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Today was going to be a recap of my rich history with the Boston Marathon.  Blessed to have been closer than most with the pre-eminent road race in the world.  Running it 20 years ago, the 100th.  Working with the BAA putting on the 08 Trials, partnering with Dave to put on the 04 Trials.  A whole corner of the Bar None Running Roadside Attraction stuffed with memorabilia from the venerable race.

But this is about you.  Your Boston.  Embrace it, race it, like it is your last, that is my best advice.

After nearly 20 years I finally found something worth reading in the pages of Runner’s World, anathema to Real Running that it is.


Sean Wade’s Five World Records in 56 Days

Date Meet Event Time Previous Record
2/6/16 Scarlet & White Mile 4:23.07 4:26.75, 2002
2/13/16 Valentine Invite 3,000m 8:43.63 8:49.37, 2004
2/28/16 Last Chance 1500m 4:07.01* 4:09.98, 2006
3/25/16 Lopez Classic 5,000m 14:52.92 14:53.2, 2003
4/1/16 Distance Classic 10,000m 30:48.87 30:55.16, 2010

*1500-meter split in 4:26.53 mile race
The first three records are for indoor track. The 5,000- and 10,000-meters are outdoors.


Three to four days, fifteen to twenty miles a week.  Every step a gift.

Gradually introducing additional stress, tiny doses does it for now.  I closed out the last quarter of this mornings 10K in 1:42.  Felt like I was cruising again.

While everyone else is enjoying the fruits of their Boston/Lincoln training cycles I’m just getting started.  The joy of running never greater.  Still going to have the knee looked at but I’ll be in shape for whatever is beyond that bend.

Tension hangs over the marathoning community like so much haze from the fires in Kansas. Keeping the hosses lathered without bolting, that’s the trick.

I’ll do a special on the Boston Marathon tomorrow, hope you’ll check in.


Everyone and their brother has told me they remember grandma wielding the axe, the classic and comical chicken running around without its head.  After dispatching our 21 Cornish Rock on Saturday I’ve got memories for a lifetime.  Not of a cartoon but the real thing.  Six hours worth of doing what was necessary, final calming walks ending in the freezer.  Darned proud of my Linda and big thanks to Dr. Weeks.  He channeling his inner shaman by casting entrails with delight, reading the future of the entire coop.

Everyone should have to do this once in life.  Changes the way you appreciate food.

Like  your grammy I have a copy of the Farmers Almanac.  Follow the advice to get the potatoes in with the new moon.  I planted 350 feet of fingerlings yesterday.  Linda transplanted over 200 sets of kale and collards and fennel.  One thousand leeks going in today.  All started from seed and nurtured under the hoop house.   The second year to utilize the greenhouse film and pvc structure will be the last.  Spring’s fifty plus mph winds has taken its toll.  Plans under way for a proper potting shed.

Duluth Trading Company Long Tail shirts.  Eliminates the tell tale whale tail of hours spent bent.

Linda and I and the Good Mother.  And your Grandma.







BREAKING NEWS!  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. is proud to announce our renewed sponsorship with the Lincoln Marathon.  Thanks to Nancy and the board for the support, we will do our best to make you proud!

Yesterday spent doing taxes and more.  Only two things certain in life  and had to deal with both.

Race recaps from the weekend:  Jay Welp turned in a windy 15:53 track 5K.  Kaci Lickteig blazed a 50 Mile in 7:22:13.  Neil Wolford continued his torrid spring taking the GSK 10K in 32:59, Amy Barry took the women’s title in 41:03.

Jay and Kevin and Drew will be toeing the 5K line at this coming weekend’s Sioux City Relays.  Final prep for Jay and Kevin’s Lincoln Half.

Hard sad day.  Savannah Jane, little sister to our Jedediah, one of my two favorite dogs in the world, was hit and laid to rest yesterday.  I know she has a special place reserved.


We got our hounds 3 years ago, the joy of companionship and now the heartbreak of loss.  Linda and I got to visit with her Sunday while planting an orchard at the 2Lazy2 Ranch, she’ll rest beneath it now and always bring a smile when we visit.





That’s the number tossing about.  A little seed I planted.  Four years ago.  A year of final  tendings  to the  Red & White sprouts.

The last time the boys ran for me.  2012 Shamrock Shuffle 8K.  David Adams 23:21.  Matt Pohren 24:38.  Luka Thor 24:39.  Matt Schneider 24:44.  There average time the standard for all Nebraska clubs to chase.

A year out and this is what we are talking about.


I’ll fix your flat tire Merle, don’t you get you sweet country pickin fingers all covered with earl, oh you’re a honky I know but Merle you got soul, so I’ll fix your flat tire Merle.   I got to meet the legend backstage at Willie Nelson’s 4th of  July Picnic at Pedernales Falls back  in the 80s.  Rest in Peace Merle Haggard.

Twenty years ago was the 100th Boston Marathon.  I raced it.  The only time to challenge myself on that course.

Stacy Mangers Shaw is heading that way on a mission.  As a “Fresh 50” loaded with talent and a seriously good block of training I have some Great Expectations for her age group.   A lot of other Nebraskans no doubt, wishing a tailwind to all.


Proud to be an Okie from Muskogee




Catching up on the kudos.  NRGE mate Jeff Gregg won the Rockin K 50K Trail Run down in Kansas this past weekend.  Jeff and Kyle and Pete and Alli and Jeremy and Ashley.   Our Mountain Ultra Trail cats.   Most had been actively recruited by Nebraska Trails.  They well represented  by Justin Mollak and Tim Langdon and Tim McGargill and Jason Zakaras.  The NRGE  mind set however just a little bit different than most.    Competition is good.  Loyalty is priceless.   Our mates join me in welcoming one and all, Bar None.

I  finally figured out that I was trying to manipulate shortcuts instead of files.  Ni-Bthaska-Ke photos now showing on our facebook page.


Brandon Wilson is a mountain of a man.  Former football player and current fireman.  Hero.


His robust high five tossing me like  a rag doll, tickling Kaci.

And  what’s all the fuss about Dibbling Walla Walla?  We’ve planted close to 500 onion sets.  Linda has learned the art of the dibble.  The process of putting a deep and narrow dimple in the ground to accept the sets.  She giggles while she dibbles.

Grant Wintheiser out to the Bar None for a 13 mile run on Monday.  Nice recap of Shamrock Shuffle.  Jay Welp out to the Bar None last night for a 13 miler.  Nice recap of  Shamrock Shuffle.  Takeaway?  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, one of the very youngest, and most talented clubs anywhere.  I’m calling the Wonka Mint for a short run of Golden Tickets.  We’re just one or two studs shy of a Championship Stable.


Competition bringing people  together.  Rizzo, Linda, Kyle, Tim, Brian,  Kaci and Justin.  NRGE, LRC Racing, Nebraska Trails.



Data, data, data.  Some very interesting, and a few amazing, statistics shine from Saturday.

115 finishers in the 12K.  77 men.  38 women.  A phenomenon worth pondering.  Why the disparity, over twice the men as women.

But those 38 women!  Kaci and Amanda Lee (Boulder) and Elena Bragg (Ft. Collins) and Ashly Farmer (Humeston, IA), Emily Steenson (Lincoln), Katy Billings (Auburn), Emily Langdon (Omaha), Connie Nemec (Walton), Pam Bjerrum (Lincoln), Janet Gross (Omaha) and Laura Bostwick, Deanna Jares, and Dianne Wallace (all of Omaha). The top Age Group finishers from 20-29 through 50-59.

But wait!  Some of the best performances of the day came from the 60+ set.  Worthy of Big Tips of the Sombrero.  Starting with 72 year old Gloria Rinkenberger from Illinois.  She had  run the 4 mile 6 years ago and had set the 12K as a bucket list item.  She came back and did just that, conquering the 12K in 1:55:33.  For the women’s *60+, Bev Janak (61,1:35:49), Joy Mann (66, 1:44:39) and The Venerable One, our Ten Year Legacy Runner, Bea Sides (64,  1:44:59).  *Moving forward we have added 70-79 and 80+ age group categories.

Michael Fletcher (67, 1:41:18) led the men,   John  Ritland (64, 1:24:09) had a Rizzo-esque age graded performance finishing 52nd overall and Rick Shever (62, 1:44:12) all turning in fine races.

Wherever you finished, whatever your age, regardless of gender,  you that dared to challenge yourselves are a rare and special breed.  I’ve been in race management for over 30 years and this event, far more than anything, stands out as a testament to what can be, through sheer will,  a powerful  display of  human potential achieved.


My daughter is coming over today to  teach her dinosaur of  a dad how to download and manage the pics.  Thanks for your patience, we’ve got some good finishing shots of most all of you.


Bea Sides, Deanna Jares, and Joy Mann.  Three of the Toughest Trail Runners in the Midwest!



So many stories!  Let me roll it like this:

Grant Wintheiser led Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., every other Nebraska able bodied athlete, and 99.99% of the field at yesterday’s Shamrock Shuffle  8K.  Fourth  Overall (by scant :04) in 23:55, the fastest 8K by a Nebraska runner since David Adams’ 23:21 at the same race in 2012.  Knock Knock.  Who’s there?  1:05:30 at Lincoln Half.


#206, Grant Wintheiser, Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc., shining against the very best runners in the United States.  I do believe the lad was In It To Win It.  Mates Jay Welp and Kevin Joerger also showing well.

Good Life representation by  LRC Racing (10th women’s team, 11th men’s team), Team Nebraska (women’s team 15th, men’s team 17th).

Saturday’s Ni-Bthaska-Ke, the best ever.  Rizzo didn’t disappoint and Kaci showed formidable.  Both crushing existing event records.  Ever single runner glowing with accomplishment.  Complete results at

Special kudos to Tom Cody, John Tully, Cheri Noar for their great work at registration and packet pick up.

To Kyle Clouston and Linda Kunasek for doing what was called for- Make sure no one gets lost, for the first time in event history.   A well marked course, no, a perfectly marked course.  Multiple  hundreds of flags, every questionable fork and turn brilliantly taped off, everyone running exactly the same 7.5 miles, this is how we do it.

To Jeremy Morris for being superman, he ran the course before the race, ran the race, ran it twice more, one loop picking up hundreds of flags.

To the competition for bringing out the best.  Ten year legacy runner Brian Wandzilak had his fastest time ever, crediting the depth of talent.

To every runner that dared challenge themselves.  Congratulations on bragging rights for the year!

Patrick, Kaci, and my dear sweet Linda join me in post race basking.  I’m working through the photos and will post bunches here and on our Ni-Bthaska-Ke facebook page.





One hundred fifteen finishers in the 12K.  52 finishers in the 4 Mile.  19 Tough Little Mudders.  Perfect morning.  Course Records.  Bragging Rights.  Lifetime memories.  Our photographer took over 1600 pictures, I’ll be featuring some here in the blog over the next week and will be  uploading even more to our facebook page.

This year more than ever I come away awe inspired by the performances of each and every one of you.   Full results at