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It has been described as bucolic and idyllic.  Peaceful, quiet, rejuvenating.  Training Center for the Body, Mind, & Soul.  Life at the Bar None is all of these.

And a place of rebirth, or maybe better put, reinvention.

Yesterday I shed the final remnants of 20+ years.  Of being told I was worthless and could never take care of myself or amount to anything.  Ah marriage, I don’t miss you at all.

Bar None Produce was officially launched yesterday and it has me feeling almost young again.  My own hard work resulting in some of the finest farm fresh veggies anywhere.  The dirt beneath my nails now a permanent fixture.  Tan lines testimony to time Best spent with the Good Mother.  First round of deliveries made and now just glowing that I can be the boss of me.

The fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with running gives me an insulated, comfortable, safe feeling.  The Complaint Department after all is right here at my desk.  Constructive criticism too.  I got some as soon as I opened up our facebook page yesterday.

Thanks to my old buddy and Chef Extraordinaire Paul Braunschweiler for the assist in considering price structure.  I’ve spent much of the summer surveying the area farmer’s markets but am fortunate to not have the overhead that goes with them.

I will be picking on Monday and Thursday mornings.   Delivery will be to A Hill of Beans Coffee located at Harvey Oaks Plaza (144th & W. Center).  Pick up is between 2:00 and 6:00 pm (store closing) on those same days.

Yesterday’s picking included cucumbers, four varieties of peppers, 5 varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, kennebec potatoes, beets, carrots, rutabagas, and fresh basil.  I’ve got my fall and winter beds prepped and planted, announcements on what is great at the moment will be on our facebook page, thanks for checking in.

Get Your Farm Strong On!

Cellar Tally:  21 pints beets.  12 pints salsa.  12 pints enchilada sauce.  8 quarts spaghetti sauce.  6 quarts mixed tomatoes.  6 quarts tomato sauce.  2 quarts tomato juice.  Not bad for half way through the canning season and not counting what’s been put in the freezer.

20140815_090856These cups hold fermenting tomato seeds, selected from only the best fruits off the best plants.  This is how you harvest and retain seeds from your favorite heirloom varieties.  The seeds will yield true to the parent, no guessing games at all next year.  The paper plates hold and identify those processed a couple of days ago.  I’ll repeat this until I am all set for next spring’s planting.



Consistency is key, at least one of the most important components, to effective training.  And Racing.  Might not matter a whit to joggers but Real Runners know the value of the 6 day running week.  I hadn’t abandoned the notion but the difficulty had become directly proportionate to the growth of the garden.  The last few weeks have brought back this dimension that I’ve sorely missed, my daily run.  Always such as it is, gladly accepting every ache and creak as reminder I’ve been at this for 36 years now.  The very first step, its a doozy.  I fairly trudge to the end of the driveway knowing it will be a good ten or more minutes before the requisite lubrications oil up the old joints.

But I feel the warm up come over me just as it has for three and a half decades.  Fluidity. Syncopation of Respiration and Stride.  Daily reminder that this Surely Must be Heaven on Earth.    Feeling Most Alive.  Moving through the world under my on locomotion and volition.  Turning where I will, as I want.  Knowing that each stride must be celebrated as it draws me (us all) one step closer to that ultimate finish line.  Not taking a single step for granted.  No, not at my age.  Not even that first one, doozy that it is.


Damned sad yesterday.  Never enough laughter in the world and to lose a true comic genius is a tough reminder.  Mental illness hidden behind smiling facade, its around every day.

Waking up with these mid 50s is giving a decided advantage to those that are training up for an early fall marathon.  I was able to stretch my last week to 40 miles, not much but its a start.  The Monument Half Marathon on Saturday September 27th will be my next race effort.  Part of our USATF Nebraska Association Championships.  Big thanks to CARE Chiropractic for sponsoring mine and Linda’s entry!

The current standings of our association’s grand prix series finds our NRGE mates doing very well.  Kyle Clouson is in 3rd overall just one point out of first.  Mike Wasson is 4th in the masters, that will change once his performance at the Leprechaun Chase is factored in.  I’m 5th in that division.  Stacy Shaw at the top of the masters women list with a huge 24 point cushion.  My dear sweet Linda sitting fourth but only 4 points out of second.  Tammy Consbruck sits in 7th for the women.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Tuesdays have turned into canning day.  We put up eight quarts of spaghetti sauce yesterday.  My larders are now fairly bursting.

Too busy to realize I hadn’t written until I read the following from regular correspondent Tim Dooling.  Full of insight and wit as always:
“I’ve never met a runner whose running wasn’t simply the same expression as a haller monkey. throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. pretty soon you’re buried in your own shit. i think even george bush said if you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.    we need your love and attention everyday run guru, your daily dribblings seem to be tapering down a bit.”

Not to worry!  I’ve still much to say, just less time to say it during this busy harvest.

flingpoolmao (1)




Our USATF Nebraska Association 5K Road Champs were in Lincoln at the KFOR Thunder Run:
Number of Finishers- 298
Number of Females- 131
Number of Males- 167
Average Time- 27:16
Top ten men shook out like this:

    1 Garrett Kenyon        Omaha NE            20 M     1/14     15:20  4:57 
    2 York Thomas           Omaha NE            26 M     1/18     15:34  5:01 
    3 Eric Noel             Lincoln NE          27 M     2/18     15:45  5:04 
    4 Kyle Johnson          Seward NE           30 M     1/15     15:50  5:06 
    5 Jason Zakaras         Omaha NE            31 M     2/15     15:55  5:08 
    6 Pierce Tallichet      Lincoln NE          20 M     2/14     16:00  5:09 
    7 Cole Marolf           Holland NE          24 M     3/14     16:01  5:10 
    8 Ivan Marsh            Ashland NE          40 M     1/14     16:08  5:12 
    9 Colin Morrissey       Omaha NE            24 M     4/14     16:09  5:12 
   10 Wyatt McLeod          Lincoln NE          16 M     1/17     16:10  5:13

Top 5 under 16 and 16 runners under 17:00.  Who’s this Marsh fella and is he really 40?  Pete Kostelnick continues to amaze as he followed up his little 135 Mile Badwater stroll with a 17:23.  From near death to 5:36 pace, cat has range.

And the Women:

1 Hayley Sutter          25 Lincoln         NE   18:21  5:55 
    2 Megan Zavorka Thomas   27 Omaha           NE   18:33  5:59 
    3 Frankie Petersen       32 Lincoln         NE   18:44  6:02 
    4 Maureen Larsen         42 Gretna          NE   19:08  6:10 
    5 Mazie Larsen           13 Gretna          NE   19:42  6:21 
    6 Stacy Shaw *NRGE       48 Omaha           NE   19:48  6:23 
    7 Carolyn Collier        24 Lincoln         NE   20:14  6:31 
    8 Anna Weirick           20 Amarillo        TX   20:16  6:32 
    9 Marissa Czapla         16 Lincoln         NE   20:57  6:45 
   10 Beth Stutzman          51 Milford         NE   21:25  6:54

NRGE’s Mike Wasson took the overall at the Run to the Rescue 8 Mile in Prague, NE.  His time of 50:38 was almost a minute and fifteen up on second place Trey Seibel (51:50).
Number of finishers- 49
Number of Females- 22
Number of Males- 27
Average Time- 1:10:07

The Boxer 500 had over 536 runners, no significant times.
Number of finishers- 536
Number of Females- 319
Number of Males- 192
Average Time- 37:19
We had a good turnout at the Bar None for Sunday’s run.  Blistered my hands lassoing  Amber Sargent’s molten talent.  Wresting the unharnessed is never easy and this filly has as much Real Runner as anyone I’ve ever wrangled.  She’s kicking less these days and I continue to whisper 2:43, 2:43, 2:43.





Or, Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing.

But first–Your Bar None Farm Report.  As much as I’ve decried the vast riches of West Omaha I’ve had an about face.  What could possibly prompt my new affinity for the well heeled?  Their willingness to pay $4 a piece for my ugly shouldered heirloom tomatoes.  Jalapenos at 2 for a buck.  Eggplants a dollar apiece.  Potatoes.  Beets.  Carrots.  Cucumbers.  I’ve got riches coming out of the ground and out the wazoo.

All the more amazing that the results are mine and Linda’s alone.  This is what blossoms when there is mutual vision and encouragement and respect and support.  And Love.  For each other and for the ground we work and for the Good Mother’s Blessed Bounty.

As Bar None Produce begins its ascent to the highest echelons of naturally grown, pesticide free, locally grown comestibles and farm fresh eggs (chicken and duck), I invite you to let me know if you’d like to take part in our csa- community supported agriculture endeavor.  A weekly portion of the best, freshest, slept in the ground this morning, garden vegetables. for pricing and delivery schedules.

Yard count:  Six ducks, 5 chickens, 1 turkey.  A friend out fishing found a feathered surprise, a day old wild turkey.  Brought it to us, we hand and eye dropper fed for the first few days, little Tom is now healthy and being integrated into the flock.  Should be fat just in time for Christmas.

Got to catch up with Feral Savvy J yesterday.  Jedediah’s little sister is running wild and free at the 2 Lazy 2 Ranch.  She greeted me with the scarlet muzzle of a fresh kill, only Buddha knows what.  Still sat upon my command so I did good work when I had her.  Guarding the coop, protecting the horses, and generally Mistress of the acreage.  As pretty a coon hound as you’ll ever see.

Kearney field report from NRGE Mate Jeremy Morris: “Injured my left leg at psycho psummer 50k on july 12th and DNF only made it 20 miles.  Strained my IT band and achillies tendon.  Still tender today but still getting in miles.  Plan on running the State fair marathon on Aug. 23rd, Twisted Crawdad 50 mile trail run in Chadron, NE on Sept. 13th, Market to market 50k on Oct. 11th, Goatz 50k on Oct. 26th, and Vets Run 50k at Indian Cave sp on Nov. 8th. ”  So if you want some of that you know where to get it.


Jackson and Samuel visited the Bar None yesterday.  I was so proud of him and the sweet AAU National Champs medal around his neck will always be a favorite memory for both of us.


Getting their Farm Strong on too.  The boys worked up nearly an entire row that will host our winter green$.


Young Tom will grow to a fine table centerpiece.


The 2 Lazy has the best chicken coop in Saunders County.  Constructed of Ponderosa Pine harvested from Montana, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  Perfectly suited for human habitation.  I’m re-purposing the remnants into my new greenhouse.


Savannah Jane rules the roost.



Giving some thought lately to what motivates my daily eloquent pennings. Simple enough.
This column is 25% for you and 25% about you. It is also 25% for me and 25% about me.

I have used RGS as an educative tool. Free from the backlash of an open forum, the anonymous and idiots that so successfully badgered and buggered me early on. Able to call things as I see them. Granting myself authority to weigh in on anything at all running related. Based on over 30 years experience. At every level.

Having a voice. And not afraid to use it. Sometimes very pointed. Always with the conviction of my own principles.

Not always well received but thought provoking at least. Casting illumination and opinion on the Nebraska running scene and beyond.

Detailing excellence at the very highest levels.– That is For You.

Calling out posers, pretenders, and pussies.– That is About (some of) You.

Describing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.– That is For Me.

Developing the inner connection between the Mind and the Athlete. –That is About Me.

Stimulating the running community to a more competitive culture.– That is for us all.


Wednesday Night Track Work canceled due to weather. Washed out but not up.

Big Tips to Jerrod Anzalone for implementing our “Upcoming Races” page up top. This will list what events we’ll be tackling, you can come race us! Glad to have the assist from young energy. I’m able to do just the bare minimum of maintenance on this site, spelled d-i-n-o-s-a-u-r. Those that possess technical wizadry, ie Gary Dougherty over at NDORFNZ, impress me. The way that Gary continues to do it, despite being retired from running is most noteworthy in my humble opinion. If I were humble.

Our mate Ashley Schurman will be heading to Spearfish SD for the Leading Ladies Marathon on August 17th. She has made great progress while pushing darling little Ruby in the stroller.
It won’t be long before Lindsey Brezenski adds wheels to her repetoire with Elynn. Scottie Shaw has her little bundle wrapped and is back to training. Michel Davy, we’ll be here when you are ready to roll!

Kyle and Stacy will be racing the Thunder Run in Lincoln this weekend. Our USATF 5K Road Champs. I ran it a few years ago. Pretty cool in that it is contested on runways at the airport. Stark, nowhere to hide, little room for bags of tricks, shenanigans, chicanery, or other racing stratagems. Last weekend before young master Hirsch starts school, hoping he shows up with his braggadocio, his swagger, and his racing flats. I like this kid’s confidence, in a couple of post race interviews he calls out his competitors, warning them to never let him get away or they’ll not catch him and maybe they can learn something from racing him. Hubris! Gotta love it.

Saw a new term, most cliches I try to avoid, but I like this one. Boomer Roomer. Baby Boomers choosing to select roommates based on shared interests. This whole week on the Today Show the topic is “This Is 50”. Talking points on why and what and how happiness occurs in those couples in my age group. My dear sweet Linda and I were at the top of every metric. The one thing that wasn’t on the list was what Linda just asked me- “You want me to make a blackberry pie?” That’s what I’m talking about!

Going to be fast even though registrations are slow for the Freedom Run Half Marathon, 10K, & 5K. It will be interesting to see who shows to see the show. One of the top training groups in the United States is sending athletes, with nothing but speed on their minds. A tough local weekend because the Peak to Peak 10 Mile is the day before and the Lincoln Track Club’s Buffalo Run 5 Mile is the same day. LRC Racing will largely support their hometown classic and Team Nebraska athletes get their entry fees reimbursed to LTC races, so we’ll undoubtedly lose talents there. But those that do come will have the chance to line up against some of the best. And have the opportunity to run a true Road Race. No curbs, no grass, no cobblestones, no campus, no runway, no chunky gravel. Only competition. No offense intended of course to any other course, but you can only call it a duck if it quacks.

The Runners are coming! The Runners are coming! Will you?


My passions are beginning to jive, melding like so many trickles into a stream.  Meandering through my soul, depositing sediment of contentment round my silty shores.

Two good runs will do that.  Saturday found an about face with the chronometer strapped to my wrist.  My 6.5 mile testing ground, of the easy first half and tempo second, produced my 3rd best second half to date.  Surprised the heck out of me considering how my ears have been up to my eyes.  Sunday was an honest 12 miles with Stacy Shaw, Ashley Shurman, and my dear sweet Linda.

On both runs I felt like a runner again.  After Saturday’s tour of Our Little Slice I noticed quite a bit of chafing.  Prior to heading out yesterday Linda asked if I “needed some body glide?”  I about spit up my coffee laughing.  So here’s a personal conviction that let’s me know I still match my own description of a Real Runner:  I would rather rub my flesh together and away through the pain and discomfort of hot sweaty training than apply a lubricant to mask my recent lack of training.  I might be a Fatty McPhaterson today, but not for long.

Here’s why.  Dad.  No matter what I do or don’t do I’ve been blessed with good genetics and couldn’t be happier that I’m going to wind up looking pretty near exactly like my old man.  Will be grateful for the dna when I’m in his 80+ age group.  Linda too.  We plan on living and laughing and loving for a Very Long time to come.

For the first time in 6 years I wasn’t the lead bike for the Lake Wehrspann 10K.  Good to see Cory Logsdon take the win and our mates Mike Wasson (3rd) and Jimmy Doherty (4th) representing.  Looking at the times I wonder if the new bike knew the course.

Thanks to Mike Hajek-Jones for the USATF Nebraska Association V.P. nomination.  Mike is the only person in Nebraska with more USATF sense than me so that means a lot.  I’m giving it serious consideration Mike.  He posted the following on our USATF LDR facebook page (34 views, no comments):

“For your consideration, the LDR Committee is required to have an annual meeting. Technically this has been accomplished for 2014 since the committee met in January. From a practical standpoint I believe a meeting is needed by the end of this month or very early September. Probably Labor Day weekend following a race in Lincoln or Omaha. The practicality of the meeting is to be prepared for the Nebraska Association USATF Annual Meeting scheduled for the third Sunday of September. This is important because 2014 is an election year for Association Officers, President, 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer (in that order). The vote is taken at the annual meeting either by acclaim or ballot. If anyone has been following our association there is a major need for change in leadership. I believe there is a young professional in this group capable of handling the role of president for the association…that person is not me. I am more than willing to accept and serve as a vice-president and counsel for the association, I would nominate Will Lindgren for a vice-president role also. I don’t have a dog in the fight for LDR matters. We currently have one LDR member as an officer, Treasurer Logan Watley. Committee Chairs are only elected/selected during Olympiad years, 2012, 2016, etc…”

Should be interesting.  Scuttlebutt has it that Mssrs. Watley and Rathje will not be running for their respective Treasurer and LDR Chair positions, but we know how rumor has it.   I have heard first hand that Jason Zakaras is gaining interest, he’d be a good fit somewhere.


Big Tips to Sam & Jackson Runde and their fine performances at the AAU National Championships earlier this week.  Sam started things off with a 20 second personal best (!!!), running 10:36 in the 3000, improved 15 spots on his national ranking and finished 6th Overall for a coveted medal.  Both boys then set prs in the 1500 with Sam running 5:05 and young Jackson 5:52.  Jackson ran 1:23 for the 400, just 1 second off his lifetime best. They both then ran the 800 and missed their bests by a second each, Sam in 2:33, Jackson in 2:57.  Darned proud of these boys and looking forward to working with them again.

Good news, bad news.  The bad news: the 9th annual Monster Dash, originally slated for Saturday, October 26 will not be contested this year.  Sad as the event hosted our USATF Fall Champs for the last 8 years.
The good news: another event set for the same day is.  Received this email earlier this week:

“My name is Zach Harsin, Race Director for the Born & Raced In Nebraska (BRIN) Running Series, and I would like to formally invite
your team to join us for our upcoming USATF Association Cross Country Championship event on October 26th in Ashland, NE. We
have been awarded the honor of hosting the association championship in conjunction with our inaugural Cross Country Classic, and we
couldn’t be happier to be able to extend this offer to you and your team/club to come compete in this all ages event.
As one would expect from a championship cross country race, the event features a challenging course that traverses the hill tops and
woods overlooking the nearby Platte River. The course features sections of mowed grass, wood chipped trails, gravel roads, and short
portions of pavement, before finishing on the main street of the “Old Wild West Town” at the Carol Joy Holling Center.
The championship format will feature both individual places & team scoring with the five fastest times from each team being scored.
Individual medals will be awarded to the top 3 individuals (male/female) & awards will be given to the winning teams (male/female).”

So that’s that.  My USATF baby is all grown up.

I saw a fella wearing a “Born and Raced in Nebraska” t-shirt this week.  Asked where I could get one of Zach’s technical tops.  Was told that the shirt actually is an Ann Ringlein original.  I’m trying to figure out the BRIN, LRC, WRN connection, its there somewhere and likely none of my business.

Signed up for the USATF Coaching Clinic.  Kyle Clouston and Peter Falcon are also attending.  After 30 years in the game I guess I’ll put an official certification next to my creds.

Reprising my role as lead bike for this year’s Omaha Marathon.  I’ll be doing the duties for the top men and my dear sweet Linda will serve in the same capacity for the women.



Hanging onions on the fence allows them to dry out before going into the cellar for storage.  Broccoli and cauliflower starts now occupy their spots, we’ll harvest those cruciferous cuties in October and November.  New bed of cilantro put in yesterday, that will wind up in salsa baby.  New beds also prepped and awaiting scallions and winter spinach and chards.  Planning is key to a successful garden.



Give us this day…..

mi-plan-para-el-fin-de-semanaTim Dooling has me figured to a T.