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Thanks to Gary Dougherty for sending this  along yesterday.  Nine years ago this weekend, the first annual Omaha Mile.  As proud as I was of Ryan breaking 4 minutes for the mile, as proud as I was of  Shannon and Paul and Dustin, my heart really swells looking back at this picture of my dear sweet Allison and Miles coming through the line.   Alli now model beautiful and Miles as buff as a rock.  Our kids grow up so fast, be sure and take a moment to  give them a hug  today.


Ryan Kleminhagen, the first person in the history of Nebraska road racing to break 4:00 on a USATF Certified course.  In ’07 LifeTime Fitness sponsored the race.

In ’08 I was able to squeeze $10,000 out of  ConAgra and Alegent Health, brought in a field  of horses.  All dispatched by Peter vd. Westhuizen.


My old  buddy and multiple world record holder Henry Rono came in for the  race but missed the start and ran the community mile.  Boy, Linda and I have been at this awhile huh?  While I  support everyone and everything running related, I always draw a clear and unquestionable distinction on what Team Nebraska was under my leadership.  That same passion holds Nebraska  Run Guru  Elite, Inc. these days.



Take that DC Comics.

Mild mannered desk type, unassuming and quiet, with something to hide.  Not a cape, but a pair of Hokas.  That’s today’s Superman, Pete Kostelnick.  Covered a little  over 80 miles yesterday and was in fine spirits heading out the door this morning.  Day two of 46.

I like to think I’ve seen it all in my 40 years running, but not quite yet as it turns out.    And whatever fates cast me in the far periphery be thanked.  It is with awe and something deeper that I’m watching and pulling for our mate.

Because of what it takes to dream.  To challenge one’s limits.  On one’s own terms.  To explore and learn and grow.  Thumbing nose to convention.  I like his cut.  Underneath the calm bean counting façade.


Busy weekend on the roads and trails.  Peak to Peak 10 Mile with 168 finishers.  Wabash Trace Marathon and Half Marathon (total 203 finishers).  Zoo Run 173 finishers (104 women, 69 men).

The Freedom Run with 209 finishers in the combined 5K, 10K and Half.  Shannon Mauser Suing’s 1:21:26 good enough for the overall win.

The Buffalo  Run in Lincoln with 547 finishers.  Every year I like to see who runs faster than my 27:12 personal best, no one in 2016.

I’m ballparking here but after study of all the race results, 65-70% of all racers this weekend were women.  Where the hell are all the fellas?  Especially the fast ones?

Our 2016 USATF Nebraska Assoc. annual meeting was yesterday  afternoon.  About as well attended as an association championships in Omaha.  Of  our 274 USATF members in our state, 3 dedicated, Colin Morrissey, Linda and me, found the time to attend.  And a couple other LDR/Official/Youth members.

The fella that occasionally sends me irritating emails  was there.  Had no balls to look me in the eyes, no surprise.

As always the division between Youth and  LDR  was front and center.   Me taking up our position for the umpteenth time, LDR is necessary for accreditation of the Nebraska association.   Youth countering, rightly so, that the vast majority of income derives from their programs.  True.

Our budget set at $6500, thanks to first past president Logan Watley for his stewardship over the last year.  Colin was the lone nominee to replace Logan and approved by acclimation.  He  has demonstrated caring about our constituency, honesty, clarity, no shenanigans.  He will lead us for the next 4 years, let’s all rally  round!

The board elections very telling.  Close results, fueled by heavy attendance from Goethenburg, York, Kearney and points west.  If you want a voice you put your butts in the seats and your ballots in the boxes.

Ruben Carter winning the presidency by one vote (22-21).

John  Wissler, for the first time in my memory is not an officer of the association.  Early onset of Parkinson’s disease, we wish him all the best.

Odd comment from him about how post collegiate track and field will for the first time have a presence in Nebraska.  I was shocked that he (no one?) remembers the Team Nebraska track and field performances that had garnered respect nation wide prior to 2012.  With the Olympic Trials qualifiers, the Club T&F record setters and champions.  High  jumpers.  Long jumpers.  Hurdlers.  Field  events.  Track and Field.  Remember?

Election year and no fights, no cursing, no finger pointing.  No sneers or jeers.  How so?  The USATF appointed overseer from Illinois holding tight reign over the proceedings.   Children of the Corn behaving for their appointed Mary Poppins.


The Twin Rivers YMCA Freedom Runs are this Sunday morning.  Twenty one gun salute at the start.  Huge American flag hanging over the finish.  Reputation as the fastest half marathon in Nebraska.  By my course record criteria, not depth of  performance.  I can’t give entries away to you folks.

Over a ton of fun in the sun.  I picked and boxed another 100 pounds of tomatoes yesterday.  Sailed past the 2000 pound mark.  Been selling 4-500 pounds/week for the last month.  Still a quarter ton yet on the vine.

We cut down our 65′ male mulberry on Tuesday.  Upgraded my old  Poulan (now Linda’s) to a Real Man’s saw, Stihl Farm Boss with the 20″ bar.  Firewood for a whole year but not ready until next.  But first the splitting and stacking.

And in the midst of it all a stranger.  He’s been by three times.  Bought produce the first time.  Bought my convertible the second time.  He called from my driveway at daybreak this morning.  I stepped outside and we discussed his potential offer for the Bar None.  All enough to make my head spin.


Zach Hine and Whitney Bevins Lazarra.  Zach’s 1:04:48 at the Freedom Run qualified him for  the  2016 Olympic Trials Marathon.  The fastest half marathon on Nebraska soil in over 30 years, Dylan.



Just getting the last chuckles out of yesterday’s column.  I didn’t even get around to Lincoln being named 33rd, that has to be a burr under a few saddles.

But wait!  Today I’m giving you something positive to consider.  Both cities made the list of top 50 cities for running.  Less than an hour apart.  A World apart.  Omaha demonstrating an unwavering commitment to runners of the  fitness and social ilk.  Lincoln, supporting competitive running via Lincoln Marathon sponsorships to our USATF Clubs.

I’ve worked with the leadership in both communities.  Have asked both for the  same  exact support.  Always for the competitive  athletes, those  that dared dream of potential achieved.

Apples to Oranges relative to financial commitment to top competitive runners makes comparing the two cities impossible.  I understand both and embrace one more than the  other.

So how  did both Omaha and Lincoln end up on the  top 50 list?  My opinion is it is the Immeasurable contribution of  each cities’ volunteers.  The countless hours they put in to offer  a product, whether fun running or Real Racing.  Satisfying the needs of most everyone in the state, regardless of where  or when or even if you finish the race.



With apologies to John Lennon.  But surely Runners World writer Ali Nolan must be tripping balls.

Omaha ranked as the number nine city in the United States for running.  Bwaaaahahahahahah!  What a crock!!

Windy.  Hot. Cold.  Windy.  Humid.  Windy.

Friggin concrete everywhere.  Call them trails til you fall over.

No Real Omaha Marathon.

My former dojo, Lake Zorinsky.  Crazy bikers on the only asphalt trail  in town.  And  dogs.  And the general public  3-4 abreast.  And the flashers, don’t  forget them!   Add in the constant break  ins and you wonder whom miss Nolan spoke with.

Here’s how it happened.  The heaviest weighted criteria (40%) for consideration was the presence of USATF and RRCA sanctioned clubs.  We all know the reputation of the Omaha Running Club, supporting local running and walking.  Warms me just a little to know that NRGE, Inc. and even Team Nebraska contributed to that score.  Everyone else  that doesn’t fit the joyful, social, aspect.  The Competition, that’s all me.  Aw shucks.

Congratulations to NRGE’s youngest mates.  Sam Runde took the win at yesterday’s Labor Day Classic.  Brother Jackson in the  top 15 too!


Tom Whitaker has ridden  herd over the Omaha Running  Club for  the 15 plus  years I’ve lived in Omaha.  Starts at the  top!




With the recent passing of Gene Wilder it is only appropriate that I pull a Willie’s Golden Ticket out of the vault.
But first sad to report that we will be losing our mate Kevin Joerger to the sunnier climes of his home state, Cali boy through and through.  A Good Mate that will undoubtedly never forget the snowy LHF 2015.

I’ve been spending some time tugging at my beard, wondering over the state of Real Competition between our USATF member clubs.   Fires on this side of the river dampened, a single spark refusing to give up.   Out in Waterloo.  At the Bar None.

Who wants to be the best of the best?  Who wants to run roughshod over the competition and then shake their hands in gracious victory?  Who aims to notch LRC Racing in their belt?  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  That’s who.

With that I take privilege in introducing our newest NRGE Good Mate.  Grant MacKinnon is young and talented and has the right stuff for our merry little band.  We are honored that Grant has chosen to represent our mission and our kit.




Yep it is.  Sitting here with the old stopwatch, lifelong accoutrement..  First off the line, first at the tape, doesn’t matter the distance.  Wire to wire my favorite way of winning.

Ah but those times.  Those are the bedrock of your resume.

I’m so glad I gave everything.  Every time.  I set back from running now knowing I gave it my all.  My times speak for themselves.  I can do nothing more.  Like you, I wish mine were faster.  I dedicated more of myself than the vast majority have the luxury to.  The way things worked out for me, three decades worth of seeking potential and honesty.

I wouldn’t change a thing.  Except some times.