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Amanda Lee, in for the race from Boulder, did a little preview run yesterday.  “I  have to admit that I was skeptical about the “toughest trail race in the Midwest” label, but I shouldn’t have doubted you. I just got done running at PRSP and those trails are downright HARD! ”

Pre-race instructions:

Thank you for registering for the 10th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs!  Here are some tips to make your morning go most grand:

Peak Performance located at 168th & W. Center, March 31, from
4:00-7:00. Bring a friend to sign up and get free training advice!

8:00 am- Packet pick up and race day registrations at Mallet Lodge.
We’ll have signs pointing the way once you arrive at Platte River
State Park. We encourage car pooling as there is limited parking.
You will need either a day ($5) pass or a season pass to enter the
park. For the convenience of all we suggest you go to and get your
pass that a way.

9:30 am- Tough Little Mudders Runs at Owen Landing
10:00 am- 12K & 4 Mile start at Owen Landing
11:00 am- Beer Garden opens, food service begins
12:00- Overall Male and Female and Masters Male and Female Awards
for both distances in Mallet Lodge. All others should check the
posted results to see if you made the awards. Top 5 M/F overall for the 4 Mile and top 3 age group in the 12K. If
so, head right on over to the awards table speedsters!

1) Platte River State Park is 6 miles south of I-80 on Hwy 66. Or, 3
miles north of Louisville.

2) Bring your own water bottles to help our Green Initiative. We’ll have water jugs at the start/finish and
also our Hoopla & Refilling Station just prior to Owen
Crossing (the 4 mile turn off), about 2 miles into the run.

3) Please arrive early to pick up your packet! The park can get,
ahem, hectic with everyone trying to wait until the last minute.

4) If you look like you are less than 70 please bring your photo ID
if you plan on having a couple of beers on us. Our big, beefy, beer
bouncers are pussy cats as long as you are of age.

5) Please utilize a designated driver if you are a lightweight like
me. One and done? Two and through?

6) Additional Meal/Beer wrist bands will be available at packet pick
up for a mere $10

7) Sweet Swag Sale inside Mallet Lodge. Stop by and see Katie for our award winning short sleeve t-shirts (voted top 10 artwork by Runners World!) available for purchase until we run out, only $15. Tech tops for $20, hoodies for $30.

8) Our highly prized Ni-Bthaska-Ke pint glasses will also be offered
at $3 apiece.

9) Link to photo and results will be at Hope you
bookmark my blog and all become captivated fans of my daily musings

10) Thanks to our sponsors, Cabela’s, Bar None Produce, and Regal

11) And to our contributors Upstream Brewing Co., Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., Hy-Vee, Family Fare, and Precision Race Results.

12) Big tips of the sombrero to the staff at Platte River State Park.
It’s a gem and lets help keep it that way. There are restrooms open
throughout the park, please use them!

13) Biggest kudos of amazement and awe to you for having the huevos
to take on the Toughest Trail Run in the Midwest! Run your own race,
be safe, be smart, be green, and have fun!

14) We look forward to seeing your exhaustive glow of accomplishment
as you cross the finish line. Bragging rights for 2016? You bet!


Will Lindgren, Race Director Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Runs
Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC






Race week!

It’s taken 10 years but it looks like we should have some Horse Races this coming Saturday morning.  The most competitive field in the history of the race, only Nebraska Legend Ivan Marsh will be missing when the cannon sounds.

In one of the more unusual twists, the 10th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12K will serve as our USATF Nebraska Association Trail Championships.    It will be our 9th time to host, missing only 2015, the year we were not allowed to bid.  Splain that one Lucy.

Back to the front.  Tim Langdon, Jeremy Morris, Kyle Clouston, Justin Mollak, Brian Wandzilak, has there ever been a more fully loaded field in a local trail run?  Nope.  Oh, oh, wait a minute, we need to throw 2:13 marathoner Patrick Rizzo into that heap of talent.

For the women we’ve got three of the best.  Returning champ, the waifenator, the pixie ninja, Kaci Licktieg will line up with Amanda Lee of Boulder,  and Emily Langdon.  Still plenty of USATF pri$e money for the Nebra$ka women, somebody, anybody, sign up!

This is truly wacky.  Only 2 Nebraska USATF females entered.  Or is it wacky?

I’ve been tracking and recording gender data for the last few years.  The most indisputable trend in running and racing is the explosion of women participants.  Between 65-75% of most race results report as female.

For Saturday, Men = 62%, Women = 38%.

We’ll be hosting packet pick up and registration at Peak Performance at 168th tomorrow afternoon from 4-7.  And we’ll be accepting registrations Saturday morning starting at 8:00 am.

Some of the toughest runners I know are women.    More splainin to do here Lucy.


A little something for the ladies, these two never miss!



The busiest week of the year round here.  Seedlings by the flat load, in the house, in the hoop house, in the garden.  Already planted beds of carrots and beets and spinaches and lettuces and mizuna and yukina and seven tops and collard and cilantro and kale and swiss chard, requiring covering and uncovering dependent on the forecast.  Twenty five broilers a little over a week from the freezer- we’ve decided to butcher them ourselves this year- another step towards self sufficiency.

And getting our NRGE, Inc. mates squared away for Shamrock Shuffle, second only to the Lincoln Half Marathon as the most anticipated race of the spring.  Statement!

Last but not least is our 10th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run.  We are darned proud of those pre registered, them that know what they are in for and are coming anyway.  Something this difficult isn’t for your everyday hobby jogger.  Or is it?  The best stories out of the race every year are those that overcome natural or super natural obstacles to complete the course.

And this year we’ll have something a little extra in our Elite Field.  Patrick Rizzo is my favorite for the men.  Kaci Licktieg is our returning champ, recently recovered from a sore Achilles.  Amanda Lee from Boulder figures to make the women’s race a feature of the morning.

And just scratching the surface of possibility of bringing the USA 5K National Championships to the Midwest.  Long held on the East coast (Albany, NY and Providence, RI), wouldn’t it be nice to have it within driving distance?

I’ve reached out to the HITS Marathon, we are happy to announce they will be our Nebraska Association Marathon Championships for 2016.  And touched base with Boystown 5 Mile, they will serve in the capacity for that distance.  And queried the downhill mile in Bellevue about the course certification necessary for them to host.  Haven’t heard back from that event so I’ve reached out to the Knights of Aksarben about bringing back the Omaha Mile.

Busy, busy, busy, I’m Hot Wired.


Amazing race this weekend by my old buddy Sean Wade.  Another World Record for 50+ males, this time the 5000 meters, the one Sean had insisted would be the most difficult to get.   14:52.92!   He adds that WR to the 800, mile, and 1500 marks already set this year.




And at my Run For The Arts back in 1995.  Helping to shape my expectations of excellence in racing.  Twenty one years later he’s still faster than me and you.

33 1/3

After reel to reel (does anyone remember those?) the best recorded sound comes from old LPs.

Long playing.  Contrasted to the 45 rpm, double sided with a single ditty on each side.  Then came 8 tracks and cassettes and compact discs.  Today’s music is just how this generation wants it, instantaneous.  Immediate downloads yes.

The trade off for instant gratification, sacrificed quality with only the  rare aficionado knowing the difference.  Speaks volumes to a vast majority of today’s youth.  Fortunately not all are in such a rush.

33 1/3.   The  Record.

This blog has been a recorded history.  For the record.  The genesis and development of post collegiate competitive opportunities.  A legacy of words describing  visions into reality.  Battles replete with successes and failures.  Life is that way and would be so boring otherwise.


The  Midwest Champions Series.  Inspired by our Debs performance at last Living History Farms.  Occurred to me in an instant that Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. had the talent  to challenge the Very Best in the Midwest.  Threw that gauntlet down to Cal and Randy, my colleagues in development.  With those secured, successfully  pitched to Ben Cohoon’s Pink Gorilla Events’ Good Life Halfsy,  Nebraska’s hat in the ring.  Plaza 10K in KC, Dam to Dam in Des Moines.  We’ve tried to hammer out the details in time to launch this year, I’m deferring to Ben and Cal’s business acumen and supporting a 2017 roll out.  These cats know how to get things done in the biggest and best ways.

Ideas, always spinning in my head.

Andrea Haver Bowen moved to Omaha in 2004 or 2005.   Relocated from NYC where she was an assistant to Mary Wittneberg (Race Director, NYC Marathon) and also  a sub 5 minute  miler.  Set up a meeting at Saigon (one of the  best Vietnamese restaurants anywhere).  Described my vision of a race that would go between Omaha and Lincoln, alternating starting direction every other year, with city based representatives battling for Good Life bragging rights.  Beyond my scope of operational execution but a good idea don’t you think?

In 2011 I was working on another vision, the Linoma Beach Half Marathon.  Several meetings with city and venue officials.  Included a young lady taking copious notes.  Always with the notes.   She seemed particularly interested when I described another vision.  An ultra race starting in Valentine and ending in Norfolk, the Cowboy Trail Ultra.  Another event left in an unhatched egg.  But a great idea don’t you think?

Competing the running community to a more stimulated culture is how Linda describes it.

33 1/3.




A wealth of useless information is how it used to be described.

Knowledge is never useless.

Checking out the All Time Nebraska Leaders for track and field in today’s OWH.   Excepting those Distaff Marvels of Talent Angee (Henry) Nott and Theresa (Stelling) Gosnell, not a single name on the list currently competes in Nebraska.  Interesting and worth a ponder by this pundit.  Talent drain?  Burn out?  Where are all the Capital S studs and studettes headed after high school?

I’ve been pouring over such lists for 30+ years, am able to recall personal bests and specific race results sometimes better than the athletes themselves.  Sort of a running rain man thing.

The internet of course being a boon to such a geek.  Stats out my wazoo and yours.  Most fond of Championship races.  Always a good chance to give a keen and critical eye to talent both obvious and not so.  And character.

I’ll never forget a race that helped define the Nebraska Talent of the late double oughts.  The 2009 GPAC 10000 meter championships.  Hell of a battle.  I immediately signed the top 2 finishers, Luka Thor (31:54) and Bryan Felker (32:35).  Luka would justify with a 30:28/14:53 double at the 2010 USA Club T&F National Champs in San Francisco, forever cementing a bond between coach and athlete.  Bryan did something no other Team Nebraska runner had ever done, beat the one guy that had been wearing a target since the club’s inception. the one cat that taunted and destroyed my mates, Chaz Davis, at the 2010 Blarney Stone Run.

A perusal of the complete results list from that meet shows a few gem performances and a lowboy full of current athletes still battling it out on the roads.’SCHAMPS.HTM






Cool Cats.  Hep Cats.  Kitty Cats.  Lions. Tigers.  Pussycats in all colors and demeanor.

All feral.  Cats are never domesticated.  But they will sell out for the right amount of comfort.  The Right Amount of Comfort, that bane on human existence.  How much of your true nature are you willing to trade off for comfort?

Life is a sliding scale of comfort for most of us.  Based largely on your roll of the dice at birth.  Decided during this morning’s chores that I would have preferred raising my 3 kids on a farm.  A better, more real life starting point.    Respect.  Responsibility.  The only entitlement, the only guarantee, honest hard work.

That’s only half the lesson though.  The up front part.  Second half is best.  The results.  Seeing the product of labor, by one’s own hand.   Knowledge of the Good Mother’s Ways.  Lessons for life.

I’m seeing these youth of Yutan and Waterloo and Valley and Arlington and Fremont, they are farm kids.  Not a single one planning on that 2016 Shelby GT Mustang for graduation.

But they do have that feral gleam in their eyes!







Hey!  Whoa!  Hold up!  Not so fast!

Take a deep breath and look up top.  “Stimulating the running community to a more competitive culture.”

This is a blog folks, wrought with opinion and fact and interpretation.  Mine.

Farm parable.  I stepped into a huge pile once.  Shoe bottoms covered in feces.   Every once in a while I  catch a whiff,  It is only the fading memory, a single old, dried nugget caught in a tread.

One thing to respect in an athlete.   No matter the competition, the conditions, or any other element between the  gun and tape.  Whether the Boston Marathon or the Friends of the Dog Pound 5K.  If you are on the line you should be In It To Win It.

Congratulations to Neil Wolford on his win at State Farm 10 Mile (54:52).  Always a competitive race and almost always (at least in the 16 years I’ve lived here) under less than ideal conditions.

Empirical information.  Truth.   Yesterday’s analysis of times at State Farm over the last 5 years prompted a calling  out on the good old anti-social media.  That nugget of crap still stuck in my shoe, stirring up an old familiar whiff, -never wafts far from the pile you know- I’d recognize it anywhere.

Good stuff.  That means we are all thinking about what is excellence, about what is not, about what lies somewhere in the middle.

Stimulating the Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.  Its a blog.

IMG_0258 (1)

Kaci Lickteig, the strongest historical performance record of any Nebraska athlete at St. Farm 10 Mile.




Kicking off with the superlative performance of the weekend.  Molly Huddle’s 1:07:40 at the NYC Half Marathon.

Please, oh please, let at least one male from Nebraska best that time in 2016.

Tough break or at least a painful separation.  Our mate and global gadabout Cameron Cummings suffered a separated shoulder last week.  While dog sledding.  At the Arctic Circle.

He was our fourth for Shamrock Shuffle.  I’ve already started flashing a Golden Ticket hoping to field a qualified replacement, if you’re fast and interested you know the drill.

Big thanks to the hoary and hirsute one for the amplification on Angee Nott’s Masters 400M American Record.  Her time was 55.79.  Craig Christians also points out that he is assisting in getting these marks officially certified, he’s a good guy that way.

State Farm 10 Mile and 5K this past Saturday.  Came and went with results that are relatively consistent in the 5K and trending slower (for the men) over the last 5 years in the 10 Mile.  2016- 54:52/15:43, 2015-54:15/16:22, 2014-55:02/15:53, 2013-52:23/16:06, 2012- 52:32/16:01, 2011-51:54/16:34.

For the ladies the 10 Mile is most consistent with the 5K varying up to two minutes.  2016- 1:02:46/19:39, 2015- 1:02:52/18:38, 2014- 1:01:16/20:55, 2013- 1:02:18/20:12, 2012- 1:02:25/19:39, 2011- 1:02:02/19:46.  ’16, ’12, & ’11’s marks all by Kaci Lickteig.

Molly-Huddle-NYC-Half-2016-credit-NYRR huddleatthefinish

That’s What I’m Talking About!




Angee Nott set a new American Record for Masters Women 400 meters last weekend in California!  Don’t try this at home folks, she’s a professional.

Monty- please shoot me an email,  Thanks.