20140206_085308And the piece that lit the fire, 34 years ago, under my Olympic memorabilia collection.   The message will never change.




Or, A Run Three Ways.

I completed yesterday’s warm up just as the white out conditions were blowing through, visibility no more than a couple hundred meters.  Still determined to get in the meat of the workout.  These country roads offer no succour, as if I would petition for it.  Wide open and exposed for all to see.  Geese overhead frozen in time battling the winds.  The task before me a well rehearsed drill, Killer Coach Tuesdays, ah how I’ve missed you!  After taking the first mile out in a too quick 6:46 I settled into goal race pace for the next five miles, truncated from eight due to weather.  At the conclusion of the effort and in actual slow motion I saw a car gently and easily slide into a ditch.  Of course I rendered aid.

Janet fumbled in her purse, keeping one eye on the road, the other seeking the comfort she knew resided within.  Though she was in no particular hurry to get where she was going there was an urgency about her groping.  Relief upon grasping the cold and uncaring bottle.  No twinge of remorse as she opened the cap and took a long pull, the effect as immediate and warming and familiar as an old friend in time of need.  Her only friend in deed.  She saw the mailbox in time, braked too hard, overcompensated and came to rest with her nose decidedly downward in the ditch.  The mailbox turned out to not be a mailbox but a runner that was now asking if she was all right.

Connie looked up from the help wanted ads and her steaming cup of hot chocolate.  She had seen this country runner more frequently as the weather got worse, odd thing she thought.  Sometimes seemingly trudging, others fairly flying, like today.  She liked watching his diminutive figure come into view and then fade away and then come back again.  Liked it because it gave her hope for her own return.  She wouldn’t change a thing though, money can’t buy you love.  That the deadbeat refused to pay his child support and alimony mattered not.  She was happier than she’d been in twenty plus years.  She gazed at the runner as the car veered first right towards him and then crawled into the opposite ditch, just outside her window.  Grabbed her hat and coat and was there to help Janet out of the car and into her warm if drafty kitchen.

The runner trudged on.




Our NRGE men’s team is simmering just below the boil.  Steam starting to build, getting ready to blow the roof of this sucka.  But that’s just the guys.

Our NRGE women are busy too.  Both Lindsey Brezenski and Scottie Shaw are with child, we’ll look for their return this fall.  Linda Kunasek is healed up from last year’s devastating foot break, currently nursing some popliteal issues, the Lincoln Half Marathon still on her schedule.  Stacy Mangers is coming around slowly and sensibly.  She is accompanying me on long runs, I’m teaching her the value of running slowly when needed.  How much does she want the masters crown at the Lincoln Half?   Roxi Erickson is always out there, just on the periphery, word from her coach is that she’s training up to make a statement in the Lincoln Full.  Tammy Consbruck kicked off her training for Lincoln this week too.  She is quite the contradiction.  As sweet and nice and humble as they come, that gun goes off and you better look out!

Speaking of humility, I came up with a nickname for Kaci Lickteig last night “The Waifenator“.  Kind of like a deconstructed Arnold Schwrazenneger.

I’m proud to announce the addition of NRGE’s newest sponsor today.   Stodden Physical Therapy has joined our list of community sponsors.  Mike and his staff do great work out of both his Elkhorn and Gretna offices.  And one of the few facilities to boast an Alter-G treadmill.

I’m very excited about the support NRGE is getting.  If you’ll check our sponsor page you will see that we have three of the very best physical therapists in the Omaha Metro.  This new approach of support by multiple providers within the same discipline shows how well our mission of excellence is being received.


Andy Consbruck and Dynamic Physical Therapy in Gretna are committed to helping athletes of all kits and sports achieve their personal goals.

premierlogo (1)

And Jennifer Beran of Premier Physical Therapy has three locations in the Omaha Metro.  Home of the 5-foot deep SwimEx Therapy Pool and one of the few dry needling practicioners around.

This is how we do it.  This time.

And now for something completely different.  This picture shows my Grandma Katie (my dear sweet Katherine’s name sake) and my Uncle Carl in 1979.  She’s been gone nearly 30 years, Carl just over a year.  She was a pistol, raising 7 kids on her own during the Great Depression.  Uncle Carl as handsome as the rest of the Lindgren clan.  I miss them both.