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Good clean living, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  How else could I have dialed in a perfect morning for Saturday’s kick off of the Valley Forge Winter Series at the Twin Rivers YMCA?  9:00 am start time, hope to see everyone take advantage of the ideal conditions.    USATF Certified course, official times, camaraderie, and fun!  Oh, and a little competition if you like such things.

Checking the USA Cross Country Championships status of entries.  No Nebraskans entered yet for the February 7th race in Boulder.  I’m hopeful that the Lincoln Running Co. Racing team will once again represent, our best chance to not fade from the national competitive radar.  With Ashley Miller now living in Oklahoma and ineligible to compete for Team Nebraska (don’t expect any roster updates), will there be a bona fide Nebraska female step up and try and fill her fast spikes?

From former mate and current friend, Ricky Trevino: “Would like to announce that as of today I am no longer a part of Team Nebraska Running. I remember watching James McGown wearing the TNB jersey and thinking “Man I want one so bad.” Took some time but I got one. Anyway, just wanted to give a public Thank you to Will Lindgren for giving me a chance to be part a of his vision. (while it was HIS vision) One of the most under rated guys in the Nebraska running community!‪#‎GoodTimes‬

Nebraska Run Guru Elite is happy to announce our newest sponsor, Honey Stinger.  Our baddest, toughest, fastest road, trail, and ultra athletes will benefit greatly from this partnership.  Big kudos to Ashley Schurman for hooking us up!

Jesse & Michel Davy are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, join us in welcoming Evangeline Kate!  Michel’s last race was my favorite of 2014, her debut for us the and win at the Boystown 5 Mile.   Already champing at the bit, she’ll get trained up and join the sub 3 ranks this year, count on it.


This was my office yesterday.  Buena vistas in every direction.  We culled two hackberrys and a mulberry.  Brought it back to the Bar None and split it.  Will cure for a time before being stacked and ready for next winter and beyond.


Starting at the bottom.  Dan & Tom did all the cutting, I cleared the brush and stacked the trailer full.  Over 2.5 tons of wood yesterday, I’m sore in all the right places.






Why yes, yes I would.  When we lived in “richerville” it was not uncommon to admiringly ogle the new Lexus or Range Rover or midlife crisis V8 Camaro in the neighborhood driveways.  No such pretensions in the country.  What has my eye these days are certain neighbors’ wood piles.

Wood.  A basic element of the Simple Life.

I’ll get by without cable tv, without a microwave, without fancy britches, without a gym membership, without a new car, without so much of the superficial, fluffy, softening accroutements that most of society subscribes to.  Just show me to the wood pile.

Learning the differences between the various woods.  What burns hot, what burns quick, how to blend to achieve the most efficient use of Free Heat.  I’ve been stoking the box pretty much non stop, watching my pile shrink, counting days and logs, a race that Winter will likely win.  But wait!

Got a call to come get a load of aged and split pine yesterday.  Not the best because it burns so darn fast but not going to be too  choicy.  Fetched it under the most uncomfortable of circumstances.  Invited into the house, immediately accosted by two large pit bulls.  Mouths slobbering all over me (not the junk!, not the junk!) amid reassurances that “they’re just fine.”  Escaped with half a cord and all my limbs and other important parts still intact.  Whew!

This morning I’m off to work through some aged elm and hackberry, both good burning hardwoods.  The hackberry ready to supplement through February and March, the elm will be a portion of next year’s energy.  A keen eye, a chainsaw, and good work ethic, that will see us through this and many more winters.

Tim Gargiulo introduced me to a side of our sport that I still struggle with.  Tim ran and won my 1998 Brazosport Run For The Arts 10 Mile in 50:40.  He had won the USA Outdoor 5000 National Championships the year before.  Certified stud with a 13:46 personal best.  After taking the title in the most competitive 10 mile race in Texas he dropped the bombshell.  “I’m officially retired as of today.”  I was stunned.  But had to support his decision.  He had a law degree that was on hold as he tried to earn enough in running to support him and his wife.  He had reached a pinnacle in his career that left little to no desire for continuing the necessary grind for excellence at that level. In the late 90s there were hundreds and hundreds of “B” and “C” level Kenyans road whoring all over the U.S.  And that made it impossible for him to make a decent living at the sport he loved and excelled in.

That day changed me forever.  I decided to focus all my energies into providing opportunities and advocacy for American distance runners.  Scrapped the international field that made the Run For The Arts famous everywhere but in Nebraska.  Accepted the position as USATF Women’s LDR Athlete Development Coordinator.  The rest is history.  Would I do it all again?

I would.



My anniversary in Omaha is just a week or so away, 14 years now.  From the balmy Gulf Coast straight into Winter.  I tried running outside and busted my butt nearly every effort of the season.  I finally resigned to the treadmill, for that winter.  Cybex Trotter 900T, Old Cadillac, sits out in the barn even now.

Finally figured out the traction thing because after all you’re not going anywhere without it.  Learned the proper mechanics of running on slick as snot surfaces.  Learned to slow down.  Learned to endure heretofore unexperienced discomforts in frigidness.  But most importantly, for this cat anyway, I learned how to dress.

This marks my 11th year with Brooks Running.  We’ve been through a lot together.  And I’ve been fiercely loyal.  That still counts for something.  The first six or seven years included sponsorship for my old club.  It was a sweet deal that allowed me to designate 12 athletes for full shoe (trainers, flats, spikes) and apparel sponsorship each year.  Brooks was even incorporated into the name of the club as Title Sponsor.  Being keen on history I just want to remind everyone what a key role Brooks Running played during those halcyon days.  How integral they were in the development of Nebraska athletes and opportunities and ultimately the programs and success we enjoy today.

I’ve now collected enough appropriate gear to see me through the worst days.  And I’ve learned to take a certain delight in the neighbor’s peering out as I pass, them wondering tough guy or madman.

And I’m very happy that the Launch and Ghost are both back.  Those along with the Ravenna 5 are my current rotation.  Slowly but surely getting me back into shape.  Last week the best week for Linda and I since her horrific broken foot almost two years ago.  Our committment and strength growing with each day, still tempered by patience and sagaciousness.    Yon horizon still a fer piece and no easy climb.





Was happy to get down to Plattsmouth this past Saturday for the No Frills 5 Mile.  According to some much too far to drive, but oh so worth it, on several levels.

Kathryn Carlson Merrill approached Linda & I and asked who to chase if she wanted to win.  I told her there was not any Real Competition, that 33:30 would be enough to take the win.  I was delighted to let her know she had a :07 lead as she came back to me after the turn around.  And did my Happy Dance when I found she had extended that en route to breaking the tape in 33:47.  She spent enough time with Linda and me to speak of A Grand Design.  Fortuitous.  Serendipity.  Call it what you will, it was no coincedence that the three of us gathered.  Kathryn will be be focusing on distance excellence moving forward.  As a member of Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  Kathryn brings excellent novice credentials (1:31/3:19) to the club, and the Exact Attitude, In It To Win It!  Wait until she has a couple of good training cycles under her soles, sub 2:43 is the goal.

The Men’s race played out as expected with Justin Mollak and Casey Kear, two of Team Nebraska’s top studs, showing big balls by racing in the single digit wind chills clad only in shorts and singlet (!!???!?!?!?!!?) and taking the top two spots.  What no one except us expected was Pete Kostelnick taking third overall.  He wasn’t there to chit chat with the competition that’s for sure.  Kyle and Mike Wasson also joined in the fun.

Angee Henry is still the top 400 meter female in Nebraska.  Running unattached these days but still running well.  Angee won the Ward Haylett Invitational in a fast early season 56.51, Giddyup!

My original mentor Carol McLatchie has been named the State of Oregon’s Girls & Boys Cross Country Coach of the year.  Her husband Jim is the author of the McLatchie Method, a hybrid of which will be kicking your butts at Lincoln this year.

Amber Sargent starts the program today as she preps for the Boston Marathon.

I’ve sung it loud and clear, here it is again:  Nebraska Run Guru Elite will become the top women’s marathon group in the state this year.


I’m not much for smirks or sneers but I sure know how to muster a Genuine Smile!  Our newest NRGE mate has the Right Stuff!  Kathryn ran a 2:18 800 meters to finish 2nd in the Nebraska State T&F Champs when at Kearney High.   She’s now ready to do our Good Work.


Chills, Thrills, and Frills.  Mexico Joe used to call me “Chill Will.”  Kathy Dastus used to call me “Will The Thrill.”  I’ve worn my share of aprons but no one has ever called me Frilly Willy.

Segue into this weekend’s No Frills 5 Mile.  Craig Christians’ umpteenth year in a row to host the series with proceeds going to his beloved T-Bird thinclads.  Mirroring the times, the race has exploded over the last 2-3 years with upwards of 100 not an uncommon start field.  A lot of the single age records have tumbled recently, expect more of the same.

63.  66.  69.  We set the thermostat to sixty- three over night, sixty- six during the day, and sixty- nine when we have company.  We mostly hang out in the 75-80 degree aura of the wood burning stove.  Keeping it stoked.  Thanks again to my old buddy Blaine Schmidt for the cord.

Busy, busy, busy!  While most celebrated yesterday’s frigid cancellations with twiddled thumbs we were Hard At It.

Murray McMurray Hatchery out of Webster City, Iowa will be delivering 24 chickens, the best laying breeds, on February 16th.  4 Pearl White Leghorns, 2 Sex-Link Red Star, 2 Sex-Link Black Star, 2 Araucanas, 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 New Hampshire Reds, 2 Black Australorps, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Silver Leghorns, 2 Plymouth Rock, 2 Wyandotte.  Farm fresh eggs are already going for $5/dozen, Bar None Produce will be offering our organic, free range ovum at market beginning in July.  We also ordered 25 Cornish Roasters for meat, already have my whet stone oiled.

Feed list satisfied at the South Omaha Terminal, (4913 S 27th Street, Omaha, behind Johnny’s Steak House): 100 pounds of oats, 50 pounds of millet, and 50 pounds of cracked corn, well blended is their daily staple.  Augmented with every fresh trimmed vegetable and fruit scrap, the occasional meal worm, and any other of the Good Mother’s bounty they can harvest come Spring.

We continue the trend of knowing exactly what we’re putting into mouth and  body.  Already finding it very difficult to do any thing otherwise, our mercado excursions limited mainly to dairy, coffee, and paper supplies.  Not everyone has the time to dedicate to such a strict dietary regimen, but if you do, you should.  Farm Strong!

I’ve been pouring over the catalogs and pulled the Seed Trigger yesterday.  R.H. Shumway for parnsips, turnips, rutabagas, onions, squashes and beans.  Natural Gardening Co. for potatoes, lettuces, kale, and celeriac.  Territorial Seed Co. for swiss chard and kale.  Johnny’s Seeds for spring wheat, hulless oats, buckwheat, and barley (we will be milling our own flour starting this year) as well as corn, leeks, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.  I also harvested the very best seeds from the very best heirloom tomatoes last year, they’ll plant true to the parent.


Yesterday’s supper simmering.  What could be more rustic and comforting than a dutch oven full of red beans boiling on the wood burning stove?


Linda left this note that sums up how we roll.  Its how we Dance, Love, and Live!  “Just like two old people…….”  The WOW! Linda’s, as we continue to chalk up our shared experiences.


Started to head out the door for an easy fiver this morning.  A little over 11 yesterday, 8s and 6s now mostly coloring my daily log.  Linda asked me who after all I was really trying to impress.  She doubts not my huevos but also is a little smarter than I.  We’ll go to the YMCA after this fine plate of farm fresh eggs and Brian Bergt’s divine swine.

Back to the road though.  I have a temporal sweet spot that I prefer to run in.  It doesn’t jive with Linda’s teaching schedule which has advantages as well as the obvious dis.  Getting back into my Own Head, this space I’ve carried around full of wonder for 57 plus years.  That cave of comfort, solitude and sanity.  My noggin; my very best, honest, harshest, challenging, purging, creating, shining, inspiring, exhilarating training partner.  Me.

And then Linda.  And even when not training together, still there.  Motivating me to do good work.  Knowing that what I demand of myself will be mimiced by my macadam madam.   While I enjoy the broad expanses she by necessity doing multiple tours in the more immediate scenery.  My internal clock now in sweet tune with her pace, a glance out the window showing another and yet another pass.  Finishing up with the very last of late winter’s light, but aha, gaining a minute or two each day!

Light.  The ever so incremental, yet noticeable, glide away from Dark.  Bringing new hope, new energy, new dreams, new promise.  Let the Good Mother’s rythms be a part of your psyche and your training.  And Giddyup!




Good discussion going on over at our USATF Nebraska Assoc. facebook page.  If you are wanting to learn more or get involved here is your Tip of the day:  That will eventually turn into a great educational resource for all of our membership.  Full disclosure and transparency  of our affairs should be at the top of the list and I’m 100% confident that Peter Falcon gets it.  I pick my words a little more carefully there, out of respect.  More free to speak from the heart here so do be sure and check both venues frequently. 

Championships were an integral part of our recent LDR meeting.  Distances, surfaces, bid applications, sanctioning fees, et al.   Growing pains continue but we are headed in the right direction.  We discussed how to get championship bid applications out in a timely manner.  We mentioned several races that were or might be interested in hosting.  It was decided that a panel would be put together to entertain our association championship bids.  The panel is to be comprised of one member each from Lincoln Running Co. Racing, Team Nebraska, and Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  We are all hopeful that the Lincoln Marathon or Lincoln Half Marathon makes an official bid application to host our Nebraska Championships for either one of those distances.  Stating here and now that the Freedom Run Half Marathon is interested in bidding for that distance.  The Monument Half did a heck of a job in 2014 but alas half of the course was run on a trail, not a true Road Race.  The  Freedom Run 10K is interested in hosting our champs for that discipline and distance, a true Road Race with no curbs, no grass, no two thousand lasses to pass.

And it would be good to have a Road Champs in Omaha, the entirety of those has shifted to West of the Platte River.

If you are interested in hosting an association championships please pop over to the above facebook page or contact our LDR Chair Peter Falcon at

A copy of our USATF Nebraska Association Sanctioning fees appears in the table below.  All designated championships are required to have sanctioning.  This provides insurance for the events.  The majority of the sanctioning fee stays with our LDR program and along with membership fees constitute the lion’s share of our annual budget.

Public Service Announcement:  Its time to renew your USATF Club memberships if you have not done so already.

You should also have your individual membership renewed by now.


Entrants Total Sanction Fees
USATF member
1-100 $65.00 $150.00
101-250 $90.00 $175.00
251-500 $165.00 $250.00
501-1,000 $315.00 $400.00
1,001-2,000 $515.00 $600.00
2,001-4,000 $715.00 $800.00
4,001-6,000 $1315.00 $1400.00
6,001-15,000 $3015.00 $3100.00
15,001+ $5015.00 $5100.00




Its ok to admit it.  We’re all a bit edgy.  The Lincoln Marathon registration window opened and closed, getting everyone a little frothy.

Patience!  Prudence!

We’ve got a 15.5 weeks until the gun.  Of course we are all different organisms but if you are spending anything over 12-14 weeks you’ve jumped it.  Twelve weeks for novices, no more than 14 for seasoned.  If you are actually engaged in high level training that is.  If you’re a dawdler and waddler, get after it!

Our NRGE mates have been slowly and steadily increasing their mileage and workloads.  Been using a strong hand on the bit, the horses eagerly anticipating the sheen of hard work.  Our team is dedicated to our task, carrying their unappreciated, undeserved, underdog 26.2/13.1 mantle out the door every morning.  Come this May, never will have so few, with so little, do so much.  I called it last year, I’m calling it again this year.  12 versus the hundred, we like our odds.  Here kitty kitty.

From my buddy Tim Dooling: “Beach Boys, 2 girls for every boy at the Lincoln Half.”

From Bruce Hornsby: “That’s just the way it is.”

I’m not just distance jazzed either.  Craig Donnelly has taken these few months to dial in his specialty.  While I still see him as a 1:04 half marathoner (laugh until you choke!) he will take his sub 1:50 wheels into a spring/summer 800-5000 campaign.  His solo 32:10 10K time trial a week ago, coupled with 4 X 400 @ 54.8, 53.5, 52.8, 52.0 , establishes him as the man to beat this spring, regardless of where the start scratch is.





I’m not real big on resolutions, preferring instead to approach each day as a new start.  But the fresh calendar does give me pause to reflect on some of my guiding principles, all which need daily practice and exercise, no one’s perfect after all.  In no particular order:

1) Strive to be a better wordsmith.  Paying particular attention to a more positive bent.
2) Ameliorate my darts when only they are called for.
3) Keep working hard for my own sake.
4) Celebrate daily the blessings before me.
5) Farm Strong.
6) In It To Win It.
7) Better Friend.
8) Better Lover.
9) Better Dad.
10) Better Coach.
11) Let sleeping dogs lie.
12) Let ghosts fade away.

13) Run More


14) Daily to do list.