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Linda and I volunteered at the DC West Invitational XC meet last night.  Our community, our team.  We’re getting to know these young thin clads, I’m old enough to be grandpa to most.  There is a new excitement at DC West.  These kids understanding they are on the brink of something special.

The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon will directly benefit the XC team.  Six of our race committee members volunteering.  Our goal is new uniforms, shoes, and eventually much more.  38% of the DC West Falcons receive assistance.  Some of them run cross.  All are deserving.  And dream of running to their potential.   Ka-Kaw!

Devin Hall heads up the middle school program.  You will be hearing a whole bunch about Ellie McCarville (181) and her teammates over the next few years.  She will be joining freshman sensation Maddie Wilt next year to make the Falcons a real contender in the Class C division.  Devin is also our 7 Lakes Marathon graphic design committee chair.  High school head coach Dan Maline is our sponsorships chair.  This Falcon community.  Our community.  Ka-Kaw!




The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is working hard to support American athletes.  Our efforts set towards making it a premiere marathon for American Athletes.  I conducted a prize money survey of marathons in the Midwest.  Used those numbers to set our own proposed purse.

As you might expect, I’m shooting for the moon.  Elite athlete prize money, $10 grand each for male and female top finishers based on time.  Olympic Trials qualifying Bonus for hitting the A ($2000) Men-2:15 and B ($1000) 2:19 1:04 half.  Women-A ($2000), 2:37 B ($1000)-2:45 1:13 half.  State records rewarded too.  A total prize package of $50K.

April 27, 2019.  Perfectly scheduled.

The Flattest Closed Road Marathon In The World.   The only closed road marathon in Nebraska.   You’ll have to run fast.  And you’ll have to be American.


Its been an unusual summer here in the Good Life.  Plenty of heat is nothing new but the humidity, it’ll kill you.

Hoping for a downturn over the next few weeks.  There is the veritable cornucopia of fall Omaha metro marathons coming right up.  Four marathons in 5 weeks, what to do, what to do?

Wabash Trace Marathon- September 8th.
HITS Omaha Marathon (HITS, Saugerties, NY)- September 16th.
Heartland Marathon (Omaha Running Club)- September 23
Nebraska Marathon (Joe Sutter)- October 14.

*Des Moines Marathon- October 21.

The State Fair Marathon in Grand Island was Saturday August 25.  First time in memory that the bus didn’t come down from Coon Rapids, no C level Kenyans.  125 finishers (48 female, 77 male).  Javier Ceja (2:30:52) of the Kansas City Smoke showed Team Nebraska mates Luka Thor (2:33:57) and Peter Falcon (debut, 2:34:26) the way to the finish  Their mate on the distaff side Jen Freeman ran 3:07:57 for the win, 23 minutes ahead of 2nd and 3rd.  Her one millionth marathon run between 3:05-3:10, as steady as they come.

So here’s hoping for a big cool down for you.  Our crowded calendar awaits.

Peter Falcon made his long anticipated marathon debut, under less than ideal conditions, in Grand Island.  Give him a cool morning, depth of competition, and a true Closed Road Course and he has the potential to go sub 2:25 in my opinion.



We’ve hit our Bar None Sweet Spot.  We’ve canned 60 quarts of salsas, sauces, and juices and  pulled all 65 tomato plants.  Yanked 100 basil plants.  Presto, Pesto!  Swiss chard and kales now headed to freezer instead of market.  Shelled Lima beans, garbanzo  beans and edamame.  Hundreds of  onions hanging in the barn, along with enough garlic to wipe out an army  of vampires.  Russet potatoes and butternut squash cured and stored.  Sweet pepper relish, jellies, jams and syrups jarred and lined up like sweet little soldiers.  Spent all week jerkin my gherkin. Two crocks of pickles in the cellar, another full of cabbage/kraut.   Sweet potatoes the last thing remaining to be lifted from the soil, those too destined for the cellar and our winter table.  Linda and I grow 90% of what we eat.  Clean, we are the only ones touching our completely chemical free food.

We’ve decided to call it a season at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market.  Linda’s emergency appendectomy last Saturday has her at 50%, all the more  reason.  Thank you to all of our friends and customers that supported our efforts this year.

Allowing more time to complete the potting shed and the new structure for storing firewood.  Tuning up the chainsaw and splitter, starting to lay up for this winter.  Never too much.

We’ve still got radishes, carrots, beets, peppers, lettuces, collards, leeks, eggs and Linda’s popular dehydrated herbs and salts.  Our boutique customers know this is their favorite time.  Planning  a few fall events, check our Bar None Produce facebook page for updates on where and when.



Race officials and the City of Valley, Nebraska are pleased to announce the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon will be held Saturday April 27, 2019.  And annually thereafter.

Nebraska has a new spring marathon!  Not just any marathon!  It will be the only completely closed road marathon in NebraskaAnd it will be the flattest road marathon in the entire world.  Painstakingly designed to twenty one feet total elevation we replace London and Berlin for those bragging  rights.    Your very best opportunity to qualify for Boston, or the Olympic Trials Marathon!  Or simply your personal best!  And great for first time marathoners.  There will also be a lightning fast half marathon and 5 person marathon road relay, legs of 5K-10K-5K-10K-12K.  All run around the beautiful deep water lake communities in far western Douglas County.

Please go to www.Valley7LakesMarathon,com to sign up for email alerts including registration and further information.

Co-Race Director Linda Kunasek, Mayor Smith, Race Director Tristan Nelson, and your scribe, the Executive Director.  Make No Mistakes, Run 7 Lakes!




For the last six months a small band of runners have presented themselves to the flames.  Calmly, coolly, requesting more fuel for the fire.  Why you may ask?  Because we must we will say.  The Valley City Hall is our bed of coals.  And we want the heat turned all the way up.  Frying away all the fat and fluff.  Nothing remaining but hard, lean, purpose.

Putting on the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is a labor of love.  For our sport.  For our  community.  For you.   Major Announcement next Wednesday morning.

Look, there is a reason that marathons are difficult.  More work than you want to do.  But you do it.   Answering every single question, and then requesting that they dig  deep for  more.  To prove our intentions and abilities.  Helping us to dial in our efforts to make this one of the best marathons in the United States.  But it takes more than questions and answers.  It takes support, and you’ve got to hustle for it.

I spent all day yesterday tracking down final leads.  We are running through the  7 deep water lake communities within Valley and we need all of their support.  Our local committee determined, meeting with each homeowners association.  Doing this right.

After 35 years in the road race management business I’ve learned there is nothing more important than buy in.  From the top.  To the bottom.  It was a pleasure to speak to my old  buddy Hal Daub.  He’s on board 100%.  It was a treat to speak with the Chair of the Douglas County Commissioners.  They remember 2012 and the  USA Club National Championships at Burke.  All in as well.

Still a lot of work to do.  For you.  But our soles are ready.

Hal and I did Good Work together with the Big Blue Run for prostate cancer awareness.  Hal a survivor and an important cause for me and every man.  We appreciate his support of our efforts in Valley.

Hal fires the starters pistol and provides one of my favorite race photos ever.



One will be born.  A youth, clean, pure, unsullied by common labor.  His Destiny Bestowed.

Such arrived on the front porch of the Bar None three years ago.  A student.  A Protégé.  A young Guru.  Taking his lessons.  Training mind and body.  Embracing Duty and Vision.

The World moves.  And moves on.  The Real Running Spirit will never die, rather passing to the Deserving One.  

Youth.  The World belongs to them.

The greatest lesson the master passes is the Certainty of Transition.  The Student must pass all worldly knowledge to his own charge.

At 60 years old I am at that point of tutoring mine.   40 years experience to pass to my eager and willing pupil.

The  Future.  Built upon the Past.

I’ve spent almost 20 years in the Omaha Metro.  Have committed myself to the running community  with a wide swath of excellence, potential realized, and individual success.  As an athlete.  As an administrator.  As an advocate.  As a Dreamer.  As a Teacher.

Knowing when to hand over the reigns is the surest indication of a worthy teacher.  My Hubris, while seemingly inestimable, steps back when considering the Good of the Community.  I’ve found my young Buddha and am passing a life’s work to him.  And He is Worthy.

And you will know him by his headband.  The Chosen One.





Very rarely do I dip into politics.  I keep most of my inclinations pretty close to the chest.  What I will reveal is that it matters not whether elephant or ass.

One of the most  polarizing topics in our society, and timely (tick tock, tick tock) with today’s scheduled execution of Carey Dean Moore, is the death penalty.

Living in Texas for a quarter century gives me a certain perspective.  As comedian Ron White quips, “In Texas they have an  express lane” for convicted killers.  That state has put 553 inmates to death since 1980.

I’ve watched with interest the battles over the drug cocktail that will be administered at 10:00 this morning.  Procured through nefarious channels, championed by our state’s governor.  A shadow of conspiracy cast over the entire process.  My friends from around  the rest of the country submitting queries as to how this could go on here in the Good Life.   I have no Good answer.



The idea was floated earlier this year to revive the Bar None Beer Mile.  Linda and I decided to throw it together yesterday.  A good group of suds loving runners toed the line and anxiously awaited the shotgun start.  Seventeen minutes later all were in and for the first time in the history of  the event, no chunks blown, no heaving, no barfing, no technicolor yawns, no driving the porcelain bus.  The bucket named in honor of Jimmie “Lucky” Doherty  dry as a bone.

Many were called, few answered the call.

The race is run on my USATF “Bar None Calibration Course” quarter mile.  Shotgun start.  #tradition

Club 402 had a robust representation. Jake Muller proved the adage that the Beer Mile is a great equalizer. First down the gullet, first down the road.

Tim Fry (L) and Mike Bickley chug a lug as Robert Borer  comes to the half way point.

Mike Reilly ran a Beer Mile personal best sporting his plaid kilt.

The fellas went back to run in women’s champ Brandy Sampson.

Winner of the coveted “Bar None Stein”, Brandy adds her name to a rarefied list.

Tim Fry accepting his Stein.  Bar None Beer Mile hosted by Bar None Produce.  Linda and I cooked up enough good grub to send everyone home well fed, and sober.

  1.  Tim Fry          8:54
  2. Robert Borer 9:10
  3. Mike Reilly    9:19
  4. Mike Bickley  12:20
  5. Jake Muller    12:43
  6. Blaine Schmidt  12:47
  7. Kelly Perry          12:48
  8. Jimmie Doherty 16:59
  9. Brandy Sampson  18:20
    Jill Taylor- DNF



When I was so very younger and much more brash I held little regard for the opinions of the geriatric set.  My Chutzspa completely dismissive.  What could some old bag of bones possibly contribute to the amazing future that would be my life?  My arrogance prompting sneers of disrespect.  My hubris knew no bounds.  I missed out on a lot.

And now I am what my youth did poo poo.  With the perspective of six decades.  Man was I off base.  So much to know in this world.  So much to learn.  Every day added to your life’s tally should also include growth, intellectual and spiritual.

Here is one thing I have become certain of in this life.  I’m an heirloom runner.  Not the glossiest on the shelf.  Unpolished.  Doesn’t like to be handled much.  A few dimples and bumps and cracks and brusies.  And absolutely delicious!

An Old Running Soul.  A spirit imbues me.  Bestowed by those that came long, long before me.  Something has been passed down, I’ve accepted it with my whole life.

If we have a chance to meet and talk, listen closely.  I may be passing something along very special.


1) A piece of property that descends to the heir as an inseparable part of an inheritance.
2) Something of special value handed down from one generation to another
3)  a variety of plant that has originated under cultivation and that has survived for several generations usually due to the efforts of private individuals

These are the very best tasting tomatoes.  I’ve harvested seeds from a couple every year for the last five seasons.  And planted those.  Hoping to save the True  Variety.  The Real Variety.   The Heirloom.