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Or, Earache my eye!  Awoke in the Real World this morning, having spent the last couple of days in a Separate Reality.  Thanks to Dr. DiParma at THINK for the painless extraction yesterday, Linda sings your praises.  I, on the other hand remember nothing from roughly 7 until 7.  Missed the harrowing morning rush hour trip through flood waters and piles of hail and crazy city drivers.  My dear sweet Linda, thanks for taking good care of your man.

Ran a good 6.5 miles this morning to purge the last of the groggy. At the long end of my spectrum right now.  But  I’ve been introducing some semblance of speed work into my limited training.  Enjoying it too.  Six months ago I thought I’d never run again.  Life is good.

I’ll be headed to the All City Meet today.  Sending Giddyup vibes to Sam Runde from the stands.

I find this a very interesting circle.  I wear you out with Jim McLatchie stories (Sean Wade, etc, etc.)  This one long in the making.  Sylvia Mosqueda was a top studette back in the 90s and early oughts, coached by the man.  She has returned to running after a many year hiatus.  And just minted a new 1500 meter 50+ American Record in 4:50.12.





Stockpiling the Big Guns.  Shows of force.

A couple of Nebraska teams went over and cleaned up on the Iowa version of Market to Market Relay.  Team Nebraska,  and Women Run Nebraska top overall male and female teams.  No sign of Iowa Ablaze’s formidable squads.  I’m pretty sure they will show up at Dam to Dam Half Marathon on June 4th, it being Iowa’s Distance Classic, prize $$$, deep competitive fields, etc.

Papillion Half Marathon coming up this weekend but a dearth of local Real Racing until Boystown 5 Mile on Memorial Day.  It will serve as our USATF Nebraska 5 Mile Champs so hopeful for some action from both sides of the river.

Rainy days and Mondays, always get me brown.  My dear sweet Allison and Katie came out for brunch yesterday.  Now young ladies, about the age of a lot of you in fact.  Alli pointing out that my sunscreen isn’t matching my time in the garden.  My arms the color of good honest labor.

And how about those arms!  Linda and I both now fully farm strong.  Five gallon buckets of water, 40 pounds in each hand for much of every morning.  Exactly 100 steps from the furthest stock tank to the garden.  Fill, tote, repeat.  Why do we do this?  Why not use the well from the barn?  Sets of pull ups on the Maple Tree, more from the beams in the barn.  Always turning work into exercise.

Beats Life Time Fitness.



Hope you all missed me yesterday!  I was having one hell of a day.  Inside my head.  I’ve had a bad #19 tooth for over 5 years.  Spent most of those chewing exclusively on the  right side of my mouth.  Unable to eat now for almost 2 days, I’m finally headed in for a root canal.

I’ve been suffering, waiting until I got insurance.  Three years of living on the edge, an accident away from ruin.  I could do an entire column on the difficulties of obtaining and maintaining obamacare. #peasantsneedcareto  Found  out yesterday that for the dental component you are not allowed to have a root canal until you’ve been in the program a year.  How fun!

My momma told me, you better shop around.

Called several reputable oral specialists looking for the best deal.  Ended up with a quote that was 50% less than the first.   Going in this morning, looking forward to re-introducing food to those left taste buds later this weekend.

Here’s the profound part of today’s column.  Suffering for close to 48 hours.  All consuming.  Number 19 the only thing in the world for me.  Constant pain at a number eight, spiking to 10+.  Those waves requiring a meditative state to absorb.  And that is  when  it occurred to me, this is no different, personally, than Real  Racing.  Allowing the pain instead of masking it.  Coming to terms with and then mastering that which would stop you.

We’ve got a 70 foot male mulberry tree hanging over our studio.  I’ve trimmed the most egregious but many solid leaders still hanging precariously close.  We’ve had 3 vendors come by to give estimates.  All bonded and insured, their quotes ranging from $600 to  $1425.  Same exact service.

Trees and roots.  All negotiable.


A good week judging by the amount of emails I’ve received. A dozen personal stories of making a wrong turn, missing a sign, and other unfortunate wanderlusts. And a couple of fiery ones of course.

I’ve released my athletes back to training today if they feel like getting some easy miles in. Recovery so important unless you are a rare breed.

Entering the late spring and early summer, always some good racing opportunities.

My client Jennifer is remarkable. This month alone she will speak in Oakland, LA, San Francisco, Modesto, Toronto, and NYC. A typical May schedule, she really gets busy in June/July. I’ve referred to Jen as my favorite client and her determination and commitment make it easy to see why. Also my most tricky as I bring her fitness in racing from the mile to the marathon.

Linda too released for a couple easy with Jedediah this morning. We’ve been working like peasants.

Strong As An Ox. Fit As A Fiddle. Lucky As A Charm.


One of the real highlights from the Lincoln Marathon was running.  Into so many old friends.  And into new ones.  Some rightfully hold legendary status in Nebraska.  Others are the future.

Of the legends Ron Olsen is right up top.    No other human being has completed 39 Lincoln Marathons.  He and Roxi Erickson were two of the first Nebraska icons I hoped would join that USATF Elite Development Club I founded back in ’02.  The competitive excellence in Nebraska from the 70s and 80s, their era, by ’02 long dormant.   And with that began a relationship now 15 years in the making.   Theme to this morning’s column.

Linda Kunasek.  Kyle Clouston.  Stacy Shaw.  Cameron Cummings.  Mike Reilly.  Jimmy Doherty.  Walter Key.  Agustin Delgado.  Bill Weeks.  David Frost.  James McGown.  John Tully.

Relationships.  Everyone (casting my broadest net here) gets to celebrate the friends they have made through running.  I’m no different if a tad polarizing.  The list above are my dearest.  All by my side in an instant through transition.  The original Nebraska  Run Guru Elite.  There for me then, I’m here for them until the end.

Once A Mate, Always A Mate.

2002, I’d like  to introduce you to 2016.  The running community enjoying it’s most competitive culture.   More USATF members and USATF clubs.  More serious racing, pride and stakes and bragging rights and personal bests.

2016, I’d like to introduce you to 2003.


If you’ll indulge my 15 years of work building competitive distance running in Nebraska, perhaps give just the slightest nod to the patriarchal role, these then are My Two Sons.  Mike Morgan and James McGown.  Pioneers for the renaissance of elite level distance running in Nebraska.  Torchbearers for your generation, as Ron and Roxi were for theirs.



Well if that wasn’t nearly a perfect morning!  Almost.  This close.  A hair.  Less than forty seconds.

But first, The Joy!   You know I’m proud of my mates.  That pride yesterday expanding and draping every single competitive athlete in Lincoln.  How proud Nebraska should be.  Every distance athlete at any rate.  Some really fine racing and performances.

Starting with the biggest tips to Eric Noel (2:25:00) and Kaci Lickteig (2:48:43).  From my old buddy Neil Young, “Home grown’s all right with me, home grown is the way it should be.”  Not sure about Eric but a personal best for Kaci, crashing the 2:50 barrier.  Our mate Jeremy Morris also ran a pr, winning the 35-39 age group in 2:47:25.  Jeff Gregg (3:10:01) followed up his Boston adventure with a solid effort, Kray Zeller (3:27:32) and Agustin Delgado (3:37:23), rounded out the mates in the full.

Oh, The Pain.  Heartbreaking for me, we’ll all grow because of it.  The Half.

I was sitting in the stands with Katie White’s (2nd o/a female 1:21:08) mom.  Tracking Katie and Grant Wintheiser.   Her mom giddy as Katie continued to work her way up from 5th with just a few miles to go.  Me even more so as we tracked Grant, some :40-:45 behind eventual winner Evans Chelanga.  Less than 3 miles to go, less than 2, less than 1 to go.  Approaching the stadium.  Just enough gap between Chelanga and Grant that the chaser didn’t see the right hand turn leading into the tunnel.   That beacon of accomplishment, the fella on the megaphone, calling “Marathoners go straight, Half Marathoners turn right”, not yet at his post.  With that Grant missed the turn.

Young man of 22, making his half marathon debut, I’m taking full responsibility for not preparing him better, for not taking him out on the final mile of the course.  For not making sure he knew the turn.  I should not have expected him to see that sign on the pole to turn in.  In an event where preparation is everything, I dropped the ball.  Grant continued on and crossed the half marathon timing mat in the full in 1:06:55.  Saw nothing but road ahead and realized something was terribly wrong.  So did those of us in the stadium.  Grant turned and jogged back to the stadium, entered with his hands up in question, walked across the finish line in 1:11:14.  His official time.  And 7th, his unequivocal placing.  And me, just heartbroken.  If 2nd would have gone to anyone other than once my mate, always my mate, Mike Morgan (1:07:22), I’d still be drowning my sorrows.  Mike showing the classiest move of the morning by offering Grant the 2nd o/a award, Grant just as classy insisting he keep it.

More Joy though, and thank the stars.  The greatest of which came from Kyle Clouston.   Running with his mate James McGown (1:16:57, 3rd 40-44),  perfect pacing, going for sub 1:17:00.  Kyle not only stuck with James but pulled away from the 2 time Oly Trials qualifier in the  final mile to crush my pr in 1:16:39.  And Michel Solan Davy.  Has worked as hard as anyone and was rewarded with a new personal best of 1:28:22.

And more Joy.  Jay Welp (5th, 1:10:36) and Kevin Joerger (11th, 1:12:22) joined Grant in making their debuts at 13.1 miles.  Three virgins, three debs.  In the official results 5th, 7th, and 11th.  So very hungry now.

And the Greatest Joy, my dear sweet Linda.  Trained her butt off at 53 years old.   Ran a smart race, unscathed this morning.

Tomorrow:  More on Lincoln.


Kyle, Jay, Grant, James, and Kevin join me celebrating the success of the morning.