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Epiphanous run yesterday.  It was only two miles.  Just in the nick of time,  best run of the year.  Not the furthest, and no galloping.   Two miles, non stop, pain free.  Not more.

Every muscle involved.  Especially the one between my ears.  First steps all over again.  Learning foot plant and carriage and stride length and turnover and heart rate and and respiration and center of balance.   Completely absorbed with monitoring the systems, Time and Distance.

Apropos of nothing.  What happened next is why I’m writing about it today.  All the system checks, the corrections and adjustments, all the monitors, the ticks, the tocks, replaced by sky and land.  Rushing wind.  Astringent cold.  Great cloud of incoming waterfowl.  Single leaf hanging on the flowering pear.  Billy’s dog in the yard.  The Stella’s headed to an  early lunch.

Transcended to the sublime.  I was running like  a child.  Special Gift.  Unfettered.  Alive.  A Babe.





Homage to George Michael’s iconic t-shirt.  His rhythm and movement.  Dance, primitive, sultry and seductive, that’s what his music brought out of me.  And more.

Choose life.

New Years right around the corner, done with ’16 reflections, looking ahead now.  The way of the world, a recurring theme between these margins.

Here’s something both scary and immensely rewarding.  I’ll turn 60 in 2017.

Sixty years.  A lot of trips around el sol and nowhere near done.  Just beginning in fact.

The first few an infant, the next many a child.  The older you get the larger the number you ascribe to “adulthood.”  When you’re 20 you insist on it.  When you’re 30 you embrace it.   When you’re 40 you get it.  When you’re 50 you enjoy it.  When you’re 60, that chapter awaits….

Neighbor Carl will be 88 soon.  They’ve taken away his driver’s license and his car.  Taken away his rifles.   Still tends 5 acres and 25 chickens by himself.   I don’t believe he is  feeble at all.  He takes every turn, in turn.  They might keep him on the property but they’ll never keep him down.  He’s now my right hand man, fetching this, holding that.  I remind him daily how much he means to me.

My own dad in southwest Oklahoma 85 next week.  Had an angiogram yesterday and everything is fine.  I remind him often too how much he means to me.

Be grateful in 2017.  For those still around you first and foremost.

Those are things that matter most.

Choose Life.



Speaking of Race Directors.  He’s a good fella with all the best intentions.  Renowned however for getting things 95% right.  He’s pretty sharp, knowing exactly where to place the nail to hold up the structure.  Nine and one half times out of ten though he hits his thumb instead of the nail.   Scars mapping a life’s work.  Wire, duct tape, smoke and mirrors all in his duffel bag.  Alone in his head even when surrounded by a cast of characters.

Grabs the empty helm, sure that a Strength of Will can correct the ship.  Willing to push on against all odds.  Inspired by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.  Calmed only by his Dulcinea del Toboso.

Bill Flaws.   He’s not perfect but he’s perfect for me.


The way our William lives his life.


Another thought provoking title I hope.  Two ways to look at it.

Here’s One Way.

There are some of us that have been in this game for a very long time.  Like you, we were young and full of piss and vinegar, felt a duty to challenge, rebel, insist on our way.  And at some point came to understand and respect those that came before us.  Learned to work with them, learned to learn from them.  All while maintaining our own idealistic visions  and goals.  This  is the way of the world  after all.  But do dare to push the establishment, without that  we’re right back to  square one.

Craig Christians.  Jim Craig.  Ann Ringlein.  Mick Freeman.  Todd Nott.  And more I’m sure.   Greybeard event managers I’ve dared assume to rub shoulders with.   I’ve become one myself.  Challenge us!  Do your duty to make things better for those that will Just As Surely Challenge You.  Its your responsibility to elevate the sport for the next generation.

Here’s the Other Way.

Only a few days until we start a new year with new challenges and new opportunities.  Your competitive slate awaiting tales of personal greatness.  Stories of difficult challenges.  Stories of despair (I can only hope you feel despair, for the hotter the fire the harder the steel).  Stories of loss and hardship and struggle and pain.  Tests of Will.  Stories of hard fought battles ultimately won.  Stories of plateaus and breakthroughs.  Stories describing new accomplishments.  Stories for your lifetime.

All Before You.


Santa gets little Happy New Year back to Father Time right at the last bong!  The greybeard passing it on, same as it ever was, same as it ever will be.


Hope everyone got just what they deserved yesterday.  Two of mine and  Linda’s pair making it out to the Bar None, can never get enough of our kids these days.

Many of us out here in the homesteads making the rounds, baskets of each acreage’s special bounty lining holiday tables.  If not Norman Rockwell, pretty close.

Unexpected gift.  Last week I heard from Richard Rieck with the Dept. of Geography at Western Illinois University in Macomb.  Researching an “article for a non-profit journal dealing with reports of flaying/skinning of emigrants by Indians on the trails west and encountered your ‘*Flayed Friday’ post.”  Prompting two hours through time in the stacks at the Waterloo library, finally finding the original source work.  And much, much more history geek candy.  I get a credit in his article to appear late next year.  As a writer, no greater gift.

Thunder and Lightning in Omaha on Christmas Day 2016!  Will they google in the future?

Oddball gift.  Some eccentric folk out here, more so than your scribe even.  Two of the most are right south of us.  He a retired UNO Chemistry professor and her near to retiring Neuroscience professor at Creighton.  He from Jolly Old where they will retire to a home that has been in his family for centuries, just off the River Thames.  She came over bearing their gift, reached into her bag and whupped out her spotted dick.



This map of Douglas County was platted in 1920.  I was able to locate my property, fifteen years before the Twin Rivers Homestead development.20161223_091138_hdr






*April 11, 2014, detailing Rawhide Creek and how it got its name.





Christmas two ways!

4D, HD
Ultra Curve
Spoiled Tommy
Has some nerve
80 Inch?! No Fair!!
Bobby Havington
Got 90 over there
Only his parents
Really Care
Trust Funds Man Buns
Marty McFlys
Spoiled Tommy
Only Cries
No matter the gift
No matter the size
Spoiled Tommy
Only Cries
Never too big
Never enough
Spoiled Tommy
Having it rough
Fuming!  Steaming!
Slamming the door!
Always more, And More
And more!
Tree flocked with curses
No Halos around
Blessed Night filled
With No Joyous Sound

Low glow lights
Black and white
Muted Holiday
Christmas Night
No ringing bells
No caroling swells
No trips in sleighs
Through dashing dells
Tree trimmed fresh and new
Green pine wafting
With Christmas stew
No wrapping No Tinsel
No Shiny Bows
Simple Blessings
All they know
The Nothavingtons
Their cousins
Snuggling right in
Thirty hands
In the fruitcake tin
Family gatherings
Most precious  gift
Generations spirits lift
All their tidings
Good and glad
Memories of
Times they had


For those that have it all, more of the same.

For those lacking, your needs be met.

-a personal or age graded best.
– three goals, 1) achievable 2) ideal 3) dream
-good food for your belly
– loving partner and family
– good sleep
– good knees

Halos for those that don’t know they deserve one

Pitchforks for those that think they do

A drug free, clean and level playing field

Warts to those that cheat

Course/Event records for every USATF Certified course

Course/Event records for every  ‘ish course

Battle Royale at 2017 Ni-Bthaska-Ke

Brogan Austin (Runablaze Iowa), Joe Moore (KC Smoke), Tanner Fruit (fastest Nebraska ex-pat), Al Sanabria (fastest unattached Nebraskan) Luka Thor (Team Nebraska),  Johnny Rutford (LRC Racing) and Grant Wintheiser (Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc)  on the same start line.

$$$$ to put on my boy.

Courage of your convictions

Olympic Trials qualifying performance in any race from 400 meters to the Marathon by a native Nebraskan, still living and training in Nebraska or any non-native Nebraskan living and training here

Trust and confidence of our native Nebraska athletes in the legitimate developmental opportunities offered by our USATF program.

A bona fide offering of financial support for our jumpers and throwers and sprinters, precedent exists..

For me,  proper guru chin whiskers









I was logging my trail walks/jogs on a facebook page recently, keeping motivated and inspired by  like minded athletes.  Tried to log in my two mile run yesterday and find I’m removed from the group.  Did a little checking and found out it was a sub group of the Greater Omaha Trail Runners and that helped explain why.

Linda’s past.  Calculating, and effective.

Our 11th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke seems to be verboten, off limits, non gratis to the largest group of trail runners in Nebraska.  But why?  We offer the oldest trail run in Nebraska, with great amenities, bragging rights, festive atmosphere, everything I’ve learned from over 30 years of race management.

I remember a time, not long ago, when no trail running community existed in Nebraska.

During the first years of Ni-Bthaska-Ke I taught or brought in a couple of those now in leadership with the GOATZ.   Mentored them.  The same one or two that can kiss my grits, they know who they are.  Two out of two thousand.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. athletes are treated first class by the GOATZ events.  They are courted, embraced and celebrated.  We participate in most all their races.  And we appreciate everything they are doing for trail/ultra running in Nebraska.

The GOATZ love our club.  But Linda and I are not welcome.  Those that know the dynamics of the GOATZ leadership, just the grits kissers, understand from whence it comes.

Ni-Bthaska-Ke is trying to return the favor to the GOATZ membership.  It is important to me that you know you are welcome.  Despite what comes down from on high.  Consider its source, consider the circumstances.

Please join us this April.  We want to treat you to what we do best.  You’ll find Linda and I are just like you in our appreciation of the trails.


This fella had a ball back in 2008!


2009 start line.


Always a competitive field but the real stories come from the people that challenge themselves and their sense of accomplishment afterwards.  2011 start line instructions.


In 2012 we moved the start so you can get a good burn going up.  My last year as boss of Team Nebraska.




2016 Start line with Trail Nebraska, NRGE, Inc., LRC Racing, and 300 others all chasing Patrick Rizzo on his way to an new event record.


Bea Sides joins Deanna and Joy with their age group booty.  Bea has run the 12K every year and will be on the line again on April 1st, No  Foolin!


Rizzo and Linda and Kyle and Tim and Brian and me and Kaci and Justin invite you all to join them and us!  Our new half marathon distance will be perhaps your greatest accomplishment of the year!  Kaci ran under 1 hour on the 12K course, a record likely never to be broken.  Both she and Rizzo have committed to the half for 2017.


Come run to  experience the sense of  accomplishment, stick around for the hot signature meal and beer garden!






Models, patterns, examples, templates, standards, prototypes, archetypes.

Why stick with a single dime when you can have a pair?

My first dime was a Mercury.  Winged feet inspiring generations of Nebraskans to run fast.

The second dime has captured both my and Linda’s imagination.  Satisfies our desire to continue in the service of others.  Love All Serve All.

Outside of the running realm entirely.    When  rewards aren’t of the monetary, vast riches await.  Giving.  Serving.  We have been offered a new opportunity.  For Bar None Produce to make a difference of the best kind in our community.  By partnering with a new not-for-profit that will feature locally sourced, best organic practices produce along with other local artisan items.

We’re honored and excited to have been asked to be a part of this incredible organization.  Great people doing great things for all the right reasons.

I  write so that things can be interpreted two  ways.  Two ways  of thinking of things.   Stimulating thought.

If you see it only one way you are only getting half  the message.  Only getting ten cents instead of  twenty.






Some of the best of the best from the last 11.5 months.  Selections based on all Nebraska performances regardless of kit.

Male Athlete of the Year- Pete Kostelnick.  I mean c’mon.  Transcontinental WR and new record at Badwater.  Pete’s got new digs down in Hannibal Missouri but his legacy in Nebraska will live on and on and on and on.

Female Athlete of the Year- Kaci Lickteig.  Western States champion would have done it but Kaci pretty much destroyed every women’s CR and more than a few overall wins.

Male Race of the Year- Good Life Halfsy.  I would have loved to been lead bike for the battle between Al Sanabria and Luka Thor.

Female Race of the Year- Jessica Tebo runs a blazing 16:48*  at Bryan Health Captiol City Classic 5K.  The fastest 5K since Suzanne Weeder-Einspahr back in the early oughts.

Male Rookie of the  Year- Grant Wintheiser.  Yes he did debut Living History in ’15 but made his mark with a full year’s racing.  In February Grant went through 5K in 15:06 en route to his 24:12 8K.  The fastest 5K* of the spring and fastest 8K* of the year on Nebraska soil.  Grant would follow up at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in Chicago, finishing 4th against a national class field in 23:55, USATF Certified and Sanctioned.  In May he would chase the Kenyan fella for 13 miles and was a volunteer away from 2nd overall in the Lincoln Half, on pace for a 1:06 debut when he sailed right past the final right hand turn.  In October Grant would run the fastest USATF Certified 5K in state history with 14:38 at Omaha’s Race for the Cure.  Did I mention Grant is a full time medical student?

Female Rookie of the  Year- Jessica Tebo.  Only one race but this new Nebraskan is just getting started.

  • Grant’s February 5K and 8K not on USATF Certified and Sanctioned course.  Jessica’s 5K at CCC not USATF Certified or Sanctioned.  Neither mark eligible  for Nebraska records.

The Two Rivers 5K and 10K course certification paperwork should be on its way back to me any day.  I’m also sanctioning the 2017 Winter Series.  Any and all performances achieved on the fastest 5K and 10K road course in Nebraska will be record eligible and worthy of hanging your personal record hat on.