If you’re a Real Fan of our sport your eyebrows may have arched over yesterday’s New York Times opinion piece from Mary Cain.  Or maybe, like me, you weren’t surprised at all.  NIKE, the Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar blasted by the former high school record holder in the 800, 1500, and 5000.  The toxic culture fomented by AlSal and cohorts leading the upper echelons of United States distance running into a mess.

I have a unique perspective.  Chair of USATF’s Women’s Long Distance Running Athlete Development Program 1996-2002.  Chair of  USATF’s Women’s National Championships, 2002-2009.  The only male on the WLDR Executive Committee 1996-2009.

My volunteerism on behalf of talented females across the U.S. has given me an insight into what makes them tick, how they tock.

The bottom line is that it  takes women to understand women.  Female coaches dealing with female athletes.  Most especially at the elite level.  —There is a percentage though that respond better to male coaches, no doubt about that.—–

I’ve coached dozens of women.  The advantageous arrow in my quiver is Linda.  Her experience dealing with America’s best, coupled with her own experience as a national level competitor, makes her the perfect sounding board.  A perfect balance.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  I’m from Uranus.