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Mike Mykytok (pen name Michael John) has bridged speed and fear.  We intersected originally back in the 90s.  1997 USA National Champion at 10K on the track , USA 10 Mile Road Champ. We’ve continued a ghastly friendship since.
Mike 10 mile washington D.C.

Mike running BIX 7 in 1999.  Finished 15th overall (34:29) and 2nd American to Rod Dehaven‘s 33:37 (8th overall).

It all began a dark and dreary January night following the 1999 Houston Marathon.  Mike had just ran 2:20:20 and had a hankering for his favoirte post race meals.  Brains.  Of the Dead.  The Walking Dead.  I knew just where to go.  The hidden and  unmarked blue door that only the cognesceti were aware of.  I’d been there a time or two with an old ghoul friend.  Marfreless.  If you lived in Houston and were in touch with the darker, seemier, sordid, slimier side, you knew this River Oaks haunt.  Tucked away under a stairwell, not 5 minutes from George Dubya‘s house, whoda thunk it?  We met my friend the human pin cushion and his wife for drinks.  Mike filled up on rotted grey matter while we discussed the vibrant undead community on the Bayou.

I reached out to Mike yesterday for a quick Halloween interview.

Will: Does it hurt more when the stake is going in or being pulled out?
Mike:  I would think the stake hurts worse going in. Adrenalin is rushing after that and shock.

Will:  How does it feel to unkill a man?
Mike:  Unkilling a man is something you are forced to do when backed into corners.  It’s a feeling of survival and relief that you are still alive.

Will: Have you ever been gnawed on?
Mike:  Year’s ago, I was gnawed on by a blue bird. I was concerned about that. I also had a blister so bad on my toe years ago that I nearly cut it off.

Will:  Where will the last safe place on Earth be?
Mike: Last safe place will be in one’s own home.  Fortify it and don’t let anyone know you are there.

Will: Trick or Treat?
Mike:  I will be giving treats out this year but if I get hungry, the lights will go out, the treats will be mine and the trick or treaters will get nothing.  Watching Halloween and The Fog tonight. Maybe Crawling Eye later on in the evening

Will: Any new books in the works?
Mike: . I’ve written six books altoghether.  My writing genre’s are sports with the occult.  One is a how to guide for beginners and one is a book of horrific poems. I’m currently working on the fifth installment of my running saga called The Quest for God. On the side, I’m working on a greek mythology epic about the end of the world entitlled Hell’s Revenge.  Also working on a running board game. Have base game idea, a seven mile run through the woods, expansion two, a trip to hell and expansion 3, the five mile run go grandma’s house, all with exiting event cards to help you along the way.

Faster and scarier than you.  Mike’s personal bests:
3000m  8:25.16 Dedham (USA)  27.06.2000
5000m  13:48.91 Brunswick (USA) 04.07.1998
10,000m  28:34.93 Indianapolis (USA) 13.06.1997
10 km Road 29:07 New Orleans (USA) 17.04.1999
15 km Road 45:08Jacksonville (USA) 10.03.2001
10 Miles Road 48:04Washington (USA) 08.04.2001
20 km Road 1:04:36 New Haven (USA) 03.09.2001
Half Marathon 1:05:01 Jacksonville (USA) 23.11.2000
25 km Road 1:17:52Grand Rapids (USA) 12.05.2001
Marathon 2:20:20 Houston (USA) 17.01.1999

To find out more about Mike’s “Special” take on athletics and horror visit his website:






My favorite Halloween tune, by the Austin Lounge Lizards, “Eighty Hillbillies In A Haunted House.”

Kaci Hickox.  What a piece of work that one is.  Putting her own ahead of all others. Opportunistic, attention seeking, self serving, wench.  Defying quarantine orders.  Has moved to  near the top of the list of female humans I feel are despicable.   I hope she gets what is coming to her.

Governor Christie for President!  Well maybe not that extreme, not sure I could ever vote Republican.  But damn I like the cut of his jib.  Put the smack down on the wench and just about everyone else that challenges him.  Addressing an idiot heckler yesterday- “Sit down and shut up!”  Long lost relative?

Cliche but true.  Ever notice how dogs start to resemble their owners.  Both in appearance and demeanor.  Jed & I share some commonalities.  We both like to eat and nap and run and nap.  We both love LInda.  A group of us observed some aggressive dog behaviour recently.  Perfectly matched, we all agreed.  Word is that the Ak-Sar-Ben Farmer’s Market is going to ban dogs beginning next year.  Good start, leave those unruly mutts at home where they belong.  Better yet, you stay home with them!  Sit!!  Stay!!

El Jefe, Kyle Clouston, is headed East.  He’ll be running Saturday’s Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Started out his year at the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Trail Run, winding it up this weekend on one of the toughest trail runs anywhere.  Tough, just like him.  He’s had an amazing year to be sure.

Howdy Will, here is a brief rundown of the race this weekend.

The race is Mountain Masochist 50. It’s highly regarded as a premier trail race and one of the oldest ultras on the east coast. Many ultra legends have made their mark here and a lot of that has to do with the brains behind the operation, a fellow named Dave Horton. He’s cut from the same cloth as you and is notorious for being a hard ass as well as toying with runners by throwing in “Horton miles” which are extra miles to a race without warning. My uncle Bob is a local and has finished the race twice. He’ll be giving it another go this year and my cousin Jon will be crewing for us both. It’s somewhat of a deprecating award but this weekend will bookend a lunch pale year.

For more info, google the race. I believe the web site is Ecoxsports or something like that. Tracking info should be on there as well.


50K this past Sunday, 50 Miles this Saturday.  Fearles Leader.  El Jefe (The Chief!)  photo courtesy of Brenda Orr.

Special shout out to our buddy Zach Hine.  He’ll be tearing up Sunday’s NYC Marathon.  It has been our privilege to watch his progress.  Coach Brad Hudson has been freely sharing his workouts and they are prodigious.  His 1:04:48 Freedom Run Half Marathon tells me he’s capable of 2:12-2:13.  Giddyup!


We’ll see Zach and Whitney on Valentines Day.  I’m betting heavily that they win the Two Rivers Twosome 10K Couples Run.  Zach is a lock to hit the 2:15 Olympic Trials “A” Standard Sunday.  His preparation leaves no doubt about.   I sent him a couple of items from my personal collection that have hopefully helped motivate.




Hey now!  That was some fracas yesterday!  With me caught right in the middle.

Fireworks while waiting to visit my old buddy His Honor Greg Shatz.  Rapt attention being paid to the Robert Grant murder trial.  He had punched a Douglas Co. Sheriff on Monday.  I expected more craziness and wasn’t at all disappointed.  As I listened to testimony from those in charge of gathering forensic evidence, Grant exploded out of his seat and landed a couple of haymakers to the head of Doug Johnson, his own attorney.  A scrum of sheriffs subduing him, jurors emptied, a real circus.  

It was what came next though that bolstered my belief in the justice system.  OWH reporter Todd Cooper was in the room and witnessed what went down.  Prosecutors tried to call Cooper to the stand to testify.  He refused.  Citing First Amendment rights.  Insisting that an attorney be made available before he considered any other words.  Stood toe to toe, refusing to be brow beaten, badgered, or buggered.  Stating with conviction that members of the press are protected.  That they are to never become part of the story, only report it.  The beligerent authority figure finally cowed, but pissed to be sure.  Right makes Might.  And me with the best seat in the house.  When the room finally had cleared to just Cooper, Judge Shatz, and myself I let him know how much I appreciated him.  Reflected on my own battles to exercise free speech- via this column- with those that tried to collar, harness, or quiet me for whatever in the hell reasons.  We saw how that one played out too.  One more time, Right makes Might.

Faith in the system doubly renewed when my own business came to matter.  I’d held out slim hope that things would work out in my favor.  Stuck to my Convictions though, willing to ride them all the way down and walk out with head held high.  Letter of law on my side, gender not.    I was a pioneer in the field of stay at home dads.  My business a frightening, untested, unchartered milleu.  But the scales are blindfolded, thank the gods.  Huge stress taken from my shoulders.  Justice sandwich served.  Me right in the middle.






Strange days indeed!  After creating and then fighting a decade on behalf of Nebraska’s USATF LDR program, I find myself looking in and onto the banquet.

The ingredients that I insisted be present for the table are all there, starting with Competition and Recognizing those that are Best.  Course Certification.  More Real Runners, more Real Races.  Minimum standards of road race management.  Raising the expectations/demands of paying customers.  By god it was a mighty tough sell, the personal costs would have dissuaded a lesser man.  But then lesser man would not have had the vision and balls to fight the good fight necessary to get things where they are today.

Funny that a whole list of those that fought me tooth and nail are now such big supporters of the program.  Those that swore they’d never give anything to an organization that I had anything to do with.

When I arrived in Daytona Beach for the USATF Annual meetings in 2012 I was pulled aside by outgoing LDR Chair Fred Finke.  Said he had received a phone call the previous night from an individual in this association that was issuing a formal complaint that I, as a race director, was profiting financially from hosting Nebraska championships.  And that they, and their’s, would never support such.   Fred said to not worry about it, scenarios like this can and do play out when there are so many differing agendas in any given association.  But what a tough row to hoe in Nebraska!

And now I look at the feast.  And don’t need a single bite to feel sated.  I  sat the table where I no longer sit, hewed and carved the sucker out of raw wood too.  And not only wrote the menu but did all the cooking.  The fact that there are those that would now sup on and thereby sustain my efforts only  warms me.  Enjoy!


photo courtesy of Gary Dougherty.  As I survey this photo of the start line of the Goatz 50K I realize that with the exception of Tim McGargill (#441) every athlete on the front and second line all either have or do run for me.  Look a little deeper and I see a dozen and more that have been through my Wednesday Night program.

Outside looking in.  No longer having to fight to get what I wanted, what this association needed.  To jettison the tag of laughing stock on the national level, don’t doubt for a moment we wore it for a long time.  It mattered to me and I was hell bent on changing it.  Gave it my best effort.

Efforts now given over to those that proclaim to “know best”.   That champion the “social”  over “competitive” aspect of running.   Blurred lines.   We’ll see how this paradigm works.  One thing that won’t change;  I’ll be sitting on the front porch, on the outside looking in.  Watching and mostly enjoying the fruits of my labor.  Knowing there may have been other ways to get here but my map was True in a time when no other explorer had the courage, or knowledge to make the journey.  And now we’re on the map of national respectablility.   Worth every step of the adventure.

Laughing last, laughing best.





That was a whirlwind weekend for running and racing.  Goatz 50K Trail Champs in Omaha and Club XC Champs in Lincoln.   I’m A-OK with 2 USATF Nebraska Association Championships being scheduled for the same day.  Beats what we had 5 years ago.

I’m keeping relatively quiet about the scheduling.  Less quiet about the surfaces though.  I’ll be doing a full column on how things shook out for our LDR program.  But not today.

Celebrating Ashley Schurman’s Overall at the Goatz 50K yesterday.  Linda and I spent 6 hours cheering our mates and a few others.  Pete Kostelnick was 4th I think (not sure where Red Dirt posts their results, thanks if you can send me a link), Kyle Clouston also in the top 10 I believe.  Jeremy Morris too despite cramping for the last 17 miles.   Mike Wasson had a bad day too, he has no fear of taking it out hard and paid a dear price.

Anyone can finish a 50K.  If that’s what you’re in it for.

Also looking for results to the Cathedral Cup 2.5 mile race earlier this fall.  Anyone know where they reside?


Photo courtesy of Gary Dougherty.

Linda and I, happy through and through.  With each other, next to each other, no doubt about.  I wore a favorite shirt yesterday, sublminal message to everyone.  Twinkie.  “Its What’s On The Inside THAT COUNTS.”


No matter how you dress things up, no matter what kit or color.  Tastes good beats good taste every time.



Fantastical: conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre.

OK so this column occasionally fits the fantastical bill.  And I’m sure there are those that feel I’m rather odd if not remarkable and the bizarre shoe fits once in a while too.  So be it.

A man of convictions I feel the need to speak my own truth.  And even though my words some times skirt the peripherary, if you look close enough I’m always targeting the Heart of the Matter.

Opened up this morning’s OWH sports page, a fine article on Lincoln North Star’s Jeralyn Poe, going for the quadruple I mentioned in yesterday’s rant, All Class Gold X 4.  I have a feeling its a done deal.  Also included in the coverage was the announcement that Seth Hirsch is recovered from his stress fracture, has 4 weeks of training, and will race.  And that he’s a sophomore.  He could still win it.  My sentiments remain unchanged regarding his handling earlier this year, outside the guidance of his high school coach.  Max Kurz has nothing but my respect.

Closing out on yesterday’s theme, I received an email from frequent contributor Mitch, posing questions as to the logic of my approach to racing and defeating wunderkinds (of any age).  He cites the lack of competition as the reason for the race results we witnessed.  Listed those that did race and asked what I other outcome I might have expected.  My Point Exactly.  Where were those few that could have, should have?  They were not pulled together and given a mission, that much is clear.  Man my ideas of leadership are sooooo old school.

The Goatz 50K is Sunday.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite of course will show up as a barnstorming force, stamping and tramping the name all over Lake Cunningham.  USATF  Nebraska Association 50K Trail Champs.  Pure poetry.  Sensational symmetry.  What reindeer games?

Wrapping up another solid week of training.  Yesterday’s mile repeats a dozen ticks faster than two weeks ago, same effort level.  Every half mile split of each mile exactly the same, based on cadence and form instead of pure effort.  Coming around.  Two hard workouts and a long run per week.  And at least one day off, most of the time two .  The remaining two to three days easy and short.  Long way to go, plenty of time to get there.

Thank you to one of my favorites for sending the link to Amy Selwyn’s blog.  She’s got bigger balls than me, or at least doesn’t have the same parameters of decorum that I must use, given my wide reading audience, sponsors, etc.  But she Absolutely Nails my approach to life, please take a moment to enjoy her recent “How to Live Life Like a M**********r”


Picture post card perfect.  Pass this country comfort daily.

20140922_163651This one too.  Nothing but blue skies do I see, product of my fantastical, unrestrained imagination.






Interesting discussion the other night at my favorite watering hole.  Was conducting a quasi interview with a possible new mate.  Great guy and talented and actually a good friend.  That much won’t change.  Neither will his kit.

Decision hinged on this fact based scenario, and with all due respect to Seth Hirsch:

Young phenom starts handing Everyone their asses in the local road racing scene.  Repeatedly.  Our 3 USATF member clubs, 2 are categorized as “Competitive” (LRC Racing and Nebraska Run Guru Elite) , the third is “Elite Development” (Team Nebraska) are well represented in the races.

I’ve been around long enough to have feelings on this.  And I’ve discussed it at length with people whose opinions I value.  They have either A) Strongly Agreed or B) Strongly Disagreed.  No middle ground.

One camp is of the mind, “well, its Seth, and you just can’t beat him.”

The other camp pitches on my side of the Elkhorn River.  It goes like this:  “How the hell do you let a 15 year old dominate the very best athletes Nebraska has to offer?”  Over and over again.  Despite pointed remarks in the post race interviews challenging same to come get him (Boystown, Columbus).

Here was the test question that let me know my buddy, great guy that he is, just isn’t of the timber I’m looking for:  “Would you take the first quarter out in :71 if you were told to?”  Without hesitation the answer was “no way.”  I looked at the other two athletes sitting at the table.  Asked the first “Would you take it out in :71 if I told you to?”  Immediate affirmative reply.  Asked the second “Would you take the first half out in 2:06?”  Same quick response, “absolutely.”  If Craig Donnelly had been present I would have asked him if he would have taken the first mile out in 4:10, he would have been Right On board.

I exist on a different plane, I know that.  But it is beyond me how the leadership of LRC and Team Nebraska didn’t get together and put an end to Seth’s undefeated run.

He could and should have been beaten on the roads.   Fairly and squarely.  With Cojones.  And yes, I include NRGE but everyone understands until we signed Craig we didn’t have the guns to go with beyond the first mile.

For those that cried of the otherworldly talent they were facing I say bullocks!  I’ve seen wunderkinds before.  I’ll  be 60 in 3 years and have lived and experienced enough to see fear in a competitors eyes.  That is what let this young, talented, freshman run away from his competition.  They were just too damned afraid to go out and make it impossible for him to win.  Fair and Square.  With Cojones.

And now, sadly, the stress fracture did what men would not.  Tsk, tsk, all the summer road racing did was ruin his chances to win All Class Gold in Kearney.  More’s the shame as he has the talent that could have taken him forever into the history books as a 4 time winner in that capacity.  I hope those that spring and summer steered him realize what they had him trade for success in the off season.  Piss poor planning by those that should have had his best and long term interest at heart.

No one wanted him hurt and no one wanted to beat him either.

Next candidate!








I know I had it around here, where the heck did it go?

I remember setting it up high, just always assumed it would remain on its lofty prop.

I took a look around yesterday and its gone.  Fortunately I’ve got a good group of mates that are giving me a hand finding it and putting it back in its Proper Place.

Tale of two lists.  Mine and not mine.


# of Nebraskan males that have met the 2:15:00 “A” standard or 2:18:00 or 1:05:00 half “B” standard for the Olympic Trials Marathon- 0

# of Nebraskan females that have met the 2:37:00 “A” standard or 2:43:00 or 1:15:00 half “B” standard for the Oly Trials Marathon- 0

Now please go ahead and take a moment to enjoy the list of sub 3 hour marathon performances by Nebraskans for 2014, courtesy of Chuck Smith’s diligence (posted on

“posted: 10-20-14 4:27pm
As we wrap up fall racing, most of the year’s marathons are in the books. This fall (Aug, Sep, Oct) there were 20 sub3 marathons, 5 more than last year. For the year, there have been 55 sub3 marathons, compared to 52 last year.

To close the loop on the last post regarding a faster masters marathon than James McGown’s 2:43:44, Mike Vance ran a 2:41:23 in winning Omaha in 2009.

Perhaps somebody has information on the last Nebraska marathoner to run faster than Luka Thor’s 2:22:28. I’m slowly filling in prior years’ marathons into my database, but don’t have one yet.   Editor’s note:  *** –Thanks to Gary Dougherty for reminding his readers***>James McGown Twin Cities Marathon 10/1/06 2:22:00***

One other intersting note. Last year 7 different woman broke 3 hours. This year there have been only 3 (Kaci Lickteig, Megan Thomas and Shannon Suing).  ***Editor’s note: NRGE alone will double this number in 2015!***

Name Sex Age City State Time Race Date
1 Luka Thor M 27 Gretna NE 2:22:28 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
2 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:31:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
3 Jason Zakaras M 31 Omaha NE 2:34:13 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
4 Cameron Cummings M 32 Omaha NE 2:34:48 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
5 Justin Mollak M 29 Omaha NE 2:35:02 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
6 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:35:31 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
7 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:38:13 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
8 Neil Wolford M 26 Lincoln NE 2:38:39 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
9 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:40:19 Omaha Marathon 9/21/2014
10 Nathan Stack M 29 Lincoln NE 2:40:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
11 York Thomas M 25 Omaha NE 2:40:36 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014
12 Ryan Regnier M 38 Lincoln NE 2:41:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
13 Cory Logsdon M 26 Omaha NE 2:42:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
14 York Thomas M 26 Omaha NE 2:42:54 Twin Cities Marathon 10/8/2014
15 Chad Sellers M 35 Lincoln NE 2:43:03 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
16 James McGown M 40 Sidney NE 2:43:44 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
17 Scott Haug M 35 Elkhorn NE 2:43:47 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
18 Timothy Leuschen M 32 Omaha NE 2:44:50 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
19 David Bolhken M 28 Gretna NE 2:45:20 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
20 Jared Carlson M 34 Eagle NE 2:45:38 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
21 Jerrod Anzalone M 26 Omaha NE 2:45:44 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
22 Walter Key M 32 Bellevue NE 2:46:55 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
23 Timothy Larsen M 45 Gretna NE 2:47:45 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
24 Kyle Clouston M 29 Lincoln NE 2:49:34 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
25 Thompson Herman M 33 Lincoln NE 2:50:01 Sioux Falls Marathon 9/7/2014
26 Kyle Custer M 27 Alliance NE 2:50:45 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
27 Kaci Lickteig F 28 Omaha NE 2:50:49 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
28 Kaci Lickteig F 27 Omaha NE 2:50:58 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
29 Kaci Lickteig F 28 Omaha NE 2:51:15 Omaha Marathon 9/21/2014
30 Brian Wandzilak M 33 Lincoln NE 2:51:57 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
31 Nathan Jarosik M 37 Edgar NE 2:51:57 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
32 Pete Kostelnick M 26 Lincoln NE 2:53:22 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
33 Matt Heesch M 26 Gretna NE 2:53:48 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
34 Eric Crawford M 32 Omaha NE 2:53:50 Chicago Marathon 10/12/2014
35 Matt Dorsey M 32 Grand Island NE 2:54:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
36 Ross Polking M 37 Omaha NE 2:54:10 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
37 Scott Haug M 35 Elkhorn NE 2:54:49 Grandma’s Marathon 6/21/2014
38 Michael Morrison M 39 Papillion NE 2:54:54 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
39 Mark Wittland M 44 Bennington NE 2:54:59 Sioux Falls Marathon 9/7/2014
40 Megan Thomas F 27 Omaha NE 2:55:12 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014
41 Shannon Suing F 36 Lincoln NE 2:55:29 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
42 Trevor Scoville M 31 David City NE 2:55:43 Des Moines Marathon 10/19/2014
43 Steve Packwood M 42 Omaha NE 2:55:47 Kansas City Marathon 10/18/2014
44 Ivan Marsh M 40 Ashland NE 2:56:00 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
45 Charles Smith M 39 Omaha NE 2:56:17 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
46 Eddie C Walters M 21 Omaha NE 2:56:23 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
47 Todd Leutzinger M 19 Omaha NE 2:57:41 Omaha Marathon 9/21/2014
48 Nicholas Milewski M 31 Omaha NE 2:58:14 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014
49 Miguel Ordorica M 42 Omaha NE 2:58:51 Omaha Marathon 9/21/2014
50 Shawn Palandri M 37 Omaha NE 2:59:01 Boston Marathon 4/21/2014
51 Eddie Walters M 21 Omaha NE 2:59:13 Chicago Marathon 10/12/2014
52 Bryce Callison M 35 Grand Island NE 2:59:28 Austin Marathon 2/24/2014
53 Matt Dorsey M 33 Grand Island NE 2:59:37 State Fair Marathon 8/23/2014
54 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:43 Little Rock Marathon 3/2/2014
55 Tim McGargill M 32 Omaha NE 2:59:51 Lincoln Marathon 5/4/2014″

Go ahead and recognize and celebrate the mediocrity.  I’ll give a nod to the 3 ladies that have broken 3 hours, at least that standard is not laughable for women.  And to Luka, his 2:22 the only respectable time of the year for a Nebraska male.  The rest of the list is so much locally talented stroking.

Now where’s that damned bar of mine?!?





“In a land of bleating sheep and braying jackasses, one brave and honest man is bound to create a scandal.”-  Edward Abbey

I’ve got a stud runner issue.  The runner has had membership in our USATF Nebraska Association for around 18 months, joined right after graduating college.  But drats, the runner has moved to a neighboring state.

As a member of the USATF Elite Development Club Council I am intimate with the Rules that I helped craft concerning this conundrum.  These rules apply across the board with USATF Clubs, not just EDCs.  They were written, in part, to prevent a problem that was rampant back in the 90s of putting together “teams” that had no geographical or historical lineage.  These “teams” would show up at national championship events, meet for the first time, win the prize purse, and never meet again.

I’ll summarize for you.  If an athlete has been a bona fide member of an association and the same club for three years they can be grandfathered in and can legally represent the old club regardless of residency.  A  good example is Tom Nichols with LRC Racing.  He has kept his membership current in Nebraska while living in Colorado.  And has represented LRC for the required 3 year minimum.

One more caveat.  If the athlete moves to a neighboring (or even further outlying) state that does not offer an LDR program and club system, they may choose to remain with their previous club.  Or, if the athlete has always resided in a state that offers nothing for their development they may petition to join another state’s program.  I call this the “Aubrey Baxter Rule” because I lobbied my colleagues hard to get her accepted onto Team Nebraska even though she lived in South Dakota, with no support at all.  My petition was granted and remains the standard.

Back to my stud runner that just moved back to their home state of Iowa.  The athlete competed for and represented a USATF Nebraska club for less than the 3 year minimum.

It won’t make me any more popular than I already am but it is my charge to keep an eye on such things.  And you may not like it but I hold every athlete/team to the same standard, my own included.

So I’ll keep my notes on who’s who and who’s where and who’s entering what and who’s representing whom.  And won’t tolerate any shenanigans when it comes to USATF Championships, local, regional, and national.  Somebody has to do it, for the good of the whole.

That’s the Truth.  Scandalous I’m sure.



If I were wearing buttons they’d be bursting with pride.  Our Nebraska Run Guru Elite ladies showed very well in Iowa yesterday morning.  Like this:

Lindsey Brezenski– 1:28:32 for the half.  A fifteen second personal best less than five months after having her precious little daughter.  An inspiration to our entire team!

Amber Sargent– 3:07:26.  7th Overall.  Not the day she wanted, learned a ton, most anyone else would have been thrilled with the time.  She burns so hot I handled her with asbestos gloves this training cycle.  I’m tempered, the gloves are off, and she has a great shot at being Nebraska’s top female marathoner as a result.

Jessica Pape– 3:14:39.  12th Overall.  Although Jess has run a marathon before this was her first under my direction.  A big personal best should help ease the blow up at 20 miles.  She had run +/- just a few seconds from Amber through that point.  Also learned a lot and now has a Real Fire stoked.

Stacy Shaw– 3:08:27.  9th Overall.  First master.  Clean as a whistle.  Stacy’s time age graded National Class, the only female to attain that level of excellence.  Setting the bar high for all current and future masters females.

Congrats in order for a few non Run Guru Elites:  My boys from the KC Smoke kicked it in the Half with Justin Garrard taking the Overall Win in 1:07:41.   Jason Zakaras of Lincoln Running Co. Racing continues his torrid year taking 4th Overall in a fine 1:12:06.  His LRC Racing mate Andrew Jacob was next in 1:12:17.  Justin’s Smoke mate Randy Wasinger had a huge 6:00 personal best in 1:13:00, 5 ticks behind LRC’s Logan Watley (10th, 1:12:55.)

Susie Duke won the women’s half in 1:18:20, top Nebraska finisher was Shannon Mauser Suing (4th, 1:21:47) of Team Nebraska.

In the full, both men and women’s course records fell.  Philip Lagat (2:12:19) and Abnet Simegn (2:32:28) took top spots and their spot in the history books.  Luka Thor of Team Nebraska ran a 4 minute 10 second personal best of 2:22:28 for 7th overall.  Chad Sellers ran a nice 2:38:13 for 10th overall.  Mason Frank was 9th in 2:26:19, he Chad and Luka the only Americans in the top 10.  David Bohlken made his 26.2 debut in 2:45:20, fine job David!

More on that on another day.

In the accompanying 5K the Old Stud Ivan Ivanov was 2nd Overall in a fast 15:53.

The Governor’s Cup was pedestrian with the high winds undoubtedly playing a part.  Our mate Craig Donnelly did his best by taking the first mile out at 4:57.  Bedeviled by a recurring medical problem he was forced to drop out shortly after and head straight back home.  Once he gets it right, look out.


Who doesn’t love competition?  These ladies (and you too Michel) do!  The fact that they run for El Jefe (Kyle Clouston) and choose to have Run Guru on their kits makes this a most special group to me.  They came up with the logo and are proud to wear it.  I’m so relaxed with these athletes, my reward for all I endured in my last venture.

If you look between Lindsey and Amber the fellow announcing on the dais is Creigh Kelley, one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Golden pipes and incredible vocabulary, something I admire.

04It was Creigh that nominated me for the 2004 Scott Hamilton Award.  USATF Men’s Long Distance Running leadership award at the Association level.  For a little bit of work I did setting up Nebraska’s LDR program and a club I used to ride herd over.  He’s still around and so am I.