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Time, the greatest gift of all.  When giving it, when taking it away.  This Christmas season please consider donating some.  Time’s value increases proportionately the more you focus it on others.  Pick up the phone, knock on a door, write a letter.  The dividends will revisit in the great beyond.

I’m offering to take away some of your time.  Long time readers are familiar with occasional dual meanings, today is one.  I’d like to take  away some of your time.  You’ll have to dedicate some time.  To take some time away.  Every runner would like to take 1 second off their best.  And another.  And another.  

A very good way to take those seconds off is to choose the right venue.   That is something you can control.  This is at the very heart of what we are offering on these pancake flat roads between the Platte and Elkhorn Rivers.  
The Gift of Time.


On this First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A Flash 5K That Is Free.
 Part of our community based programs,  we are pleased to announce our 1st (but not last!) Flash Run.  This edition is of  the 5K variety but you are welcome to run more.  We want to emphasize camaraderie and shared running experiences.  Free exchange of goals and training and motivation.

We’ll be running at 8:30 Sunday morning, previewing the Two Rivers Winter Fitness Series course.  All are welcome, Bar None!  We’ll also have experts available to answer questions regarding all things running.  Are you wearing the right shoe?  Winter running?   Nutrition?  Hydration?  Training plans for everything from 5K to the Valley 7 Lakes marathon and half marathon.  And much more.  

Low Key, Fun, and Free!   You may be required to purchase a park pass so we do encourage car pooling.  


 We all have our own spectrum of excellence.  Deep inside it is there.  Citius, Altius, Fortius!  Faster!  Higher!  Stronger!

It is those that delve deepest that inspire me most.   Runners that are determined to mine their inner most resources.  Those that dare to “Run To Your Potential.”

Understanding that we all have our reasons for running.  Almost as many reasons as runners in fact.  There are a few universal truths however.  Running makes us feel better.  Physically, emotionally, mentally.  Those are very beneficial base lines.  But there is so much more to putting one foot in front of the other.  

As you develop your personal relationship with running a little voice  starts  accompanying your efforts.  That little Jiminy Cricket helps keep you within your comfort zone.  And that alone is a valid reason for  running.   

If you stick with it, running becomes a vehicle, a mode of transport.  To here and there yes,  but the spiritual journey far more beneficial.   The journey outside your comfort zone.  It is then running’s glory is truly revealed.  Is the most transformative.  From the inside out.  

Manifesting in all manner of  challenge.  The Hitchcock Experience this past weekend an excellent example.  People from every walk of  life tackling 100 miles, 50 miles, and half marathon distances over the snow and ice packed trails of Hitchcock Nature Center in Honey Creek, Iowa.  The stories emerging eye popping, some jaw dropping.   The sense of accomplishment palpable.  

We are offering you several opportunities to pursue your  own personal excellence.  Especially if you are interested in challenging ‘ol Jiminy Cricket, showing him that you are ready to move outside your comfort zone.  The Two Rivers Winter Fitness Series (and America’s Marathon!) gives you the very best chance to “Run To Your Potential”, whatever that may be.  The pancake flat course, the camaraderie, the challenge.  Whether your 5K is 35 minutes or 15 minutes, you deserve a safe, closed road opportunity.  We will make sure you get it.


NEBRASKA run guru.  

We are pleased to announce a major change!  An easy and natural transition.  Reflecting our efforts to serve the entire state of Nebraska, and beyond.  With the success of LRC developing the upper echelons of post collegiate talent we are refocusing on you!  Developing the inner elite within all of us!  

Capital Nebraska, lower case run guru.  Putting Nebraska first as I believe it should be.  I admit I thought about reclaiming “Nebraska Running Club” doing business as ‘Team Nebraska.’  But that chapter in the Good Life lore is closing and deserves its own place on the  historical shelf.  Hope future generations never forget.

Lincoln now doing the best work for elite runners.  Representing at the highest levels.   At the very core, Nebraska’s USATF LDR program.  Proud that they will continue the work, forever close to my heart.   

Now Linda and I and a group of similarly minded individuals will be bringing that same message of excellence to a much wider audience.  Based in Nebraska.  Serving Nebraska.  Named for Nebraska.  Tailoring our efforts to bring out the best within all of you.  No matter where you are.

NEBRASKA.  run guru.  Putting you first, last, and always.


A small group of us set up the USA Track & Field Club Council back in 2002, the same year the Nebraska Association LDR program and Team Nebraska were founded.  The idea was to establish regional clubs that would compete against each other for bragging rights.  In an attempt to “Stimulate The Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.”  I could not be happier where the program is locally, regionally, and nationally.  Results from this past weekend’s USA Club Cross Country affirming that the work has been good.    LRC Racing women’s A teams finished in front of the KC Smoke and Team Iowa Runablaze.   Good job Logan Watley and your mates, damn proud of what you are getting done.  The women 13th out of 32 teams.  The men’s A team (19th) finished sandwiched between the Smoke (18th) and Runablaze (20th).  Regionally competitive!  

13. 360 LRC Racing-A ( 21:52 1:49:18 1:08)
1 41 Katie Fitzsimmons 24 21:20 228
2 56 Sara Fowler 23 21:37 229
3 68 Erica Doering 28 21:47 227
4 88 Mary Noel 24 22:06 231
5 107 Ashlyn Glann 22 22:28 230
6 (126) Laura Tarantino 23 22:51 233
7 (133) Katherine Sheridan 25 23:04 232

19. 592 LRC Racing-A ( 32:26 2:42:10 1:14)
1 70 Nolan Zimmer 24 31:43 607
2 95 Nolan Border 25 32:06 597
3 123 Jordan Wheeler 22 32:32 606
4 148 Cole Marolf 29 32:52 603
5 156 Tim Grundmayer 24 32:57 601
6 (188) Mark Abrams 24 33:22 596

37. 1001 LRC Racing-B ( 33:40 2:48:19 2:17)
1 103 Jacob Olson 24 32:13 604
2 194 Austin Post 22 33:31 605
3 205 Ryan Dostal 29 33:46 600
4 244 John Cleary 21 34:19 598
5 255 Andrew Jacob 32 34:30 602
6 (284) Kyle Clouston 33 35:17 599


Well howdy!   The little running $tore in Lincoln will be well repre$ented in $pokane for thi$ weekend’$ USA Club Cross Country  Championships.   The team’$ deep Lincoln Marathon pocket$ reflecting newly ab$orbed Team Nebraska and Run Guru Elite athletes.   Nineteen open runner$ with entrie$, airfare$, hotel$, meal$, etc.  A nice double for the $tore/race after $ending athlete$ to $acramento la$t weekend.

LRC Racing – Team A
Mark Abrams, Nolan Border, Tim Grundmayer, Cole Marolf, Jordan Wheeler, Nolan Zimmer

LRC Racing – Team B
John Cleary, Kyle Clouston, Ryan Dostal, Andrew Jacob, Jacob Olson, Austin Post

LRC Racing – Team A
Erica Doering, Katie Fitzsimmons, Sara Fowler, Ashlyn Glann, Mary Noel, Katherine Sheridan, Laura Tarantino

One of  my two favorite club races of the year.  The store will be battling most all the best running clubs in the country.  The results a good benchmark for every participating club, for every traveling athlete.   This will be the first real test of the store’s effort to make a super team.  Results will let us know how progress is going.

Lest you misread, I’ve sent my two “A” Athletes to the store’s club in the last couple weeks.  Under$tanding  immediate be$t opportunitie$ for Liz Starbuck and Nicole Norris.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a coach and club administrator.   It is about the Athletes, first, last, and always.


Nothing new under the sun?  Don’t bet on it.  Another corruption of my beloved sport has taken a technological twist and I don’t like it at all.    I believe that human performance should be limited to the body given.   Make the very most out of what you were born with.  Good Clean Living and Racing.

So what the heck are the Nike Vaporfly and Hoka Carbon Rocket?  Two shoes engineered with carbon plates that apparently deliver on the promise to capture and utilize return energy from every foot strike.  Making you faster without really trying.  Take a look at the photos from our USA Marathon Championships and you’ll find fully 50% of the field springing down the  road.  One runner summed it thusly:  “Why would  you put yourself at a disadvantage by not wearing them?”

Does anyone else see this slippery slope?   Eulid Kipchoge’s eye popping 2:01:39 at this year’s Berlin Marathon was largely in part to the Vaporfly.  Will that ride become de rigueur, at least until the next engineering breakthrough?

I’ve got another suggestion.  Get out and train.  Quit relying on ergogenic aids.  Put in the  work necessary to run to your potential, without relying on gimmicky shoes.

Tomorrow I’ll do a feature on my favorite race for our USATF  Clubs.  Club Cross National  Championships in Spokane!



Every Real Runner chases that one mark that they will carry long after the finish line.  Personal Record!  For the marathon, likely achieved in your late 20s to early 30s, you’ll carry it with you for the rest of your life.

The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon has been designed for personal bests.  Our Nebraska USATF LDR Chair spent 5 days in Columbus, OH for the 2018 annual meetings.  An entire day spent with his new buddies on the Road Running Technical Council.   Old friend David Katz providing guidance,  and rare insight.  Another spent with Master’s LDR Chair Mary Rosado (one of my oldest and dearest friends) as we put together our bid for the 2020 Master’s Marathon National Championships.  Tristan insisted his brain aged 35 years in less than a week.

I did a little digging around myself.  Contacted my life long friend John Conley.  He was founder and race director of the Austin Marathon.  I seemed to recall a Special Offer he had made for his event back in the 1990s.  Submit an application with your bona fide personal best within the last 18 months, on a record eligible course.  If you failed to run faster than your listed best time, you received your entry fee back.  Guaranteeing a personal best, I’m bringing that to the table at Sunday’s committee meeting.

The feedback from yesterday’s column was swift and evenly split.  The entitled elite taking one position, the blue collars the other.  One collared fella put it this way: “If I got in on appeal I’d have to carry that asterisk with me from now on”.  My reply was that the entitled elite would not.

Runner’s World’s coverage of the finish, same as mine.  This now the focus of national discussion.

We’ll see how the appeals go for all the athletes that just missed.



Gun Times.  Tiffany Costello (2:45:01) and Hayley Sutter (2:45:07) for the gals.  Sean Swift (2:19:08), Alex Taylor (2:19:09), and Brandon Wolfe (2:19:10).  Is if fair for me stop right there?  Is there a difference between :01. :07, :08. :09, and :10?  Is there a difference between :10  and :11?  Between :11 and :12?  Where do you draw the line?

2:45:00 and 2:19:00, that is where.  Sounds harsh I know.  As a member of the WLDR Executive Committee from 1997-2009 I entertained at least a dozen appeals from athletes that had just missed the standards.  Some heartbreaking stories to be sure.  I maintained a perfect record, rejecting every single petition.  For a lot of reasons.

Chief among them was Matter of Principle.  The zero approval position allowed me to advocate best for those that qualified legitimately.

I was disappointed when I saw our USA Championships Marathon awarded to California International Marathon.   When I rode herd over the program CIM performances were in the same class as St. George Marathon in Utah.  Ineligible.  Point to point, downhill courses, produce performances that are generally 3-5 minutes faster than record eligible courses.  Why do  you think every American within earshot of the standards lined up in Sacramento?   How else do you explain 151 qualifiers in a single race?

The Executive Committee replies to appeals with their determination.    Many factors go into the decision including but not limited to, 1)How close, 2) What was the elevation profile of the course?  3) Were there weather or other extenuating circumstances?

My final words on appeals remained consistent,  “You are obviously fit, go run another marathon.”

Two bits of advice then to Tiffany and Hayley and Sean and Alex and Brandon: “Get on the start line, this is gun timed.”  And “You are obviously fit, go run another marathon.”

Having said all that, your appeals will fall on other perhaps more sympathetic ears.  Good luck and Gidddyup!






Where to start!?  California International Marathon and Johnny Rutford of Omaha.  Johnny became the first male Nebraska resident since 2008 to hit the Olympic Trials Qualifying mark.  His 2:17:58 at California International well under the 2:19:00 standard.  Nice work lad.  Peter Falcon, also of Omaha, made his long awaited 26.2 debut a good one cracking the 2:30 barrier.  Peter finished 161st in 2:29:40.  Other Nebraska finishers include Liz Woodruff of Omaha (2:53:53),  Tim McGargill of Omaha (2:51:14) , and David Neff Jr. of  Lincoln (2:56:47).

Brogan Austin (2:12:38) of Iowa Runablaze came away the biggest star of the morning.  Brogan used a 15:08 5k split between 35 and 40 kilometers to pass Matt Llano in the final half mile to claim  the USA Marathon Champion title.  Brogan’s  previous marathon pr was 2:24:change.  Pasca Myers of Ft. Dodge, IA finished 12th female in 2:34:21.  The women’s race was won by Emma Bates in a sterling 2:28:18.

Special notes from California International.  The Kansas City Smoke’s Chris Burnett (2:18:19) also hit the B.  Sixty year old Jeff Young ran 2:41:35 to win my age group.  Would have been a national record but not record eligible due to start/finish separation and net downhill.  Also in the  race was CIM course record holder (set in 1993) and my good buddy Jerry Lawson.  Now 52 years old Jerry ran 2:53:56.  He is the former American Record Holder in the Marathon, running 2:09:31 at Chicago way back in the day.

Twenty two women ran under the 2:37:00 A Standard.  98 Women hit the 2:45:00 B Standard.  Twenty two year old Tiffany Costello was the 98th finisher with a chip time of 2:45:00.  Twenty nine year old Hayley Sutter (Waterford, MA representing Lincoln Running Co) was also credited with a chip time of 2:45:00, good for 99th, gun time of 2:45:07.  I’ll give more insight into the differences between gun and chip and the appeal process in tomorrow’s column.

Fourteen men ran under the 2:15:00 A Standard.  Fifty three men hit the 2:19:00 B Standard.  There were 3 men within :10 of the B, expect appeals on those results.  Gun times always used in Championships and Olympic Trials qualifying.

Athletes from across the U.S. lining up on perhaps the most favorable course for qualifying in the United States.  One hundred fifty one  qualifiers yesterday.    More again on that tomorrow.

On a more personal note I’d like to congratulate my OG, my coaching mentor, Jim McLatchie.  You’ve heard me sing his praises for a lot of things over the years.  Add this past weekend’s NXN girl’s team title.  The Summit (Bend, OR) High School girls, top female cross country team in the United States.    I’ve always wanted to be just like Jim.

Jim McLatchie.  One  of the very best coaches in the United States.