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Ways and means.  That’s what the Bar None has provided in our quest for self sufficiency.  Earlier this year the neighbors would snicker at the size of bite we had taken out of the land for production.  “What in the world are you going to do with it all?”

Eat all we can.  Can and freeze as much as the larders will accommodate.  Sell what we can.  Give away the rest to friends and family.  Pretty simple prescription if you’ve got the back for it.  And a Foley Mill (La Machina de Legume).

This simple tool, hand operated, separates the pulp, seeds, and pits from the Good Stuff.  But you’ve got to cook the product first.  Then mill, then cook again.  Next heat your jars and rings and lids, pouring hot goodness into the eager mason or ball jars.  Clean the jar, apply the lid and ring and then back into a boiling bath for 30-40 minutes.

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  I figured out that I can put my tomatoes or fruits into a slow cooker over night.  And use our “studio” as a secondary culinary cubicle to keep the heat out of the house.  Brilliant!  Several mornings a week I’m faced with the daunting task (it took me almost two hours to hand pit plums yesterday) of follow through.  The Good Mother takes care of those that take care of themselves.

This is how it has been done for longer than we’ve been around.  Eight to ten hours in a day equals groceries for a week.  Started from seed, nurtured, harvested, and put up.  All by our own hands.

I was promised through decree that I would be well taken care of for the rest of my days.  Reward for 20+ years of child rearing.  More sinister and savvy plans (“I’d rather give every penny to attorneys than give you a dime”, promise well kept I might add) made that piece of paper worthless.  Free advice:  Get a settlement up front if at all possible.  And not for the last time, Damned Attorneys!

As it turns out I’m a better person for having to depend on my own wiles.  Emerging talents and energies and rewards.  The Good Life indeed!


Tools of the trade.  Front and center the Foley Mill.  To the right, plum juice destined for jelly and next winter’s toast.  To the left, San Marzano and Roma tomatoes awaiting a cheese cloth strain for paste.  Above that more and more tomatoes, this batch headed to marinara heaven.  I’ve processed nearly 300 pounds of tomatoes that now reside in the cellar or freezer.


Our fruit cellar isn’t big but will hold enough to sustain through the winter.  In addition to the ever increasing inventory of canned goods it will soon host hundreds of pounds of potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, rutabagas, onions, et al.  Groceries!


My dear sweet Katie and friends help me skin and de-seed charred hot peppers.  The first of many batches, this one went in to yesterday’s 10 quarts of Arrabiata sauce.

photo 4

Firearm safety Friday.  Teaching the girls to be respectful, conscientious and comfortable around guns.

IMG_4809Impeccable posture and technique applies to shooting as well as track and field.  Katie has inherited the Lindgren Dead Eye and I couldn’t be prouder!  Second Amendment and all that.



From the Level 1 Coaching curriculum.

Ethical Behavior
“The coach, by the very nature of the position, becomes a role model for athletes and a representative of an entire profession and sport.  The coach’s behavior, dress, and relationships with others should be professional in nature.  Because of the coach’s position of authority and responsibility with athletes, the coach’s personal life should also be held to high standards.”

*Wish I would have taken this class 10 years ago.  I’m the Very First to admit that over the year’s I’ve exhibited behaviors that don’t fit the model.  For a long time I was easily baited, nay- toyed with, by skilled antagonists.  I apologize if my reactions were out of line with the above.   Another way to explain the early years is “What do you expect when you slap a bear in the face?”

The final sentence presents the slipperiest slope.  “A coach’s personal life……”  During my divorce and during Linda’s we were harassed, insulted, chased and cursed, and not by former spouses.  One (“My God Commands me to do so!”) made it Their Personal Business to involve in and make the already painful process worse.  Point being any zealot can pretend to judge and therefore you have to take the appropriate precautions.

I passed the Only Muster that Matters yesterday.  “Congratulations! Your background screening has been thoroughly reviewed and meets the qualification standards set by USA Track & Field.”

Thankfully, Angry Gods and USATF still allow people to find Love and Happiness.

And now,

The Energy Systems
The Energy Systems are responsible for providing an energy rich compound called ATP to fuel muscle work and recovery.  This ATP is produced from substrates such as fat and glycogen through various processes.  The effectiveness of the energy systems is possibly the greatest single factor in performance in the endurance events.

“Benefits of hard work can only be seen through the eyes of recovery.”  Perhaps one of the most profound statements of the weekend.

Safety in the Jumps
I had forgotten that there was a move a long time ago to reinvent the Long Jump by adding a front flip after take off.  It jogged my memory of seeing Bruce Jenner flip long before he went head over heals for that Kardashian lady.

The Throwing Events
“Weapons of War”.  All of the throwing implements have their origin in war.

Regenerative and Recuperative
Post work out prescription= Cool Down, Drink H2O, Stretch, Elevate, Electrolytes, Whirlpool for 7 minutes at 48 degrees.










Bar None friend, local historian, and farm maintenance consultant.   Lives across the way, his 10 acres immaculately kept by him alone.  Big garden, fruit trees, the works.  That’s Carl Seiroe.  We help him celebrate his 85th birthday today.  He’s been in the house since the sixties, and widowed for the last 10+ years.  He’s now a father figure to me, something we’re both completely comfortable with.  A wealth of experience and good advice.  I, unlike most of today’s generations X & Y, still respect my elders and accord him the utmost.

When growing up in Central Illinois my neighbor was Odessa “Dessie” Dussler.  She passed in 1979 at age 104, outliving husband Tom by 38 years.   One of my most treasured possessions is the quilt she made me while I was in the Navy.  Made of my old elementary school shirts and childhood bedsheets.  Even today a glance at it thrusts me back to that time of youthful wonder.  As a lad I would sit on her porch swing and listen to tales of a world both wonderful and terrible.  No cars, no electricity, no public health, no running water.  Her grandfather was living when Thomas Jefferson was President.  Every single day was a challenge.  And every day rewarded with the happiness of simplicity.

Both Carl and Dessie, bless their years, exhibited similar eating habits.  Like a bird.  A single piece of toast and egg for breakfast, sparse lunch, and light meal before early retiring.  The routine well rehearsed and well lived.  I could do another story titled “Don’t Sleep Old People” but the reduction in nighttime sleep among the aged is well documented.

Prompting today’s column is my own ebb and flow in appetite.  Still 3 months shy of my 57th birthday I’m noticing trends.  Moderation might best describe.  I used to pride myself in being able to attack the hottest of chile peppers, take a bite right out of a habanero to show my prowess.  Now I might throw a single pod into a big pot and that is just right.  I’ve noticed my portion sizes shrinking too.  Was it only 3 years ago that the Upstream Brewing Company named a signature burger after me?  Still the same passion and expertise in the kitchen, just don’t need as big of a plate anymore.

Simple rhythms right in tune with my time and place.  Less and less concerned with technological advances and pop culture and fighting my positions.  Enjoying each sunrise and sunset for the gifts they are.

The less I need the more I have.

Respect your elders, don’t eat them.


*originally appeared in RGS, November 2011.
Will Burger

Amount Measure Ingredient
——– ———— ——————————–
1 pound ground chuck
2 ounces capicola
2 ounces mortadella
4 ounces monterey jack cheese
4 ounces spanish onion
2 ounces tempura batter mix
5 ounces french bread
1 ounce fresh tomato
1/2 ounce green leaf lettuce
1 ounce red onion
1 ounce mayonnaise
1/2 ounce stone ground mustard
1 ounce green olive
1/2 ounce cherry pepper
1/16 ounce extra virgin olive oil
3 ounces french fries
pinch teaspoon salt
pinch teaspoon black pepper

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 3055 Calories; 191g Fat (57.3%
calories from fat); 151g Protein; 169g Carbohydrate; 11g Dietary Fiber;
510mg Cholesterol; 4888mg Sodium. Exchanges: 10 Grain(Starch); 18 1/2
Lean Meat; 2 1/2 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 25 Fat; 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.



I enjoy occasionally popping over to NDORFNZ and checking in on who is training for what and how.  The impact Jim McLatchie has had on Nebraska training is unquestionable.  Its everywhere.  I’ve used the McLatchie method for over 10 years and recognize it blindfolded with half my brain tied behind my back.  Ten times one minute with one minute recovery, that’s where it all started and still starts.  I shared it freely with hundreds over the years, and now see that it lives on through so many others.   Good.

Going to borrow some stats Charles Smith provided over on the runDown.  Marathon rankings, he does it with much more finesse than I used to (he doesn’t beat people over the head with it).  I will point out that Nebraska Run Guru Elite has achieved the fastest Open Male and Masters Male marathons for the year.  Surprised?

My .02 is that Jim McLatchie has influenced, through the ripple effect, a large % of competitive runners in Nebraska these days.

My other .02 is that if we are all giddy about men running sub 3 hours we still have a hell of a long way to go.

****Club associations added by me because they should be part of the list, uh oh, here I go again.

Thanks to Charles for the following:

“Last year there were 52 sub3 marathons, this year there are already 39.

There are 5 people who have 2 sub3 marathons in 2014. (Cameron Cummings, Chad Sellers, Kaci Lickteig, Matt Dorsey, and Tim McCargill). McCargill’s marathons are 8 seconds apart. Lickteig’s are 9 seconds apart.

The fastest female marathon last year was 2:50:49 (Megan Zavorka). The fastest female marathon this year is also 2:50:49 (Lickteig)

James McGown has the fastest Masters marathon this year, and the fastest since ___? (researching)

The top Masters marathon last year was 2:53 (Joe Chamberlain). There are already two Master’s times faster this year (McGown, Tim Larsen).

Cameron Cummings has since moved from Nebraska, making Jason Zakaras the current fastest Nebraska marathoner.

Tom Nichols (2:32:25) is from Parker, Colorodo, not Nebraska.

The Lincoln Marathon has the most sub3s (16), followed by the Boston Marathon (10) and Grandma’s Marathon (6).

Name Sex Age City State Time Race Date
1 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:31:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014*****NRGE
2 Jason Zakaras M 31 Omaha NE 2:34:13 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
3 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:34:48 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014******NRGE
4 Justin Mollak M 29 Omaha NE 2:35:02 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**TN
5 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:35:31 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
6 Neil Wolford M 26 Lincoln NE 2:38:39 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**LRC
7 Nathan Stack M 29 Lincoln NE 2:40:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN
8 York Thomas M 25 Omaha NE 2:40:36 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
9 Ryan Regnier M 38 Lincoln NE 2:41:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
10 Cory Logsdon M 26 Omaha NE 2:42:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**TN
11 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:43:03 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
12 James McGown M 40 Sidney NE 2:43:44 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014****NRGE
13 Timothy Leuschen M 32 Omaha NE 2:44:50 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
14 Jared Carlson M 34 Eagle NE 2:45:38 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
15 Jerrod Anzalone M 26 Omaha NE 2:45:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
16 Walter Key M 32 Bellevue NE 2:46:55 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014*****NRGE
17 Timothy Larsen M 45 Gretna NE 2:47:45 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
18 Kyle Clouston M 29 Lincoln NE 2:49:34 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
19 Kyle Custer M 27 Alliance NE 2:50:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
20 Kaci Lickteig F 28 Omaha NE 2:50:49 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
21 Kaci Lickteig F 27 Omaha NE 2:50:58 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
22 Brian Wandzilak M 33 Lincoln NE 2:51:57 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**LRC
23 Nathan Jarosik M 37 Edgar NE 2:51:57 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
24 Pete Kostelnick M 26 Lincoln NE 2:53:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014****NRGE
25 Matt Dorsey M 32 Grand Island NE 2:54:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
26 Ross Polking M 37 Omaha NE 2:54:10 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
27 Scott Haug M 35 Elkhorn NE 2:54:49 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014**NDORFNZ
28 Michael Morrison M 39 Papillion NE 2:54:54 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
29 Megan Thomas F 27 Omaha NE 2:55:12 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
30 Shannon Suing F 36 Lincoln NE 2:55:29 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN
31 Ivan Marsh M 40 Ashland NE 2:56:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
32 Charles Smith M 39 Omaha NE 2:56:17 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014**NDORFNZ
33 Eddie C Walters M 21 Omaha NE 2:56:23 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
34 Nicholas Milewski M 31 Omaha NE 2:58:14 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
35 Shawn Palandri M 37 Omaha NE 2:59:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
36 Bryce Callison M 35 Grand Island NE 2:59:28 Austin Marathon 2/24/2014
37 Matt Dorsey M 33 Grand Island NE 2:59:37 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
38 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:43 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014**TN
39 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:51 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014**TN


Jim McLatchie is my original coaching mentor.  I used his program, developed over decades,  with Team Nebraska, beginning in the earliest days, and continue to use it as my primary resource now.  It is nice to see that it lives on but don’t be fooled by others’ proprietary claims.  Jim pictured here with my dearest, sweetest at the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston.


Big Tips starting off to my and your good buddy James McGown for his overall win (2:43:44) at the State Fair Marathon in Grand Island.  Only more Good Stuff to come for our Nebraska Run Guru Elite Masters Stud.  Kaci Lickteig won the women’s in 2:50:49, good enough for second overall.  There was also a half marathon, Luka Thor (1:10:34), Colin Morrissey (1:15:37), and Kyle Smith (1:17:50) took top nods for the men, Pasca Myers (1:20:32), Ashley Miller (1:26:07), and Kayte Partch (1:30:30) were top ladies.

Fast is last!  Not so fast!  Blast from past, Kicks some ass!
Masked man, hand picked ringer
Showed true grit, predicted winner
Barefoot Steve, his girl got wood
The champion heave, that show was good
Runners hailing both sides the river
Searing lungs and quivering liver
Bar None Beer Mile, all done with smile
Booze Cruise fun, liquor and run
Burgers and more under canopied shade
Real Friends, Real People, Real Memories made.

Yeah, it was like that.  The ringer set a new Open Male Road Beer Mile and left the 40 or so other people just wagging their heads and tongues.  I start the race, a beer goes down, run a quarter (USATF measured course) down one, another quarter, down one, another quarter another beer and then mad dash to finish line.  Eighty eyeballs popping out of forty heads as the clock flashes 6:06 for the winner.  Six minutes, six seconds.

Forty year old Ivan Marsh shows he’s more than a one trek pony taking second overall and setting a new Masters Road Beer Mile record in a very fast 6:37.  NRGE VP Jerrod Anzalone was next in 6:45.  Rob came in next in 7:20, and next was our Overall Female Stacy Shaw in 7:24, just nipping Jared at the line.  Her time was 11 seconds faster than Kyle’s winning time last year.  Kyle Clouston was dq’d this year for “preliminary discharge”.  Steve Stender was next in 8:48, just ahead of The Badwater Badass Pete Kostelnick’s 8:59.  Melly Markowski scored her first ever hardware turning in a burpy 10:20 and Jessica Pape showed she is much more than just a pretty face by grabbing the final coveted, custom made, top 3 memento in 19:17.  Bill Weeks in at a wobbly 14:06.  David Bohlken has some legit wheels, he trundled in at 15:57, and Jimmie Doherty reprised his DFL from last year in 19:18.  

Hey it ain’t easy.

Especially for those like Jessica that did the Double Trouble (Booze Cruise and Beer Mile).  The Cruise went smoothly with participants doing 8 laps around the Bar None Produce garden.  Pete set a World Record by finishing both the Cruise and NRGE Elite Beer Mile in under 9 minutes each.  

100 milers are for the determined.  Local runner Angie Hodge had a 2500 word write up in yesterday’s OWH.  She made the 30 hour cut off at Leadville by a mere nine seconds and now enjoys local celebrity status.  The running continuum span is vast, let’s not forget the excellent in our celebrations too.


Still bringing runners together from both sides of the Platte, only this time its FUN!

10609413_686512098445_3431760724130638171_nJessica proudly shows her 3rd Overall award.  Her sister joined in for the fun too!

20140823_163147Coach John’s rice krispie creation went down as quickly as the suds.




Do something nice for someone today.  Be someone’s friend.

Going to be hotter than hell in Grand Island this weekend, good luck to everyone running the half and full marathon, especially our mate James McGown in his masters debut.  If it is not your day go ahead and save a little something for the Freedom Run Half on Sept. 7th, cooler weather guaranteed!

Hydrate to frequent potty breaks!



This Big Jim pepper , now that’s what I’m talking about.  Beautiful and fiery, just like my dear sweet Linda!



These San Marzano tomatoes are perfect for a paste.  Roasted for 12 hours yesterday.

20140820_110917Bruce Newton came out on Wednesday to help get our winter heat together.  Here he demonstrates how to make a “Swedish Candle.”  We’ll light it at the Beer Mile tomorrow night.

10580123_10152650516153588_3019788413207990615_nNot a Friendly runner.  The disgruntled showboat got exactly what she had coming to her.  Posing the guns instead of Finishing The Race.  Ha, Ha, Ha!




Linda and I had the boys out yesterday for their weekly farm strong.  I’m not sure who gets the bigger kick out of it, me or them.  When mom pulled up I was just finishing their multi sensory spatial awareness exercise, Bar None style.  The first time through was a big laugh, the second time was furrowed brows, and by the fifth time through the most basic steps were mastered.  More importantly the skill set has been implanted and will forever be in their bag of tricks.

Its Play.  Its Farm Strong.  No machines, no memberships, nothing soft at all.  When we had finished our hour the entire group was covered in dirt and sweat and smiles.

Wrong.  Its not the humidity, it is the heat.  Twenty five years on the Gulf Coast gives me a different perspective and tolerance of the wet stuff.  I love it.  The last three days have seen 6-8 degree jumps from when I’ve started to when I’ve finished, including this morning’s 8.5 sweat fest.

The 2014 Bar None Booze Cruise and NRGE Elite Beer Mile will be this Saturday.  Happy hour starts at 4:00 sharp, Booze Cruise at 5:00 and the featured event promptly at 6:00.  We’ve got 40 or 50 people coming out for the spectacle (and fundraiser).  Kyle Clouston’s 7:37 from last year will be crushed like so many merlot grapes.  Ivan Marsh figures to be the among the main competitors, he could push Kyle to a sub 7 this year.  And they might not even take home the coveted NRGE Elite Beer Mile awards and accolades reserved for the champion.  I’ve brought in a wringer that rhymes with winner.  Should be interesting.  On the women’s side Stacy Shaw has Lindsey Brezenski’s course mark directly in her sights.  This is going to be fun.

Now go play!




You train and train and train.  For what speaks volumes about where you fall on my Real Runner continuum.  Is it just to keep those extra pounds off?  Is it to battle inner demons?  Is it for the social atmosphere?

If you train to Race then you get me.  And the Twin Rivers YMCA Freedom Run is giving you the chance to test against The Best.

Carlos Trujillo is the men’s marquee invited elite for the Half Marathon.  He’ll be bringing some Real Speed to Valley on September 7th.  With personal bests of 28:15 for 10K and 2:14 for the marathon, he looks to be the Man to beat.  Aaron Hohn and Aaron Davidson of the Kansas City Smoke will toe the line too.  I’ve worked out some pacers for Carlos, a few hand picked runners will take turns assisting his assault on the Open State Record for the Half Marathon, 1:04:34 is the listed record for the Lincoln Half so that is the mark I’m using.  If you have the skinny on anything faster thanks for the heads up.

On the women’s side Nicole Camp will be tearing it up along with Amanda Lee and Whitney Bevins.  Nicole brings a 2:37 marathon personal best, Whitney a 2:42,  and Amanda will be gunning for the Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials half marathon standard of 1:15.  With the Lincoln Half record at 1:15:10, look to rewrite the ledgers on the women’s side too.  And still with an ace or two up my sleeve.

Its going to be a Barn Burner.


Nicole (49) and Carlos will be using the Freedom Run Half Marathon as a tune up for the Chicago Marathon.    The opportunity to run a flat, fast event leading into the fall marathon season is just what these athletes are looking for.  You too are invited to come out and test with the best or simply watch some Real Racing, national class style.



USA Track & Field, in its Original Iteration, had only 2 Purposes.
1.  Putting Athletes on the Podium
2.  Coaching Education
That’s it.  Nothing else.  Bread and Butter.  Bigger Picture.

So many great comments and quotes from this past weekend.  I tried to establish some credentials for Dr. Lydum yesterday.  A little more:  He is the author for the USATF coaches education program.  It is dynamic and research driven.  In fact we were the last group to receive the current curriculum format, its being re-written to include the newest science.  He’s in charge of that too.

My point is that when this fella speaks you better count it as gospel.

His opening remarks included an assessment on the state of track and field in the United States.  Its not real good.  New sports (frisbee golf is huge) and better marketed and administrated older sports consume the talent pool.  But worse, and the primary cause of demise is that many, many of those kids that do enter track and field, and here is the kicker, are, and I quote, “Ruined by Middle School Coaches.”  I’ve seen it happen so many times, always keeping my fingers crossed that it would not happen to this runner too.  But alas.

Middle school coaches (loosely used) with no understanding of Epiphyseal Growth Plates.  Not a clue as to Wolf’s Law addressing the development of cortical bone.  Piling on miles and more miles and more miles and crowing about “what a success” they have created.  Adding more reps and more reps and more reps and claiming “I’ve a Star!”  “Coaches” needing education relative to the differences between A) Chronological Age, B) Training Age, and C) Skeletal Age.  “Coaches” that should have had their butts in seats at the clinic.

Maturation Levels.   How there is a plus or minus 3 years in child development.  For example, Johnny is 11 and looks like he’s 8 (that was me to be sure), Dennis is 11 and looks like he’s 14, hence the 6 year difference between biological age and chronological age.  And how this is primarily a problem with young girls.  Early bloomers that show success and are thus pushed to more success and more success.  And have their “Youth Robbed” of them and that “Parents are the problem.”  That “Early Specialization” is the very worst thing you can do to a child.

But there is a solution to save these kiddos.  Simplicity really.  Being Impeccable in Posture and Technique.  He also described a “Magic Bullet” that will when mastered, save every kid every time.  The savior?  Pistol Squats.  Bilaterally.  And sometimes, just sometimes, “Blink Twice if you’re here against your will.”



Kyle and I are USATF.  So is Manny, Pete, and Simon Falcon.  And Elliot Evans.  Cade Pearson was there too garnering nuggets for triathlon and ultra training.  Proud of all our Omaha and Nebraska USATF members that gave up a weekend and registration fee for the better of our sport.



In 2010 I saw this hep cat strolling down Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach.  I had just left the Edgar Cayce Institute and was driving the 5 miles back to the USATF Annual Meetings.  I knew he was headed to where I had just departed, call it a hunch.  On the flight back to Omaha I overheard a dude talking Coaching Education, deeply.  Sitting right across from me was the same hep cat.  We ended up with a brief if memorable bonding experience, holding hands in a prayer circle and what I took away was this: “Nyom-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”, the universal chant for enlightenment.  And the notion that if I were to ever take a coaches education class it would be with this metaphysical brother of mine.

Fast forward to Friday evening and the first session of the USATF Coaches Clinic at Omaha Central. During introductions I had an uncanny sense that I knew the dude directing the program, Dr. Matt Lydum, from another place and time.  When the discussion finally turned to proprioceptors he questioned the gathering of 37 dedicated individuals, “How many senses do we have?”  While most chimed in with 5, a couple came in with 6, and I waited for the shoe to drop.  Dr. Lydum insisted that new research is finding that there are 7 or 8 or maybe more “senses”.  In that instant I knew this was one and the same guy that I had met, and had made such an impression on me 4 years ago.  Raised my hand and asked if Deja Vu would be considered as “intuition”, and then told the tale that jogged his memory and then a broad grin.

I’ll be writing a lot about what was learned from last weekend’s  21 hours of classroom instruction.  The take away this morning is that the Right People always seem to come in to our lives at the Right Time.  We shook hands after yesterday’s closing remarks, looked into each others portals, and both gave an acknowledging smile and nod that our paths would cross again.  Meant to be.

Dr. Matt Lydum, in my opinion, is a Great Man.  He has merged the metaphysical with the science of our sport and has become one of the Great Teachers.    A Real Guru, he is able to convey his message in terms we can all understand.  How else could he have had 37 bodies levitating in a classroom at Omaha Central?  Laugh if you will, not a person there doubted what happened.

And for that, Kyle Clouston and I come away Better Coaches.

Congratulations to my old buddy Mike Aish on his 2nd Overall (and 3rd fastest time in history of the event) at the Leadville 100 this past weekend.  Yes, it is possible to RACE a 100 miler, not everyone simply crawls to the finish.  Some of us still CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE.

Congratulations too to our Ashley Schurman on her 7 minute personal best at the Leading Ladies Marathon.  Her 3:12:16 was good enough for 3rd Overall,  I’ve added her to the list of NRGE women that will soon be dipping under 180 minutes for the marathon.  Mark my words, we’ll have more sub 3 women than any team in Nebraska by 2015.  That’s how it will roll.

Jimmie Doherty (4:58) finished 10th at the venerable if uncertified Arrows to Aerospace Mile. Long list of historical performances on a course that I would gladly certify for free, hint, hint, hint.  Pedestrian times up front considering all last week’s windbagging and the fact it is  downhill, just saying.


Dr. Matt Lydum & I have both tread the stones at Edgar Cayce’s Labyrinth.  Contemplation, meditation, metaphor for life, all revealed from within.  If only you see.