El Viejo mas rapido de todos!  Well almost!  Congratulations to Nebraska running legend Jose Badillo.  He returns from the  Senior Game National  Championships in Albuquerque with a low boy full of silver  medals.  Outstanding accomplishment that I know he accepts with his usual grace.  Prompting hundreds of congratulations.  And one offer to meet on the track for a single hour, from me.

Something I’d never heard before showed up, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I’d like to offer that there is no greater joy than victory.  Conquering fear, self doubt, besting your competition.  Look there is no shame in second place if you’ve given it your all.  But if you have that little fella with the pitchfork sitting on your shoulder, sticking you with what ifs……

Linda and I have had recent sessions with a sensational new running talent.  I call her my little female Sam Runde.    Make a list of the  top girls from the last 10 years, go ahead and pick your favorites.  Its about to change.  Our girl Madison will be  running the 400, 800, and 1500 at this weekend’s Nebraska State Championships, representing the West Omaha Track Club.  Expect a new slate of state records in those distances for 7 year olds.  I’ve put her through rigorous pacing and she has been outstanding, the perfect student.    She’s been chasing runners two to three years older and is not willing to settle for anything less than victory.  Always a joy to work  with talent.