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Farther than you.  Longer than you.  Faster than you.  It could be you.

Ron Hill ended the longest running streak in history this past weekend.  Saturday’s 1 Mile was the last day of 52 years and 39 days straight with at least that distance.   My old buddy *Alex Galbraith from Houston moved up a notch to 4th on the active U.S. list.


Ron Hill’s Sportscaster Card, circa 1979.  When Real Men wore Real  Running Shorts.


Celebrating over half a century of Commonwealth Games Gold, World Records and permanent place in the history books.

The Coverts (45+ Years)
Rank, Name Streak date (MM/DD/YYYY) City, State, Occupation, Age Streak days (years)
1. Jon Sutherland 05/26/1969 West Hills, CA, Writer, 66 17418 days (47.69 years)
2. Jim Pearson 02/16/1970 Marysville, WA, Retired, 72 17152 days (46.96 years)
3. Stephen W. DeBoer 06/07/1971 Rochester, MN, Dietitian, 62 16676 days (45.66 years)
4. Alex T. Galbraith* 12/22/1971 Houston, TX, Attorney, 66 16478 days (45.11 years)


Jaws!  Rocky Horror Picture Show!  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!  Mandingo!
The Hustle!  Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!  My Eyes Adored You!  Jive Talkin!
I was a senior in high school in 1975. Anxious to run away from Atwood Illinois.

Fast forward 42 years and I still Love To Love You Baby, sixteen minute extended play style.  A dozen eggs to every runner under sixteen minutes at this coming Saturday’s Dalton Gang 5K! 

Fellas!  Hey fellas!  Say Hey Fellas!  Valentine’s Day Runs    As of this morning we’ve got 55 women and 18 men registered, just saying.  Come find that lovin feelin!

Love me some racing!  Lauren Stroud from my old digs in Lake Jackson, TX continues to impress taking the overall at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, 1:17:07.  Let’s dial that race a little closer to home, Chris Kimbrough won the Lincoln Marathon with an Olympic Trials qualifying 2:44:57 in 2007.  Now age 47 she covered 3M in 1:23:00.

Cory Logsdon celebrated a birthday weekend with the W in the 1 Mile (4:31.01) at the Dennis Young Classic at Buena Vista University.  Our mate Jay Welp was 5th (4:37.70) and Cory’s Team Nebraska mate Ross Lorber (4:41.42) followed in 6th.   In the 3000 Meters Cory finished 2nd overall (8:48,72), his mate Peter Falcon (8:55.19) was 5th,  Jay 6th in 9:07.72 and Ross 7th in 9:08.55.

No Frills 5 Mile went off without a hitch or its race director thanks to the kind contributions by Tom Whitaker and the  Omaha Running Club.
16178842_10208391763571849_5215995492059658796_o 16252273_10208391764531873_8249671069262875335_o

Kaci joins Miguel, Tim and Todd.  No Frills, plenty of competition!

Jen Freeman always tough in Plattsmouth!


Likely the men’s lead pack, one of Shannon Stenger’s  boys up front.


Team Nebraska always loads up No Frills competition.  *photos courtesy of Jose Badillo

Doesn’t matter whom or where you race.  Just Giddyup!





What is a guru?  Simply a teacher.  Today I want to stimulate more than competitiveness in the  running community.

Who are you?  Really?  Two ways.  As I and others see you.  As you see yourself.   Inextricable.  Both are correct.  Both are wrong.

I see you as runner.  You’re also son, brother, father, daughter, sister or mother.  Your employer sees you as accountant, pipefitter, electrician,  librarian, or deli master.  You are all of those.  You are none of those.

You see me as scribe, firebrand, ass, gardener, coach, friend.  You are right.  You are wrong.

I see me as you see me.  I see me as I see myself.  You are right.  I am  right.  I see me as you see me.  I see me as I see myself.  You are wrong.  I am wrong.

Opinions.  Onion’s tearful layers protecting the pearl of truth.  That center of us all that needs no proofing.  Who we Really Are.  I am you are we are us.  Exactly the same and completely different.

Now to the mundane.  Good luck to everyone going down to Maryville for this weekend’s 5 mile or wherever you may roam.





Humpty Trump
Built a Great Wall
Humpty Trump
The Wall of them All
Better Than China’s
(It’s pronounced Ji-nus)
Hurdle to those
Hombres Mas Mal
Humpty Trump’s
Really Great Wall
All Those Worst Kind
He warned us about
His Really Great Wall
Will keep Them All Out
That’s What Humpty’s
Wall’s All About
Keeping Ornery Hombres out
Now who pays for Humpty’s Wall?
Not Mexico, No!  Not At All
You over there and you over there
We’ll all be donating our little share
Me and you and All Y’all
We’ll be paying for Humpty’s Wall
To keep those
Ornery Hombres Out
That’s what Humpty’s
Wall’s All About


Allan Steinfeld

I claim few heroes but I lost one yesterday with the passing of Allan Steinfeld.  He was a friend and mentor.  I was privileged to work with him and his New York City Marathon, honored to make the trip to Rio with him in 2008.

Appropriate that I spent the day with two of Nebraska’s most recognizable icons.  Ronn Baker and Ron Olsen.  In my search for excellence in the annals of Nebraska distance running, these two men occupy upper rungs.      The Greatest Nebraska runners of the 70s and 80s, B.G. (before guru).

Ron Olsen.  Has run every single Lincoln Marathon.  He’ll be 70 for the 2017 edition.  With no plans of retiring his Run Guru Elite kit.  Decades of consistent top age group finishes, solid lifetime personal bests from 1500 meters to the marathon.

Ronn “BIX” Baker.  No Nebraskan (other?) has etched their name so indelibly on the streets of Davenport, Iowa.  Holds multiple single age and age group records in one of the largest and deepest fields of any race in the United States.

It wasn’t their accomplishments they wanted to talk about though.  Preferring to talk of their own heroes.  Omahan’s Rinn and Dooling and Carlberg and Hall and Julin.  The Greatest Nebraska runners of the 70s and 80s.  B.G. (before guru).    Runners that came to Omaha and inspired them.  Athletes they raced. Names like Marty Liquori and Jim Ryun and Bill Rodgers and Mark Curp  and Jon Sinclair.  Olympians.  National Champions.  American and World Record Holders.  Names that today’s generation likely have never heard of and more’s the shame.

Each generation needs their heroes.  Those shining the light brightest to show the way.  Ron and Ronn, thank you for your deeds that have inspired me and countless others.

Giants.  I’ve walked among them.





Kray Zeller and Colin Johnston like to run  fast!


Cory Logsdon (15:38) leading  Tim Meyer to a fast first lap.


12 year old Evan Vaslow, 24:32, he’s fast too!

20170121_101205  Gary Wasserman, 19:40, fast in his fifties!


Tim Meyer leading Jay Welp and Ross Lorber on lap 1.  Tim would pr in a quick 15:41.


Jay fronting a fast closing Ross Lorber, pulling Ross to a 15:56 personal best.  Good racing all around!



One of the things I love about my Linda are her malapropisms/colloquialisms.  Little delights sprinkled throughout our days.  Today’s column title her description of Jed responding to the coyotes last night.

While your ears are “wide up” let me tell you about skinning cats.

One way is to herd all the best cats together to Own The Show.  I did that for over 10 years.

Another way is to Own the Best Show and attract the best cats with it.  I’m doing that.

Yes, USATF Course Certification and Sanctioning matter.  They  give athletes the only legitimate platform from which to crow and qualify.  So, Ears Up!  The 2017 USATF Nebraska Association (or simply me) will be keeping a close and hard eye on Legitimate Performances.  Achieved on courses, designated by our National Governing Body as  Eligible for Performance and Record Consideration.

Zach Hine’s 1:04:48 at the Freedom Run Half Marathon the fastest in over 30 years on Nebraska soil.  In little ‘ol Valley, Nebraska.

I’m  not going to consider Grant Wintheiser’s 2016 marks, 15:06 5K and 24:12 8K on the very same courses.  Listen!  If I disqualify performances from my own painstakingly measured course, due to paperwork delays no less, how in the heck am I supposed to recognize performances from events that raise their noses and sniff at USATF rules?  And still want to be included in annual performance lists?  Still want some claim of legitimacy based on historical comparisons.  Tell me again where did they set that turn around cone back in 2006?

Here’s the grist I’m milling.

I’m not done yet.  The 2017 Winter Series (little ‘ol Waterloo) is attracting most of the best runners.  How?  With Certification and Sanctioning.  So their marks actually mean something.  Relative to those outside their spheres of popularity.  Being able to make sound, legitimate, athletic comparisons across kits and state lines.

Here’s how to skin this guru cat.

Put on faster, legitimate, USATF Certified and Sanctioned road races.  Design your courses for speed.  Give our best athletes the best shot at potential realized while they are in their prime of fitness.  Give them the lifetime memory of personal bests on Your Course, at Your Race.   They deserve the minimal effort required.  Don’t you agree?  And if you don’t, please support your position to the athletes.  It is starting to matter more and more to them.  North, South, East, and West.

I’m hoping the other powers that be don’t sit idly by whilst all the USATF Nebraska Association leading times are coming from Valley and Waterloo.  That is my gauntlet.  Do  something more and better for Nebraska’s best.    Legitimize your events for their sake.   What say you?

Our athletes, regardless of kit,  deserving and Ears Wide Up!






Results from the Full Wolf Moon 5K
Saturday, January 21, 2017
Two Rivers State Park
34 degrees, clear, no wind

1. Cory Logsdon, 28 Omaha 15:38- Team Nebraska
2. Tim Meyer, 35 Lincoln 15:41* personal best- unattached
3. Jay Welp, 24 Council Bluffs 15:54- Nebraska  Run Guru Elite
4. Ross Lorber, 25 Omaha 15:56* personal best- Team Nebraska
5. Colin Johnston, 32 Omaha 17:29
6. Kray Zeller, 43 Waterloo 18:18 – Nebraska Run Guru Elite
7. Todd Nott, 52 Plattsmouth 18:56- Team Nebraska
8. Gary Wasserman, 54 Omaha 19:40
9. Amber Sargent, 29 Beatrice 20:18- Nebraska Run Guru Elite
10.Jackie Freeman, 34 Bloomfield 21:03- Nebraska Run Guru Elite
11. Mike Reilly, 39 Omaha 22:33- Nebraska Run Guru Elite
12. Evan Vaslow, 12 Omaha 24:32
13. Brian Keathley, 13 Omaha 25:04
14, Jackson Taylor, 20 Omaha 25:05
15. Terry Hack, 50 Omaha 26:11
16. Ryan Carlson, 39 Omaha 26:21
17. Amber Fader, 40 Lincoln 27:28
18. Bill Weeks, 60 Yutan 28:15
19. Kris Culbertsome, 30 Council Bluffs 28:20
20. Katelyn Cahill, 26 Omaha 29:16
21. Kim Piepmeier, 30 Omaha 29:23
22. Renee Freeman, 34 Manhattan, KS 30:04
23. Stephanie Bennett, 30 Underwood IA 30:56
24. Peggy Vaslow, 46 Omaha 32:03
25. John Taylor, 54 Omaha 32:26
26. Katie Hanzlicek, 29 Omaha 33:00
27. Amanda Bognar, 37 Omaha 35:28
28. Jim Bognar, 68 Omaha 40:44
29. Blair Seitz, 22 Fremont 43:21


Historic day for this Ringmaster that has amazed the world.  Poetic juxtaposition, Barnum & Bailey pulls the plug after 146 years.

I’m along for the ride, my position always it matters not who has the oval butt.  Child of the 60s, ever skeptical.  It’ll be business as usual and I’m hoping business will be good.  Sweet Daddy Warbucks come to town.  Trumps Balls the toast of the  weekend.

Watching the early broadcasts, Melania’s Ralph Lauren coat into church my lifetime clothing budget on her back!  Baddest fellas in the world, his secret service detail, including a bald giant at least 7′ tall.  The doors on the armored Suburban a foot thick.

Hail to the Chief!