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One of those days I knew would roll around.  No regular retirement.  I go now on my own terms.

Consulting my crystal ball I see the Future of USATF LDR in Nebraska.  Flourish and ebb and flourish and ebb.  It will survive.  And as of last Friday without author and architect, energy and angst.  Formal resignation to LDR Chair Colin Morrissey after an epiphany.   I gazed into the orb and realized the current iteration is simply growing into its time, becoming what it means to this generation.

I leave USATF LDR Nebraska with this:

Thank USATF for what you have.  Your programs, your clubs, your sponsorships, your opportunities.  Your trips.  Your competition.  Your memories.  Many of you have been around long enough to remember when there was no USATF.  No Team Nebraska, LRC Racing, NRGE, no Women Run Nebraska.  No opportunity at all for post collegiate athletes.  Please find a way to support the program that has given you so much.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. now my only priority.  I’ll continue to advocate and coach and write.  And keep my eyes on the future.





Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, Naga Viper, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper).  The hottest of the hot.  Why would anyone want to challenge themselves to such heat?

“Momma always told me not to look into the  eyes of the sun, But Momma, that’s where the fun is!”

Going after that edge.  Extremes.  Doing what others fear.  Experience, the only truth.  Life well lived.

I’ve never been happy being comfortable.  Always pursuing the real living, the joy and the pain, the heady and the low.

It has molded my running and my expectations of others.  Certainly has shaped my circle of friends.  Those that have stuck through the good as well as the bad.  Those strong enough to continue discourse even though they may disagree.

Ghosting.  A relatively new phenomenon that only further supports my rant on the self entitled.  Pointed contrast to open communication.   I’ve reached out to almost everyone in the past few months.  Peacefully, olive branch in hand.   Most have had the courtesy to reciprocate.  But not all.   If a ghost ignores you in the forest should anyone really care?






A clarification and amplification.  In Robin Red Breast I declared no point in holding this weekend’s races due to poor footing leading to either slow times or injury, something that serves no one well.  Linda pointed out that it may have come off as elitist, geared only toward fast times.  Yes!  I jumped right in, it is All About Fast Times.  Two Ways.

I was more than anxious to have Jay and Grant line up and post some great times, that is true.  I’ve also been more than pleased by every finisher’s glow when seeing their time.  Excellence recognizes effort just as much as order of finish.  So many first timers as well as those more seasoned enjoyed a course designed specifically for fast times.  But not on thin ice.


With the snow coming in late Friday night we are taking the safe route and canceling Saturday’s Grand Finale to our 2017 Winter Fitness Series.  Thanks to everyone that came out and ran with us this year and we look forward to 2018!


Why is there a distinction between Long Distance Running  (LDR) and Track & Field (T&F), vis-à-vis United States Track & Field (USATF)?  Any question is  a good question if it gets answered.

Both are Divisions under USATF’s umbrella.  Which stands beneath the US Olympic Committee (USOC).  Factor in the International Olympic  Committee (IOC) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and you sense if not understand the upper echelons.

Going downward and horizontally its like this y’all:

Track & Field holds sway over every sprint and middle distance and distance race held on the mondo.  The 5000 on the track?  The 10,000 on the track?  Track  & Field, not LDR.  Track & Field also presiding over the leaps and implements.

Here’s a twist.  The 20K and 50K Race Walk both start/finish on the track at World Championships and Olympic competition.  Race Walking falls under the auspices of LDR.  Similarly, the World Champs and Olympic Marathon traditionally start/finish on the track but are an LDR event.

A full slate of Road National Championships.  I’m only slightly partial to our Roads.  Sheepishly remind that I served on the USATF WLDR National Executive Committee for 12 years.  Five as WLDR Athlete Development Coordinator and 7 as Chair of Women’s LDR National Champs. Proud of the efforts to build a program that be$t $upport$ de$erving athlete$.  From the 1 Mile to the Marathon,  and every  metric or standard distance in between if deemed a worthy bid.

Mountain, Ultra, Trail.  All three of those fall under LDR.

Cross Country is its own Sport Committee.  Does not report to T&F or LDR.

Road.  Track.  Field.  Mountains.  Trails.  Ultras.  Cross.  Race Walk.

USATF.  National Governing body.  Developing athletes for competition, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally.

Not to be confused with Road Runners Club of  America (RRCA).  An entirely different mission statement.





A little chilly yet to crack the morning windows but the dawn chorus awaits.  All the happy little birdies contributing their song.  Life in Spring.

Was this the best winter, training  wise, in memory?  Are you as February Fit as ever?  Not race fit, not personal best fit.  Unless you are running indoors with a purpose, in which case your specialty requires mostly indoor training.  Outdoors, The Good Mother has offered a head start.   Ironic twist that our Grand Finale, The Halley’s  Comet 5K & 10K may be in jeopardy of cancellation with several inches of snow to roll in Friday.  If the roads are clear its a go.  I’m hopeful that the park’s history will shine again and will be clean as a whistle.  If its a mess its off, no sense in just going out and putting one foot in front of the other and calling it a race.  Its all about going after fast, legit times.

Linda’s knee is rehabbing like a modern medical marvel.   I can’t wait to see her running down the road again.  Even a mile or two with me.


Linda’s grape arbor Valentine’s Day present took a couple extra days but is all done.  Every piece of wood, every screw, scalloped fencing, re-purposed from the property.   I even hand cut the straps from old corrugated tin.  Thanks to our friends Jimmie and Mandy Sue for coming out and pitching in!


I grew three varieties of mustard last year.  The  pods cured in the barn for the last few months and here are hand threshed.  The mash sifted multiple times to capture innumerable little savory seeds that will flavor dishes for months to come.   Poupon U.


Old Tricky Dick back  in the news.  McCain sending jowl shaking Nixon fodder over Trump’s bow.  The 37th president.  Watergate.  Suppression of our First Amendment Rights.  Not new, still vile.  I give myself a very wide political berth, shaped from the belief that it matters not who squats the oval.  But when Trump starts trying to convince the public (World)  that the press is “The enemy of the American people”, I stand up.

This blog has been targeted more than once.  Efforts to edit, corral, harness, tame, eliminate.  Complaints, grievances, chicanery, deceit.   The First Amendment Right guarantees this show will go on.  This column continues because of the High Road.  I’d no longer tippity tap every morning if I didn’t believe my own Truth.    But even if these musings were drivel and inane and downright dirty, it would  still be protected.

Ivan Marsh made it 11 in a row at Saturday’s Trek Up The Tower.  I’m not aware of another winning streak extending longer in the sport of running, vertical or horizontal.  And the ageless one Angee Henry Nott won the Husker Tune Up 600 meters in 1:35.27.  Against collegiate women 20 years younger.  Angee has been  gifted.  Perhaps the greatest longevity at that level of any athlete in Nebraska history.


Nixon’s tools of the trade once again daily news.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.


Granting you that n=1 is no more, no less, than that.  Sample of one.  No  scientific method, no double blind studies, a one off in every sense.  Singularity.  A blog.

The tension existing between the lines.  Two Ways.  Depends on whom you are and how you read it.  Juxtaposition.  Dichotomy.  Duality.  A blog.

The thread I weave throughout it all?  Truth.  Courage of Conviction.  Words from the heart.  Passion.  A blog.

I’m occasionally flattered by readers, aw shucks.  Those that like  to check in on the daily muse and prose.  Words.   Putting them together in such a way as to realize the mission.  And often to provoke without direct provocation.  A blog.

Refining my craft every day.  Still so very much to say.  One person’s words.  Two ways.  A blog.



Taking Linda in this morning for some structural work.  She’ll be rode hard at the Bar None  this year and I need her at full strength.  Like her too much to put her down so off for some posterior horn trimming with Dr. O’Malley and the good folks at GIKK.  Her first knee job, I think she can still pull her weight for another couple years at least.  Beats the glue factory.



Can you dig it?  I’m fortunate for the foundation shared with Brooks Running.  They’ve been gracious enough to have me in the family since 2003.  That loyalty goes both ways.  For 6 years sponsorship that included an entire club, its own chapter.

Linda’s Valentine’s Day request wasn’t roses or fancy dinner or trip to the spa or new car.  “Grape Arbor, about this tall and that wide”.  OK, I can dig that.

Eight hours on the business end of a sharpshooter (spade) and post hole digger yesterday.  Fourteen holes 8″ x 3′ deep, footings.  Trench 12″ x 6″ x 64′, foundation.   Going to warm up plenty enough tomorrow or Friday to pour some concrete.    20′ x12′ Greenhouse.  I start the same process today for the new  20′ x 10′ chicken coop.

Our kind benefactors at “W Realty” will be out soon to erect the structures.

Building  strong  foundations with good footings.  To last.  By my own back.   Like my running community able to withstand the harshest winds, the glaring heat of all hell.