Monthly Archives: August 2016


Highs and Lows.  What life is all about  really.  Long periods of relative bliss, spiked with emotional peaks and valleys sprinkled in to keep life interesting.

What matters most is that you have a deep well.  A lifetime of resources you can tap.  Experience.  That is what keeps you closer to the middle of the road when those highs and lows make their cameos.  And for all my preaching, I’m probably the  most susceptible to the singe of hope and promise, careening wildly from curb to curb.

Our mate Sam Runde runs the AAU National  Championships 800 meters later this  morning.  He and Jackson will be racing all week down in Humble, Texas.


Linda and I enjoyed Pete’s Badwater celebration Saturday evening at Blue Blood Brewerey in Lincoln.  Linda and I slipped off for an impromptu wandering around the brewery and found a door that said simply  “Cave”.  Unable to  resist the  temptation (curb to  curb) we slipped through and  got a first hand through the most amazing cave.  Down,  down, down, deeper and deeper, fascinating.


ROAST, our favorite coffee/wine shop in Aksarben.  We appear their on most Saturday and  some Sunday mornings from 9 through noon.  You dig?