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To you!  We’ve got just under 200 registered for tomorrow morning’s 11th annual Nebraska Trail Run.  The highest total in 5 years.  Time heals all wounds?  I’m continually impressed by our return customers.  Those that know what is in store yet return for more.  “Yes, may I please have another?”

We’ll have results and photo links posted up here Saturday afternoon.  Thanks again to all our contributors:

West Omaha Cryotherapy
Bar None Produce
Upstream Brewing Co.



Good luck to all the fellas, regardless of kit, that are taking their talents to Chicago for this weekend’s 9th annual Shamrock Shuffle 8K Elite Club Competition.   You need two things.  First, a current USATF membership, individual or club.  Second, a modicum of local talent.
As an equal opportunity pundit I’ll take a shot at these softies:
5K- M@ 17:00, W@ 19:00
8K- M@ 28:00, W@ 32:00
10K- M@ 35:00, W@ 40:00
1/2- M@ 1:18:30, W@ 1:29:30
Marathon- M@ 2:45, W@ 3:10
Why do I call these standards soft?  Because of my personal bests- 16:19, 27:12, 33:55, 1:17:15.  If I would have considered myself elite (or sub elite or semi professional) I would have been laughed all the way out of Texas.  Soft or not, each athlete has an opportunity to put up a mark to hang their hat on.  The competition will be there.  A stacked deck.

Keeping with the theme, an interesting spread in elite/qualifying marks for our top 3 teams in Nebraska.  Team Nebraska’s standards mirror those I set for our USATF Athlete Development Program back in 2010.  I’m digging deep into the archives trying to find the last time anyone from our association met one of those marks.  Grant’s uncontested 14:38 @ Race For The Cure in October came close, his 10 Mile at State Farm last Saturday surely good enough.  Still a lot of Real Racing to come this spring!

LRC Racing qualifying times:
5K- M@ 16:45, W@ 20:00
10K- M@ 35:30, W@ 41:00
1/2- M@ 1:19:00, W@ 1:30:00
Marathon- M@ 2:50, W@ 3:10

Team Nebraska standards:
5K- M@ 14:20, W@ 16:45
10K- M@ 30:00, W@ 35:00
1/2- M@ 1:07:00, W@ 1:18:00
Marathon- M@ 2:23:00, W@ 2:48:00

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc:
5K- M@16:29, W@19:59
10K- M@ 34:59, W@ 39:59
1/2- M@ 1:16:59, W@ 1:28:59
Marathon- M@ 2:45, W@ 3:05





Our 11th annual run at Platte River State Park is Saturday.  Started as Ni-Bthaska-Ke in 2007.  Ivan Marsh’s daily training route, his contribution to the history of  the race indelible.  All proceeds benefitted Team Nebraska for the first 6 years.  My life change and separation from the club in 2012 changed the direction only slightly.

This year more changes.  Name switched to Nebraska Trail Run, Half Marathon distance added.

One thing hasn’t changed.  The sense of accomplishment.  The stories of obstacles overcome.

Runners from Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington will take the challenge Saturday morning.  We wish them all the best!

Packet pick up and registration will be held at Peak Performance located at 168th & W. Center from 4-7 Thursday.  Race day ppu and reg will open at 6:30 am at Mallet Lodge at the park.

Shotgun start for all 3 races at 8:00.  Giddyup!


One of my favorite pics of the race is this one from 2007.  Muddy mess that everyone seemed to love.


Laura Ferguson was our first female champion.  She joined me with Team Nebraska right afterwards, ran a 2:54:24 at Twin Cities in 2008 earning her the Team Nebraska Female Athlete of the Year.  Studette!  She would  retire to her dentistry practice not long after but left her mark on the trails of PRSP.


Ivan’s first win!  He would go on to claim the title another half dozen times.


A young and happy guru!  A lot has changed since 2007, but the  smile remains the same!




Machu Picchu’s humble papa
Solanum Tuberosum
Timeless gift
Countless annum
Pomme de terre
Hashbrown potatoe
Ode to an Eye


The cat is out of the proverbial bag.  Nebraska Run Guru Elite Inc is right up front.  For all to see.

There has been a lot of work getting to this point.  By many different people.  Right up top, Nancy Sutton Moss.  Her belief in the Run Guru Elite culture.  Her support of my vision.  Whether red and white or grey  and black.  None of this would be possible without her.

She is more like me than you might think.  As Colin, Johnny, and Jay entered the State Farm campus her eyes lit up.  I told her who the three were, giddily explained  “3 Athletes!  3 Clubs!”

Huge smile on her face, she asked me to set my eye across the finish line in case a call needed  be made on the winner.  Jay made that charge unnecessary.

Grant crossing the line not too long after, leaving heads and tongues wagging.  NRGE, Inc.

If you wonder why Nancy has supported USATF for the last 15 years you had need only be at that finish line to answer your query.

Stimulating the Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.

A More Competitive Culture Stimulating the  Running Community.  Muchas Gracias!


NRGE, Inc.  Team Nebraska.  LRC Racing.  Women Run Nebraska.  Nancy stands on the start line.  She sees Good Work.  She sees Real Competition.  She sees the fruits of 15 years work.  She is glad.  And so am I.  Giddyup!


There’s good days and then there are Great Days!  Today, the latter.

Driving to Lincoln for this morning’s races it became apparent that The Good Mother had a little extra test for Grant.  15 mph winds sustained, gusting to 30, steady rain, mid 30s.  The Mo-Pac as crappy mucky muddy as I’ve seen it in 15 years.

I predicted a new course record (50:22).  Grant’s 50:51 may well be one of the best races ever at State Farm.  Solo the entire way, Cory Logsdon (54:45, pr) and Michael Rathje (55:47) getting a good look at this once in a generation talent.  Mike Morgan’s best on the course of 50:58 should tell the rest of the world.

Great Day Indeed!  Jay Welp has been working his butt off.  I had to work mine off to get him in the race.  Worth every minute.  The 5K start line featured The Major Players.  Rutford of LRC Racing, Morrissey of Team Nebraska.  Good guys both.  I’m going to say right now how much I admire Colin.  Doesn’t have the end speed of a Rutford, realizes that to have a chance at the end he needs to take the sting out of any finishing kick.  So he did.  4:45 for the first mile and a 30 meter lead exiting the St. Farm campus.  Not too much later, we see the lead bike turning for home and by golly Colin is still hanging tough.  Making a hell of a race out of it.  He takes his lead to the sweeping curve behind the campus!  Rutford and our Jay Welp hot on his heels.

I gently spoke to Jay prior to the gun.  Pointed out that there were several notches to be had for his belt.  Reminded him how hard he has been working.  May have mentioned how little respect he gets.  He earned it today.  Against Team Nebraska and LRC Racing’s best.



Once in a generation.


Jay clear of Johnny and Colin.  Finishing speed that caught everyone except me by surprise!


A knock on the door Wednesday afternoon, that knucklehead Jed, Sir Barksalot, Bar None Security Chief, wildly greeting.  Door answered holding back the beast.

A young lady, no older than my own youngest, heavy burden of a too hard life etched into her tender face.  A request to overcome personal demons on her lips and in her heart.  I had to help.

This old farmhouse has a history.  Linda reminds me that as recently as twenty years ago the entire Twin Rivers Homestead area was a denizen of drug dealing, shady characters and down right miscreants.  Our young heroine had her own tragic chapter.  I had questions first.  She was totally honest about what I had suspected.

Linda and I have spent almost 4 years now filling this 3 acres with Love and Hope and Potential.  Every room now remodeled to at least some degree.  The closet upstairs?  It was this waif’s bedroom.  Not enough separation between the step brothers.  Raising a family at 10 after the loss of her biological mom.  Real dad one of the above mentioned.  Several step moms, the one here of the particularly villainous variety.  Our refurbished studio once her “massage” room.  Hydroponic remnants tucked in dark corners of the barn.

The Bar None is now Clean As A Whistle.  We have built our reputation on an open invitation, at any time and unannounced, to our chefs and customers.  Come See Us!  This property only one of the success stories of the Twin Rivers Homestead.  The relative youth movement with plans for a Good Life now holding sway.  This is what we showed the young lady.  A brand new start.

Linda, more so than I, has the gift of deep empathy.  The girl’s story, another chapter after this one, included sexual assault and strangulation.  That bastard put away for the next quarter century.

She faced it all with us.  The Dark Shadows began to lift, the veil of peace replacing.  She will be interning at the Bar None this summer.  She’s also promised to quit smoking and try to run.

A Stranger Calls and is welcome.  Bar None.


The main garden is now over 1/3 acre.  Sewing the seeds of love.


The new potting shed is coming along.  Ponderosa pine siding dressing it up quite nicely!

See you in the morning and Giddyup!



Getting on the tallest soapbox with my biggest bugle this morning.  Get ready for a remarkable performance Saturday.  The fastest time at State Farm 10 Mile seems to be Kurt Keiser’s 50:22.  Way back in 2000.  I’m just hoping someone will go with Grant to make it a Real Race, if so, look for a sub 50.  For perspective on how the best of the best have fared at the annual race see the list below.

2000- Kurt Keiser- 50:22
2001- Ivan Ivanov- 53:05
2002- Ivan Ivanov- 54:27
2003- Ryan Salem- 54:34
2004- Mike Morgan- 53:26
2005- Mike Morgan- 51:29
2006- Ryan Salem- 54:18
2007- Dustin Llewellyn- 51:42**Year of the infamous turnaround cone (9.5 miles)
2008- John Nichols- 54:00
2009- Mike Morgan- 50:58
2010- Tom Nichols- 53:29
2011- Aaron Carrizales- 51:54
2012- Matt Pohren- 52:32
2013- Eric Rasmussen- 52:23
2014- Neil Wolford- 55:02
2015- Eric Rasmussen- 54:15
2016- Neil Wolford- 54:52


The 2016 Shamrock Shuffle 8K in Chicago.  Grant’s 23:55 good for 4th against the very best of the very best.  He won’t be making the trip to the Windy City this year but will make a run at the State Farm record.  Giddyup!


I threw my allegiance behind USATF Level I Coaching credentials on Monday.  Not the end of the coaching rainbow and maybe not even necessary.

My coaching career started as an apprentice under John Peterson (Joliet, IL) in the early 90s.  That first athlete stood on the podium at the Illinois State Meet and I was hooked on helping others achieve their potential in running.

Coaching Education continued throughout the 90s and into the early oughts under the  steely eye of the master, Jim McLatchie.   Studies through the 2000s, learning aspects of the craft from recognized leaders such as Joe Vigil, Keith & Kevin Hanson, Greg McMillan, Bob Larson, Tom Cotner, Dennis Barker and many more of the most successful coaches in the United States.  Twelve years of USATF annual meetings, gathering of the great minds and athletes, gaining more knowledge and input from those that matter the most,  The Athletes.  And the books,  my library swells with tales of inspiration and education.

After working with hundreds of athletes  of all abilities I finally submitted to the Level I curriculum in 2014.  I know a little but don’t know it all.





For you to register for the Nebraska Trail Run!

Thanks to our returning champs Kaci Lickteig and Patrcik Rizzo and our iron woman Bea Sides for the following reasons to get signed up.

From Kaci:
1. I enjoy running the Nebraska Trail Run because it brings both competition and a challenging course that you can’t find anywhere else in Nebraska.  The course makes you honest and humble in your abilities as a runner. It’s  a way to find out how tough you really are!
2. The Nebraska Trail Run offers multiple distances for beginners to experts. It is a way to explore the trails and see what they have to offer. It’s a great change from road running. Try it and you might just get hooked!
3. After you have finished you get to sit down and enjoy great food, drinks, and conversation while the unique awards are being presented. You get a lot of bang for your buck!
From Patrick:
1. It’s a perfect kickoff for spring…spring racing season that is!

2. Show those out of state competitors that Nebraska DOES have hills.

3. You feel like family when you run the Nebraska trail run. From the start line to the lunch (and beer!) at the state park.

From Bea:
1. Challenging


3. Great after party.