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Very true.  Put my heart and soul into everything.  Go for a run, take a look around, that’s a good start.  My team gets it.  My friends get it.  Even those not all soft and squishy with me recognize that I’m all in.

Soul and Old School R&B, that’s good for me too.

Graham Kerr.  Julia Child.  Justin Wilson.  Paul Prudhomme.  Geoff Smith.  And later, Great Chefs of the Southwest.  I spent every available (most) afternoon watching PBS, Long before food network.  And now, on free tv I have the Create channel and my favorite is Vivian Howard.  Food.  Good for the soul.  Good for the family.  The strongest connection I have with my daughters, one of the hopes I have for my son.

Last year I planted collard greens.  Could not give them away at the Fremont Farmers Market (“don’t know this green, where’s your kohlrabi like everybody else?”).  Found a friend and a home at Dixie Quicks, Southern fare with Cajun & Tex-Mex flair & a lively Sunday brunch.  Chef Rene now receiving 10-15 pounds a week of the south of the Mason Dixon Line delicacy.  He knows what I know.

This year I’ve added seven tops, a turnip grown exclusively for the  greens.  And a huge bed of regular turnips, 5 varieites.  And those greens, ah, sublime.  In the right hands.  Each leaf individually picked, takes time and effort and love.  Our friends at Pitch Coal Fired Pizza, Chefs Manny and Alberto, they’ve got soul too.

Chef Vivian has a local grower, Warren.  If not a hero a role model.  He sometimes shows up with something exquisite and immediate.  A talented kitchen can do wonders with seasonal products.

This week if you ate at Pitch you were undoubtedly impressed by the baby beet greens on your salads.  Voted one of the top 100 restaurants in America.  I called Manny, texted him a picture, Sold!

So this is where Linda and I are.  Following our hearts and souls.  Doing what we think best and reaping our rewards.  An intuitive sense of food our best advantage.  Something bred over the last 30+ years of loving food.  Loving the kitchens, the chefs, the staff.  Loving the love that comes from all of it.

If you would like to become a Boutique Customer, we have plenty to share.

I’m A Soul Man.


The late 1970s.  Laying out on the fantail of the USS Concord, slathered up in the local French concoction guaranteed to make your tan look fabulous.

The 80s.  Laying out at the apartment complex pools.  Bronzed.

The 90s.  Miles and miles and miles unconcerned about SPF.

Last week a chunk the size of a quarter excised from my back.  Another on my shoulder the size of a nickel.  Both came back positive as basel cell carcinoma.  The doc feels he dug deep enough to root it out.

Ah, tanning, aint it lovely.

So today’s brief message is, put on the SPF, not the tanning aids.  If you are working or exercising you should re-apply every two hours.

You, like me, are not invinicible.  Take care of yourself while you are young.

You’ll be glad you did.  And if not, you’ll end up wishing you had.


Dam to Dam.  Nick Holmes (25) by one second (1:05:33) over perennial thorn Sammy Rotich (1:05:34).  The ladies led by Obsie Birru (1:18:32), of note to me is Rachel Brewer in 2nd (1:19:40).  She’s from Tuscola, IL, only 9 miles from my hometown.  Dana Schmidt next in 1:19:50.

Kevin Joerger led our NRGE mates in 1:12:58, 18th overall.  Jay Welp (1:15:15, 26th) was next and Drew Prescott make his half debut finishing 33rd in 1:17:19.  Between these 3 athletes they have a total of 5 halves, all in our 2016 spring campaign.  Michel Davy took 5th in her age group in 1:30:25 to lead our ladies.  Stacy Shaw had a less than ideal race and still finished 4th in the 50-54 in 1:44:45.

Michael Rathje (32:25) and Johnny Rutford (32:28) led the way at the Havelock 10K.  No women under 41:00.  In the 3K Ivan Ivanov (9:07), Andrew Jacob (9:11) and Josiah Belzer (9:13) took top spots.  Twenty six year old Erica Doering of California ran a fast and fin 10:17 to lead the ladies.

The Road Runners Club of America South Dakota Marathon Champs were crowned at the Deadwood Mickleson Trail Marathon.  Theron Singleton of Pierre in 3:06:37 and Tara Hall of Buffalo, WY in 3:42:01.

Michelle Paxton got the W at the Grand Teton Half Marathon, the always fast Michelle ran 1:27:35.

At the Half Hastings, in Hastings, NE there were no men under 1:20 and no women under 1:35.

That is all.


The 4th annual TeamMates 5K will be held on August 6th.  Put on by our mate and buddy Kray Zeller.  8:30 am start.  Out and back course on the Lake Zorinsky west loop.  Starts and finishes at North Star Financial.  Registration available at

OK, another summertime 5K, why you promoting this Willie?

Because there is $100 for the overall male and female.  Yes, a prize money race, in Omaha!

Few and very, very far between in this fair burg.  Prize money.

We don’t coast and we don’t support elite level racing either.  If you know of anyone more qualified to make this statement, let me know.

Prize purse at last Monday’s Boystown 5 Mile courtesy of USATF Nebraska Association.

Largely describes the elite hind teet we have relative to the rest of the Midwest.  How about this?  At this weekend’s Dam to Dam Half Marathon there are 65 invited athletes.  $20,000 in prize money.

Real Racing business.  How seriously do they take their elite program?  If the winner fails to show at the awards ceremony they are docked $500 from their purse.

Professional  Racing.  Plays in Peoria.  Plays in KC.  Plays in Des Moines.  Plays in Denver.  Plays, plays, and pays and pays.  Do you wonder why?  Do you wonder how?  Do you ever wonder what if?

Its a culture folks.  Starts at the top.  I’ve tried for 15 years to sell it (plead for it, beg for it, try to educate and justify it) in Omaha, with very limited support and success.  Usually in the form of these smaller events put on by Real Runners.

So thanks Kray for caring about the top runners when few people would.





Iconic protectorate of the Bar None.  And a whiz at the quiz.

I was pretty jacked when “500 Questions” made its debut last week.  I was rapt for the 5 day run.  Contestant introductions ending with why the are considered a genius.  Can you say wheelhouse?

A parade of MIT and Harvard and 165 IQ and professors and eggheads of every bent.

Not your local pub’s trivia night.

I was once accused of having a wealth of completely useless information.  After “500” I’m not sure how worthless it is now.  Cat left with over $160K in winnings.  He was 2nd on the home scorecard, these tattered pockets however remaining void.  Linda looking at me like never before, wondering what/how in the world.

I’d like religious iconography for the win.  Genius Loci.


There’s yellow, brown, and white mustards growing in our herb garden.  Snipping the leaves, mustard greens a culinary delicacy all their own.  But it is the full heads of yellow flowers that I’m cultivating and coveting.  In their time, drying and producing seeds that will elevate my kitchen.

I’ve been pretty good  this season about not mixing my metaphors.  Keeping this running life mostly separated from the goings on at Bar None Produce.  But how could I resist such a charming title for today?

We’ve been working our butts off.  To wit, one hundred twelve pepper plants (13 varieties), one hundred nine tomatoes (12 varieties), 64 eggplant (5 varieties), 156 basil plants (2 varieties), 300′ of potatoes (Norland Red and half a dozen varieties of fingerlings).  Collards, spinach, kale, lettuces, and Japanese boutique greens.  Carrots, beets, radishes, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips representing the root vegetables. Melons and squash sequestered apart, ornery vines they are.  Total  garden area now exceeding 11,000 square feet.

We had the man, the legend out for a run yesterday, his first foray to Our Little Slice.  Tim Dooling couldn’t believe the scope of what we do.  All that, and all this too.  Insisting on taking the point for athlete development and advocacy  in Nebraska.  For almost 15 years now.

We’ll be debuting at the Olde Towne Farmer’s Market in Elkhorn tomorrow (3-7:00 pm).  Come see one of the things that we do  so  very well.

Or, Poupon U.