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I’m watching the Adrian Peterson case with great interest.  I’m on that thin line in this generational/cultural  debate.  Mom very often beat the hell out of me and promised more when my dad got home.  She used whatever was closest, a tattered extension cord or section of bright orange hot wheels track usually her implement of choice.  And that was easiest, when she was sober and predictable, it was much worse more often, with her regular friends CC & 7 exacerbating my youthful torment.

And after work, Dad marching me across West Forest Ave. to the huge weeping willow on the corner.  I  believe he dread those sad treads more than me.  Select my branch that would be used to administer the butt whipping.  Back across the street to the bedroom, drop my drawers to my ankles and hands against the door.  If your hands came off to cover your butt it was another stinging lash added.  Mom standing in the other doorway, making sure no slight missed, further satisfying her cruel nature.

It  hurt the most watching my younger brother get his, both of us so small and powerless.  And when the neighbor kids would gather around the windows to see the show.  Entertainment hard to come by in a small Central Illinois farm town.

I always swore I’d never beat my kids.  Promise kept.   All three did have a turn across my lap at appropriate times however.  One spank was all it ever took.  The message was never about using power to intimidate with pain and fear.  It was about Respect.  Supplication the pudding of proof regarding understanding the Natural Order of the Parent/Child relationship.

Being a stay at home dad for 21 years gave me a special opportunity to teach my children, I hope I did it well.  If you meet them in public and they are respectful, then I was successful.

Had a Good Time at Zip Line Brewing Company on Saturday.  They hosted a 3 mile run that turned into a race for about 4 of us.  Great beer and free swag too!  And then 6.5 on the trails out at Lake Cunningham yesterday, peaceful easy running rounding out a near 40 mile week.


He raced him, I raced her.


Playing nice with everyone!


Thrice blessed.  It heats you when you cut and split it.  It heats you when you carry and stack it.  It heats you in your wood stove.  Four cords of mixed hardwood, enough to heat the Bar None for this and next winter.  Make do woodshed this morning and fetch the remainder over the weekend.  This rain, its good for Runners and Ducks, and Farmers.

Thrice raced.  Jerrod Anzalone will be running the scenic Wabash Trace Marathon this weekend.  His third time, he was overall winner last year in 2:45 something.  It was a large margin to next, lets hope there is some competition this year.  And maybe USATF certification next year?

I hope Shannon Stenger wins the Corporate Cup.

And the 67 USA Women that have qualified (not including half marathon qualifiers) for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon:

Shalane Flanagan 2:22:02A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Desiree Linden 2:23:54A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Serena Burla 2:28:01ATCS Amsterdam MarathonAmsterdam NETHERLANDS 10/20/2013
Lauren Kleppin 2:28:48AAsics LA MarathonLos Angeles CA USA 3/9/2014
Annie Bersagel 2:28:59AMETRO GROUP Marathon DusseldorfDusseldorf GERMANY 4/27/2014
Rebecca Wade 2:30:41ACalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Adriana Nelson 2:31:15A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Clara Santucci 2:31:39ABank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Melissa White 2:32:37ABank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Wendy Thomas 2:32:49A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Esther Erb 2:33:15A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Laura Portis 2:33:42AMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN 10/6/2013
Brianne Nelson 2:34:42AGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Michelle Lilienthal 2:34:49A Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN SA 10/6/2013
Atalelech Asfaw 2:34:57AMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN  10/6/2013
Sarah Cummings 2:34:57A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Hilary Dionne 2:35:08A118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Lauren Jimison 2:35:17AGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Marci Gage 2:35:38AGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Deena Kastor 2:36:12AIAAF World Marathon ChampionshipsMoscow RUSSIA 8/10/2013
Laurie Knowles 2:36:29ABank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Paige Siemers 2:36:56ACalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Andrea Walkonen 2:37:06B118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Nicole Camp 2:37:37BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Kristen Fryburg-Zietz 2:37:50BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Stephanie Pezzullo 2:38:04BBank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Erica Jesseman 2:38:12BING Hartford MarathonHartford CT USA 10/12/2013
Jeannette Faber 2:38:32BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Sheri Piers 2:38:33BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Meghan Peyton 2:38:57BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Christina Murphy 2:39:15BNationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus MarathonOH USA 10/20/2013
Colleen DeRueck 2:39:22BIndianapolis Monumental MarathonIndianpolis IN USA 11/2/2013
Dot McMahan 2:39:52BIAAF World Marathon ChampionshipsMoscow RUSSIA 8/10/2013
Heather Lieberg 2:39:55BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Emily Gordon 2:39:58BSurf City USA MarathonHuntington Beach CA USA 2/2/2014
Katie DiCamillo 2:40:03BTCS New York City MarathonNew York NY USA 11/3/2013
Danna Herrick 2:40:09BGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Ariana Hilborn 2:40:23BNordea Riga MarathonRiga LATVIA 5/18/2014
Caitlin Bullock 2:40:31BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Amanda Rice 2:40:34BGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Wendi Ray 2:40:37BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Gina Slaby 2:40:45BBank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Jenny Kadavy 2:40:47BNapa Valley MarathonSacramento CA USA 3/2/2014
Nicole Feest 2:41:07BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Whitney Bevins-Lazzara 2:41:17BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Erica Braswell 2:41:17BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Mattie Suver 2:41:18BTCS New York City MarathonNew York NY USA 11/3/2013
Alexandra Blake 2:41:20BScotiabank Ottawa MarathonOttawa CANADA 5/25/2014
Elizabeth Herndon 2:41:30BIndianapolis Monumental MarathonIndianpolis IN USA 11/2/2013
Lindsay Tollefson 2:41:31BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Magdalena Lewy Boulet 2:41:36B118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Anna Bretan 2:41:52BSurgical Artistry Modesto MarathonModesto CA USA 3/23/2014
Kimi Reed 2:41:54BGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Alana Hadley 2:41:55BIndianapolis Monumental MarathonIndianpolis IN USA 11/2/2013
Magdalena Donahue 2:42:02BGrandma’s MarathonDuluth MN USA 6/21/2014
Camille Herron 2:42:04BThe Mercedes MarathonBirmingham AL USA 2/16/2014
Heidi Greenwood 2:42:08BNationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus MarathonOH USA 10/20/2013
Lavenna Kubatzky 2:42:14BMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon/USA ChampionshipsMN USA 10/6/2013
Brooke Wells 2:42:14BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Kelly Calway 2:42:16BMarine Corps MarathonWashington DC USA 10/27/2013
Heather Tanner 2:42:19BChevron Houston MarathonHouston TX USA 1/19/2014
Bria Wetsch 2:42:33B118th B.A.A. Boston MarathonBoston MA USA 4/21/2014
Claire Rethmeier 2:42:34BCalifornia International MarathonSacramento CA USA 12/8/2013
Elizabeth Eder 2:42:37BBank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Erin Heenan 2:42:47BBank of America Chicago MarathonChicago IL USA 10/13/2013
Amy Hastings 2:42:50BTCS New York City MarathonNew York NY USA 11/3/2013
Nuta Olaru 2:43:00BRock ‘n’ Roll USA MarathonWashington DC USA 3/16/2014




I recently went out to seek my vision.  Four nights, stripped down at 40 degrees north and 95 degrees west.  Meditations on three states.  Rain, wind and cold first purifying then rebirthing me.

On the first night the Cock came and took me West.  Taught me the value of the Low, how insects and worms and grubs sustain life the best.  Look closely up close.  His chant was this:

“Make The Race
Like This

The second night the Road Runner came and took me South.  I was running through the Wichita Mountains with my Father.  He spoke of valuing Endurance and Speed.  His chant is:

“Daddio Daddio Dig This
Start The Race
The Runner’s Race”

The third night the Hawk came and took me North.  It was Andy Palmer and he was pleased with my Service to Others.  His message:

“A pack of Runners come
They are here now
The Race comes to us
It is with us now”

The fourth night the Eagle came with my Sacred Path East.  I ran to the banks of the Mississippi and prayed upon the woods of my youth, then back to my perch high above the Missouri.  Courage and Pride and Strength.  And Wisdom:

“He Sends a Vibe
I’m Hearing now
That One
Sending Dooling’s Vibe”

Here is the result of my transformation.



*artwork by Jessica Pape



“FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT • FOR HEALTHY LIVING • FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBLITY.”   The race grew by 50% and the funds raised for their programming did too.  That was my only stake in the event.  Well, that and introducing Excellence.

I was coned to the bone.  The most extensively coned course ever, I sat each one out personally, eliminating the guess of “Well, it depends on where they put the cone” when asked where the turnaround was.

Was so happy to see my hero, The Amherst Flash, Brian Bergt on the start line.  Just happened to be making a delivery of hogs to Fremont the night before, I hardly recognized him clean shaven, coiffed (can a farmer be coiffed?) and sporting the cool Kenyan silhouette singlet.  Still fast at 54 (1:25:46), how he packs a legit hog farm operation into his training inspires the heck out of me.

Was happy too to see Saucony Hurricane, Kansas City SmokeLincoln Running Co. Racing, Team Nebraska, Women Run Nebraska and Nebraska Run Guru Elite all representing on the line.  Participation surpassed my expectations, now on to next year.

The Corporate Cup is this weekend.  Boy do I have stories about that one.   I’m sure the Cup is right where it wants and needs to be these days.  While the new course was panned by the racing community last year I’m pretty sure it mattered not a whit.

The Wabash Trace Marathon is also this weekend.  Proving that  a packed schedule of races is a good thing after all.  A lot of runners training and running and racing for a wide variety of causes.

And the Omaha Marathon is next weekend.  As always I’ll be paying close attention to the competitive aspect as well as the operational, logistical, and community support.  And riding the lead bike for the men’s marathon.  Cat bird seat.


The twenty one gun salute and playing of Taps reminded everyone that the reason for the Freedom Run is to commemorate the fallen service personnel from 9/11.


Final instructions made, the runners soon to be off with the crack of the rifle.


Competition was the order of the morning, not only for those up front but for everyone looking to run a personal best or conquer their first half marathon.

20140907_085017Luka Thor of Team Nebraska and Aaron Davidson of the Kansas City Smoke battled the first 11 miles before Luka (1:09:31) pulled away for the 2nd overall, Aaron (1:10:30) would maintain his grip on the final prize money spot.

20140907_084621Zach was cruising sub 5:00 miles the entire way.  I had discussed field size and competition with his coach Brad Hudson, as a true professional these were non issues to Zach.  Set about his business and got it done.  Interesting note, he’s never been injured.


Whitney raised a lot of eyebrows with her fifth overall placing.  Never before had such grace and speed been seen in Valley.  Just wait til next year!






Thanks to Lincoln Marathon Race Director Nancy Sutton Moss for the following:

Year Name Time
2013 Robert Wambua 1:07:00
2012 Joe Moore 1:06:52
2011 Sammy Rotich 1:07:09
2010 Sammy Rotich 1:06:32
2009 Geofferey Kiprotich 1:06:23
2008 Raphael Kuto 1:06:19
2007 Mike Morgan 1:07:50
2006 Kosei Eskiel 1:07:35
2005 Mike Morgan 1:05:48
2004 Mike Morgan 1:07:06
2003 Aaron Carrizales 1:07:41
2002 Robb Finegan 1:07:37
2001 Marc Lefebvre 1:13:37
2000 Robb Finegan 1:09:07
1999 Kurt Keiser 1:07:53
1998 Phil Hundall 1:07:48
1997 Aaron Johnson 1:07:46
1996 Robb Finegan 1:07:31
1995 Miguel Tibaduza 1:08:44
1994 Rob Finegan 1:05:52
1993 Rob Finegan 1:06:06
1992 William Burton 1:07:44
1991 Charlie Gray 1:06:58
1990 Charlie Gray 1:04:36**
1989 Mark Fluitt 1:04:50**
1988 Richard Kaitany 1:04:34***
1987 Jerrold Wynia 1:06:21
1986 Jon Eggers 1:06:34

Year Name Time
2013 Bridget Easley 1:21:40
2012 Angela Sandy 1:21:23
2011 Ashley Tousley-Tollakson 1:18:32
2010 Lara Crofford 1:19:24
2009 Brittany Hubbard 1:24:15
2008 Laura Ferguson 1:22:33
2007 Suzanne Weeder 1:18:51
2006 Suzanne Weeder 1:17:15
2005 Gina Morgan 1:21:13
2004 Theresa Gosnell 1:22:28
2003 Renee Kruse 1:21:30
2002 Renee Kruse 1:17:12
2001 Michelle Brooks 1:19:18
2000 Renee Kruse 1:20:57
1999 Christy Nielsen 1:21:40
1998 Mary Amen 1:18:46
1997 Renee Kruse 1:16:00***
1996 Amber Anderson 1:16:21***
1995 Amber Anderson 1:15:10****
1994 Mary Heidlik 1:20:50
1993 Catriona Dowling 1:20:15
1992 Kim Yancey 1:26:06
1991 Ann Ringlein 1:20:09
1990 Kathryn Evans 1:19:05
1989 Kathryn Evans 1:17:00
1988 Donna Chin 1:19:50
1987 Karlene Erickson 1:17:40
1986 Sammy Resh 1:24:08



Still basking in yesterday’s glow.  I’ll wallow in it a while longer.  A non running friend that had a vendor booth summed it up best, “Glad I got to see you in your element.”

A lot of people nationally and locally are celebrating the excellence that played out in little Valley, Nebraska and the Twin Rivers YMCA Freedom Run Half Marathon.  Zach Hine’s 1:04:48 is the fastest half marathon on Nebraska soil in over 15 years.  (The Lincoln Half Marathon results page goes back to 2000, it is at least that long.  The event record of 1:04:34 doesn’t list a year or who it was that set it, maybe somebody can give me a tip?)

That is big news locally.  Full results at  51 finishers in the half, 24 female, 27 male, average time 1:51:24.  NRGE mates Mike Wasson, Jimmie Doherty, Stacy Shaw, Tammy Consbruck all ran well with Stacy and Mike picking up some nice masters prize $$.  And our mate Jessica Pape took my pre race instructions to heart and ran 1:26:03 for her half debut, boding well for her Des Moines Marathon.

Nationally it is big news because Zach broke the 1:05:00 USA Olympic Marathon Trials standard.

Locally it is big news that he set a Nebraska state record of 1:01:20 for 20 Kilometers en route.  Women’s winner Whitney Bevins Lazzara also set a state record for the distance in 1:13:47.

Whitney’s time of 1:17:41 only bested by Suzanne Weeder Einspahr‘s 1:17:15 (2006) and Renee Kruse’s 1:17:12 (2002) and the unidentified 1:15:10 listed on the Lincoln Half course record (again if you know who and when I’d appreciate that info.)

Whitney will be racing Chicago and Zach will be racing New York City.  The Big Time.

Both have promised to come back this February for the Two Rivers Twosome Couples Run 10K.  With Zach splitting 30:25 and 30:55 through 20K yesterday he has the 10K state record on his list of things to do next winter.  I’ll be certifying that course soon, just as flat and fast as our little half.

Charmed Window.  Yesterday dawned absolutely perfect for the Freedom Run.  No wind, a cool 49 degrees, no humidity.  Quite the change from last Friday and today.   Maybe the gods had a hand in it.

NRGE’s Amber Sargent ran a controlled 3:02:52 for 2nd overall female at the Sioux Falls Marathon.  Perfect tune up for Des Moines.  Mate Pete Kostelnick tackled the Superior 100 Mile Trail Race, covering the 103 miles in 29 hours 31 minutes, jeesh.  “The most technical trail run I’ve ever seen, rocks and roots the entire way, boulder scrambles and down climbs”, not your typical trail race to be sure.  Kyle Clouston ran the accompanying marathon and finished well despite missing nearly a month of training due to heat issues.

Evan Jager set a new American Record in the Steeplechase, 8:04.71.  Evan won the 2012 Trials which included a young man that used to run for me, David Adams.

Two other local and venerable races were contested over the weekend.  In Omaha Peak Performance’s 10 Mile Peak to Peak was Saturday,  214 finishers, 123 female, 91 male, average time 1:38:10

Yesterday also was the Lincoln Track Club’s 38th Annual Buffalo Run 5 Mile, good competition up top on both men and women’s side.  578 finishers, 298 female, 280 male, average time 44:44.


Whitney and Zach spent Saturday getting some Farm Strong on.  Both athletes run for Brad Hudson and represent the Saucony Hurricane.  New friends made, it was their first trip to Nebraska but not their last.



Cool snap playing right into the best laid plans.  Sunday morning will cooperate in the efforts to set new men’s and women’s state records for the half marathon.  Registration will be open Saturday from noon to 4 at Peak Performance, Pepperwood location.  And open up at 6:30 race morning at the Twin Rivers YMCA in Valley.  Why not run a season or personal best under perfect conditions?

We’ve signed a couple of Team Nebraska studs to carry out pacing duties.  Thanks fellas for making up your own minds.

“Whatcha need, is permits.”  When I met with a group of old schoolers several years ago I asked them to describe the ideal local race course.  They remained demure insisting that no such thing could be had.  Got to have permits and you ain’t gonna get them, period.  Not in the Omaha city limits, I’ll agree.  But Valley is only a couple minutes west and offers exactly what I was looking for then.  Full community support, pancake flat, visionary leadership.  Biggest Tips to YMCA Executive Director Judy Argintean and Race Director Blaine Schmidt.

Injury report.  Amanda Lee’s oral surgery was more complex than first thought and has been restricted from running for 5 days.  Drats.  I’ve received several reports that young stud Seth Hirsch is suffering from a stress fracture.  Double drats and no, I won’t say it.

We’re getting 4-5 eggs every day now including 1 duck.  A couple more weeks and I get out the chopping block for the 4 males.  Good looking but ruthless on the females.  Three on one, its not pretty, they pecked one’s eye out last night during frenzied coitus, bastards.  Farm life isn’t always pretty.  They’ll be on the platter Thanksgiving.

I’m glad the garden is winding down, will allow me to begin work on the greenhouse and planning for next year.

Newton’s State of Motion.  An object at rest will stay that way unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.  You’ll not be surprised that I’ve turned down a job offer this week, not unbalanced enough.

And this in response to yesterday’s musings, from my buddy Tim Dooling (he owns a physics degree by the way):

“there’s the battle of opinion on self esteem. if copper is high, moly is low, iron.

self esteem is a social construct, anytime you have a society, you have unnatural order. in america the unnatural order is placed upon the citizens back when it is expected the citizen be productive first,
ask questions later.

the value hierarchy starts with the most productive. #1. that can make you feel bad through comparison if you aren’t productive and thus supply the motivation or drive to be so. or you can be given the drive through rewards and a parent providing love and support.

either way, i win. unnaturally rectified behavior over time is self destructive.

iron:  the idea is to go back and forth between unnaturally rectified behavior, and a state of being too lazy. the better you are at it, the faster u’ll get relative to ur peers.

american born males don’t stand a chance.”

Always brilliant and interesting and containing nuggets.


Thank you Douglas County Sheriff’s Department for the marquee displays on both ends of the course.


The early heads up consistent with the primary concern for all involved, Runner Safety.  Permits, the degree of difficulty obtaining all depends on who is doing the asking.


Our breakfast palette of colors.  Farm fresh, free range, nothing better!


Jumping Jack Flash.  Two would be jumpers talked down off the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge yesterday.  Desperate pleas.  Glad they are safe.  My man John Rosemond illuminates every Monday in the OWH.  This week it was “An ode to the ‘dark ages’ of parenting.”   He rails against parents that condone and feed into a child’s self-centerdness by the misguided notion that it develops high self esteem.  No respect except for self.  Kids putting themselves in front of parents, other adults, and society’s best interest.  In other words spoiled little turds often with a chip on their shoulder.  Somebody please get me my razor strap.

My dearest, sweetest Linda informs me that children are no longer held back in school.  Rather passed on to the next grade, regardless.  And back to Rosemond- “Since 1970, the average age of successful male emancipation has risen nearly seven years.”   I was in the US Navy at age 19, seeing the world and earning some very hard knocks.  Had my ass whupped by my parents for 18 years and later had it whupped again for over valuing my opinions in society.  Learned my place and earned my stripes.  Not so anymore.  Mummy and daddy make sure of that.

Been a hectic week leading up to the Freedom Run.  Our group from Boulder has been flux with the cast changing a couple of times.  Right now Zach Hine (Saucony Hurricane) is the favorite.  Ran Falmouth Road Race on August 11th and finished 7th overall against the international field.  He completed the 7.1 mile tour of Maine’s beautiful coastline in a fast 33:54, 4:51 pace.  Our women’s favorite Amanda Lee has surgery today to remove her wisdom teeth.  Will still show up and hopes to toe the line, we hope so too.  Zach’s Hurricane teammate Whitney Bevins Lazzara will also be a top contender.  She ran 2:41 at the 2013 Twin Cities Mrathon and has a 1:17 half from the Indianapolis Mini Marathon earlier this year.  Aaron Davidson of the KC Smoke is coming up and will be a top  3 contender.  I’ve sent out a dozen and more invitations to top Nebraska athletes and hope to see some willing to race.   $600 in prize purse, not huge but the only $$ game in town.

NRGE will race.  Jessica Pape could be the favorite if Amanda doesn’t have her day.  Our masters studette Stacy Shaw will race.  She and Jessica are training hard for the Des Moines Marathon and will test new fitness level against all competition.  I’d like to see them both under 1:25.  Mike Wasson will race, he will assault the masters field and likely be near the top in the open.  Jimmie Doherty has huevos and will continue to race himself into better shape.  Tammy Consbruck is racing the 10K.

Registrations are at an all time high and that, after all, is what they brought me in for.

Our mates Pete Kostelnick and Kyle Clouston (El Jefe) are up North.  From Pete: “”Rugged. Relentless. Remote. 42,000 feet of elevation change over 103+ miles in the Sawtooth Mountains of northern Minnesota. 38 hour cutoff.” That’s about all you need to know about the race I’m running starting at 8 am on Friday. Gear and Zipline beer packed up! Not really any sort of service or live tracking, a bit different than Badwater!”  Kyle is slacking and only running the accompanying marathon.

This is how Pete fuels for his extraordinary feats of endurance.

Our Amber Sargent is my odds on favorite to win this weekend’s Sioux Falls Marathon.  I’ve prescribed the race as a progression run as a tune up for Des Moines.  Have I mentioned that our ladies are going to kick some ass over there?  Yeah and not for the last time.







With apologies to Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Robert Hunter; “What a long strange trip its been.”

Over the years I’ve drawn innumerable parallels between the culinary arts and running and racing.  Here’s another.

I was a flame.  An ignition point that consumed the old.  The glossy, the shiny, the supposed beautiful.  What emerged is what we have today.  Something deeper, richer, recognizable and retaining its essence, but just as surely transformed into something more and better.  I admit that it might not be as pretty and palatable to many, but those folks have no part in this tale.

Running is sport.  Since the dawn of man.  The fastest got the prize, feeding themselves or their family to the exclusion of those that lagged.  And speed won over brawn, catch me if you can neanderthal,  nanny nanny boo boo.  If Right Makes Might, Light and Lithe is next.


Oh so pretty!  But the Real Beauty lies beneath the veneer.


The early years, or the first introduction to Real Heat.

20140903_092213 (1)

The Real Talent only emerges after Charring.  Those that can’t handle the transformation end up in the compost heap.




Sure hope all you good girls and boys haven’t posted anything up to the “cloud” that might come back and bite you in the rear.  So far, I’m so good.  The closer to the Good Mother the more grounded and Real.

I reduced my facebook “friend” list by 500 yesterday with a goal at getting it under 100.  Looks more like a class reunion and short list of those that truly know me best.   Give me one honest, razor sharp Tim Dooling over the lot.   Liberating to say the least.

Big Tips to Sam and Jackson Runde.  The boys continue their tutelage (One Inch Punch) and the results speak for themselves.  Sam was the Overall Champ at yesterday’s Go Girl Run (Women’s Only and Kids Fun Run).  Sam thinks its “fun” to win and actually predicted as much when at the Bar None Sunday.  At age 11 it is his last year eligible to participate and he owned it.  Brother Jackson matched his place to his age by finishing 8th Overall.  All this during their down period of running only once a week (say what?).   Darned proud of these fine young men!  *Race photos courtesy of Joe Drugmand.


The Right Stuff, Sam’s future’s so bright he aught to wear shades!20140902_082153 (1)

Sam’s entry on the Bar None Guest Registry says it all.


Omaha Running Club President Tom Whitaker, dapper as ever, handing Jackson his finisher carnation.20140831_101706We dug potatoes Sunday morning.  Gathered nearly 400 pounds of the delicious tubers.

20140831_105939If you had a wazoo this is what potatoes coming out of it would look like.

20140831_111801Future state wrestling champ?  I’d say so.  Trevor was able to master pistol squats from both legs on his first attempt.  Sam looks on with Lance who also wrestles with Trevor for the Gretna Dragons.  Farm Strong, making a difference one leg and one athlete at a time!

1902789_10204533230918307_625853413776198861_nThis is not a photoshop!  This young lady hopped in with the leaders around the 5 mile mark of yesterday’s USA 20K National Championships in New Haven CT.  Was good for about 25 yards and thousands of views.  Get her out to the Bar None and I’ll have her under 3 hours for the marathon in a year!