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Saturday January 18, 2020
Two Rivers State Recreation Area
11 degrees, North Wind @ 15-20
Sunny and Clear

Twenty Two Brave Runners
None Wearing Tiny Bunners
Braving the Freezing Cold
Feeling Hearty and  Bold
Answering the starter’s Gun
Oh my how they did Run!
Two laps and then done
Full Wolf Moon 5K Fun!

Special thanks to Matt Scott of Lifestyle Fitness, Waterloo’s premier fitness and wellness destination!

  1. Drew Thompson                        23:54
  2. Terry Spencer                             24:24
  3. Courtney Brummel                   25:50
  4. Ryan Gratop                               26:15
  5. Kylee Uden                                 28:26
  6. Sarah Conway                            28:27
  7. Scott Wilson                               28:50
  8. Andrea Kantor                           28:55
  9. Rick Shever                                29:03
  10. Kevin Kolb                                  29:33
  11. Rebecka Schaffer                      34:32
  12. Sofia Kolb                                   36:26
  13. Mark Goodman                        38:14
  14. Demi Huff                                  38:15
  15. Crystal Staszak                         39:10
  16. Cameron Grim                         41:39    Very first 5K, way to go Cameron!!!
  17. Wendy Lopp                             46:02
  18. Vance Luddington                   46:03
  19. Caylene Chatham                    46:04
  20. Christina Lemburg                  46:19
  21. Jessica DeLancey                     46:20
  22. Sarah Kroenke                        46:33

    Twenty two runners, none wearing bunners!

    Thanks to our buddies at Two Rivers State Recreation Area for plowing the roads just prior to the cannon’s report!



In 2000 I was a 43 year old neophyte on the biggest stage.  I was honored when selected as USA Team Leader for the World Championships Half Marathon in Vera Cruz, Mexico.   My debut in to international athletics, also two trips to Japan and one to Rio forever stamped in my passport and memories.  As one of the world’s top dozen running geeks I was wide eyed.  Lunch with Paul Tergat (1st,1:03:47) and Paula Radcliffe (1st, 1:09:07), replete with signature knee socks,  chaired on either side.  The lobby filled with the world’s best runners, yes.  Of local note, Omaha Burke product Kelly Keeler was a member of the Women’s USA team.  Full Results

It was the evening dinner that stands out most to me.  I was in the lobby, most likely a deer in headlights, when a young man introduced himself and ask  me accompany him.  So I did.  We joined the procession headed to the grand dinner set up right on the beach.  A figure larger than life, billowing robes and commanding headdress, joined us.  We walked for several minutes, he sincere, inquisitive, and attentive.  Another joined our party, this one carrying a huge bronze statue of an eagle, to be presented to the evening’s honoree.  It occurred to me that my gracious friend was Lamine Diack, President of the IAAF (since renamed World Athletics).  We were seated at his table and a procession of flags and gifts showered his busy assistants.  The highlight was the presentation of the statue.

Quite the introduction to international competitions and all that goes on with it at that level.  I write this recollection today after learning that Diack and his son are facing 10 years in a French prison for cash coverups including Russian doping, financial malfeasance in awarding the 2020 Olympics to Tokyo and the 2019 World Championships in Doha.  Full Story Here



I am fielding questions every day about Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Registrations are going as expected, we have sailed past half way point on the way to our cap of 500 runners.  Better Giddyup!   Register today!

There are no cloaks, no smoke and mirrors, no sleight of hand, no shell game, no man behind the curtain, no abracadabra, no secrets involved in this endeavor.  I’ve laid out exactly what our intentions  are, to put on a World Class Race with Small Town Charm.  The guru prerogative, detailing how its done.   Sharing our progress with my Nebraska and national readership.

Working on getting a very special guest in town to be our Official Starter.  More on that later.

Look, this is an exciting time for long distance running.  A new spring marathon put on to showcase America’s best athletes.  The buzz, its growing every day.  From renowned coach Jerry Alexander- ” I hope that you can make this race into a fixture on the spring schedule. There is definitely a gap in the calendar, and I hope you can fill it.”

Exactly what we are aiming to do Jerry.  A Changing of the Guard.





There are as many reasons to read  these musings as there are runners.  I hope you find something  today that will either inspire, incite, or tickle you.

Happy to announce Danny Docherty of Minnesota Distance Elite (formerly Team  USA Minnesota) has joined our pacing  crew for Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Danny’s credentials of 14:15/29:16/1:03:47/2:15:55 puts him right in our  wheelhouse.

More to come.




The Full Wolf Moon 5K is set for this coming Saturday.   Looking forward to hosting some  of the  KC Smoke masters.  Chasing fast times, not at Ridgemont High.  Register for the Full Wolf Moon 5K

Happy to be at the point in my road race management career that I get to choose at which windmills to tilt.   Strict adherence to the banner up top, “Stimulating The Running Community to a More Competitive Culture.”  That stimulation has been well documented here for the last 18 years.  Not done yet.  My goal these days is to host events that are designed for single age USATF Certified Nebraska soil records.

So far the Road 1500 for men and women, (Valley Days),  Road Mile for men and women (Omaha Mile), Road 2 Mile (Whisper Run) for men and women, and  men & women’s 8K (Halley’s Comet).  Zach Hine‘s 1:04:48 half marathon being bested only by Brogan Austin‘s 1:04:08 at the Good LIfe Halfsy in 2017.  We’ll be attempting to snatch that record back in April.  Square in our sights is the Nebraska soil marathon record.  Phil Coppess ran Lincoln in 2:16:30, 1985.  *Nolan Zimmer ran 15:02 at the 2019 Rust Buster, that time only bested by Grant Wintheiser‘s 14:37 at Omaha’s 2017 Race for the Cure.

We offer serious runners the chance to “Run To Your Potential.”  No matter where you come from.  Serious, regardless of  natural talent.  If you are working hard and want an honest assessment of your fitness Two Rivers State Park is the proving ground.  If you know you are fit and are ready to run a personal  best, Two Rivers is for you.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Our road race management component making its mark on the Nebraska record books.  Also great for walkers and first timers.

Linda and I hand craft the awards for our series.  The Full Wolf Moon featuring our popular wooden “medals” and hand painted coffee cups.  We even made a few left handed mugs, be sure and ask if you  would like one!




In an effort to support serious athletes we have instituted our “Local  Elite” standards for Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  We are happy to offer a 50% discount into either our full or half if athletes meet the times.  The men’s times are my lifetime  personal  bests, if you want to be considered a local elite you’ve got to be faster than me!  Women’s standards are Linda’s masters (40+)personal bests.   All performances must have been achieved on a USATF Certified course.

If you qualify and are interested please shoot me an email,

10K- 33:55
Half Marathon- 1:17:12
Marathon 2:46:56

10K- 40:00
Half Marathon- 1:30:30
Marathon- 3:30:00





Juan Carlos Trujillo (born July 17, 1985, USA) is an IAAF distance runner who has represented both the USA and Guatemala on the international athletics stage. Trujillo has Guatemalan citizenship by descent and American citizenship by birth.  I’ve known Juan for a long time.

Juan ran the 2016 Rio Olympic Marathon for Guatelmala, in 2:20:24.   He is attempting to run under the Guatemalan national record of 2:12:59 at Valley 7 Lakes Marathon.  Towards that effort I have been reaching out to my colleagues and contacts across the United States.  First order of business is to enlist those capable of assisting such an ambitious time.  Pacers.

Being as nice as I can possibly be here.

My peers across the United States understand and support our efforts to create “America’s  Marathon”.  Nary a chuckle.  Decades of experience and dedication to our top U.S. runners means something to them.  We are grateful for that.

Pacers.  Key to the effort.  And a very hot topicValley 7 Lakes Marathon is excited to demonstrate how best to utilize resources to assist national class athletes in their pursuit of goals and personal bests.   A couple of 1:03-1:04 fellas taking it through the half.  And an incentivized athlete that will accrue bonuses for each kilometer held at pace through 20  miles.

We are also happy to announce the addition of Sam Doud (31:21, 2:19:52) of the Georgetown Running Club.  Sam is known as the “Terror  of the Towpath” for his prodigious mileage (140 last week.)

More athletes next week!

Why are these athletes choosing to run Valley 7 Lakes?  The question should be,  why aren’t you running Valley 7 Lakes?    World Class Race, Small Town Charm.

This is how we do it

Terror of the Towpath!






Skies recently filled at night
East from Colorado left to right
Giving Nebraskans nocturnal fright
Reports last night, “They’re over Mead”
I loaded up everything  I’d need
Browning, Remington, Winchester too
Dad’s long guns, I knew what to do
Thirty inch barrels pointed on high
Taking interlopers out of the sky
One by one they did fall
But no way to get them all
Eight shots fired and six fell
Before hearing the constable’s yell
So go ahead Annie, get your gun
We’ll get these bastards one by one!



I’ve been thinking of our Nebraska running communities in terms of bubbles.   Run Guru Speaks!

I see these bubbles as semi permeable membranes.  Allowing runners passage into and out of the juxtaposed surfactant coated spheres with ease.

There have been only two bubbles in Nebraska for 40+ years.   The bubbles nearly impenetrable.  But…

A new bubble now floats over the entirety of the Good Life.

The Valley/Waterloo/Fremont/Omaha/Lincoln/Columbus/Kearney/Scottsbluff/Nebraska City/North Platte/Grand Island/Norfolk/Hastings/Beatrice bubble.  Nebraska Run Guru building a new platform for runners to come together in pursuit of personal excellence and potential realized.  Giddyup!





Would you like your cake and eat it to?  Here’s what we have cooked up.

The 39.3 or 26.2.

Come out and run Valley 7 Lakes on April 25th.  Get your unique bling, we’ve done our level best to make sure its a keeper.  In an effort to further distinguish our marathon,  you’ll be able to tell the difference between our half and full participation awards.  But that is just the start of our new offering.

Run Valley 7 Lakes and get the goods.  Fast forward to September’s Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon.  If you run V7LM Half Marathon and the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon you will receive a specially crafted “26.2” medal created to commemorate #ValleyStrong and your accomplishment.  If you run the full Valley 7 Lakes Marathon and the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon a “39.3” special medallion awaits.

Apples + Apples.  Both events the flattest, fastest courses in Nebraska.  Inviting you and all American athletes to run to your potential.

I’m crafting our elite field.  Athletes coming to our race track to chase Nebraska State Record Premiums.  To race after sub 2:20 and sub 2:40 bonuses.  Incentivizing excellence.

Look,  that is only a dozen or so athletes.  The rest of you are equally the reason for our efforts.  Your personal bests, your qualifiers, your goals.  Most easily met on the “Worlds Flattest Marathon”  and Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon.  Greased lightning just for you.  The Nebraska Marathon Challenge.

The start of the Twin Rivers YMCA Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.   A most inspiring morning!