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We travel to Minneapolis, Des Moines, Houston, Kansas City, Tulsa, St. Louis, Champaign, Chicago, Boston, New York, Duluth and beyond.

Why?  Seeking that opportunity to Free Fly.  To Race.

No curbs.  No sidewalks.  Closed road courses.

Perchance to dream.



Anna or Elsa?

I just saw the movie for the first time.  Was intrigued going in and educated coming out.  I’ve seen thousands and thousands of Elsas running around, and all singing “Let it Go”.

Question now frequent from my lips, Anna or Elsa?  Only one has answered Anna.

“But”, I protest, “clearly the Real Heroine of the film is the younger Anna.”

Reply is always, “But Elsa has the Power!”.



Running, Racing, Writing.

I practice all three as an expression of who I am.  I give everything to all three.  That defines me.   My writing the most visible and public manifestation.

Find your life’s calling.  Do something worth crying over.  Stick to your own guiding star.

Write your own story.


On the first day of Christmas
the Run Guru gave to me,
A Lincoln Half Marathon T

2017 Lincoln Half Marathon, 9124 finishers (3540 men, 5584 women)
2017 Lincoln Marathon, 1050 finishers (672 men,  378 women)

Half Marathoners outnumber marathoners almost 10-1.  Every year.  Everyone gets the 26.2 shirt.



Just wow!  Nothing will set me at odds more than my opinion of what  transpired at the BMW Dallas Marathon this past weekend.  Celebrated on the national news.  I call B.S.  What say you?

Some calling it “inspiring”, “heroic”, and “motivating”.  I call it cheating.

I hope this runner is duly disqualified.  For the integrity of The Race.  The Marathon.  Our Sport.  How did foot racing become so utterly co-opted and corrupted by the feel good fuzzy as long as we’re all good friends just pick a charity ski pole toting (!) let’s just participate we’re all winners crowd?  The good news for the Real Winner is that the race is under USATF rules and regs so expect the DQ shoe to drop any day now.  Matters not if there was a prize purse or not.  Its all about Pride.

The fact that I even have to pen these words is sad testament to the state of marathoning today.  But there are still those of us left….still just a few…..only a few.  That remember.  When racing was racing and fundraising was a cake walk.  Those that do remember, we gave EVERYTHING we had to the marathon.  We trained our assess off for up to 6 months for the challenge  of posting the fastest 26.2 of our lives.  Every time.  Every time….

Look, I finished 2nd at the 1986 Galveston Marathon.  I closed on the leader for the last 10K, gaining as he wobbled forward on the horizon, cat was in horrible shape and I was sure he would not make the finish line.  I prayed he wouldn’t make the finish line.  Wished the worst of fates upon him in those final minutes.  Cared not for the suffering of my fellow.  If I would have attempted to lend him a hand he would  have punched me in the mouth.  And circumstances reversed I would have done same.  If I didn’t  train properly, if I  neglected nutrition, if I skimped on sleep, if I was simply having the Worst Luck, that was how we accepted the marathon.  It was called  a DNF.

Not My Marathon!





USA Club Championships.  Whether the T&F Champs in the summer or Club Cross in December.

The most important measuring stick to the founder of Nebraska’s LDR program.  How does Nebraska (LRC Racing) stack up against the rest of  the United States?

In the open men’s 10K race there were 49 teams, 424 finishers.

Lincoln was led by Nolan Zimmer’s 53rd o/a (31:01) finishing 26th out of 49 teams, top half by a couple places.  Nolan Border (149th-32:19) and Jacob Olson (150th-32:19), Ryan Dostal (263rd-33:40). Andrew Jacob (277th-33:50), and Tom Nichols (395th-37:29) rounded out the scoring.

Team Nebraska sent Matt Pohren (216th-33:08) and Josiah Belzer (307th-34:20).

RunAblaze Iowa finished 12th overall.  KC Smoke finished 16th overall.  Cream of the Midwest crop and whom we should all be trying to catch up to/beat.

In the women’s 6K race 30 teams and 246 athletes.  Nebraska (LRC Racing) showed the predicted potential finishing 11th overall like this:
Katie Wetzstein (39th-20:51), Mary Hillis (58th-21:08), Hayley Sutter (95th-21:49), Sarah Fowler (122nd-22:16), Erica Doering (150th-22:36) and Cassandra Krings (158th-22:45).

Plane and simple.  I was happy to see that Lincoln was able to fly to Lexington  for  the race.  Beats the hell out of the old days when we would make the 12 hour drive.  Save the legs for the race!

Run Guru Elite’s Liz Starbuck went back to her altitude roots to run an indoor 3K at the Colorado School of Mines.  10:49 a good way to kick off the indoor season.  Al Sanabria ran a quick 8:52 3k for the win at Kearney.

Cory Logsdon ran 100 miles in 17:59:XX for the win on the trails of Hitchcock, Iowa.  Jody Semonell was first for the women century runners.  Brian Wandzilak won the  50 Mile.  I can’t even imagine!

LRC flexing their muscles this fall.  Putting themselves as the current best club in Nebraska.

Giving us all someone to chase!


62 Morgan, Mike 24 Team Nebraska 34:49.02
143 Carrizales, Aaron 27 Team Nebraska 35:57.64

162 Paul Wilson, 26, Omaha, NE 35:02.2 Team Nebraska Brooks
187 Shannon Stenger, 29, Papillion, NE 35:24.9 Team Nebraska Brooks
232 Dustin Llewellyn, 29, Omaha, NE 36:05.7 Team Nebraska Brooks
267 Michael Long, 26, Omaha, NE 36:30.5 Team Nebraska Brooks


26. Team Nebraska Brooks 2:54:04
71 Levi ASHLEY 25  33:23
130 James MCGOWN 34  34:22
162 Paul WILSON 27  35:06
183 Tom NICHOLS 26  35:35
185 Brian WANDZILAK 28  35:38
190 John NICHOLS 26  35:51
229 Ben SANDY 33  37:57

35. Team Nebraska Brooks
78  Matthew Pohren, 25, Omaha, NE 31:55
159 Paul Wilson, 28, Omaha, NE 33:18
171 Matthew Schneider, 24, Nebraska City, NE 33:25
232  Jordan Tucker, 23, Omaha, NE 34:53
244  Shannon Stenger, 31, Papillion, NE 35:37
Total Time = 2:49:06 Total Places = 884

28. 764 Team Nebraska Brooks-A ( 33:32 2:47:37 2:06)
******10.   David Adams 307 22 M Team Nebraska Brooks-1 30:02 4:50********
David was omitted from the team scoring.  Team leadership was attending to an injured teammate and missed the 1 hour window to file a protest.  If David’s 10th overall would have figured in  to the official results Team Nebraska Brooks would have finished well inside the  top 20 teams.*********

1 79 Matthew Pohren 27 32:05 312
2 139 Matthew Schneider 26 33:15 313
3 178 Andrew Jacob 25 34:02 308
4 180 Cory Logsdon 23 34:04 310
5 188 Justin Mollak 27 34:11 311
6 (240) Shain Kephart 26 35:39 309

127 Megan Zavorka 626 25 F Team Nebraska Brooks 22:31 6:03
186 Emily Kraus 625 26 F Team Nebraska Brooks 23:18 6:15


Team Nebraska, 22nd
51.  Matthew Pohren, 31:44
103. Eric Rasmussen, 32:35
131. Luka Thor, 32:50
213. Cory Logsdon, 34:05
247. Nathan Stack, 34:55
Team Total Score = 587

Team Nebraska, 20th
126. Alysha Davis, 23:00
135. Megan Zavorka,  23:13
140. Haleigh Riggle,  23:20
141. Natalie Como,  23:20
167. Shannon Suing,  24:06
190. Meghan Schneider, 24:57

Team Total Score = 517

Andrew Jacob, Matt Schneider, Cory Logsdon, Shain Kephart, Matt Pohren and David Adams.  My soldiers in 2011.

Great Racing, Good Luck and  Giddyup to those of you racing in Lexington this weekend.


VELO Press, Copyright 2017, by Jonathan Beverly

Run Strong Stay Hungry by Jonathan Beverly

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan’s for a very long time.  As Editor-In-Chief of Running Times his was the only elite beacon in a sea of otherwise.  His words, much more eloquent, echoing my grunts that we are not all the same.

Run Strong Stay Hungry gives a glimpse into those  that have set themselves apart from the masses.  Through perseverance, toughness, dedication and suffering that a lifetime of running has bestowed.  Jonathan interviewed dozens of lifetime competitors from the Olympic down to the merest.  The bond of many thousands of miles forging a cast whose stories are truly inspiring.

The most prolific female marathoner in Nebraska history, Roxi Erickson shares her story.  Craig Christians tells his too.  Ann Ringlein is in there as well.  All part of the fabric of distance running history in Nebraska.

Joanie.  Deena Kastor and Colleen DeReuck.  Olympians.  Both served with me on USATF’s WLDR Executive Committee.  Bill Rodgers, his 180,000 lifetime miles mind boggling.

And finally the merest.   I feel honored that Jonathan felt me worthy to be included with so many of my running heroes, icons and peers.  I smiled when I read the title of my section- LISTEN TO THE TRUTH.

Jonathan and I share more than many miles.  Our personal bests are nearly identical.  Our philosophies pretty darned close.  And he ran for me back in the day.  Thank you for everything old buddy!