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Costume parties and tricks or treats
Caramel apples and sundry sweets
Zombies too the walking dead
One fella carrying his head
Hayrack rides and scary black cats
Warted witches wearing pointy hats
Making  Halloween a day to remember
What’s really  scary is tomorrow’s November!




The Good Life Halfsy did what I’ve been trying to do (with occasional success) in Nebraska since 2001.  Ben Cohoon, good on you.  You brought in one of  my oldest buddies (Mr. Fabulous- Fernando-2nd in 1:04:53) and  Iowa Run Ablaze’s Brogan Austin (1st in 1:04:08).   Al Sanabria (unattached) the first runner from Nebraska, 3rd overall in 1:06:45.  LRC Racing’s Katie Wetzstein running 1:15:26 to lead the women, Pasca Myers of Ft. Dodge Iowa next in 1:16:42, LRC Racing’s Mary Hillis 3rd overall in 1:20:51, an iron women performance considering her running 1:21:03 at the Des Moines Half just seven days earlier.

Personal bests by almost all the locals.  Certified and Sanctioned.

The Tulsa Run down in Okieville was square on the LRC Racing Master’s calendar.  Michelle Paxton (3rd o/a 59:59) leading the women to the 40+ team title.  LRC also winning the men’s 50+ team title.  Team age group Titles.  I like that.  LRC sending down 15 athletes to compete in a USATF National Championships.  I like that.  How deep is LRC?  Deep and getting deeper.  Their women’s team now as formidable as the men.

USATF.  My program, my passion, my work.  Now in its 17th year in Nebraska, hot, alive and well.









September 12, 2068
USATF Nebraska Association Meeting
Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska Association President Report
Declassifications respectfully submitted by Miles Dooling

Documents on the tumultuous formative years of the USATF Nebraska Long Distance Running Program.  Copious notes kept by founder redacted including some never before released detailing efforts to bring down the program.

redacted established the fledgling effort in 2002 to address the lack of support for post collegiate athletes in Nebraska.   Reverberations rippling westward, why this rebel, why not one of our own?   redacted formed Team Nebraska the same year to begin advocating in earnest.  redacted would be awarded USATF’s highest LDR award at the Association level- the Scott Hamilton Award, in 2002 for his work.  In 2003 redacted received USATF’s Women’s LDR Volunteer of the year.  In 2007 redacted was honored with the Lincoln Track Club Distinguished Service Award.

Between 2007-2009 redacted entered into a fabricated pissing match of epic proportion and lost.  Hell hath no fury and revisionist history a charm away.

The  2012 USATF Club National  Championships at Burke Stadium in Omaha remained one of redacted fondest memories.  redacted and his protégé redacted demonstrating their commitment to the highest level of competition in athletics.

In 2013 redacted returned to the fray with Nebraska redacted Elite, Inc.  In 2017 the team would dominate the Nebraska road racing scene with event records and fastest times in decades.  Competition stimulated.
Another 180 pages still under review prior to release.






With appreciation and apologies to Dr.  Seuss!

Now the Star-Belly Runners
Had bellies with stars
The Plain-Belly  Runners
had none  upon thars.

Those stars weren’t so big.  They were really quite small
You might not think such a thing would matter at all

But,  because they had  stars, all the Star-Belly Runners
Would brag, “We’re the best, just look at our bunners!”
With their snoots in the air, they  would sniff and they’d snort
We’ll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!”
And whenever they met some,  when they were out jawlking,
They’d jog right on past, without even talking.

When the Star-Belly Runners had frankfurter roasts
Or picnics or parties or marshmallow toasts
They never invited the Plain-Belly Runners
They just waltzed around in fanciful bunners

Then ONE day, it seems…while the Plain-Belly Runners ran
A stranger zipped up, a Real Running Man!
“My friends”, he announced in a voice clear and keen,
Those  Star-Belly Runners have treated you mean
But I can fix that.  I’m the Fix-It-Up Chappie
I’ll give you something to make you happy

I’ve heard  of your troubles, I’ve heard you are broke
He laughed and guffawed as he lit up a smoke
I’ve come here to help you, I’ve got what you need
Not Stars or Money, you just need Speed
You’ll get Results, one hundred percent guaranteed!

Then quickly the stranger put together a plan
For every child, woman and man
For Plain-Belly Runners, those lesser sorts
Blue Collar Runners, with regular shorts
No Stars on their bellies, Regular Joes
No Frills, No Funding, That’s how it goes
Just Plain-Belly Runners from their head to their toes

Then when the Star-Belly Runners went to a race
Plain-Belly Runners started upping the pace
And the Star-Belly Runners with angry red faces
Would cast their eyes down at their shoe laces
Mumbling curses and questioning their places

The Plain-Bellies keep getting faster, Faster, FASTER
All without a Star-Belly Master
They train and train, do it the right way
And now I’m clearly quite happy to say
That the Plain-Belly Runners Rule the Day

That stranger that road into town
Helping those that others put down
He changed the ways of running and racing
“Starts and Ends with Faster Pacing!”
In Regular shorts, without fancy bunners
These Plain-Belly folk, the Very Best runners



I speak for the trees.  Those tallest trees.  Those that tower above the merely mortal.

Some of my contemporaries are so lost in the forest that they can’t see these giants of life.  Until a photo op in which case always first to hop in line.  They trudge among the saplings insisting this is the future of the woods.  Caring not for the 1% or 5% or whatever the Real number of Real Trees.

A parable of course.

I’ve started a thread on facebook.  Elites deserve love too!

In it you will find the culture and temperature of what I deal with here in Omaha.  An insistence that no one cares about the 1% or 5% or whatever the Real number of Real Runners are.  A push back that all runners that put one foot in front of the other are equal.  And in a twist, are entitled to more support than those that have put in the most work, reached higher peaks, dreamed the biggest dreams.  Painting me into an elitist corner when clearly I’m not.

If these athletes are willing to put in 100+ miles, do gut wrenching intervals, make strict lifestyle choices,  make more sacrifices for our sport,  how are they not as deserving  as those that have never aspired to a break a tape.  Read the facebook thread.  See who stands on which side.  I’m shocked that almost the entirety of the Omaha old guard is opposite of me.  I lay this culture directly it at their feet.  No need to call them out by name, just read the thread.

If you are an athlete, if you are a competitive runner and would like to add your opinion, you can join the growing debate.

My position is we need to serve both communities.




Most of the roof on the potting shed now, still plenty  to do though.  Sight a line and saw fence posts to Linda’s exacting esthetic, install two 8′ gates, that’ll all be done shortly.  108 peppers, 45 eggplant, 96 tomatoes pulled and in the compost pile.  Pulling or covering what we should ‘ere this weekend’s first hard freeze.

Finding the time and energy to  run semi regularly.  Sunday South of Yutan, sun rising over both Elkhorn and Platte, four biggest hills in the world.  Winged ankles.  Anxious feet.  Thirty five days  to  sixty years old.  Still bleating, still competing.


Dani on the left,  Billy on the  right.  The  two newest additions at the  Bar None.  Linda has wanted Dwarf Nigerians for  the last couple years and  the opportunity for a quality rescue was  just too hard to pass up.


Nuts to you!  Driving back from Oklahoma last week I noticed George Washington Carver was born in Minneapolis, KS.  I  grew these in a trial bed this summer, five plants produced over 500 of the protein packed legumes.  Roasted and ready for peanut butter.  Totally chemical free and organic, just like my running.


As expected some great racing in Kearney.  Here’s Your Winners

A week and one  day later the Nebraska Marathon still struggling to get results posted.  I’d expect results any day now

The Bones Run 5K in Omaha, the Sumtur Twilight Dash 5K & 10K in Papillion, and the Bryan Health Capital City Classic 5K & 15K in Lincoln all held runs/races on non USATF Certified  courses.    Today’s competitive culture seems to care less and less about this.  The Road Runner’s Club of America crowning  state champs on a non certified course yesterday.

I still walk/talk among them.  Brant Kotch,  John Conley, Jim Gerweck, Jim Estes.  National leaders in our sport.  Asking me why we are so far behind the rest of the country.  I struggle to reply.





Here’s to our Nebraska XC State Champs today.  So many kids excited to be toeing the Kearney line.  So many dreams.  So many memories to be made.  So many teams.  So many coaches.  Good Luck, Great Racing, and Giddyup!

All of these things make today so very special.   The highlight of the competitive season for all, competitive careers for some.  A lot of these same runners will take their craft to college.  They will be expected to give it their all.  Their coaches will be trying to build winning programs and will expect complete commitment.

And when they graduate from college they will hopefully continue to run.

If the have demonstrated an ability to give,  give to the team, give to the coach, give to the program, give to the sport,  they will emerge a better runner and better person.  Disciplined.  And hopefully they will run for me.  I always think this way, not a boastful wish, one grounded in my commitment to the sport.  To the athletes.


Whom among them?





Nicole Norris came back from Des Moines with a pretty good half marathon pr.  Before I let her catch her breath I told her sub 3 at Boston.  When she gets on the start line from now on it will be on the start line.  Lesson numero uno, Gun Times Supercede Chip Times.  Don’t be intimidated.  Dark Horse.  Blue Collar.  Split Shorts.  Who is this?  Mom of two, lives in Lincoln, 3:13 marathon debut in June, 1:25:45 half yesterday.  Boston ’18 Sub 3.   I’ve told her to expect a showering of Lincoln praise and gift certificates and ribbons and fruit baskets and tempting offers.

Thank you very much Michel Davy.  This was your path first.

Nicole is rare.  A relative novice for her 36 years.  Diamond in the rough.  Not afraid to step up.  To the line.  The start line.  Toe the line.  On the line.  In split shorts.  Big Girl Pants.


Nicole and Jennifer tied at the line.  My last words to her were “Be fierce the last couple miles, pick off who you can and know they too  are suffering mightily.  You have been prepared to finish strong.”  Indeed.


The Des Moines Marathon/Half/5Mile/5K had a combined total entries of 6157.   The first 5 fellas in the full were Kenyan.  Kibet, Rotich, Cheptoo, Kosgei, and Pyatich.  The first 3 under 2:22.

The half had a more decidedly American feel.  Brogan Austin for the win 1:06:20, Austin O’Brien 2nd in 1:08:33, Eric Noel (LRC Racing) 3rd in 1:08:38, Tyson Wieland 4th in 1:09:50, and LRC Racing’s Johnny Rutford 5th in 1:10:15.  The women’s  race had most all my interest though.  Emma Bates ran a sterling 1:15:10 for the “W” followed by Kazakstani runner Yelena Nanaziashvili in 1:20:34.  Mary Hillis (LRC Racing) next in 1:21:03.  The battle for 4th though, that is what I’m talking about!  Nicole Norris.  She and Jennifer Vandevegte both credited with 1:25:45.  Nicole’s half marathon personal best at the start of the year a respectable 1:33.  Lowered it at Lincoln to 1:29:40, another 4 minutes chopped off yesterday.

Proud that she is our mate.  Proud to be her coach.  No philosophical differences.

The Nebraska Marathon/half/5K  were also  yesterday. No  results posted  yet.  Just like the 80s
I do know that Abby Schlater made her Run Guru Elite debut by finishing 2nd o/a woman in the 5K.  And I know Justin Mollak ran 2:46:18 but don’t know where that placed him.


Back in 1980 we would run a race and then wait up to a month for the “Official” results to be sent via snail mail.  Now I’m too spoiled,  expecting race results posted the same day as the race.