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Big tip of the sombrero and a huge thank you to Stodden Physical Therapy for funding our Nebraska Run Guru Elite women’s team headed to Des Moines.   Covering expenses for travel, housing, and meals, we could not do this without your kind support.  And kudos to Des Moines for the waived, seeded entries.   This is how we do it.

Leaves are changing so high school cross country is everywhere.  With districts now concluded the only thing left is the big dance in Kearney.  I’m keen on the Sydney Raiders.  James McGown is not only the Principal, but also the xc coach.  Both his boys and girls teams took their district titles, giddyup!

I was happy to see that Millard West’s Seth Hirsch was held out of districts.  His stress fracture hopefully well on its way to healing.  Millard West’s girls team won their district, speaks to the depth Max Kurz has.

Big fish little pond.  Its a starting point, will be interesting to see how the lower classes fare against the All-Class pool.

I’m especially interested in Class C’s Gerardo Najera.   Running for my DC West Falcons, he’s been tearing it up this year with only one defeat.  Took yesterday afternoon’s C-1 title at Wildwood Lake.  Go get it buddy!

Last Sunday was a bad day to be a duck at the Bar None.  Scoreboard:  Will six, ducks zero.  If you are on my Good Boys and Girls list you’ll be invited for duck gumbo over the holidays.


The other side of farm life isn’t always pretty.  But Dolly’s huge breasts will make a fine contribution to our Holiday meals.  And will be honored and appreciated.





Sliding scale of surfaces.  I’m running on just the best recently.  The gravel roads surrounding Our Little Slice just now on the cusp of requiring their pre winter adornment.  The oversize chunky and clunky stuff of this spring’s application either crushed or otherwise spirited away.  Leaving a nice crown of firmly compacted dirt.  Zero energy return into the old limbs, extending my running career into its fourth decade.

The infrequent passing vehicle slowing, waving, now recognizing the lithe denizens that startled them a year ago.  Most days I happily don’t see a single car.   If I didn’t know why I had such a hard time fitting my square peg into the round hole of West O, I do now.  Country.

And I’m getting back to the basics man.  In my head.  Easily slipping into that aura that surrounds my personal red line, where the only Real Truth resides.  Enough life time experience to finesse, explore and develop, ask and answer, seek and find.  Go to the well.  Find it still holding that dear sustenance, Honesty,  to my soul.  Having to dip the bucket a little deeper to be sure.  My own now the hands of my father, calloused from a life’s effort hauling the staff of life.  Real Living.  Real Work.

I’m coming for you and I’ll  be fit.  I’ll travel this graveled road until I’m ready.  Might take just a bit longer to get where I’m going but I’ve been there before and it is, for me, a strong primal instinct.  The Will to Win.  Hasn’t faded yet.





Haven’t delved into my memorabalia collection for quite some time.  So here you go:

20141015_091943This copy of the  “Olympia 1932” is rare, only one other copy remains known to me to be in circulation, you can pick it up for a cool $200 on

20141015_091756Our Women’s 4 X 100 meter relay team.

20141015_091844Handsome women abounded.  Top center is “Babe” Mildred Didrikson Zaharias.  Perhaps the best female all around athlete ever, Bar None.  I first became acquainted with Babe when attending Lamar University in Beaumont Tx.  There is a museum there honoring her amazing accomplishments across all disciplines of athletics including golf, basketball and track & field.




Juan Zabala of Argentinia set an Olympic Record of 2:31:36 to win the Marathon Gold Medal.  Silver went to Ferris (2:32:12) of England and Bronze to Toivonen (2:32:25) of Finland.

One thing that makes this book highly collectible is that it was published by Cigaretten-bilderdienst, a German ciggy butt manufacturer.  One had to buy a pack of smokes to get the accompanying card that was then pasted into the book.  Several cartons worth, segueing into my surprise this morning when I saw the vile sticks listed for over $50 a carton.  Terrible, filthy habit.  I was a 2 pack a day guy for over 5 years, put my last one down December 31, 1979.  Started running seriously the next day.






Hunter S. Thompson introduced a style of journalism that was equal parts spot on social observation, alcohol and drug fueled rant, satire, fanatical lunacy, and biting wit.

But he always called things as he saw them, hazy as they were.

In my Sunday afternoon hopped up state of caffiene and Zip Line induced frenzy I skewed things in yesterday’s report.  Thanks to the many of you that called me out/offered corrections.

The 50K Team Nebraska runner was actually 39 year old Michael Morrison of Papillion, bona fide.  My sincerest apologies Mike.


Mike was hot on Jerrod’s tail and trail for most of the race.  Nice pic here, thanks Gary Dougherty Photography.  The cat I mistook was a dude that looked like Ivan Marsh’s little brother, named Jon Kuehler, actually buddies with our own Badass Pete Kostelnick.  He was the first runner across the finish line, having started in the first wave, leading to my fallacious assumptions.

IMG_0527 (1)

The Real Jon Kuehler.    “The picture below, like I sent yesterday is Jon Kuehler.  The guy you mentioned on your blog is not Jon, but some 1st wave scrub.  Jon got 4th overall and was 2nd wave guy in the chase pack all morning.  If you get it wrong again tomorrow, I’m kicking your ass.”  Thanks Pete!

The Team Nebraska Open Men’s Team repeated history.  The LRC Racing Mixed Team stacked their 5 Men up front (Zakaras, Wolford, Marolf, Rathje, Jacob) hoping to build an insurmountable lead before passing to the three women (Peterson, Larsen, Sutter).  But the TN lads (Falcon, Kear, Belzer, Cerda, Anderson, Logsdon, Bohlken, Thor) stayed close enough with the LRC fellas.  Immediately caught the women and began pulling away fast.

Deja vu all over again.  While enjoying the lead something went awry, eerily reminiscent of my navigational folly from a couple years ago.  Both vans ended up at the same checkpoint with the incoming runner stranded way back.  No more helpless feeling than knowing you are retracing steps while others stride forward.

The story behind the results.

I’ll be honest in revealing that I had hoped my friends from TN would win out over my friends on LRC.  While having no particular dog in the fight I was certainly rooting for and against certain mutts and mongrels.  Competition on the day being the only order of business, things shook out as they were to, and that’s that until next time.

I’m high on our women’s team that is traveling to Des Moines this weekend.  Jessica Pape, Amber Sargent, and Stacy Mangers Shaw will tackle the marathon and the one hundred eighty minute challenge I’ve laid out for them.  They are ready.  Wishing the best to David Bohlken too, making his 26.2 debut.  And whispers overheard that Luka Thor has decided to jump in the full as well, get some son.

And the Governor’s Cup 15K is this weekend.  Some top finishers over the last 15 yeras:  Mike Morgan‘s 47:05 from 2004 leads the all time performances.  Tracy Lokken ran 48:16 in 2002.  Christoph Paetzke ran 48:51 in 2006.  All three ran for me during my reign of terror, you all know Mike but should never forget Tracy (now age 49, he ran 2:31:10 at Twin Cities a week ago), or Christoph (Omaha Corporate Cup Champ, 2006, 30:mid I believe).  Other notables: Ivan Ivanov‘s 49:29 at age 41 for the win in 2011.  And Dave Johnson‘s victorious 50:44 at age 45 in 2001.  Some studly single age group records.  Don’t be surprised if you see a Vivid Peace Sign at the top of this year’s podium.


Christoph was way faster than you and his European Techno Moves at the Max are the stuff legends are remembered by.





* But first congratulations to Whitney Bevins Lazarra on her 2:40:12 at the Chicago Marathon.  And Mike Morgan’s umpteenth 2:14 marathon.

The M2M Juevos Mas Grande award should clearly go to our mate Jerrod Anzalone, and thanks for making me look like a genius.  But wait, it wasn’t a slam dunk.

Got to give it up to Jeremy Morris.  He was sporting the biggest pair at the gun, taking it out in a fast 5:50 pace, come get me suckas!  The chase pack included Ryan Regnier, Kaci Lickteig, Jerrod, and a ringer (Jon Kuehler of Denver, Colorado) sporting a Team Nebraska singlet.  I predicted a darkhorse, well played I must admit, but not this time.

The group caught Jeremy around mile 7, Ryan took the point and headed out with it.  He’s got a big set too.  Accordianed  the lead to between 4 and 8 minutes, the dwindled chase pack going through the half way point in 1:22 ish.  Jerrod continued his solid pacing and emerged as the contender over the last 11 miles.  The “mystery Team Nebraska runner” was still hanging around but would stop at each aid station for ~ :30 before sprinting back to and past, worked for a while but it is hard to battle consistent pacing with that strategy.

As Jerrod hit the marathon split in ~ 2:50 he saw Regnier’s figure coming back to him, also clearly suffering and interspersing walks.  Buyoed and determined, Jerrod caught, passed, and never looked back until crossing the tape.  Damned proud of you mate!  And Jeremy, and Pete Kostelnick and Kyle Clouston too.  And Ashley Schurman.  How about that gal!  Second overall female behind the legend that is Kaci Lickteig.  She ran a 12 minute personal best for 50K and was happily teary eyed after finishing.  Proud of all of our NRGE Mates!  If Kyle’s race did not make it mathematically impossible for anyone to catch him in the USATF LDR Grand Prix then his run at the Goatz 50K in a couple of weeks will seal it tighter than a clam’s bum.  Let the tears and excuses flow like wine!

And an Honorary Big Balls Mention goes to the Lincoln Running Co Racing Team’s Mixed squad.  I had mentioned last week that the pair of sub 4 milers I had running a few years ago made it unlikely our time would ever be matched.  Hubris!  Had I considered that the remainder of that team was a 50+ male, two masters females, and a decent local 5Ker, I should have anticipated that LRC would load up and Go Get It.  And they did.  Good on them!   Their mixed team not only took the co-ed record but also handed the Team Nebraska Open Men a solid spanking in the process, taking the overall win by 10 minutes.  They’ll likely square Team Nebraska’s Open Women’s mark next year to completely re-color the relay record books blue and yellow.


Jeremy has no fear of the field.  This is why he is a Good Mate.   Word on the trail is that this was the last year for the M2M 50K, if that’s the case we took it out in NRGE style. *this photo courtesy of GDPhotography.  Gary captured lots of great pics from the morning at:


Jerrod emerged from the shadows of his more notorious mates and better publicized opponents to take the Overall.  Celebrated his birthday with a win, nice.  When Ben Cohoon asked me who my pick was, it was our boy that very few had ever heard of.  They should know him now.


The Diminuitive One giving the fellas all they wanted finished 2nd Overall, only 4 minutes behind Jerrod.


Linda cheering in Ryan Regnier to a 3rd Overall.  Tough as nails dude, tough as nails.

20141011_152535Fifty year old Todd Nott was 8th Overall.  Shirtless as always, the USATF Membership data base indicating he does not represent any clubs in Nebraska.  I like Todd, one of the most affable studs around.


Team Nebraska’s ringer finished 4th.  He’s not listed on the club roster but Todd is.  I’m calling on the TN webmaster to clean up their roster.  Too many of my NRGE athletes still listed there and too many others that retired long ago or no longer choose to run under the red and white.  Hey, somebody has to point these indescrepancies out.  You think my popularity stems only from incredible good looks and scintillating charms?


El Jefe!  Finishing 10th Overall.  Your 2014 USATF LDR Grand Prix Champion!  Kyle Clouston has been In It To Win It since day one.  Taking on all distances and surfaces and challengers.  The format will change next year but Kyle will Always be the first Champ and we’ll always be proud of him!


Ashley Schurman finished 21 seconds ahead of 2nd overall masters male Miguel Ordorica for 11th Overall and 2nd Female.

20141011_154644Jerrod, Ashley, and Pete celebrate a Great Team Effort.

photo (25)

Pete and Jeremy and Kyle and Jerrod and Linda and me, loooong before the costumed mortals started pouring in.  I could not be prouder to have this group of bad assess wear the Nebraska Run Guru Elite kit.





Go ahead and put them on the table.  Going to be a “rumble on the promenade” tomorrow.  Will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Distinctions drawn between hobby jogging, Ipod listening, gallowalking, fit bit toting, gps swearing, bucket listing, spandex wearing, race number on the back, non track visiting, fundraising, mud rolling, mooing and bleating, merely mortal, tye dye spraying, glow stick glowing, may as well be strolling, three abreast, and all the rest, from You.

Your willingness to have Purpose.   At the crack of the shot, just one thought.   Let them play their penguin games, I’m kicking ass and taking names.

Making a stand.  Taking that front row for your own.  Not giving a thing to anyone.  Let them come take it, fat chance.

Ready to roll.  Yeah, come take it from me.

Calling your shots.  If they think you bold, good.  You are bold.  They are not.

Who’s got the balls to throw down this weekend?  We’ll see.

I’ve been queried as to my picks for the Market to Market 50K this weekend.  Stacked field with Kaci Lickteig, Pete Kostelnick, Ryan Regnier, Jeremy Morris, Kyle Clouston, Ashley Schurman, Jerrod Anzalone, and always the possibility of a dark horse.  Whomever is willing to lay them out, there’s your winner.

20141010_090644My little fig tree is two years old now and producing fruit.  Will soon be bringing it in for its 2nd winter at the Bar None.  Figs are little powerhouses of nutrition.  Linda trained with and ate them during the inaugural M2M 50K back in 2012.


She would finish 4th overall (out of 3rd by a couple of seconds only) and win the coveted jug (Empty!) accorded the Women’s Masters Champ.  Her only venture at the distance, speaks to her Natural Talent.



Start things off today wishing our friend Whitney Lazarra Bevins Great Racing, Good Luck, and Giddyup at this weekend’s Chicago Marathon.  You’ve got this!

Thank you for indulging me a few more Chicago suburuban memories.  I was a hot shot when arriving in Joliet in 1990.  Thirty three years old and a solid local runner, no better.  I expected the transition from Houston’s vast depth of talent to kind of hicksville to work in my favor.  Not so.  My 16:30s I’d relied on in Texas put me out of the top hardware in Illinois.  Consistently.  A trio of fellas particularly delighted in running me ragged.  Brash talking Lance Bovard, his best friend churchmouse Greg Rose, and masters runner Gary Moss from New Lenox.  I was O-fer against them.  All three are now in the Prairie State RoadRunners Hall of Fame.

Some of my best distance training came on Sundays with Lance and Greg on the I & M Canal, a scenic and peaceful hand dug tow path that is designated as a National Heritage Corridor.  I used to think I wanted my ashes scattered there and maybe I still do.   They’d hammer me, and in my life have rarely felt so strong as those days.   Greg was run over on a Sunday morning in 2000.  Taken by a drunk driver that had crossed 3 lanes and a median.


In 1993 I was invited to be on the Prairie State RoadRunners River to River Relay team.   They gave me the team baton, something I still treasure today.

From the website, and they also have results going all the way back to 1988:

“Teams of eight runners compete on an 80-mile course. Each runner completes three sections that range in length from 2.5 to 4 miles. Teams are started in groups every 30 minutes beginning at 6:15am and continuing until the last group is started at 8:45am. The finish line closes at exactly 8:00pm.

The race starts at McGee Hill in LaRue Pine Hills on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River Valley. The course follows country roads (mostly paved but some stretches of gravel) through the Shawnee National Forest to its finish at the Ohio River in Golconda.

Due to logistical issues on the race course, the number of Relay teams has to be limited and is 250 in 2015. In 2014 we received over 375 applications in the first 10 minutes. Teams should only submit one entry. Teams submitting more than one entry will be disqualified. The entry fee for the 2015 River to River Relay is $440; but only payable if your team is notified that it has made the race field”

Sounds a whole lot like M2m eh?



I lived in Joliet, Illinois for a couple of quasi adult years.  Earned my BS in Community Health Promotion (minor in Health Ed.) from NIU in DeKalb, nearly 70 miles away.  Drove it twice a week and genuinely enjoyed the country drive on HWY 64.  Through Sycamore, which still hosts its annual Pumpkin Run 10K, a race I got my ass handed to me in over 20 years ago, it still smarts.

Both Joliet and DeKalb are in the Chicago suburban area.  A lot of good stuff in that city.  I’m a forever Cub fan and the 1985 Bears still make me smile.  Still call Central Illinois my boyhood home, a lure and call always existed up North a couple hours.

My favorite running memory of Chicago is not my own 1985 effort.  That sucked (3:38:xx after a 1:17:40 first half) and remained my personal worst until Lincoln a couple of years ago.

In 1984 Steve Jones set the World Record of 2:08:05 on the streets of Chicago.   I watched him run it on television, yeah they used to broadcast races back in the day.  I was pretty jacked as my own marathon career was fledgling, hardly over a year old.  Decided I would run the WR course the next year, painfully cited above.  Jones would win again (2:07:12).

I first met Jones personally in an elevator at BIX.  In the midst of explaining to the captive crowd that he did no upper body work “because you don’t run a marathon on your hands”, he offered me a cold one from the well traveled wheeled cooler in tow.    We’d meet up again a couple of times in the early aughts at the Gruene 10K in Central Texas.  He could still run.  And still drink a beer.

5079558591_7b7617b1dc_bLinda would take it to the Windy City in 2010.  Her 3:39:43 during a red flag day remains her personal worst.

Andrea Rich (3:30:00), Jen Viehrig (3:01:46), Dylan Wilson (3:50:59), Shy Vithanage, Kaci Lickteig (2:49:20), and Mike Reilly also ran in 2010.  Kayte Tranel (2:53:43), Bridget Easley (3:12:44), and Brian Wandzilak (3:07:17) also represented my old club in 2010, one of the hottest Chicago Marathon’s on record.  Lisa Baumert of Fremont ran 2:41:17 that day, caught my attention.




Gave it the old college try yesterday.  Composed and hit submit several times, my words evaporating into the ether.  Greater powers at work maybe?

Please try again.

I congratulated the top 3 men and top 4 women from the Twin Cities Marathon.  That select group hit their respective Olympic Trials Marathon “A” Standards (2:15:00, 2:37:00).  The next seven men hit the “B” (2:18:00) and the next eight women hitting the 2:43:00 “B”.  Nice work by 43 year old Sheri Piers securing the last qualifier in 2:42:44.

No one from Nebraska ran faster than Sheri.

Please try again.

The accompanying Medtronic 10 Mile was also a fast race.  Jonathan Peterson of Minneapolis ran a nice 48:12 for the win.  But what piques me is our old buddy Joe Moore of the Kansas City Smoke running second in 48:40.  Way to get it Joe!  Bridget Easley of Lincoln finished 12th O/A on the women’s side in 1:01:08.

No one from Nebraska ran faster than Bridget.

Please try again.

Brian Bergt finished 4th at the Crazy Horse Marathon in 3:14:49.  Pretty studly for the 54 year old Amherst Flash.

Ben Cohoon’s Retirement Plan (Market to Market Relay) is this weekend.  He’s my road racing management hero, turning M2M Nebraska, M2M Iowa, and the Leprechaun Chase into a financial windfall that few in the industry enjoy.  Good guy that does things right and deserves whatever he can stuff in his pockets.

NRGE’s Kyle Clouston, Pete Kostelnick, Jerrod Anzalone and Ashley Schurman will be tackling the 50K, our Nebraska Association Road Championships for that distance.


Team Nebraska used to dominate Market to Market.   I can promise you that no more talented group of males will ever don a kit, minusing your scribe of course.  Matt Schneider at the height of his competitive fire, sub four minute milers David Adams and Peter van der Westhuizen, and Eric Rasmussen.  A wrong turn by the driver (me) the only thing that kept this co-ed team from winning the event outright (bested only by the Team Nebraska Open Men’s team).   I doubt that the 8:25:28 (5:58 pace) we posted will ever be neared by another co-ed team.  Also pictured, my dearest, sweetest Linda, Emily Langdon, and Carole Swanson.

Please try again.





It was common when I was a kid in Central Illinois.  Watched my dad exchange with neighbors a million times.  Saw it on the farm to market roads in Texas.  De rigueur out here on Our Little Slice.   And on our meanderings through the off beaten paths last weekend.

Simple, polite, friendly, always reciprocated, country comforting.


Good Mate Craig Donnelly is headed to Kansas today to compete in a fast 10K.  $500 for first place, he’s not concerned about the runner up monies.  His training is coming right along, and dragging old mate Lee Anderson to some better fitness in the process.  Like tennis or checkers, you’ve got to train/compete/play against someone above your level if you want to improve.  Smart kid Lee.

The Twin Cities Marathon is this weekend.  Used to be one of my favorite stops on the Champs circuit.


A little Twin Cities motivation for those headed up from Nebraska.  This trio (Levi Ashley, Tom Nichols, Brian Wandzilak) of my former mates enjoyed personal best performances, from 2009 maybe?  And James McGown’s 2:20:00 in 2007 still one of my favorite memories of Team Nebraska.

The Race For The Cure is in Omaha, I’ve never been but it has hosted some pretty decent times over the years.


USATF Certification.  It really only matters if you are really serious.