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Saturday April 27, 2019.

This blog keeps me honest and accountable.   To my dreams and goals and visions.   Musings giving expression to what rolls around in my head.  I’ve never hesitated to put it out there (here).  Opening up the discussions that seem important to me.   Hoping to inspire you by showing and telling.

Race Director Tristan Nelson has secured DC West High School for the Five Lakes Marathon.  Full use of the facilities, the race will mirror the Olympics by finishing on the track.  Narrowed our dates down to a preferred Saturday, April 27 2019.  We’ve presented our course to the Valley Waterloo Business Owners Association.   Douglas County.  Dodge County.  City of Valley.  Village of Waterloo.  Schedule packed with additional meetings, infectious enthusiasm our greatest strength, 35 years of road race management in the back pocket.

This then becomes my passion project.  To mentor Tristan, to help him achieve his own dream of a small town, local charm, completely closed road course designed to offer every single runner the opportunity to run to their potential.

Show and Tell.


Thank you Chloe Kim for today’s title.

When you are so hungry for something that you become angry.   To  do something.  Sometimes unexpected bursts of creativity, almost always accompanied by an unwavering determination, a Gold in the Half Pipe for Chloe.

I went to the table and accepted what was given.  Fed but a pit in my stomach after the meal.  Something always missing.

Umami.  The Perfect Meal.  The recipe, its ingredients, proportions, textures, aromas, times and degrees.  Dusting off an old classic.  The preparation not easy but worth it.  I call for the perfect meal and now know it must come from my own kitchen.





Eugene Chase Eppley once eloquently stated, “Friction is the enemy of speed.”

So is gravity.

I belong to a social media collection of road race management professionals, Event Professionals Group.  Some of the most respected admins in the business offering ideas and input.  I posed the following question to the group recently- “Anyone know off the top of their heads the flattest road marathon in the U.S.?”

Always chasing the superlatives.  Even in my industry I had to make a clarification early on.  No, that one has sidewalks!  Or paths!  Or trails!  Or whatever else is substituted for a bona fide road race.  The oldsters, the purists, they (we) remember unencumbered racing.  Shoulder to shoulder describing both the course layout as well as the competition.  Curbs are meant to be run between, not run over.  Wide Open Places = Wide Open Races.  No “big squeeze”  funneling runners onto 4 foot wide corridors of concrete.

Back to my investigation.   Florida courses were mentioned.  Bay State in Lowell, MA and Humana Rock N Roll New Orleans and Jekyll Island Marathon in Georgia, Palm Beach, Chicago, A1A in Fort Lauderdale, Louisiana Marathon, Mississippi Gulf Coast, Miami Marathon, Chasing the Unicorn in Pennsylvania, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, and the most intriguing to me, the Winter Warm Up in Dublin, Ohio which is run on a 1 mile loop.

My studies went further.  To London.  To Rotterdam.  To Berlin.

With just a couple exceptions it would seem you need to travel internationally or at least to the coasts to find the flattest, fastest closed road course marathons.  What interests me is the design of near to pancake flat opportunities.  Held entirely on closed roads.  This I preach.  This I  teach.

My question then became, could this be among the fastest marathons in the world?

#FiveLakesMarathon #Spring2019




Good morning and thank you for registering for tomorrow morning’s Valentine’s 5K. The race will have cold temperatures, we encourage extra mittens and dry socks! Two Rivers State Park is located at 27702 F. St. You will need either a season or day pass to access the park. Packet pick up and race day registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Please pick up your box of chocolates and bottle of wine there. Hand crafted participation awards will be available once you cross the finish line, be sure and stop by the table to pick yours out! We will also have hot chocolate, apple juice, applesauce muffins, and oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies for post race refreshements.
The start will be at exactly 10:00 a.m. Congressional candidate Brad Ashford will be our honorary starter.
Please affix your race number to your front. The race is being chip timed and this helps the reader pick up your results.
Restrooms available in the park office. Also at the finish line and near the 1 mile mark. Top 3 men and women and top masters male & female will receive recognition awards. 1st overall in each of the following age groups will also be available for 10 & under, 11-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+ age groups. Be sure and check to see if you have won!
Results and photos will be available at later Saturday. Thank you again for registering. Please also check out our Halley’s Comet 10K (February 24th) and Nebraska Trail Run (April 14th).


Close to 100 of you ready to get your lovin feelins on at the 6th annual Valentine’s Day 5K.  Cold weather aside we expect to have a great time warming your hearts and soles!

The race was launched in 2013 as the Two Rivers Twosome 10K.  It was primarily a couples run but we also had a Centipede competition and Costume Contest.  The first two years the race was sponsored by Victoria’s Secret.  Putting the racy into the race!  But Two Rivers State Recreation Area is a public (spelled f-a-m-i-l-y) park and we had to tighten up our (un)dress code to keep in good graces.

We’ve always tried to make this a special run.  The park is beautiful.  The course is flat and fast.  Closed road.  Easy to pick your line.  Perfect for first timers.  Perfect for fast racers.  Chocolates and wine for all entrants except the kiddos and we’ve got a special treat for them.  This will be our first year to not hand out roses, they typically didn’t fare well through the morning and Linda has hand crafted participation awards in their stead.  We are excited to be hosting the USATF Nebraska Association 5K Road Championships as part of the morning.  Offering professional chip timing by run nebraska.  Hot chocolate, home baked banana muffins, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies post race.  Race day registration and packet pick up will open at 8:30 am at the Two Rivers Park Office.  Dress warm and you’ll be fine.

Our 2014 Winners were Pete Kostelnick & Tammy Consbruck (right) with Ivan Marsh and Carolyn Collier not far behind.  Ivan will be going after his 11th consecutive Trek up the Tower title on February 17th.  Pete made his own indelible mark in Nebraska running lore.










I’ve been inspired by a few fellows. was one of the earliest.  Bill Shaw.  Ex-Marine, Oorah!  Hard nosed interviewer, introspective lifetime runner, weekly column in the Brazosport Facts.  Voice double for Billy Bob Thornton.  Into his 80s, gone 8 years now may he rest.  Muse and fictional President of WECRAWL, West End Closet Runner And Walker League.   The Original Chapel on the Blue Water Highway just outside Freeport, TX.  Easily moved to dark and anonymous Sunday mornings in the Lanoha’s parking lot.  The Right Running Reverend RunWriter still posting celestial miles.

Jonathan Beverly I think should be on every runner’s shortest list.  Running Times, Oh How We Miss You.  Fortunately Jonathan has not slowed down his pen.  Imperial Nebraska giving unique perspective.  Proud to call him one of our own.

John L. Parker Jr.  “Once A Runner”.  The epitome, the classic.  Must reading.  I have close tales of John as you may suppose.  Adult stories involving motorcycles and fast men and fast women and gurus, soft carriage trails and two a days around Mt. Desert Island and the Acadia National Park, Oh  My!

Jim Gerweck.  A Connecticut Yankee holding his own court.  Not afraid to put his words where his mouth is.  Frequent contributor to numerous magazines online and in print.  Nationally  respected as a course measurer and race administrator and friend of U.S. Distance Running.   We’ve raised pints from Honolulu to New York City.

A run writer I miss locally is John Fey.  He knows the sport well and always had a good  turn with words when he could squeeze a few picas out of the Omaha World Herald.  He fought the good  fight for many years, buy him a cup of joe!

I encourage more running writers, er bloggers.   A good local one I’ve been reading is Chris McBratney over at  Good sense of humor, light and entertaining fare.

I started a journal when not quite 20, have been writing over 40 years.  In the beginning rough and unpolished, in sync with my running.  Now contemplative and reflective, mirroring this morning’s pedestrian paces.




A lot of  people, a bunch of you in fact, have been out to the Bar None.  I’ve been nothing but an open book (mouth).   A frequent visitor is Tristan Nelson.  Fine young  man.  Ran for DC West, the last of Gib Hall’s boys, the team now a rising contender under coach Dan Maline.  Interesting side note, Dan is the sponsor of the DC West Robotics Club.  Took his team to China last year and won the World Championships.  Smart fella.  Put the Falcons on your early list of don’t be surprised for 2018.

Back to Tristan.  Just turned 20, the baby of our team.   Comes from fine local stock, the Platte and Elkhorn coursing through his veins.   Lists his occupation as Retired.  Enrolled in the Entrepreneur curriculum at Metro.  He’s got Big Visions for his  community.  His way.  Reminds me of someone.

I think Tristan has Potential.  I’ve coached him for a year now, on and off the road and track, about the road and track.

We share one of his visions.  Working together to get this just right.  I’m pretty excited and so is he.,-96.3383783,9659m/data=!3m1!1e3


If you peaked under the corner of the tent this weekend you may have seen some of the following:

At the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational
Men’s 800 Meters,  22.  Max Lindgren   1:58.62
Men’s 1 Mile,  11.  Jay Welp    4:18.45
Men’s 3000,  3. Austin Post (NU) 8:26.21,   12. Colin Morrissey (Team Nebraska) 8:37.60
Women’s 5000  1. Katie Wetzstein (LRC Racing) 16:44.34,   4. Sara Fowler (LRC  Racing) 17:52.59
Men’s 5000   2. Nolan Zimmer  14:43.26,  5. Nolan Border (LRC Racing) 15:02.96,  6. Peter Falcon (Team Nebraska) 15:03.52

At the USA Cross Country National Champs in Tallahassee Leonard Korir (29:16.6) just edged Galen Rupp (29:17.8) to claim the title.  Emily Infeld (33:18) claimed the women’s laurels over Molly Seidel (33:22).

No Nebraska athletes at this year’s USATF 100 Mile Trail Championships, first time in a few years.

Elizabeth Starbuck working hard this winter.  Included the Lake Manawa 10K as part of her run Saturday, was in 2nd overall for most of the race until getting lost on the course, drats.

Millrose Games on NBC last Saturday.  My annual reverie of having Peter van der Westhuizen in Team Nebraska singlet on the start line of the Wanamaker Mile will never get old.  The ruckus it caused nationally one of my favorite tales over an Oban.

Sonia Friend-Uhl became the oldest American woman to break 5:00 in the mile at the recent KMS Invitational.  Sonia will turn 47 in March and ran 4:59.99 to set the mark.

Austin Post (5) on his way to 3rd.  Got to hand it to Colin Morrissey (8) for fearlessly mixing it up with these young cats.


One month into 2018, here is the pulse of our USATF Nebraska Association LDR program.

Two registered active LDR Clubs, LRC Racing and Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Another 9 registered clubs serving youth, throws, and admins.  Twenty four clubs not yet renewed from last year, I expect most will.

Team Nebraska leads with 10 registered athletes.  Club 402 with 8.  Run Guru Elite, Inc. with 7.  LRC Racing with 5.  Its early and hope to get many more signed up in time for the Association 5K Road Championships.   Our Championships program beyond February 10th still a work in progress.  The LDR Program now entering its 16th year.  Always here to serve.

There hasn’t been a dull moment in the last 16 years.  Constantly changing cast of characters,  smorgasbord of successes, subterfuge, peaks and valleys.  Always with an eye on the future, always hopeful that Nebraska will produce a National Champion.  Founder’s vision, harder than steel.